SWTOR Esne and Aivela Operation Boss Concept Art

SWTOR official twitter posted a teaser pic of the next operation bosses to be released in 5.3.


A first look at your upcoming battle against twin Operation bosses! Meet Esne, a cunning battlefield warrior fueled by envy and hatred.


Think you can take on twin sister superweapons? Introducing Aivela, driven by fiery passion; second in a pair of upcoming Operation bosses!


By Dulfy

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Why put this much effort into Esne/Aivela but instead make Tyth look like a giant garbage can on legs? I’ll never get that.

Some criticism and praise.

Stole Scorpio’s wide robot lady hips
Possibly a beetle borg…or an Insectacon.
World of Warcraft shoulder pads
…high heels…wtf
Black white and red, the color palette of 13 year olds

Someone on the design team realized robots don’t need boobies
Might transform into a beetle
2 cool C3PO references in the “nose” and back of head

In conclusion, Lady Robots are stupid. Robot boobs are stupid. Wide hipped sexy robots are weird unless they were built for just the saddest sex…then it makes sense, because reasons, sad reasons. Like tears in rain. From personal experience, getting a robot to walk around is difficult enough working with a measured center of balance, adding tits, wide hips, and high heels just means more work.

“Is Naq having an SJW freak out?”
-Nope. We don’t make “Male” droids, or I would complain about robot wangs too. Makes no sense…if I had a cadre of robots now I think I would give them wangs to make people uncomfortable.
“But what if the robot has a lady voice? Can’t the droid match the voice?”
-There is no need, unless you plan on groping your lady voiced robot. There are plenty of examples in the game of this. The 3PO style droids have both gender’s voices and have never expressed their need for boobies.
“Uh, but what if they just want the droid to look stylish, some people are artisans.”
-Sure, but this droid is functional, and its function is distributing loot to people and pretending to try and kill them, It isn’t pretty enough to justify the redundancies in it’s design.

I most definitely want to grope female robots such as SCORPIO and these twins that we will be trying to kill, It’s not even a weird fetish, I am just sapiosexual and they are pretty smart.

Having said that, in the universe of Star Wars, there is nothing difficult about robots. If you have assassin droids that can move faster, swifter, better, with even more grace than humans, then you can have high heels and wide thighs on a droid, and it won’t be impractical, or hard to design, or more work.

Also, I love white black and red and I am not 13 :’)

Its my pet peeves. I don’t wanna go into details cause I don’t want a crazy person building more of a dosier on me, but I have some shitty robot experience, and redundancy is an issue at all levels. Its why we don’t have wangs and boobs on our coffee machines.

If coffee machines had boobs…would they lactate coffee?
come to think of it, I want a robot that lactates coffee from one boob and spiced rum from the other.

I HAVE seen beer-cozies and mouspads with boobs though.

I don’t know if a crazy person is building a dosier on you, but I am definitely starting to believe that you suffer from a severe case of robosexophobia. I am pretty sure that hte lack of boobs on cellphones is purely aesthetic. Cellphones SHOULD have boobs.

In a free society, there are 30 people on the bus, all of them fondling their cellophones’ boobs while scrolling on instagram with the other hand on their screens.

If we were all casually enjoying our phoneboobs on our own, that would be fine. Its the dude with the unkempt beard across the isle from me biting his lower lip and eye-humping me while mashing his own phoneboobs that ruins the fun for everyone. He is why we can’t have nice things….like phoneboobs. Side note, my boss just endorsed phoneboobs after asking why I was giggling.

Well… Maybe the reason Tyth is the avatar of rage is because he doesn’t have a penis? I know I’d be pretty mad if I didn’t have one.

Im mostly agree, but high heels for knee protection, shoulder pads for shoulder protection.

I bet you anything that the key to beating these twin bosses is to turn them against each other. Jealousy does that even to the best of friends… How much more when fighting the goddess of jealousy and her “sister”?

Pit Esne against Aivela.

Sith logic applies: “Peace is a lie.”

Cleave, Red circle, orange circle.

DPS left first to 64% DPS the right twin to 64%

DPS both at the same time to 50%

Kephess appears. Burn, cleanse, leap to death.

Twins appear and place sticky bombs on all group members.

Some scatter the area, some people troll guildies and explode on them

Dps both to35%.

At 35% both twins fuse together to form a super pissed robot filled with hatred envy and disgust.

All players take stacking damage from 35% to 0%. At 10 stacks one shot guaranteed.

Never say never, after all remember the deluge of robot parts we’ve had over the years.
It was a constant feature for a while, much like the HK rubbish we’ve seen of late.
That being said I’d love this armour on my female alts.

It’s the concept art. The ingame model will just be SCORPIO’s model dyed in silver and reddish brown.

At first glance these droids are cool, but upon closer inspection I’m afraid that these will be 12 foot tall lumbering oafs instead of a pair of badass assassin droids.
Unfortunately for Melee toons, the only way this fight can be really interesting is if there is lots of movement and constant action. If they stand still for more than a couple seconds to channel a snipe or something then these might as well be Titan 6 clones that merge and transform into some massive devastator in the last phase of the fight.

I want to give the devs their due credit. They have shown considerable restraint compared to other mmo’s when it comes to Raid Bloat. I remember doing Icecrown Citadel, and a human paladin NPC joins the group, and he is like 19 feet tall for no reason at all (visibility?). WoW did that crap all the time, and there are a good many fights where Swtor has resisted the urge to throw scaling aside, to keep things real, and other times where they don’t seem to give any craps how an object scales in comparison to the players (crashed fighters in Tython flashpoint, droid repair desk, carbonite hutt, literally every skeleton in the game, Soa).

I really appreciate that every time I have fought HK, and I have fought him so many times, he was proportionate to me. Revan being player sized but still taking on a full group of 8-16 really captured his actual power better than any 25 foot giant Revan would have, and when I fought Kenny Rogers at the end of the Czerka flashpoints over his attempt to turn the whole galaxy into a Roasters staffed by sharkpeople, I was glad they didn’t make him Super Saiyan Kenny Rogers….because it would have melted everyone’s sanity.

But you are right in that any time its a robot that isn’t HK, they seem to just roll the dice on proportions. Hopefully they reign it in a bit, and give some fancy dancing droid sisters a chance to shine through their prowess instead of girth.

I’ve always felt that If the boss is so big that doesn’t fit on my screen then all the time they spent creating it was wasted since all I can see is the boss’s feet anyway. Like the TFB, yeah the fight is cool and even though that Op is really old I still really like it. Unfortunately the boss is so big that It actually takes away from the fun a little.
Titan 6 would have been SOOOOOO much cooler had it transformed into that tank more often and tried to run our lazy asses over. And Blaster was just a lumbering hunk of junk, literally… lol.

Melee players will hate me, but I wanna see these two darting around the room kicking ass and taking names, but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

I’d love to see their movement and attacks all be connected, like macabre puppet ballerinas, spinning around each other one second and then twin charging one person with a brutal attack the next. Try to create a fight that is visually stunning, and just a treat for the eyes. I just don’t think the engine can handle it. I’ve decided to wait to resub until the whole operation is out though (if I do).

That would be very awesome! Every spin, every movement is meant to do damage or distract from the next move and then they just open up. But you are probably right, their Engine probably can’t handle it. I have played the Iokath piece since you don’t have to sub to do it, but I probably won’t resub until the entire Op is released and the inevitable kinks are worked out. Even then I will probably still be enjoying my Warden to much to let go…

Ok, so heres my ideal encounter. You walk into a great hall, two statues seemingly made of silver and marble are in the center of a beautiful split staircase leading to the next area, embracing each other as though in mid dance, but as the group crosses the threshold the statues creak and shudder to life. “Sister…the guests have arrived.” “Quite the occasion sister, worthy of the finest music” *queue otherworldly haunting waltz* “Dance with us strangers, dance or die!” (Last phrase is a crackling electronic hiss)

Phase 1, The sisters move around each other in a circle, each sister has a round reticle as she dances and spins. The reticle is split down the middle and is two colors, red and green. Red side is for tanks and healers, green is for dps, and as the droids slowly spin, so does the reticle, so players are forced to effectively waltz with the sisters. How fast the sisters spin is based on damage done, so dps needs to be balanced in phase one, because if the colors facing the middle of the circle the sisters are dancing around match, they screech, and deal VERY high damage to the 4 players in the matched colors. During the phase if players step out of their colors, they suffer a 4 second stun, this obviously makes keeping dps even very difficult, but it also spells trouble for the healer/tank teams, as the tank will take reduced dmg so long as the healer is in the red with them, but, if the healer falls out, it will be dangerously higher, if tank falls out…yeah thats a dead healer because boss damage is done to the player in the red with the highest aggro. Dance bitches. Boss damage is represented by sweeping arm movements and leg kicks as they “dance”

This brings the sisters to 1/2 health, and they do need to be dps’d evenly to that point or the group does suffer the heavy damage mechanics and an early swap to phase 2.

Phase 2, the bosses move more eratically around the room as the tempo increases, the reticles under them increase in size to account for the strange movement, but it is still a learnable pattern. Mechanics are otherwise the same punishments for falling out of the circle, but, the color match mechanic is gone now, so dps does not have to be even. Now, if one sister is 5% ahead of the other, she will taunt her sister that her suiters are more attentive, the rebuffed sister will pout and demand a swap, the groups have to swap or the rebuffed sister will soft enrage slowly moving into hard enrage with a gradual stacking buff, however, the groups could push the one sister until she dies, and fight the other sister in soft enrage. In hardmode, this mechanic could be hard enrage or the buff would be far more severe.

