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GW2 Legendary Armor Coming Next Tuesday

Players will be able to craft their legendary armor starting next Tuesday with the Flashpoint release.


Hi, I’m Paul Ella, producer for Guild Wars 2 raids, and today I am happy to reveal the launch of legendary armor.

First, a little background.

When we started creating raids, our aim was to produce complex endgame combat that would really give players a chance to demonstrate their skills, abilities, and tactical thinking in overcoming its challenges. As a reward for defeating the raid bosses, we realized early on that we would need something that reflects your success to other players. Enter legendary armor—the ultimate pinnacle of armor in all of Tyria.

Creating the armor has been a very long and intense process; we’ve never produced any armor set as complicated as the legendary armor. A key original requirement was that the armor should animate. However, when we started digging into what that entailed, it soon became apparent that this wouldn’t be simple: for us to accommodate that design vision required multiple engineering changes to the underlying game engine.

To clip or not to clip…

The one key premise we’ve had for legendary armor is that it shouldn’t clip with itself. That might sound like a simple thing, but let me tell you—it’s far easier said than done. Remember, what we’re doing with this armor is different from anything else in the game. The way the models for the Guild Wars 2 characters are made makes it an exercise in compromise. For example, if a player character’s hand clips through a skirt, we could move the hand—but the hand now clips through a weapon. We can move the weapon’s stow point—but the weapon now floats too far away from the body. We can use a particle effect to hide the gap…but that impacts the frame rate, and so on, and so on. Every change we make has consequences. Where we are now with the armor is the result of hundreds of hours of making similar decisions. There will be clipping—it’s the level of clipping that is important.

The armor makes the human—or norn, charr, asura, or sylvari.

As I mentioned in my previous armor blog, we want the legendary armor to transform you into a killing machine, laying waste to your enemies upon entering combat and then returning you to a serene state in time for tea and medals. The silhouette of each armor set is unique, as are the design concepts behind each set, but the artists responsible for the armor can explain it better.

Heavy Armor


The heavy armor conveys images of chivalrous knights—plated ‘iron soldiers’ of war. With a flash, and the flare of winged magic, the armor transforms and is imbued with mystical energy. Since the heavy armor was our first implementation of this new armor tech, the challenge quickly grew beyond making a good-looking armor; we had to figure out how to convey a sense of awe that grows with the armor through its transformation while navigating through the confines of new technical limitations compounded on top of the already existing ones. —Bojin Shi

Medium Armor


Medium armor is crafted from a collection of the finest bones of legendary foes. These special bones hold magical powers that are channeled throughout the armor, culminating in a surge of mystical energy. When the transformation is complete, excess energy is expelled from the wyvern skulls. —Loraine Howard III

Light Armor


The light armor is based on the mystical energy of crystals. It’s surrounded by crystal energy, and holds magical power within. When entering combat, the crystal energy is released to transform the armor into its combat form. The energy is distributed among crystal spikes, manifesting as an electrical aura. The armor transformation was a huge challenge, but the result is quite satisfying. — Mia Kim

It’ll all end in runes.

As with legendary weapons, each piece of the legendary armor will let you select its stats from any of those available in the game when you’re out of combat. If you want to use Yassith’s headpiece with Zojja’s tassets and Ahamid’s boots, it’s as simple as clicking on that armor piece and selecting those stats.

Take the example I run into on a regular basis: as a warrior, I normally run a Phalanx Strength build, using a set of ascended armor with berserker stats and Superior Runes of the Scholar. However, sometimes a fight calls for me to run a condition build. This requires a separate set of armor with different stats and different runes.

Legendary armor with selectable stats would address the need for two sets of armor with different stats—but what about the runes? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

When you apply an upgrade (rune or infusion) to a piece of legendary armor and there is already an upgrade in the slot you have selected, the existing upgrade will be moved to your inventory and the new upgrade will replace it. Simple as that.

Go get it!

