SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items from Patch 5.2.1

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market items from patch 5.2.1. Some items are part of the Stalwart Champion pack that is being released next.


Armor (Stalwart Champion Pack)

Intrepid Knight’s Armor Set


Recon Trooper


Mandalorian Tracker’s Armor Set


Misc Armor Collection Images

These are all old armors with new collection images. They are likely just adding them to collections and not selling them on cartel market.


Weapons (Stalwart Champion Pack)

Inscrutable Blaster Rifle


Inscrutable Sniper Rifle


Inscrutable Blaster Pistol



Mounts (Stalwart Champion Pack)

Gurian Dune Hopper


Vectron Predator (Flourish)


Regal Vorn Tiger


Arctic Gundark


Misc (Stalwart Champion Pack)

Companion: I-O8 Operator


Advanced Ice Blue Color Crystal


Flair: Sign of Havoc


Emote: OMG


Pet: Juvenile Nathema Spawn


Pet: Juvenile Dusk Acklay



Pet: M4-Y6 Astromech Droid

  • Granted to all players with active Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ accounts as of May 4, 2017


Pet: PL-2G Defender Droid

  • This item is awarded to players as part of the EA Play 2 Give promotion


AC-PT Walker

  • This mount is granted to players joining the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community through Twitch Prime




  • Robert René Dibello

    No…. they are making event sets cartel items for those too lazy…

  • John Kosto

    Let’s see now….

    1. In the words of Lebron the Overrated…. “not 1…. not 2…. not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7…” but EIGHT different dyes all based on orange

    2. The Gree armor in Cartel Packs? In my SWTOR? Are they that stupid?

    3. An Acklay that looks like Shelob and armor that looks like Legolas? What’s next, new species Elf and Ogre?

    4. At least not all the armor sets are for troopers, only 90% :’)

    Wow this pack is horrible.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I seriously doubt they are adding rep armors to packs. They’re probably Collections unlocks for those who already have them.

      • UnkPunk

        That would be nice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this…

      • Brea

        I for one am glad to see them made unlockable. My whole Imp Agent’s squad wears Gree armors.

      • John Kosto

        Why would anyone need that with outfit designer though? If you want your toon to look like one of the Gree armor sets, just use it to create a new outfit. It’s legacy bound after all.

        If you actually want to transfer legacy gear between toons… there are sooooo many options to choose from. I personally have 4 legacy gear sets with every character I create, and so do most people that have played this game for a significant amount of time. But even if you don’t, then you can always get a nice legacy gear set from any of the reputation vendors, or from the light/dark vendors…

        • Anonymous

          Because bitchmade, lazy retards don’t want to transfer legacy pieces between toons, much less read anything online that answers their very basic questions. They’d rather hit a button in Collections and rely on random strangers in General Chat to tell them what to do.
          On BioWare’s end, they get to say they “added a Qualify Of Life improvement”.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Outfit Designer only works on your character, not on your companions. If you want to gear all your companions the same as your character (thinking about Trooper or Agent), then you’ll still need five sets of the same gear, and not all of these legacy sets can be bought with mere credits.

          • John Kosto

            Uhm ok I guess…. though I think it would be awful if all my companions were dressed the same way as my toon. Even in the case of a Troopers squad (with Elara, Aric etc all wearing the same armor) who would choose the Gree armor for that? If they are supposed to look like a squad, I don’t know, go for something more soldiery? In any case, ok I get what you’re saying. And I will be unlocking all 3 Gree armor sets in collections if that’s the case, unless they make them unlockable for a crazy amount of CCs. Which they probably will.

    • Drivan

      Whoa, Whoa, Whao, John.
      I like you man, but lets not dog on The King now.
      I mean watching him play is the only reason to go to Cleveland, well and the Rock Hall of Fame and Michael Simon’s Resturaunts and the House of Blues and when the Browns are playing a good team… lol 🙂

      • John Kosto

        He is a great player, but he is the most overrated basketball player of all times. Good numbers don’t always tell the truth. He might end up top 10 of all times when he’s done playing. Nowhere near other great players of previous decades, and no, I am not one of these people that praise the past. It’s just that he’s a product of marketing (and has been since he was 16), regardless of how good he is. Also, a narcissist who only cares about his legacy, and his entire career has been about that.

        Also, there is no reason to go to Cleveland.

        • Drivan

          Don’t most all Pro Athletes fit that bill though?
          I have had the opportunity to meet a number of professional athletes (about 40 from different decades) and They are all narcissistic and worried about the legacy they are leaving behind. Some just hide that side of their personality better. Some thrive being the star, while others eventually learn that they are a great support player and try to shine in that role. But they all are in it for themselves in the end.
          Chris Spillman was the only down to earth former Pro I have met, then again he had been away from football for about 5 years when I met him so he’d had time to mellow out a bit.

          • Anonymous

            Gargle with mouthwash.
            Not Lebron James’ scrotum.

            • Drivan

              I’ve never met Lebron or his scrotum, but evidently you have…

              • Anonymous

                That, along with your opinion of his stature, is solely your delusion of grandeur.
                But don’t let me interrupt your fantasizing of a basketball player on this forum.