This is why you would only want to fight them in this mode at 50% health, because that stacking buff would obviously be hell trying to kill them from full health. If both dps, or a healer+tank are out of their color, that would also push to phase 2.

The boss has a low chance to drop the statue they were in at the beginning, and a very low chance to drop their marble faced deathmask.

Tell me this wouldn’t be a blast…but also probably a pug destroyer.

It would be AWESOME!
PUG’s would never beat that… and I’m completely ok with it.

I think it would be a good fight to train people to be better raiders on, considering its more about movement and control than it is about sweetdeepz, tank swaps for stacking debuffs and burst phase healing, BUT, those things are elective elements to offset mistakes during the fight. Call it…choices that matter?

What would a group of cutthroat pirates have as a droid weapons platform if not a lumbering hunk of junk?

Yeah totally agree this was in keeping with the ethos of what they were.
And nothing beats Bulo and the drunken pirates, best boss ever πŸ™‚

Perhaps scavenged battle droids?
Blaster is just a dumb boss, the fact that they make him sound like he is from Alabama… just makes it all so much worse, but in a comical way… Lol.

Concept arts always look so much better than the actual model in game. So I expect the actual bosses to be dull and not as detailed.

And I bet the key to beating these two is to dps them evenly…. and if one dies, the other one enrages….

Oh and there will be circles on the ground to avoid, and some add will appear at some point that needs to be killed.

Don’t forget, you have to separate them because for some reason we recently found out about, they can’t be near each other for too long.

Would be pretty fun if they did complete a rip-off of the Twin Emperors from AQ40 in WoW, with all those mechanics including the teleport+aggro dump, and enough health for the fight to last at least 10 minutes with those mechanics.

Quick recap.
When this double boss fight, SWTOR will have launched 2 bosses and revamped their CXP system 3 times in the first half of 2017.

In the grand scheme of things that is not much for 6 months.
In the same 6 month period ESO will have dropped 40+ houses and a 40 hour expansion that includes new dungeons (flashpoints) a new raid, a new storyline, a new area that equals about 50% of the current explorable PvE space (complete with delves, small soloable dungeons, and a whole new class to play and enjoy.
Common EA/Bioware, get your shit together. You are being left in the dust!

Hey hey hey, we are talking about things that matter here, get the OwPvP away from me. Are their cat people feminine looking or is it a furry’s dream over there?

Well, since monday I only encounter one player on Taris… And two bots on Tatooine… Imp/Rep fleet = less than 20 persons in prime time…

Before merging the droids, please, merge the servers :3

I see more people during my travels on the SWGLegends emu server than I do during the time I spend playing swtor. They really should start thinking about a merge.

Such a shame your not on Tre, we took on 5 new guildies last week and are running 25+ nightly, and we’re small fry.
Your right, we need to merge.

Again, another lie. I have a few characters on TRE and it’s even worse than the Harbinger, which is by far the most populated server these days.

I’m on Tre ever single night, there’s no point in lying on here I’m sure they’re plenty of Tre players on here that would contradict me and it would would come back to bite me on my ass so I might as well tell the truth.
If your going to contradict a post like I have done on this thread you need to provide evidence to the contrary, not just I’m on there ‘sometimes’ and that makes you a liar.
This unfortunately makes you not a liar but misguided.

Nope, the person making a claim is supposed to provide evidence if asked, and not the person questioning that claim. That’s how it always works.

Your the one calling me a liar so I could say prove it, and you will say I prove it etc etc and round we go.
Never mind πŸ™‚

No, you made a claim first. When I call you a liar, it’s not a claim about something that exists in reality. It’s a characterization based on what YOU said. And what you said cannot be proven, simply because it’s not true.

My question to you is are you playing ESO currently? When was the last time you logged in and spent a couple hours playing? I play 4 nights a week and for about 4 hours on Saturday nights and what I’m seeing is FAR from dead.

Yes it had issues early on, but it had bounced back to a point where 3 different publishers awarded it MMO of the year last year and the Tamriel Unlimited revamp earned it Game of the Year for 2016.

I think the ENORMOUS expansion coming out in June is more than enough evidence to show that ESO is pretty damn popular. Also, so far, ZOS/Bethesda hasn’t made the deadly mistakes that EA/Bioware has. They seem to understand their players, what they want and what they are enjoying. Every zone I got to is teaming with activity.

I decided I wanted to experience the Knight story 1 more time so I have been slowly playing through the story and On Tython I was all alone for a good 3 hours. On Corresaunt there were 10 of us and I decided to go to Terris and there were 8 of us there. I’ll be finishing Terris tonight and I’ll see how many are on Balmorra, but I’m not very hopeful…

Nah, ESO is doing well, see new players every day in the game. So much easier to group up with random ppl there to do group stuff compared to TOR.

What’s easier than putting a shout out in general for a grp or hitting gf?
Every night on Tre there dozens of Ops, fp’s, uprisings and Pvp shouts going out on imp and rep fleets.
As for new players, 5 new guidlies this week and we’re a small guild.

That’s a blatant lie. I literally waited for 20 minutes on the group finder tonight in prime time, queued for all Story mode Uprisings, Veteran mode Uprisings, Veteran Flashpoints and Master Flashpoints.

Needless to say that there was perhaps only 1 ad on fleet for KP/EV HM, which appears to be the only thing most people can do these days. New players have no reason to learn mechanics and how to play, since they buy a token for a level 70 character and BOOM, ready.

Please don’t lie again. There is not a single server that has dozens of anything going on. Uprisings are pathetic, Flashpoints are rare pops, and the only thing that has some life still is PvP. And that is a total clusterfuck, due to the imbalance of classes. Merc Wars at its worst.

Sorry if it messes with your jaded view of the game but its perfectly true.
Our guild do a lot of conquest, were always top 5, a million plus so we do a lot of flashpoints for the weeklys bonus’s, likewise uprisings, heroics and aslo gf operations (daily bonus)
This means players are always busy at nights and if you cant get a full group or you come on too late for the guild op’s run (after feeding the kids I’m always late πŸ˜› ) you have to pug the remaining players, or join in with someone else’s group on fleet.
We never have an issue nightly, there are always loads of FP’s, uprisings and gf ops, not to mention EV/KP hm, the easy Hm Ops for a relatively good chance for great gear.
Big caveat here though, if your going to queue for anything as a lone DPS then yep your going to have to wait, that’s always been the way since day 1, tanks and healers are always hard to pug outside guilds, but that’s why we have guilds.
We make sure we train anyone who is interested in tanking and I personally can craft every Iokath tanking piece (yes inc relics and ears and implants and weapons because of the multitude of schematics that are thrown at you – not bis mind you just the iokath asylum gear) meaning there are ready for sm ops and if augmented and trained hm ops/master fp’s. This all means we’ve got a high chance of action every night.
The biggest issue that your forgetting here and the big problem for all of us is that it’s still old content.

You don’t have to resubscribe. You have access to homes, and 1/2 the relevant raid content for free, but if you DO sub, we can do the expansions together too! Pm when you are done installi-….oh sarcasm mode.
*Begin sad mode*

I’d have liked it better if you had said “we can do the expansions together too!”
*End salty mode*

I’d have liked it better if you had said “we can do the expansions together FOOL!”

In a Mister-T voice.

I’d have liked it better if you had said “we can do the expansions together TOOL”

because he is one.

In the same time WoW has dropped 3 full raids (15 bosses), in 3 difficulty mode, 20+ hours of solo content/quests, 4+ dungeon/flashpoint (I’ve lost count), a new daily zone and will be releasing their 4th raid next month (5-7 bosses) :). I actually need downtime to try and catch up. No time to even play alts.

I hear ya about the time to play alt’s.

Other games are still pushing out GOBBS of content and SWTOR is dragging ass, struggling to give players a fraction of what other games are producing right now. I wish EA would invest more money and time into this game…

I started playing ESO in December of 2015 and haven’t gotten through everything with my main yet… I speed leveled an alt just so I would have one, but there is so much to do that I feel like it will take me the rest of the year to get through it all!

I’m a slow player and I really like to take my time and experience everything. Maybe that is why I got burned out of SWTOR already. I took my time and slow leveled 16 toons, one of each type and then took my time and slow leveled my favorite classes and roles a 3rd and 4th time. It took me 5 years, but I slow leveled 32 toons and took 12 through Shadows of Revan, 6 through KotFE & 4 through KotET. At this point I have everything committed to memory.
I’m playing the Knight story one more time, but this might be my last hurrah in SWTOR.

I prefer to take my time and enjoy the games I play. I hate feeling like I need to speed level a toon so I can hurry up and get them to end game… These days that doesn’t serve a purpose, endgame is super fun and I love gaming with others, but I also want to enjoy what every aspect of the game I’m playing.
Glad I’m not alone in that as well!

Wow ok who has rose tinted glasses on this time.
Having extra content is only worth gloating about if it’s any good.
Lets have a look.
Morrowind expansion – 5 Hours of playtime. – Speaks of terrible and revamped Champion points system, “revamped their CXP system 3 times” Sounds familiar?
I could link dozens more, this literally took me 10 minutes to put together.
Now you will probably come back with Swtor has issues look at their forums.
I quite agree we have a load of issues, much like Eso.
You see the problem I have with your post is that if you’re going to hold up another game as a measure of greatness to pariah another game then it as to hold up to that scrutiny, Eso sadly doesn’t.
Yes like all MMo’s it has it’s positive but just like Swtor it has it’s negatives.
And that’s from it’s actual players, not me.