When Flashpoint releases next Tuesday, players will be able to complete the collection and legendary armor will be obtainable (and viewable in the wardrobe). Each piece can be worn individually or as a complete set, so you are free to mix and match.

To complete the collection, players will need to visit and interact with the only living thing remaining in the Bastion of the Penitent once the prison has been cleared.

Good luck, and see you in the game.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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As I thought, I only like the Heavy set. The Light set is… ok at best and I absolutely hate the Medium set on principle just for being another fuck ugly, dime a dozen trench coat.

Prediction. The first person to get legendary armor lives with his parents and has never had a job. Smokes pot, male, virgin, no future. I know… that’s like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.

It’s okay, Talindra. I’ll never bother with legendary armor either, but let’s not be bitter. It’s not a good look.

*Deep breath* I suppose it’s a bit of jealousy. Anyway, I live with my parents too. Times are tough!

You have a child and you live with your parents ? Wow, i feel sorry for you. Unless your kid is an android.

I am a happily married and employed female and i’ll have it cause i’ve took time to farm it on my spare time. Don’t be bitter.

7/10 Bri. Solid mix of political/cultural references. Mildly amusing. I’d give it an 8 but it made me think that by being so unemployable, millenials are hugely responsible for unemployment and thus for the stagnation of the federal interest rate, which of course results in higher real estate prices.

i am pilot for lusthansa airlines, i make more then u can ever dream and support my parents and happily married for 12 years in july this year, and i am gonna make all 3 legendary armor on when they release, go take your stereotype somewhere else, reading comments like yours like predicting farts gonna always smell bad…..

This is what “Lobsang Dawa” wrote earlier, and then deleted:

i am pilot for lusthansa airlines, i make more then u can ever dream and support my parents and happily married for 12 years in july this year, and i am gonna make all 3 legendary armor on when they release, go take your stereotype somewhere else, reading comments like yours like predicting farts gonna always smell bad…..

Am I the only one who actually likes the armors? They look really good to me… honestly people are so nitpicky.

I like them, too but it’s kinda dissapointing considering it took them 1.5 years, maybe even longer to design these. The problem with clipping armor is also a thing that shouldn’t exist. I understand they are working with an outdated system but that should maybe be a sign to code a new one instead of fiddling with that. Also people are sick of buttcapes and trenchcoats. I can’t decide, should I be dissapointed of how they don’t care about the opinions of their community or be proud because they go by their own taste and design and don’t sell out.

Overall i think the biggest issue with these is that they are the ONLY legendary armor sets and no matter how they look, it’s impossible to fit everyones taste. All we can do is wait for more of these until ev eryone is satisfied or stopped playing GW2

I think the armor looks nice. It might looks better when it is animated. Although it doesn’t matter, I don’t think I can get one, ever.


If Anet thinks its modeling work special, it should check out Vindictus, 7+ year old game that not only has dynamic armor morphing properties to get around clipping, but also solved the “helmets with hair” problem (because everyone loves looking like cancer patients with hats on, right?)

big part of being successful developers is selling your every fart and buttscratch as major and incredibly difficult accomplishment, in spite of others doing same thing with half the effort and fraction of bragging, or even for free.

look at mods for games, for instance. Warcraft III modders make tons of awesome-looking icons for free, many of which are bona fide miniature paintings. half of GW2 icons look photos of puke hit with “stylize as oil painting” filter
Skyrim modders made incredibly detailed and awesome armour sets. GW2 crew has a panic attack at thought of making a piece of armor that isn’t gloves or shoulders or a helmet, and even after those they apparently need months of psychological recovery.

Dude, I disagree with you completely. I saw ESO, Warcraft, Skyrim and other game armor styles and most of them are shit, not even comparable to GW2’s.They’re rather simplistic that even a child can draw them. Skyrim has Daedric and Dragonscale armor the only cool armor models, the rest I just could have crafted myself, and I’m not even a professional artist. It takes much more than “creativity” to create a good piece of armor set: The legendaries look good, even though the medium armor could be much better, but it’s not that bad. People want GW2’s armors and weps to look like some stupid manga fantasy World of Warcraft shit, but GW2 is different, you don’t have to be a MMO expert to tell the differences, they’re pretty clear.

I’m not talking about stuff made by devs. I’m talking about stuff made by modders. For free. Look at Ebon Dragonscale, Stormlord, Inquisitor, many other popular armors.

Regarding Warcraft, I was talking about ICONS, not models. Anet can’t hire a half-decent icon artist when there’re people doing incredible icons for free on the net.

Each of those armors are suitable for their game styles, not for Guild Wars 2. Ebon Dragonscale and Stormlord are the only two great armor pieces, Inquisitor and “many other popular armors” are just generic. Regarding the icons, I sincerely didn’t understand what you mean: Guild Wars 2 icons are great, there’s no problem with them. And just like you said, they’re like painted in oil, which is pretty artistic.

That was sarcasm.

Compare the first three, made by guy who probably got PAID for this absurd, with next two, made by guys in the free time for free. Yeah.
And it’s not about style, don’t change the topic. It’s about effort put in. People regularly make stuff that’s more detailed and intricate for amusement than Anet team does for a living. And that’s more or less okay. But Anet making a fuss over its “achievments” as if they really put any effort and really made anything that’s not mediocre is laughable and deserves any ridicule we give it.

I’ve always had a problem with GW2 icons, I never liked how all the icons of a particular set, weapon, etc, all looked so similar to each other. It made it harder to visually differentiate between what effects each ability has and requires constant mouse hovering to stare at tooltips if it’s a class/build you aren’t intimately familiar with. Compare this to WoW which, even unmodded, had lots of vibrant colored icons all in different styles, hues, and contrasts that made it much easier to associate a given ability with its actual effects.

Bravo Anet, Bravo.
Hopefully next expansion they’ll work on creating legendary runes but its nice to see the last splash page promotion of HoT finally get implemented in game. Over two years later. I think?
The way they complain about the difficulties of creating these armors, it seems to suggest 2 features are unlikely to ever be added to GW2. An improvement to the armor skeleton, which would allow any or more combinations/types of fashion to be worn at once and secondly, if they found matching the armors to races to be so difficult, I don’t see them adding additional races anytime soon.
The last facet I’m left wondering however, is if that heavy armor covers the char’s neck or not?

and now…….a set of armor I cannot get can never get into a raid and have never done one. They don’t include you if your new……and ANET obviously wont make any alternate paths for the rest of us to take.

if you are willing to join voice chat,(discord or ts3), there are plenty of ppl who will take u even if you are a noob. but you need asc gear.
why should anet make any alternate paths for the noobs? thats not how raids work. they are supposed to be challanging and require teamplay with good coordination. and actually they arent even challanging.

as a solo player myself, raids are more or less inaccessible to me as well. but i disagree that gw2 has no alternate paths for you to enjoy. raids are simply the newest, and on the frontier of end-game content. theres plenty of PvE and single PvP content out there for you to occupy your time until youre comfortable grouping up for a raid.

Do you really want to grind like a madman for ugly armor that you don’t need? It honestly won’t make you have more fun. Having it only means that you either have no life, or you’re an imaginary pilot for Dusseldorf airlines making unimaginable amounts of money.

Stop thinking that those who will have it don’t have a life/money/family/job/whatever. It’s not. I know a lot of raiders (including me) that have all of those, they still manage to go through raids, and they will get the armor. Stop being hateful to those who take the time to learn strats, learn how to use their class, and successfully do it.

While I agree that some people take it fairly far in Excluding people the whole statement that ” They dont include new people” is totally false. Its just the fact that people dont care to learn a fight basic mechanics BEFORE they start raiding.