Yeah respect dude, I left Eso, unsubbed after years of continious nerfs and bad decisions, and if you thing Bioware are bad, Zos are an absolute fuck up. So unbalanced and mag sorcs are STILL op’d, they just dont give a shit.
Sadly my guild on the Harbinger have gone but I asked on fleet an transfered my characters to a decent looking guild with a good raiding plan.
Not looking back.

Look I’ve never said it’s a bad game, some of it looks cool, it’s just if it’s going to be held up and brandished as what every MMO should aspire to, then it has to live up to that judgement too.
Going by Eso’s own player base and a returning guildie we have had back this week (agent orange i’m looking at you) it’s got a lot of issues that are driving people away.
But some people don’t want to see that……on a Swtor forum XD.

You need a medal dude for staying chilled through all that, these assholes are one of the reasons i left Eso, they don’t want to accept what the game has become and where it is going it’s a shitstorm and its only going to get worse. Im glad i missed the story part of swtor for the last couple of years and looks like ive come back at a good time, plyed pvp last night on harb and had a blast. Wont miss these mugs.

I think every game goes through it’s bad patch, we had it with kotfe/kotet and it looks like yours might be morrowind, but don’t give up on it man, you’ve obviously put a lot of effort into it over the years and they may listen in the end when numbers drop like in swtor and change things.
Swtor has hopefully turned the corner but it still has a long way to go.
As for the people here it doesn’t bother me what they say I provided evidence which they never like and they’ll blow for a while, but it will be something else next week (the next swtor debacle i’m sure)
Have fun pvp’ing man.

That Deltia one is pretty funny, he’s burnt out. He is a Youtuber whose whole career is based around playing the game. It is the only thing that makes him relevant. So when he suffered burn out, instead of taking time away like the rest of us would, he kept going….for a year. I’ve always wondered if Tradechat from WoW feels the same way, but she knows if she quits nobody will care about her anymore, so she just plugs on, forever, pretending to like something she has hated for years just because it makes her feel like people are paying attention.

Anyway, I could link a ton of counterpoints. But there is no point. I see a game that has fought tooth and nail to get better. You’ve linked one video I have already watched and know the story behind(and another about beta…). Its about a guy who only pvp’s bitching that he doesnt have access to everything in the game. That a system exists in the game to reward people playing past 50 that makes it harder for him to kill them (and can be avoided by joining a special branch of their world pvp that skips it…so wtf complaint is that anyway?) and pushed past his own burn out to the point where he admitted himself the game was an addiction.

I wish I would have read your statements before I made my long winded reply. You hit the nail on the head.
Deltia even says that he is going to keep playing ESO casually, he just isn’t going to subscribe, buy crowns or continue running trials.
He wants to spend more time with his kid and his family and hang out with friends. He wants to casually play other games and get off the gaming chair to experience life a little.
And Mummy uses that as a hit against ESO…Classy. That’s soooo mummy!

Hobby burnout is a hell of a thing. Nothing can sour you on something you truly love faster than choking on it. (that’s what she said)

I’m I’m trying to think of a funny, sarcastic retort, but I can’t get past the, “that’s what she said” Lol πŸ™‚

You see that’s just it it’s all about opinion, I could have linked many more it’s not just one voice or two it’s many.
And you and Drivan have missed the point of what I said.
I never said that Eso is bad, I never had, I’ve always just said if people are going to hold it up as the best MMO on the earth and use it to pariah wtor and all it’s issues then it has to stand up to scrutiny, and with a little digging it turns out it isn’t as faultless as certain people make out.
By all means go and enjoy it after all that’s why were all here isn’t it.

I will never say its the best mmo. It would fail in that regard to any scrutiny. I could list my problems with ESO easily if you’d like, and you could link back to it whenever you need it. But it does shine by comparison. If you compare both games in their current state of development (lets leave out the subjective stuff) ESO does come out ahead. There is just more money and time being invested in one than the other. I personally hope that changes.

I think this is fair, and objective.

The development stuff isn’t opinion though. Its fact. The efforts from each team are pretty obviously imbalanced in favor of ESO and in Swtors defense but not a very good one, Swtor probably has far less staff and financial backing….which makes no sense because its STAR WARS.
While I type this I hate that I have typed this. I would rather be playing an ESO quality Swtor, with ESO’s volume of incoming content, attention to detail, and immersion, because that game would be a nine.

There’s been plenty of development in Swtor over the years, it’s never stopped in fact, as I’ve always argued, just not in the direction that I and many others wanted but I agree it’s not enough for some bizarre reason that no-one seems to know, but to use the morrowind expansion from Eso as a standard when it’s getting panned by it’s own players?

I wrote a reply but it is in pending hell, and I realize it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about the subjective side of things. There is zero point to arguing it with you, because even though I am playing both games, and am more qualified to compare the two, its still opinion, and what is the point? So what then? I re-iterate my point only to have the goal line moved again? I stand by my original point. Swtor is not getting the development it deserves, this becomes more obvious when compared directly to the development of other titles. What other titles? All of them probably. Enjoy visiting all the other forums and Youtube channels, it should be a fun weekend. I look forward to your report on Monday.


Plenty, is a word I would hardly use for anything SWTOR related, since many years ago. The direction isn’t the problem anymore (though it definitely used to be), but the volume of content has decreased dramatically.

They used to be able to release operations in pairs, with 10 bosses in total, and now they are releasing 1 boss every few months. And that would be ok if they released 5 new warzone arenas, and 19 new flashpoints and who knows what else. THAT would be a solid different direction. But if you think about it, the amount of maps and environments that we’ve gotten in the last 3 years is disappointing.

And the fact those maps are tossed away after single use, with no replay value added with dailies, or events….thats just bad developement. Port Nowhere, most of Odesson, etc etc. Its not like the lot of us are burnt out like the guy in the video Abaddon posted. We haven’t had enough Swtor, we are begging for it, and getting crumbs.

I feel that what you hit on here about all the one time use story maps is the real big sad waste of resources those story expansions were, several of them could have easily been daily areas or had a repeatable heroic or datacrons or something.

I never said the direction current was an issue, I was speaking “over the years.”
We all hope the direction is back on track, that’s not news.
The amount of story progression over the last two years has been epic (if your into that sort of thing), but at the cost of everything else.
As I have said before I think the turn in direction has caused this panicked release of Iokath and it’s limited content.
We can only hope for more and soon.

Dude, seriously, what the fucking fuck? How has the story progression been EPIC exactly? Things are simple.

Before, we had story AND ops AND pvp AND space pew pew AND flashpoints AND weird new features like seeker droid and binoculars. Every expansion brought STUFF. Besides story.

4.0 and 5.0 brought ONLY story. That’s it. And no, it wasn’t epic in any way. Stop inventing arguments.

Wait what, are you reading the right reply.
I said it was only story and it was epic as in ‘big’ not good, I hated it.
And I said it was at the cost of EVERYTHING else.
We never had that much story AND the other content except at 1.0.
I can tell your looking for a fight here which I can tell from your inappropriate language so over and out.

KOTFE and KOTET story is not epic in quality, and it’s not epic in length. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea, but 25 chapters of story with 30-45 minutes at most per chapter in 2 years, is not that much. Yeah, we did have that much story before AND other stuff.

I am not looking for a fight, but I am genuinely amazed by how much of a SWTOR lawyer you are. You will literally defend every piece of shit that this game has released. And if you can kind of see that it’s not quality, you will say that at least there was a lot of it. And if none of that is true, you’ll say that perhaps they don’t have enough people as developers, and that we should feel for them. And even if that’s not true, you will just invent arguments or say that ESO is worse. You have literally done all of the above. I can’t even with you anymore. It’s a fucking video game, not your property, not your friend, not your family, not your life.

“You will literally defend every piece of shit that this game has released.” – your comment above
“I said it was only story and it was epic as in ‘big’ not good, I hated it.” my comment above.
Its such a shame a can’t have an intelligent convo with you, I’m sure you have read my issues with swtor that I’ve even said above in my post above this.
It unfortunately shows a high level of ignorance on your part because I know your not a stupid person and makes talking to you pointless.
Bye bye.

I fail to see how ONE Operation stretched out over an entire YEAR is any kind of a bragging thing considering SWTOR past. It has gone downhill faster than a greased Hutt in a bobsled track and no matter how you’d like to polish that, doesn’t change the facts. EA and Bioware Austin have been shitting on the player base while swearing they were showering us with chocolate. The stench alone has been telling. They have tried and failed to have any kind of balance evident in other top shelf MMOs and hasn’t really seemed to do much beyond push cartel market dreck. I took off the rose colored glasses a while ago, makes the red flags easier to see. A good day to you.

I’ve never defended the one op over a year, all I have said recently is it’s a start and hopefully in the right direction (and that was a while ago) so I’m not at all sure what you’re going on a bout. This isn’t even reflective of my convo with.
Always nice talking to you Don (and that is without sarcasm honestly man) but I’m a bit lost with this comment.
Never mind take care man πŸ™‚

Interesting post, shows the person you are.
Thank you for that.
Makes a change from posting disgusting meme’s of down syndrome kids I suppose.
Well done.

typical strawman

poster A- eso has way more new content than swtor

poster Mummy- eso has problems too, look!

eso still has more content

Actually it goes:
Poster A – Eso has the amazing new Morrowind expansion coming, its got 40 hours of gameplay and looks amazing, new area, etc etc.
Poster B – Wait is that the expansion that is actually 4 hours and is getting panned by it’s own community to the point of rage quits and massive forum arguments.
If your going to use something as a benchmark it has to stand up to it.
It’s like me going to the Eso forums and saying guys don’t put up with a crap cp system that is broken and has been rehashed several times, nerfed abilities, terrible class balance and Zos thats doesn’t care about you (all from their actual forums btw) come to Swtor its just had 100 hours of amazing story play, 25 chapters of exciting stories, and great new cxp system, great class balance etc etc that we all know is crap.
Just because Morrowind is content DOESN’T MEAN IT’S ANY GOOD, and if your going to use that…………..
That’s my point man, if you can’t see it end of.