I started Raiding with the release of Wing 4 and I already managed to join teams and beat all but 2 bosses ( Mattias and Xera) of the original 3 wings and Even the first 2 bosses of wing 4. so really saying that they dont allow new players is a cheap excuse.

Soo.. I’ll probably never get this armor. because.. raids.. but I’m glad that it doesn’t look that good, at least to me [I’m light armor main]. I was expecting something else. Still since it’s a legendary I wish I could get it. But.. “raids” word is like a huge wall. I would rather have a long-ass journey, PvE, WvW and even I would gladly go back to that madness PvP [I did the PvP legendary backpack] if that meant not trying to get along with some 9 random people and pretending to like eachother. Oh well, maybe they’ll realise it was not the best choice 3-4 year later, just like they did with precursors for legendary weapons 3 years after the core game. For now, good luck and grats to all raiders, I’ll wait for new Kasmeer outfit.

i agree this seems like a focus on group content, but you gotta remember every existing mode ALREADY has its own unique rewards built into it. raids are new, and they needed to make a new reward for it.

overall, i dont think its a problem, especially because you wouldnt even notice the added defensive bonus legendary armor would bring in other PvE modes.

My wrists can only handle about 15 minutes of game play. I took four doses of ketamine just to get through Arah for my Bifrost. Raids are out of the question… and besides I can’t even handle the stress. Honestly, if anyone from Anet wants a BJ in exchange for legendary armor, hit me up.

ASURA is horrible class to model new shiny armor put it on norn or charr, hardly see any detail on asura. and that butt cap lol when anet gonna learn

the buttcapes will forever be their legacy, but at least this one is going back to their tradition of coats, which is less visually off-putting. i cant say i like the hood, but i might wear a few pieces of this set.

I definitely hear the pain of the people who don’t raid (I’m one of you), but honestly I’m thinking with future expansions there will be 2nd gen (hell maybe even a 3rd gen) legendary armors that will require different paths to get.

Raids are not for everyone and neither is legendary armor. Maybe that’s why they call it legendary armor?? Tell you what I’ll have it ^.^

Michael Bay called and he wants his Transformer back. Yes I meant “his”, because he ruined the real deal. No really, the char looks like a Bay creation.

So it’s official. Legendary armor is indeed “the best” when it comes to future proofing your armor. Stat selection, free rune/infusion swapping… I wonder if they’ll adjust Legendary weapons to be the same as well. Anyway, I don’t begrudge anybody for spending the time/money to get Legendary armor, but I’ll just point out that logically, it’s now foolish to spend money on Ascended armor; you should instead aim for Legendary armor and thus guarantee you’ll always have access to whatever is the current meta build. Could be a dangerous path for ANet to go down given the culture of elitism and “meta or GTFO” that’s been growing in the game since launch.

As to the looks though… Heavy armor looks nice and quite unique, but Medium looks like a reskin of Arah Medium, and Light looks like the Crystal Arbiter outfit. >.< Those animations would have to be DARN impressive to make up for it.

Money isn’t a problem…raids are.

As for elitism..i don’t remember it even being somewhat relevant before raids were introduced…so it’s a recent wave not something that was growing since the start.

Anyway..good part is they finally finished these shit items and now can concentrate on things/content that can make the game somewhat relevant again…and not cater to that 0.0001% niche public

Yeah, I hope ANET will not continue with that horrible mistake which are raids. I personally know players who got fed up with being excluded from even parts of their own game mode including the story and quit the game.
Let the raiders finish their armor and let’s not waste any more time on this divisive mode. New bosses with gimmicks should go into dungeons and fractals. It’s not like a 10 man game enhances tactics in this chaotic twitch based combat system. Instead of 5 people stacking on a spot, we now have 10. Yay! Now we have two 5 people groups of stacking people! Double yay!

Not really, a few vocal people. I am part of 2 huge guilds, and they rarely even manage to get raids together. The number of regular raiders is pretty small. Even IF 6 wonder devs were cranking raids out every month or so which I highly doubt, it is still a huge waste of workpower which could go into game modes a lot more people enjoy.
What have raids brought us? Elitists making tons of people quit the game (I know some of both groups 🙁 ), a content draught for PvE for over 3/4 of a year except for raids most people were not interested in, causing another huge loss of players for GW2. Oh, bullshit DPS meter discussions pissing even more people off.
GW2 was never the game for this. It was a pleasant game with a pleasant community.
A lot of cludge solutions to make raids even work at the barest minimum: Suddenly we have a tank (“uuugh, it’s suddenly the guy with the most toughness since we don’t really have a reliable taunt mechanic.”) and a healer (druid, which does not really have much to do with its base class).
I have no idea which brainiac ever thought that was going to be a good idea. Perhaps Colin, I don’t know.

If you AT LEAST watched ONE (1) minute of any boss fight in raids you would know that raids are not about stacking in one spot. Unless you are qT or another try hard guild that can pull off perfect rotations from all 10 players. That just tells me how much you know about raids and how much research you did on them. In other words, hating on a content you know nothing about Typical hate train of dare I say “filthy casuals” (yes I am allowed now to use that since you called raiders elitists).

What makes things even worse, you say you know people who quit the game cause they feel excluded from raids. I am sorry, but who excluded them? They did themselves. At the start of the whole raiding scene I didn’t have a team. So what did I do? I made a new guild and continued to run with pugs. Those I found were decent I asked to join my new raiding guild. And what do you know, fast forward and I’ve made a lot of new awesome friends. To one you up EVEN more we helped so many people in our time.

We actually invited random people to Wing 1 who NEVER entered raids before and killed bosses 9 men while they got rewards for free.

What else… oh yeah, many people quit cause of raids? I actually personally know a TON of people who came to the game and even more people who stayed with this game cause of raids. They would have quit if raids never happened.

Oh and raids weren’t the reason for the content draught… do your research.

So yeah, your tunnel vision is laughable at best. People like you, who don’t even want to try, to put some effort into raids have the audacity to whine and spit toxic all over the place. Hating on people who raid and trying to make other people hate raids too.

Please stop doing it, GW2 is not a game for people like you. It’s a pleasant game with a pleasant community. You don’t belong.

I disagree with that. GW2 has always been a game where people could play whatever builds they liked, whatever classes they liked. We have a small guild with several people who partly play “suboptimal/non meta” builds.
Yet we managed to beat Fractals 100 because we’ve learned to play together. Yet nobody would take over half of these people into any raid. 3 of these quit the game or only very very rarely show up after having been personally insulted and thrown out of teaching raids.

I am not saying there are not kind people who take it on themselves to teach new people. But including raids in the game has overwhelming disadvantages for the community in my opinion.

And I flatly believe ArenaNet was lying when they said, “Uh…content draughts? Nah, raids are not to blame since only 6 cool devs are working on them. See?” Seriously? Who created the art assets, the maps, the rewards, the legendary armor progression skins when armors take ‘several months’ to produces according to the same devs? What did the other hundreds of people do in the meantime? Doesn’t that strike you as fishy? Hundreds of people couldn’t release anything else for nine whole frigging months? So much for ‘research’. Pfff.

And yes, I reserve the opinion that raids are a waste of time and a serious error to ever have been put into the game. You are entitled to your opinion, I am to mine. That’s no toxicity.
My experiences have been that it has caused serious damage to the game I love.

I am not trying to make other people hate raids, I have no idea how you are coming up with this.
And you are quite rude to suggest that I should leave the game. You are the toxic person here. Yeah, you are so inclusive, I can see that.

Nah, elitism was always there. It existed back in the core game too, with people refusing to bring non-80’s into dungeons (despite them being told by the game itself that they’re ready to try dungeons), or kicking anybody who didn’t have the meta zerk builds/gear. Ironically, the increased power creep that came with HoT actually “fixed” this; because it’s now possible for just 1 or 2 good players to carry 3 newbies through a dungeon (excluding ones that require a lot of team coordination), on dungeon daily days, you usually see PUGs accepting just whoever will join.