You respond with the same kind of diversionary argument as before. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of the shit they are putting out, eso is obviously shoveling more out to their players, you can’t stick with one argument, armature man.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of the shit they are putting out, eso is obviously shoveling more out to their players” that’s where your in the wrong, “armature man.” and that’s where I’m out. Goodbye.

And YOU personally recorded these video’s?
YOU personally have played the content and KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is FACT.
YOU have been logging in to ESO and the ESO PTS every day to check it out and see what is going on?

And you seriously want to compare the up coming Morrowind expansion to the 2 Ops bosses that SWTOR is releasing in the first 6 months of 2017???

YOU HATE when people who aren’t playing SWTOR anymore jump on here and criticize the game, yet you are more than willing to criticize a game you aren’t playing. Who is the hypocrite?
At least I am playing both games, I mean just last night I logged off of leveling my new JK in SWTOR and logged in to ESO to run trials. I have a direct comparison. You have your knowledge of SWTOR combined with a few negative Nacy’s talking about ESO.

If someone who has never heard of SWTOR before jumped on the Official SWTOR forums or Dulfy for information about it they would say conclude that it is the worst game in the world and wonder why EA is still financially supporting it.

Everyone knows that Deltia is an elitist cry baby, kinda like those winners from Zors and LD50 back in the day who left because BW hadden’t released a PvP update in 3 months. They went to play Wildstar, that game flopped, now they are playing FF14.

And ZoS has said that the latest patch notes are nowhere near final and they are making a lot of changes and balances so that the Warden won’t be so overpowered. With the gear set changes, it’s no different that SWTOR releasing a new tier every other month, ESO is putting a system in place to encourage folks to chase a couple new gear sets, not 12 like SWTOR is having we have to do in SWTOR if you are still working with Top tier from the 4.x cycle…

At the end of it all you have no current, first hand knowledge of ESO which invalidates all of your criticism .

*Rolls eyes*
So let me get this right, the people who play the game day in and day out have no say in the game?
One is an elitist crybaby (how many times have I heard that being used here against your friends lol) and yes I watched the whole video how the game was depressing him and when he wasn’t playing it and spending time with his family he was much happier because he hasn’t enjoyed the game in a long time because of it’s many issues.
And I could have linked many.
But hey he’s an elitist so his opinion doesn’t count yeah? XD
And if you want to talk about morrowind I suggest you go and defend it on the Eso forums because they really need you over there man. People unsubbing left right and centre.
And like I’ve always said, it’s from the Eso players own mouths not mine.
I will say again if your going to hold a game up as mmo to measure Swtor by it needs to be one that doesn’t have such a bad reputation from it’s own player base. Not me.

strawman argument

he didnt say the people making the vids have no say in how they feel about eso, he said YOU, a person that doesn’t play the game, has no say in anything eso.

I could link quotes by you that say the same about swtor and its players if you’d like to prove yourself wrong.

Oh wow so I can’t say on here, that people, the actual Eso players, that don’t like the Eso expansion he is heralding here, don’t like it?
What is this nazi germany?
If he is bringing an example here then it has to hold up as a benchmark that he is saying it is?
Does it not or do you just take everything people tell you on forums as the truth?
Do you not check things out?
And your actually saying if I find evidence it’s not true I cant say it?
Wow man, just wow.

Your turning this into something you want it to be and it not taking part in your games, I’ve seen you and others do it to to many people on here.
Good luck to you man, I’m out.

Oh god please not the “This is why we can’t have nice things” statement.
Has the debate sunk that low…… πŸ™‚
When someone says you have no right to comment or use evidence in an argument in this century is draconian, you’ll have to agree.
Truthfully though I’ve quite enjoyed this debate, as usual people turn it towards their ends outwith the topic, and get abusive (meh I’m used to it) but it’s been interesting hearing peoples views on the issue. (mainly yours actually, although you have rose tinted glasses the way I do bout swtor).
All good though have a nice weekend.

“do you just take everything people tell you on forums as the truth?
Do you not check things out?”
Isn’t this EXACTLY what you are doing? You read some stuff about ESO and took it for the truth with out actually checking out the current status of teh game for yourself.

“So let me get this right, the people who play the game day in and day out have no say in the game?”
Well… Isn’t this an interesting turn of events here because according to YOU the opinion of those of us who disagree with you when you RAVE about SWTOR don’t count so….
Funny how SWTOR criticizers are just haters, but ESO critics are the alpha and omega in your book. But I guess criticism only counts when Mummy agrees with it…

Unlike you I take EVERYONE’S opinion into account, fanboys and critics alike. Because in this world of extremes one must hear all sides of a story in order to find the truth. In this case the truth is ESO is launching some MAJOR expansions this year and SWTOR is struggling to give us 1 boss at a time to try to placate the few of us that are still subscribing. ESO won game of the year and MMO of the year last year from several different publishers. SWTOR’s only award last year was for “worst business model,” and made that category up just to be able to give an award to SWTOR, the only MMO that didn’t win SOMETHING on their list…

Again, Deltia is a streamer and gets paid to stream youtube, he has likely logged 100x more game time than nearly everyone else playing ESO not to mention that he straight up said he will still be playing ESO.
He isn’t going to subscribe. The dude is burnt out because playing a video game was his income source and he didn’t diversify by playing several different games so that he wouldn’t get burnt out of the one he fell in love with.

He will still has full access to EVERY BIT of playable PvE and PvP content. In reality the only thing he has decided to do is scale back his play time and not throw money at ZoS…

You call people really bad names and HATE on them for criticizing SWTOR without playing it, but I bet you would call me an asshole or worse if I hated on you rihght now because you are criticizing a game you don’t play.

Just because because the assumption one builds from reading about SWTOR here and on the Official SWTOR forums is correct, doesn’t mean that holds true for ESO…
Until YOU play ESO and have current, first hand knowledge of what the community is like, how many people are playing and etc you have no ability to give an intelligent opinion.

Hahah I loved the post man, especially the bit “You call people really bad names and HATE on them for criticizing SWTOR”
We do have a short memory, remember my posts are there to see, yours are hidden for a reason and we all know why and what I’ve reported you for, your treatment of people on here.
So anyway back to the matter in hand.
When you mention Eso on here as the benchmark for MMO’s, you absolutely hate it when I quote players from it’s own forums saying it might not be the case.
Why? Because you know it’s true and can’t see past white knighting it. I can see Swtors flaws as I’ve said many times on here, you sadly can’t see Eso’s problems. I admit Swtors flaws, you can’t admit Eso’s. Instead you blame the players.
Your reasons are twofold, either they are forum whiners or elitists, the exact same names you and your supporters are called on here. One’s I have recently defended on here as people who want change rather than to whine and moan.
You can’t have it both ways Drivan, don’t you see the hypocrisy?
These are players of Eso, your guildmates, people that you pass while playing the game and to call them names, to invalidate their opinion, is sad, and underhand.
You see Drivan when you bring a game like Eso and especially it’s morrowind expansion here, as a benchmark for Swtor to live up to, as you did in this case, and to not expect someone to look and see if it’s as good as you say, and when they do and give examples from ITS OWN PLAYERS panning it (no matter what you call them) and kick off and say that person has no right to do this, is playground antics at it’s very best.
Remember as we have seen from KOTFE and KOTET, just because it’s hours and hours of content doesn’t mean it’s any good.
If your going to accept everything you see on a forum as gospel and not research it or provide actual evidence as to the contrary then that is frankly drivans problem, not the worlds.
You can’t silence me or the Eso players, as much as you would like to.
If you cant deal with this, in your own words ‘go to the top right of the screen and click the ‘x’.
Now unlike the posters you pester on here I don’t need to have the last word and continue this, I’ve made my point quite clearly and if you don’t accept it (which I’m sure Drivan won’t) meh I can live with it, reciprocal arguments are the stuff of playgrounds and were doing just that in posting the same stuff each time.
That’s when you know it’s pointless.
Good day to you and enjoy Morrowind.

Blah, blah, blah, Mummy is a dumb ass frakin hypocrite and can’t keep his stories straight.
Blah, blah, blah Mummy hates that I have called him out for doing what he hates other doing.
Blah, blah, blah mummy wants people to think he is cool and a decent person, but fails.
Blah, blah, blah, mummy makes it obvious how much of a moron he is.
Blah, blah, blah mummy spent 5 hours trying to figure out how to respond to the truth and spin it to digs on me.

Good luck in life bro, you are going to need it…

I like the bit at the end of his long rambling post that adds nothing but personal insult twords you to his argument where he says he doesn’t need to have the last word.

What the fuck are you his wife, looking at your saying in all this is as fucking joke much like you. are you an eso player with the other guy you sound crazy like the other one. your just his bitch egging him on. what a life you must have. This abadon guy just shit on you with facts and your crying with your friend. HAHA

Wow fuck man how old are you. The guy tells you the truth and this is your reaction? so fucking glad i left eso and people like you behind.