Raids just brought the issue to the fore because the threshold of accessibility is even higher than before, meaning more people got locked out and thus more people feeling like ANet has forgotten about them.

Yea I totally agree with that, I remember a while ago I joined a team to do the ascalonian catacombs dungeon for the first time because the game told me I was high enough level for it and as soon as they found some one who was level 80 they kicked me. It was uncomfortable enough trying to get into a team then they just kicked me out simply because I wasn’t level 80 and it was a low level freaking dungeon at that. I never tried to get into a team for anything ever again. I can only imagine raids being torture, not sure why people put themselves through such stress for a silly video game.

I’d say the niche is actually more like 20% or more given how many max-mastery players I meet nowadays. Besides, all you have to do to belong to the “elite” is to step out from your comfort zone and make some in-game friends. That’s terryfing thing to do, right? 😀
In all honesty, just find yourself a nice guild and join their discord/ts channel. There’s no better way to find a raiding group and learn encounters without experiencing “elitism”. For me, raids are definitely the most fun thing to do between LW story releases.

True, when I began raiding in December, it was sooo easy to find a few people and then form a raiding guild, it can’t just have been luck lol. Sometimes I feel like the people complaining about raids just want to get carried without putting any work in it themself. Join a training group, join a raid guild, look for raid events on reddit, etc there are enough options to get it started, LI was never an issue for me

I was also wondering how many seperate armor sets they could have made with the effort required to craft this legendary set. Hopefully no more legendary armor sets will be worked on in the next expansion :/

I must say I really like heavy set but I dislike both medium and light (especially medium is awfully ugly imo).
I would have preferred a different solution for runes too but I think I’ll have to settle for it.

Who is this guy with Talindra nick to comment so much here? my character ign in gw2 is Talindra and I have received friends telling me about me commenting a lot in here.. to clear this up. the nick here has nothing to do with the Talindra in gw2. 🙂 Talindra in gw2 loves the legendary armor and already have more than enough li for 3 armors. the other Talindra that QQ here.. calm down babe. 🙂

Don’t worry about it, just tell your friends, I don’t think anyone else will care. Either way, these account names are not unique to the site or tied to gw2.

im pleasantly surprised that they don’t just turn you into a giant ball of light with an eternity sticking out

Can’t wait to get them! Going to wait for next elite specs before I decide wether to go for the medium or the heavy armor set, tho

You gotta be shitting me, some parts actually look like old reskins. The heavy helmet is Twilight Arbor, the shoulders are Carapace, the medium helmet is the spiked helmet, the light helmet is like a dozen other crowns or wreaths, the shoulders are chronomancers, and the body is like carapace. And that took over one and a half years? LMAO probably the design was done in 2 days and it took 19 months to check for clipping.

Dude, the legendary armors are animated like Tony Stark in an Iron Man armor. Other than the aesthetic, the most important thing about this is the flexible stats.

By this point most people don’t need flexible stats because of the amount of time has elapsed most people have multiple sets of armor.

Bag space isn’t even a problem with maxed shared inventory slots and personal bank contract.

Exactly. Most people have at least 8 sets of ascended armor and 2 or 3 permanent bank access contracts. I mean, MOST people. You don’t? Go learn how to farm better, you scrub.

That rune system on the armor is (a lot) better than nothing, but is still quite lackluster. If you argue that buying a set of runes costs gold and you don’t want the player to save that amount of gold by making some kind of free selection possible as it is with stats currently, you could implement a stat/rune unlock system on each weapon/armor piece.

From the perspective of a player I can only say that many of us dream to have a one-click template they can load their rune/stat/skills/traits (in short build) from. This was a core strength of GW1 and I was/am disappointed to not see any of it (not even the skills/traits part) implemented in GW2.