The truth is that Mummy doesn’t even play ESO, so he is talking out his ass.
He’s an idiot who dogs on others because they criticize SWTOR, but don’t play it, yet SWTOR is the only game mummy plays and he criticizes every other game that any one mentions. Then he dogs the hell out of anyone who has anything less than spectacular to say about SWTOR.
He claims that just because these Dulfy forums and the SWTOR forums make it seem like SWTOR has massive issues it doesn’t detract from his idea that SWTOR is the best game on the market. Yet the stuff he has posted about ESO makes it obvious that the game is a complete failure and almost no one is playing it…

I’m playing both games, SWTOR a couple nights a week, ESO 3 nights a week. A direct comparison between the two and I see a much more alive and vibrant community in ESO and a much, much, much smaller and dying community in SWTOR.
In ESO I see a game continuing to expand, grow and improve. With SWTOR I see a game that is stagnating, releasing a fraction of the content that other games are and struggling to release any content at all.
I don’t believe that you played ESO, you are hiding behind a guest account.

hypocritical and uninformed

I take it you no longer have anything to say to those that do not play swtor but still post here?

This post is the equivalent of what he hates about other people in this forum community.
Mummy can’t get on anyone’s case for criticizing a game they don’t play after this diatribe.

Wait your calling Eso’s players hypocritical and uniformed?
Because that’s who made these posts and video’s not me.
You might be hurt with them but that’s it’s own player bases opinion.
Sorry but true.

No sorry, you made that post in direct hypocrisy to the negativity you’ve previously had for posters here that don’t play swtor, live with it, edit it, delete it, or whatever but at least take responsibility for your own post.

Also, I would never play a game that has elves…

I happily stand by my arguments, I’ve never deleted or edited it nor will I. The case still stands if you are going to put a game up as a benchmark for other mmo’s like drivan did with the Morrowind expansion then that benchmark has to stand up to scrutiny as the benchmark.
If you do a bit of research as I did then you will discover that it’s own players are panning it.
I don’t get how that doesn’t make sense.
You are saying questioning an argument put up by a poster is negative and should be deleted?

Nah, I said you are a hypocrite and you would have to edit your statement not to be going forward, but since you answered with little to no self awareness you don’t see it’s not about eso vs swtor its about you saying a certain behavior is bad then displaying that same behavior.

You’ve lost me, your turning this into something your wanting it to be, I did my research and provided counter facts to someone else’s facts.
If you want to make something else of it it’s up to you, I can’t stop you but on forums if you don’t agree with an argument you present a response preferably with evidence like I have.
As I have always said Eso is not a bad game, I’m sure it’s got a lot better since I played it years ago, but use benchmarks carefully.

What he is saying in a few simple words is that your logic is the following:

“1. SWTOR players have been panning SWTOR for years, and it’s their fault. They are haters, and I shall respond to every single one of them, thinking that I will put them in their place

2. ESO players are panning the latest expansion, and while ESO still releases a shitload of material more than SWTOR, obviously the players are right in criticizing it, and not only I refuse to put them in their place as haters, but I will actually use their arguments to prove that ESO is not to be used as an argument against SWTOR.”

Finally, your favorite argument against Fred Garvin and others is that they can’t really express a valid opinion, if they don’t play SWTOR anymore. And yet here you are, with a pompous opinion about ESO, based only on criticism by other players, since you have never played it.

If you don’t see how you use two different standards for the two games… it’s because you are a SWTOR fanboy.

However you point falls flat on it’s face because I don’t call them haters and have defended them a lot recently.
And by the definition of fanboy I can’t have issues with the game of which I have spoken many times on here.
Wrong twice John.

It doesn’t matter if you have made 100 posts about me and you defended me in 10. Your different approach towards SWTOR (which you treat like god) and everything else (which you treat like shit) is what makes you a fanboy.

And I am sorry to be the one who tells you this, but SWTOR is very very low in the ranking of games out there. It’s even low in the list of MMO games. Just accept it. It will be fine, I promise.

You see John I have played Wow and left after Wod which killed it for me and many other players, I’ll never go back, it mostly bored me to tears anyway, I played Eso and left because it was a mess, and I know they have improved it but the story was terribly dull and I have no intention to go back I don’t like the way they handle the combat system, i played Lotr and didn’t enjoy it despite loving the films and I played GW2 the best out of this group imho so yes in my book the only game I’ve truly liked is Swtor. Doesn’t make me a fanboy I just prefer it.
I can however see it’s faults and have repeatedly said so, so by definition i’m not a fanboy.
If it ranks low for some people that’s there opinion, in mine it is better. I’ll happily big up Gw2 it’s got so many good features so your wrong again there.
And again your coming into this argument on one side (your friends) shows again your bias.
Oh and you seemed confused the last time so here it is.
“inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.”
Just accept it. It will be fine, I promise.

You use double standards.
One is not allowed to criticize SWTOR if they don’t play it, yet you are allowed to criticize a game you don’t play all day as long as it makes SWTOR look better in comparison.

Well lets go back to my original post then.

SWTOR will have 2 bosses launched in July.

ESO will have an enormous expansion complete with a new story line, a new (HUGE) exploreable area, a new class, new gear sets new dungeons, new delves and a new Trial/Raid.
The Morrowind expansion is enormous. Already in 2017 we have gotten 40+ houses thousands of decorations and a multitude of bug fixes.

SWTOR doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of content coming out that ESO has announced. There is no comparison, you can’t compare a game that is alive and growing (ESO) to one that is slowly dying (SWTOR).

I love SWTOR and really wish that there was great stuff on the way, but there isn’t. With the power of the brand combined with the wealth of EA there should be and they should be out pacing every other game on the planet, but they have made massive mistakes and are obviously paying for them now.

You obviously either don’t understand my post or more likely don’t want to.
It’s not the size of the expansion it’s the quality or are you saying quantity is better than quality.
In Swtor over the past few years it has been quantity over quality, with the terrible Kotfe/kotet expansion.
Form reading Eso players comments they are saying the same about Morrowind.
It would be like me going to the Eso forums and say hey guys we’ve just has KOTFE/KOTET an amazing 2 year long expansion, 25 chapters with forty hours of superb story gameplay, a great new experience system, a gladiator style eternal championship with 10 different bosses to defeat each harder than the last, the whole new planet of Zakuul to explore, 8 new star fortresses to capture, new reputation gear to unlock and the galaxy to save.
Sounds great eh?
But……..we know it was awful, buggy, boring, replaying for all your alts was excruciating, badly designed and so bad they even gave you the option to by pass it in 5.0.
You talk about 40+ houses?
Seriously how do you think the swtor community would react to 40+ strongholds instead of op’s and flashpoints. Quantity man not quality.
Every pack CM release has deco’s in them, in the first quarter we’ve has a lot, on top of the thousands we’ve already got.
Houses and decos are not the issue here.
Actual QUALITY content is, which is why if your going to post something for swtor to live up to it’s got to be Quality content not quantity.
As I’ve said before reciprocal arguments are the stuff of playgrounds, I’ve made my point…again.

We will never disagree on the idea that the lack of quality content is an enormous problem. What I disagree with you on is that what is coming out for ESO isn’t quality.

Again, using your own logic, you have no basis to form an educated and well informed opinion about ESO since you don’t play the game.
You constantly tell people here that you can’t take what folks say on the Official SWTOR forums or here on Dulfy as an indicator of the state of the game because all the threads are by haters and they are just hating on SWTOR for the sake of hate. So why do you not apply your own logic to what you read on the ESO forums and take the naysayers with a grain of salt? (This has always been my point.)

I’m simply applying your own logic in this case.
You don’t play ESO so you are simply believing everything you read on the internet and regurgitating the hate that someone else fed you.
I have stuck to my point that I am holding you to the standard that you have held others too. “If you don’t play it you aren’t allowed to talk about it.” That is your rule, I am simply helping you to enforce it.
You are trying to wiggle out of your own trap and don’t like that I’m using your own logic against you. Blame yourself for your predicament.

I’ll bluntly say what you sarcastically tell others; If you aren’t playing the game, kindly STFU.

You change your point to suit your need to try to win an argument or be “right” whereas I have stuck to my point all along. You are engaging in the exact behavior you give others a hard time about, making an argument about a game based on other people’s opinions about that game. You say that isn’t allowed, in regards to SWTOR and you are doing exactly that with ESO.
You are right in the statement that quality content is an issue. SWTOR is not producing it, ESO is. What SWTOR has been producing since 4.0 has been lack luster with a low replay value and (at times) it feels like the dev team is really just phoning it in.

I had the privilege of getting on the ESO PTS this weekend… ESO fans, fans of the original Morrowind game and Elder Scrolls fans in general are going to be pleased.
I am worried the warden will be OP in PvP, but not in PvE. I am glad that there will finally be another viable healing class and not just the 1, god like, healer. Templar’s needed the nurf and I’m happy that Wardens will be very druid’ish, We getting back to some Elder Scrolls roots with this class.

Agreed, but many trials groups insist that they be paired with a Templar because breath of life is SOOOOOO Op. I can spam breath of life and keep up with almost any bosses damage out put, except in Vet Mode trials…
The one we are working on right now is one of the hardest boss fights I have ever been in…

“You constantly tell people here that you can’t take what folks say on the Official SWTOR forums or here on Dulfy as an indicator of the state of the game because all the threads are by haters and they are just hating on SWTOR for the sake of hate.”
Sorry I’ve got to ask, where and when did I say this?
“I’ll bluntly say what you sarcastically tell others; If you aren’t playing the game, kindly STFU.” And this.
I’ll wait patiently…………..