I know this might be tiring to implement in such a phase of development, but it is such retrospective doctoring on symptomps that make any piece of software feel clumsy and artificial, in other words contributes to a bad user experience.

I have determined that Anet does not make any good looking armor that you can acquire in-game because they had rather you buy the better looking skins/outfits in the gem store. But that’s ok, since I’d rather make the gold to get the gems instead of raiding any day. These armors are just not worth it for me to go through the raid headache and my characters still look ugly.

The only problem with this mentality is that Anet decided to stop releasing full armor sets in the gem store ages ago, just helms, boots, shoulder and outfits. I much prefered when I could buy new armors in the gem store as it meant I could actually get new chest pieces on a regular basis.

I’m currently hoping they’ve just been hording armors for the next expansion for a marketing flashbang- as opposed to slowly releasing them unnoticed with living world updates -.-

As seen in the first video, there is an effect when you use a weapon : for example in the video he’s shooting arrows and there is an effect when he’s shooting.

holy crap that looks…like shit.

Leshittary armour – specifically for people who have no taste and will eat anything up that is covered in gold and diamonds and other shiny stuff. Ofcourse some parts are reused.

Hey guys, i have a silly question : if we down W4 on monday will we be able to interact with the last element for the legendary collection on tuesday ?

I hope too, i don’t think they would be stupid enough not to allow us to do so, but, Bug Wars 2, you never know !

“Hey guys — this really ugly armor set that you have no reason to get other than completionism? We’re going to tack on this really cool system that eliminates the need for extra armor sets! Cool huh? It’ll only be on that really ugly armor set I told you about earlier!”

Just start raiding, it’s not even remotely hard to gear up and find a group of friends to raid with.

It’s funny. It’s not about the maturity of the audience, but about the differences between people’s opinions. For example, I don’t like raids. But some another person loves them very much, he has plenty of LI. That’s how it works.

I’m really try to be very reserved with my comments on the internet, but those armors really are attrocious. Still, in a way that’s cool, because I don’t have to grind for them 🙂

People would probably stop complaining if ANet made things they liked, maybe you’re content with everything looking pretty much the same as everything else but a LOT of folks are tired of tin man suits trench coats buttcapes and robes and poofy dresses that sweep the floor. So yea like Joe said, it’s not a maturity thing it’s a difference in opinion thing.

So people feel so self-entitled to their own tastes that ArenaNet would better do what “people” likes…but opinions are different so you can’t just please everyone. Tough life.

Not sure what you’re asking if you’re asking something or if you’re just trying to troll me or w/e idc it’s the internet that’s expected…but yea everyone’s entitled to their opinion and ANet can and will do w/e they want to do. But it’d be wise of them to try to please a larger variety of people if they wanted to make more profit and keep more people interested in their game.

I think this happens because people feel so self-entitled to their own opinions that a company must change their own style to suit that of their costumers…

The only reason of getting a legendary is for the looks, nobody here made twilight because it can switch stats 🙂

So If you are talking about aesthetics then yeah there is an issue since not everyone will like the look. Now if you add in the effort required if you like the skin then good for you, if you don’t well you got played. This why you need to release the look of the armor way in advance like spirit vale times. So ppl know what they are getting for their effort.

So ppl complaining that they don’t like it is pretty valid

Again nobody makes a legendary for swapping stats or runes. Its more time+gold efficient to have ascended sets of armor/weapons instead
If i gave an option to swap sigils would it change the point of making a twilght sunrise etc??

ANet will most likely introduce new stat combinations in the future and meta will shift for sure. Getting legendary will be the most efficient armor to go for sooner or later. Besides, it’s much more convenient when Equipment doesn’t take up your inventory space.