You don’t like being treated the way you treat others do you?
Let it all sink in Mummy, and remember I am simply reciprocating your behavior back to you.

Hahaha I thought not, the whole premise of your argument is based on something I have never said.
Why does that sound like the drivan we all know.

You are counting on me being too lazy to go back and find those examples and screenshot them, giving you time to edit or delete them. The problem is that folks that have been around these forums for a long time have witnessed your behavior on a regular basis right up until the day that Diehard started making threats.
That day should speak for itself.
You have always been one of the most toxic people on these forums. I would venture to say that you have often been the cause of toxicity with your method of “trolling the trolls.”
You said some of the most vile things I have ever read on a forum and many of your comments are the reason I started digging into you when you said nasty things. You have been down right rude and reprehensible with your method of defending SWTOR.

One of the first arguments that you and I had was when you told someone that they didn’t matter and that if they were just here to criticize SWTOR then they should leave. Only you weren’t anywhere close to nice about it. I believe the statement was something like, “If you mattered then maybe people would care, but you don’t even play SWTOR anymore so why are you even here.” That isn’t an exact quote but it’s close and delivers the same message you did in your statement. Then again that was about 6 or 8 months ago, so finding that statement among the 100’s you have made will take longer than I care to spend on this.
The point is that everyone on these forums knows your MO and they know your history. You, however, have a very short memory when it comes to your own actions…
Recently you have become slightly more tactful and almost tolerable, but only slightly.

Pretend that I am bullying you all you want, everyone knows what kind of person you are, we have all ready the garbage that you have posted in the past. If you are half as “enlightened” as you are trying to pretend you are then you should realize that you have never been very receptive to people’s criticism of SWTOR and have the tendency to viciously defend it the way a bear defends a wounded cub…

“You said some of the most vile things I have ever read on a forum and many of your comments are the reason I started digging into you when you said nasty things.”
That’s weird because that’s the exact comment I made to you many many times (remember nwstd and how we really met?) but unlike you I can link what you’ve said to me over the years (I’ve screenshotted all the nastiest bits for us to enjoy) for standing up to bullies like you.
You seem to live in a fantasy world where I’m the devil for standing up to you, for trying to see the good in bad in swtor and for daring to say Eso isn’t what you make out.
If you want to live in that fantasy world man that’s entirely up to you but if you’re going to bring that nonsense here I will keep reminding you of the way you behave.
And as for defending like a bear defends a wounded cub I can see Swtors flaws and regularly post that on here, you with Eso on the other hand………..XD
Good luck in life.

Dude, it’s been like 8 months… I think you are delusional.
Mainly because I didn’t start my falling out with SWTOR until last summer and I didn’t start openly criticizing SWTOR until around August of last year… So you say years and that tells me that you have argued with SOOOOO many people on here that you can’t keep all your arguments straight.

And how many times do I have to put this nwstd thing to rest? Seriously the guy and I have patched things up as far as forums world is concerned so water under the bridge, you hold that grudge on your own. Bring it up all you want, it only proves that you are a psyco.
Yeah, you can link what I’ve said because you are a psyco stalker that doesn’t know when they have taken things WAY to far, kinda like your buddy Diehard in that fashion. PLUS, definitely link everything that you wish, be sure to get your own comments in there (without editing them to make yourself look better) so that the conversation has context and so that folks can see that my statements are in reaction to your bad behavior and piss poor treatment of others. I stick to a narrative, I am pointing out when you are being impolite, rude, disrespectful, crossing the line and generally treating others poorly.
You obviously can’t handle someone pointing out when you have done wrong, like a child that tries to blame their bad behavior on someone else.
Get a clue dumbass, the only person I’m having these conversations with is you. I wonder why that is? Well Diehard and I had some classic back and forth and it always started because he tossed out an insult and then later griped because someone insulted him in response .
Bottom line is, you can’t handle someone who is persistently pointing out your poor behavior.
The difference between you and me, you treat everyone like shit, I only do it to you… And that one epic back and forth with Diehard where his account got deleted. Oh and BTW, he didn’t delete his account, the moderators did. Guess someone out there agreed with me when I reported every single one of his posts.
I did a test you see. I created an account and posted stuff on a different Disqus board then deleted the account. All of my comments remained. So either he took the time to delete all of his comments or the moderators wiped all history from these forums…
Oh I know ESO flaws, but I also know, from first hand experience that the only flaw that is difficult to work with is the targeting system. You have to be a good player to get into hard content in that game because the targeting system is much more FPS like than RPG style.
I also know that similar to SWTOR there are players that will complain that the sky shouldn’t be blue and the water should be brown…
Again if we are judging the games solely on the content of their fan forums the SWTOR is more than just doomed, the game never should have been made. But go on and keep using your double standard. It’s part of what makes you a very unique asshole.

Aaaaand… comes the vile bad language and name calling something you can’t hide.
Paint history and me as you want, I’ll let people judge me by my comments. That’s all I can do.
I don’t swear at people and call them names like you and I try to discuss things sensibly your tone and manner are always aggressive.
And as for diehard I don’t know who removed his comments, some were terrible as I have stated, but so are many of other comments I’ve seen on here, some aimed at him with the purpose of winding a man with self confessed problems up. Along with you harassing him.
So again that’s me, Diehard and nwstud you’ve abused, but in your book that’s ok because you don’t like us. The number keeps growing. Classy.
So if Dulfy is having a purge (and I do hope so) well see a lot more people fall off the radar that I’ve reported for sickening comments.
Now you mention it there’s a few I haven’t seen in a while :).
Oh and if you think the only flaw in Eso is the targeting system check the forums, I didn’t even see that one, maybe because there were so many others XD.
I’ll keep enjoying swtor you keep enjoying Eso.
BB πŸ™‚

Something I don’t hold back on when dealing with YOU, specifically you and you alone. I have never hidden that FYI.
Correction you don’t sware at people or overtly, bluntly call them names anymore. You passively aggressively infer that they are stupid, slow witted have small penises etc, etc, so on and so forth.
The difference between you and I, I have the balls to just come out and say what I’m thinking, you hide behind sarcasm and (like a coward) just infer your insults and name calling. That doesn’t make you more classy, it makes you even more of an asshole.

Diehard is responsible for himself, if he had issues then he should have never gotten on the internet and said the thing he said thinking no one would respond to his rude statements, then getting triggered when people responded to him in the same manner in which he was treating them.
Kinda like you…
Then again you have always been his Knight in Shining armor riding to his rescue when he was in over his head. It’s like you two are soul mates…

Per your own expressed rule, if you are not playing the ESO you are incapable of forming an intelligent or informed opinion about it.
I have the pleasure of playing both games currently. You wouldn’t let Shawn and others get away with criticism of SWTOR or discussion of it’s flaws and issues since they no longer play you should follow your own rules and not criticize games you don’t play. (this has been my point from the first time I responed to you in this thread and I have mentioned that MANY times. You insist on making this argument about everything BUT that point and have avoided that point at EVERY turn.)

Again, if you want to base the state of games on their forums, SWTOR is in much deeper shit than even Wildstar…
That is a muck and mire that you can’t climb out of. (This has been my secondary point all along, again you chose to ignore it and bring up other stuff instead).

“You passively aggressively infer that they are stupid, slow witted have small penises etc, etc, so on and so forth.”
I almost spat my coffee on this one, hilarious, I take it you referring to when the poster dual blasters kept drawing me penis pictures on here (another troll) and I commented that it must be to scale. Obviously the funny side of my response to his trolling me flew right over your head. I responded with humour not hate like you.
As I’ve said many times before diehard had faults, anger issues and you all knew this and you constantly baited him into arguments by falsely accusing him him things to get him to kick off.
A cheap obvious trick. Repeatedly falling into your trap was his biggest mistake.
But he knew his faults and always tried to make up, apologise and put it behind him. And why he is a better person than you and I would much rather have him as a friend than you any day.
As for these expressed rules I’ve yet to see then, why?
Because they don’t exist. They never have.
Your pigeonholing of me as the blind white knight is a desperate sad attempt to save face on Eso, when you know I’m right. Shout and avoid all you want the truth is there on Eso’s forums or are you to scared to look there. I argued with internet links to actual players grievances and unsubbing posts, you responded with generalisations and pigeonholing.
Keep defending Eso here if you wan’t I imagine its easier here than on it’s actual forums.
Anyway….this again is getting embarrassing, us two bleating over these pages the same garbage as to who is the worst human being, were just going to end up the laughing stock again, so after repeating myself several times….I’m out. I don’t need the last word, I gave that nonsense up years ago. If you want to reply I’ll leave the last piece of fantasy to you.

Keep telling yourself that.
It won’t be long before you do it all again and I’ll point it out again and you’ll deny it again.

Actually I want to give context to all of these to save people the time to watch, so we can see what they are about, I am familiar with all of these now.

Video 1:
The person making the video admits to never having played the original morrowind and thus doesn’t know how it compares. They say they are concerned the new class is OP not because it is, but because any time an MMO adds a class they are normally OP, and if they aren’t most mmo’s nerf the other classes to compensate. That is a legitimate concern. He thinks the new class based on druids does too many druid things. And is also worried the content wont be 20 hours, because Dev’s normally inflate it, so he assumes 5…but he hasn’t completed the content so he can’t know that. He does conclude that if you enjoy the game, you will enjoy Morrowind.

Video 2:
Possibly the games most popular youtuber and prominent master of pvp builds is quitting because he is burnt out, and misses playing other games and spending time with his family. He is not happy he has to do pve to get pve sets to do pvp with. He does not like that the champion point system was revamped to reduce lag in world pvp. (champion points are a system of alternate advancement allowing you to advance your character once you hit level 50. Points are distributed into various trees to buff certain aspects of your character to allow customizability, some people don’t like it because it makes pvp take longer, especially people who are used to playing with a team of glass cannons who dominate pvp by swiftly killing their opponents with the aid of siege engines). He will still be playing the game, he has full access to all the content, so unsubbing means exactly dick all, he just won’t be investing as much time making videos, because he was worried he was playing and posting videos for the wrong reasons.

Video 3:
Patch notes were released to the players months ahead of time, so players could provide feedback on proposed changes. One class has dominated healing in the game for years, and it was going to be dialed back a bit. The video maker is angry that these nerfs are going through, because not only was this healing class so far ahead of other healers in HEALING, it also provided insane regen to the rest of its group, essentially meaning nobody has to give any crap about resource management. He is still angry the same class that was also dominating pvp as a physical damage dealer (yup…no jokes…) was nerfed back to normal a while back. I play a Nightblade, so to me, ALL of this is good news. So really this is a video of singular perspective, and although his concerns are valid, that was the point of the early release patch notes….

Link 1:
Person on the official forum is mad that a torch isn’t touching the wall. A tree’s roots aren’t coming out of the ground in a quarry, and he saw a cat with weird pathing one time. Ok.

Link 2:
Person is worried the new class is going to be OP, proposed nerfs to classes so they have to monitor their resources are too stiff. But not like…sort of worried. He is like, write a damn book worried. He thinks the whole game is going to collapse in upon itself because people suddenly need to use potions and manage their resources, and that is reflected in his manifesto.(Its like 10,000 words) The concern is warranted, the nerfs effect 3 of the 4 existing classes. It is not the end of days.

In context, none of this is damning. You should always criticize the MMo you are playing, you should definitely give feedback on possible game changes (if the game you are playing actually bothers to tell you about them before implementing them….SWTOR). Sometimes cats just do what they want. Sometimes an object will load in weird. And sometimes the cab you are flying in from point A to point B will continually flicker in and out of existance for 5 damn years in a row.

At least now all this bullshit has context.

You want to put your spin on it I understand that but the facts speak for themselves, out of their own mouths.
Like I said that took me 10 mins to put together I could have linked a lot more, just as damning.
I just wanted to see this new expansion and as soon as I googled it this is what came back on the forums and on You Tube.
Like I said it’s own players, not me, their opinions.
People are hating on me for bringing it here, all I did was a bit of research and brought it back here alongside the original post.
Meh that’s life, I enjoy a good debate but people get nasty, so time to move on to Swtor’s next debacle.
And I’ve never said Eso’s the worst game out there (god am I fed up saying that), it didn’t interest me after my first dip into it years ago and hey I might even give Eso Morrowind a try, it’s where my Elder Scrolls journey started after all.
Have fun.

Dude are you on the shrooms have you seen the morrowind patch notes. my guild are all getting out now, most going to gw2 or swtor. Or hide in your forty houses and your 5 hours of nerfed content.

Really? Well that is a little naive don’t you think? Then again SWTOR lost an enormous number of players 2 and a half years ago when they had already gone a year without a group content update and then announced they wouldn’t be launching any group content with the KotFE story run and simultaneously stated that they intended to release multiple season with the first season running 16 chapters.
The only people I have seen leave ESO are the elitists who don’t ant to chase a new gear set and are afraid that someone will power leave a warden and suddenly be able to single handedly turn the tide in PvP.
4 of my 5 guilds continue to grow, especially the guild that doesn’t have a trader and is focused on PvE and PvP. The 5th guild is mine and I’m not recruiting.

No your the elitist asshole that wants to stick his head in the sand and not see what is going on.
Players are leaving wake up and smell the coffee. players like you are the reason its going to shit i leave messages on the forums complaining of pvp imbalance and the shit cp nonsense that they still cant get right and idiots like you tell me its ok when its clearly not. poeple are leaving theres the evidence.

to bad the separist army isnt around in this time period theyd be billionaires with the droid obsession everyone has in tor /smh

I can already hear her banter:


I am very glad that she is not a direct clone of her sister with just a different color pallette…
But oh wait. Isn’t that SCORPIO’s head with a halo and Esne’s body?

Besides changing colors, the only differences are head ornamentation/crest, pauldrons, and bracers.

Yeah man, they are so alike, it’s just this and this and this and this and that and that thing over there that are different. Otherwise, they are identical clones.

They have the same base body structure, just with different colors and a few different accessories.

All we know about the inspiration for SCORPIO’s appearance is this:

“What difference does it make if SCORPIO looks like a floating cube, a ball of programmatic light, or a walking biped crafted in the image of a long-dead alien species?”

—“History of Iokath: Entry 5” codex entry

It would seem that SCORPIO is based on some ancient alien species. Maybe AIVELA has a similar inspiration source?

She definitely looks more like her twin sister than SCORPIO. And that makes sense actually. It’s not weird that whatever originated from Iokath appears to follow a common aesthetic aspect. I personally say they did a good job with these bosses, and I also like Tyth aesthetically. I think most people are nitpicking where they shouldn’t be.

The real problem is that we’re not getting all of them at the same time… So far I am very satisfied with the shift towards the old golden days of SWTOR. All three main aspects of the new content look good to me (story, art, group stuff), I just wish they would release all of that at a higher rate…

I wonder if we’ll meet other zodiac circle inspired droids… we have already met GEMINI, SCORPIO and ARIES. A warrior droid with laser bowcasters and magnetic arrows called SAGITTARIUS would be pretty cool. Or a savage beast-like droid in the shape of a lion (or in this case a Manka Cat) called LEO.

At least these 2 droids don’t have boobs like SCORPIO…seriously, why does a droid need boobs even if it has a female voice…

The real question is… why not?? If I made droids… I would totally give them boobs. Technically, a droid doesn’t even need to look anthropomorphic. It could look like a box. Or like a bucket. Or like a banana. Or like anything. I don’t understand why people are annoyed by boobs specifically, but not about other unnecessary specs of droids.

I am. Droids are about functionality. And I was giving you a pass before sir when you said “in the universe of Star Wars, there is nothing difficult about robots.
If you have assassin droids that can move faster, swifter, better, with
even more grace than humans, then you can have high heels and wide
thighs on a droid, and it won’t be impractical, or hard to design, or
more work.” but now, you are gonna get it. Because everything about that statement was wrong.

Droids in Star Wars are all about functionality. This is why Astromechs are like little USB drives on wheels so they can plug into all the things they plug into. Its why power droids, or gonk droids are pretty much just car batteries with feet. Its why of that whole menagerie of droids that were in that sand crawler, there were only 2 that were humanoid, because C3PO is a droid who translates and socializes, and has to look the way he does to fit in. Its why Guri in Shadows of the Empire is a sexy lady cyborg, so she can pass as a sexy lady for throat slitting. There are far more nonhumanoid droids in Star Wars because functionality is still VERY important for them. Its not a galaxy of excess where everyones needs are met like Star Trek. This is a galaxy where after a huge battle, colonies spring up out of the desert to pick at the husks of rusting out ships, because materials are valuable. (Maybe because the established government keeps strip mining star systems to build planet killers….)

So if you made droids, you could give them boobs. But it is going to cost you. That excess has a price in extra production and tech. It could make you a target for people looking to take advantage of the “haves”, and the money you spent on robot boobies, might have diverted critical funds from your blaster money.

This was a toss up between nerding at you, or bitching the OP out for not understanding how to scroll down before commenting.

I respectfully disagree with most of that miss, except from the parts that are objectively true, ie the multiple examples of droids that serve their purpose and are based on functionality.

Yes, many droids in the Star Wars universe serve different purposes, and their functionality is obvious instantly, but not ALL droids are like that. Also, the argument about cost… sure, if you’re a scavenger like Rey and have the materials to make just one droid, and that half-assed, you make it and you’re happy it exists. If you’re the Empire of the movies, or the Separatists. or the Eternal Empire… you simply don’t care. You have resources to create an armada of 4 gazillion spaceships and a couple of planet destroying super weapons, so you are not going to care about a pair of boobs on a droid. If anything you’ll make a whole phalanx of boob droids, just to mess with the enemy.

You didn’t give me a pass, there are numerous examples of droids in the Star Wars universe that do not follow super strict rules about functionality πŸ˜›

I would have answered to your long post about the imaginary encounter with the flat chest Iokath twins that have mommy and daddy issues, but I have been having a super busy week, catching up with work after the spring break and my vacation. And I don’t pay for wi-fi on the plane, I am ethically against that.

To sum it up, the droids that you encounter in the Gods From The Machine operation, are considered deities. If there are 2 droids in the entire galaxy that you would expect to have boobs, it’s these twins right here. And their boobs should be divine. You probably have to play the storyline to get some background on these encounters.

The Empire in the movies used functional droids like mousedroids, probe droids, astromechs, the torture droid(who was literally a sphere with implements) and the deathstar droid who serves similar functions to a protocol droid, the medical droids of the Empire are a post with creepy murder implement arms and tracks. Function before aesthetics. Heck the Imperial aesthetic is cold and functional, that is their thing.