Lmao inventory space has never been a problem If you spend those months since spirit vale converting gold >gems instead of raiding you could buy character slots and have more inventory space than you will ever need and chanraters to booth. Ascended gear is account bound after all and can be made the same day those new stats get introduced

There is no justification of “months of effort vs hours/minutes” unless of course you liked the look of the set

Legendary armor will cost around 2540g, less than some of legendary weapons. Boom, you are done. You’ve got prestigious armor if you like prestige/looks. You can swap stats for free every time you need. You can swap runes for free without destroying them every time you need to swap or you feel like experimening. And you have a lot of free inventory space.

Ascended armor is around 550g aaaaaand:
+ 550g every time you need different stats in,
+ 80g everytime you decide you switch stats in the forge instead of crafting new set
+ 240g for every character slot you want to use as a bank
+ some more gold EVERY time you need to swap runes
+ couple hundreds more if you play wvw sometimes because you probably need entirely different set for wvw

>Again you are talking “Months vs hours/mins” Over and above all those cost values you mentioned are subject to change by economy or other words learn to flip
>If you have 6 sets of ascended armor you are not swapping runes anymore
>New set of stat won’t mean its will be your new “Meta” and if it is you can get it the same day

Again “Months =/= hours/mins”

Oh, I think I understand your point now. If you are a type of player who likes farming f40 over and over again rather than doing anything elsde because it’s “the most efficient” than maybe indeed legendary armor is not for you.

See, some players don’t even give a kitten about legendary armor but play raids anyway, because they just like this type of content or they like ascended drops or raid skins and minis. Some other people will get their Li because they find legendary armor more convenient, pretty or prestigious.
A lot of people already have 150 Li because they just like raids and for them legendary armor will be hours/mins like ascended is hours/mins for you. You just don’t belong to any of those groups and that’s ok. It really is, I’m not trying to flame you. Just please try to acknowledge other points of view :*

Then you would have already had three set of ascended gear with the runes far before you got the legendary armor. If you have gold you got get it in couple of hours . Again effort =/= rewards if you don’t like the skins

I’d say the only reason to get a set of legendary armor is for the stat swapping. I guess it is obligatory to leave a single legendary skin present to show you’ve made the thing but legendary armor represents complete freedom to tinker with different builds without having to pay for a new set of armor each time.
Having stat swapping on legendary weapons is of limited usefulness as there are only 1 or 2 builds associated with each individual weapon. Greatswords will never be specced to condition damage and torches will never be specced to beserker. If you have full legendary armor however you can switch between any style of play you come across and evaluate if you like it on the fly – in the middle of an event chain.

Is the armor buyable/sellable? I mean it should be, following the legendary weapons’ example.

Medium doesn’t have buttcape, it’s trench coat. Buttcapes are pieces of leg armor with a “cape” hanging from the butt 😀

I’ll take the heavy, plz. And for those who don’t like, I’ll point and laugh at your missfortune, you poor miserable mongrel.

This is what happens and has been happening for the longer time after they lost their original design team.

PS just in case – new designs are really bad, even my mom wouldn’t wear them.

In guild wars 1 we have different armor looks for each class and when we progress story there is an option to buy new armor set from NPC. What happen now in guild wars 2?

gonna make medium but never go into combat. I will stand around with weapon stowed while everyone else do the work, this is so I have a cool looking armor.

Players: There’s too many trenchcoats for medium armour!
Anet: Ok, check out this new legendary armour set. When out of combat, as you can see- no trenchcoat. But wait… what’s this?
*it turns into trenchcoat when entering combat*

Thanks Anet.

calm down man, video is just a moving picture – dull shit that is on the still picture does not turn into something amazing if the picture is turned into a movie.

I recommend anyone to check out the out of the box armour sets for gw2 that are not gemstore items, and then check out what crap they’ve been pumping out for years now – dull dull dull dull dull

Personally not very impressed….the only one decent is the heavy armor. Light looks a bit strange but has it’s nice touches.

Medium (as almost all medium skins in this game) is a trainwreck.

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