The Separatists most humanoid droids were their most disposable, their more powerful droids don’t even have heads, and their most powerful eschew all cosmetics in favor of stability and mobility(stupid mobility, but its the prequels). Function trumps aesthetics again, they literally become less redundant and humanoid as they scale up.

The Eternal Empire has all that money, yet they make 4 types of battle droid, One is a floating probe with 2 guns on it, skytroopers who are humanoid but with built in jetpacks and very little in the way of “flair”, their aesthetic is for intimidation, which is pretty functional given their use, then you have the standard overused swtor tripod gunbeasts and spider walkers.

Realize I am not against robot boobies with a purpose. Just the redundant ones. But even the designers who build Scorpio must agree, because…
Later iterations kept the sexy voice, but dropped the silly boobs.

“Function before aesthetics”
This is the answer, to create something with superfluous systems makes no sense.
The old adage is ‘like putting an ashtray on a motorbike’ – pointless.
If it was a completely human looking assassin droid, designed to fool the target (male) then it would make sense, firstly it would look out of place so would stand out defeating the purpose, secondly to get close enough to kill it might use attraction (the basic male instinct).
To put them on droids………..only a man would πŸ˜›

You forgot about the most human and most powerful of all separatist droids the very human shaped manga guard, they even wear clothes.

Yeah its a pretty hard argument to make given I’ve had mild exposure to the EU at best (mostly comics), Zakuul is so unStar Warsy, and the prequels are so dumb. But I’ve made it, and I stand by it as best I can. Mostly based on the Original 3.

Yeah, I love you for this post. Please don’t diss the prequels though, it shows lack of faith, and that is disturbing.

No, it’s not a product of child labor. The discussion about airlines and what they charge about what they offer could take a very very long amount of time, and this is neither the place nor the time.

I don’t know, as I said, I agree with many things you say about droids (you certainly have a borderline unhealthy admiration for Star Wars droids) but at the part where you started kind of making excuses about the look of the Separatist droids and the Eternal Empire, I was not fully convinced.

Functionality has NOT always been the most major factor in the Star Wars universe, and I am fine with that. Look at these hundreds of millions of clone troopers and stormtroopers. White? Really? So that they stand out against almost every background and in every setting and that everyone can shoot them and kill them in a second? This could only work on Hoth. And that’s just one example, there are many examples where aesthetics plays a very imporant part in SW, without giving the utmost importance in design and function.

Anyway it all comes down to Tits or GTFO (not you, the robots)

PS. GEMINI is fugly.

“(you certainly have a borderline unhealthy admiration for Star Wars droids)”
As much as Carrie Fisher was a huge influence on my personality and childhood aspirations, Star Wars droids have always inspired me in my work/hobbies.

You are forgetting one important fact, boobs are on droids in Star Wars (and everywhere really) to remind us of The Maschinenmensch from Fritz Langs metropolis which was silent so ‘she’ could not have a sexy robot voice and therefore needed those curvy hips and chest plates to be identified as female.

Needing an explanation for every extra boob in a fictional universe has to be exhausting.

My partner brought up Metropolis when we met at the airport and I brought up the convo (because Sweden to Canada is a very uneventful 8 hours at night, so its really all I had going on). Tribute is fine. As I said, its mostly a pet peeve. I’m not like…incited or anything, just having fun debating fake robots and their boobies….seriously 2 of my favorite things…separately!

You ever see that Woody Allen movie about the giant boobs that attack LA? I don’t remember if they were robots or not but they were definitely unnecessary.

Europe is like another planet to me compared to North America, everything here is new, but over there its this bizarre kaleidoscope of new age and centuries old. It isn’t so much neighborhood to neighborhood, but some parts of the city are just mind blowing when you remind yourself how old they are, how much has happened there etc. That said, I had VERY little free time, I spent 16 hours a day at Sveriges, I wanted to get out for more meals but there was so much catering, and the girls I was there to work with were such a blast I didn’t feel right taking off on them. I stayed at Ett Hem, which I didn’t think was a hotel when I pulled up, it looked more like someone’s house, which was covered by the studio, and I have no idea what it cost, but it was so close to where I was working I barely got to see anything and desperately can’t wait to go back because the last few days felt like they happened to someone else.

Well I have been to Stockholm, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Paris, London, Venice, Lyon, Milan, Athens, San Marino, Geneva, Amsterdam and Lausanne, and I can say that I just said that for name-dropping and nothing else.

#jealous That’s a pretty awesome list, I think I need to do some quality backpacking and train riding in Europe and soon, theres so much I want to see and I keep putting it off for lack of free time and funds.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you get to visit as many places as you can, travelling is definitely an eye and mind opening experience. And you get to interact with new people, see how they live, see how they behave, and realize that some other things which we care about so much in our every day lives don’t really matter…

I was lucky enough to visit most of these cities (and countries) because of 2 very large trips with my university (the perks of being a scientist and visiting research facilities all over the world for “academic interest” = do everything else in those places you visit), because of 3 friends that are permanent residents of France, Sweden and Holland, and because of 2 past girlfriends who both lived in London (I have sworn 3 times in the past that I will never have a long distance relationship ever again).

Time for me to explore the US though, I am planning a huge road trip for August, haven’t even been to the West Coast yet xD

Maybe “female” droids have boobs because their extra sexy voice processors are stored there.
“Female” droids almost always end up being assassins, super intelligent or have an extra special set of skills that no other droid could possibly have. perhaps the boobs are additional processing centers or extra brains??
Yeah, I’m stretching…

The other question is why Tyth lacks a penis. Which is probably why he’s mad. The fight could’ve had an “enlargement” phase instead of an enrage one….

C’mon, don’t discourage him. He’s going to post memes anyway; better memes with boobs than without πŸ˜›

That actually gets (sorta, kinda) explained in a little throwaway codex entry on Iokath (the first time you go there during KOTET): The master droid designer of Iokath during the time the first GEMINI types were built was an artistic type who based their design on a humanoid species they’d exterminated. His designs were so popular that they influenced Iokath droid aesthetics for the rest of their culture’s existence.

Meh! Looks like Scorpio’s face and legs with bits of the old droid armor sets used. Maybe one of the old bounty hunter chests so they can say it’s not Scorpio.

How much would you lot like to bet that the ‘May the fourth’ reward will be another crummy astromech pet?

They can’t seem to come up with any reasonable ones on their own, we have to do something. Horribly thought out soap operas don’t count either. πŸ™‚

Frankly, I don’t care what the new bosses look like. Fact of the matter is: Too little, too late. And with 5.2 it got worse: Crafters can build gear maximum to 244. Yes with all the restrictions like unmoddable etc, blah, blah, but still, it gave you at least a chance to quickly re-gear your twink. They conveniently forgot about that in 5.2. Given that the entire release has a value of just 2 hours playtime we would have needed something to fill the waiting time til the operation is actually finished. And the rewards from doing the dailies? more crap no-one wants or needs and at extreme costs to boot.
They announced that the OP is done by the end of the year. Good on them, but without my subscription fee, I am moving on and since without a subscription I cannot take part in anything new I won’t return.

So, after complaining for months that no new Operation is coming, now that one IS HERE you complain again ?
The irony is: you probably don’t see why they didn’t bother to put new operations up till now.

There is no new operation out. There is just one boss.

I do not agree with the above person, but if you think that there have not been new operations for years because people were complaining…. think again.

Whatever you implied, the fact that they didn’t put new operations out is all on Bioware, and not on the players.

what new op? theyre trying to milk an op by piece mealing it out over a year for a sub? how stupid are you lol

The irony is you think a few bosses added make an Operation. The entire thing wont be done until the end of the year. How is that HERE?

Don’t get why operations are such a big deal… Raiders have never been the largest group on SWTOR.

Back in the days of the worst imbalances i.e sorc bubbles they were very vocal, but these days even with merc domination they’re not too bad.
As you can see from the forums these days its mainly raiders and the dearth of endgame raiding content for too many years.

That’s definitely not true, they existed at the game’s launch, and were all pissed away by Bioware’s laziness.

I’ll never understand it. Just playing casually the drop-off is noticeable. Why anyone thinks denying it is any way helpful I will never understand :S

My old guildie, who i met in SWTOR and we kept playing games together after we both quit, told me she logged in today to check how’s game doin’. All she noticed was severly diminished population, compared to what was back when we still played. πŸ™
As for why i am here if i don’t play the game: just checking out changes in the game from time and reading comments πŸ˜€

They both look amazing. πŸ™‚
I like the (obvious) Scorpio similarities and their different colour palettes.
I wonder if we will ever get to have Iokath droidslike them, as companions. I’d pay for that :P.

I am sure the twin battles will be great.

so, is the game any better now? I un subbed back in January, and I’m still waiting for someone to say it’s gotten better.

That depends on what you want out of the game, and what caused you to unsub. There have been some changes and I think it’s “better” than it was in January, but whatever your biggest complaint is may well still be there.

When i read any news about ideas from new lead developer it just prolong agony for this game.

I do admire EA keeping this game as long as they can.
We will know in a month how this game did past year since new fiscal year starts in april for EA.

Subs are definetly down and f2p players are not buying packs anyway.

They can make tons of concept arts but if that really gets into the game slowly it wont matter in the end.

Taking another shot (I just can’t handle myself with coming back and expecting gold era from swtor like in 2011-2012), will play a hour or two, but if eveything is the same, I am fucking done, will ban myself to prevent from playing until BioWare realises to close it or make SWTOR 2…

Your memories are clouded. There was no golden age. The game had many problems in 2011 and 2012.

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