              • Drivan

                The way you used “delusion of grandeur” in that sentence tells me you don’t know what that that means.
                You need to know the vocabulary before you use it, otherwise you just sound like an idiot.
                Also the way you are picking a fight in a dead thread reminds me of someone who was recently banned…

            • Harston

              I repeat; ‘Heh, anonymous. =p’

          • John Kosto

            Many pro athletes fit that bill for sure… but not all of them. It’s just that in previous decades, the Legacy of an athlete was evaluated and appreciated AFTER an athlete was finished with his career. With this dude right here, everyone is trying to find the new Michael Jordan, like what has been happening with Argentina in soccer. Everyone had been trying to find the new Maradona, and people said that about players who eventually turned out to be players that just had 3-4 amazing years of soccer, but other than that, were not that great. Like Riquelme or Aimar or Tevez or Crespo and the list goes on. And suddenly back in 2005 this adorable little 17 year old midget also known as Lionel Messi, started a career that has just recently made people talking about him as perhaps the greatest ever. And if not the greatest ever… definitely one of the top 3.

            With that dude from Akron, people have been comparing him to MJ since he was like 18 years old, and then he got so many times ridiculed in NBA Finals, that I actually even felt a little bit sorry for him. But that’s what you get when you claim that you’re going to win 8 championships in Miami and then end up getting 2 (one of which was a gift by Popovich). And another gift last year from the Warriors and the refs.

            So yeah I am sorry, but even in the world of narcissistic arrogant self righteous athletes who think that the entire world should be revolving around them, Lebron is the King indeed. The King of arrogance.

            He is literally the only athlete in any sport that I strongly dislike. His athletic abilities don’t even matter for that part. Yes, I already said, he is great. GOAT? Not even close. There have been basketball players like Magic, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and many others, who might not be as athletic as Lebron, but have definitely been a much greater contribution to the sport, and changed the game a lot more. Perhaps he is top 10 of all times. We’ll see when his career is over.

            • Drivan

              Agreed, I think he my make the top 10 list, but I don’t think Bird, Jordan or Johnson will be rivaled in my lifetime. I’m not a huge Basketball fan, I prefer college football and major league baseball personally.
              And I also agree that you can’t judge a person’s career before that career is over. Wait until 3 or 4 years after her retires and then look at the sum of his accomplishments and really put it into perspective. Colin Cowherd made a statement last week that I like, I’ll paraphrase because he went on a 20 min diatribe… he said; is Lebron the best ever? I don’t know, let’s talk about that after he retires. Is he one of the best right now. Well in 75% of his games his 2nd half stats are what average players want their full game stats to look like and his game stats are in the top 3 every week. So Yeah, I would say he is one of the best THIS year.
              Anyway, so yeah, It’s impossible to say any active player is the best ever, wait until they are being inducted into the Hall of Fame to have that conversation.

        • Drivan

          I go to Cleveland a few times a year and I like their ComicCon venue better than Pittsburg, Columbus or Cincinnati. There usually isn’t a ComicCon stop any closer to me than those cities and the bigger names are usually in Cleveland. It’s a city slowly recovering from a decade of crap, but at this point it is the cities around Cleveland that are bringing the city down right now.

          • John Kosto

            Well I can probably make a list of at least 1000 places to visit on this Earth before I visit Cleveland, as nice as it might be when there is a ComicCon there 😛

            • Drivan

              Well I live near Cleveland, as in it is one of the closest major metropolitan areas to me, and I’d rather go there than Pittsburg.
              Not that I dislike Pittsburg, there is a lot of great stuff to do their and PNC Park is my number 2 favorite baseball stadium . I don’t like coming out of the side of the mountain onto a bridge that is 200 feet above a river.
              From Claustrophobia to agoraphobia in 2 seconds flat man!
              I usually try to go to Columbus instead, but the wife likes Cleveland.

  • UnkPunk

    So now they are adding rep items to the cartel market? Now that is extremely lame, and really annoying for the people that grinded the rep to get those items… Now you can just get them from the cartel market… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7552018bc09e048eff612055922fe54b5cfc04c0551049c6898fad6d5ad46474.png

    • Alex G

      what makes you so sure they are doing that? Just because they have a collections image, doesn’t mean anything…

      Oh wait, we have to attack BIoWare for every little thing…

      • UnkPunk

        Because it says upcoming cartel market items on the title of this… Learn to read before you post something to my post 😛

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Not all datamined stuff ends up on the CM. Learn about precedents 😛

          • UnkPunk

            Well We’ll just have to wait until it’s released.

        • Likely won’t be from cartel market, the collection images are not but doesn’t mean it is cartel market only.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Jumping to conclusions much? PvP mounts and the special DvL armor also had datamined Collections images, but they were never added to Collections.

      Even if they’re added, then they’re probably unlocks for those who already have them.

  • Hawke

    New hair!


  • Jo

    Of course they aren’t adding event sets to the CM, but I wish they would. Maybe it would get the hysterical doomsday posters and edgy loser meme lovers to finally screw off.

    • Quack

      I agree with you. Wouldn’t be surprised if more ppl actually believed they are adding event sets to the cartel market. Watching them moan in agony seems very entertaining.

  • R315r4z0r

    Dammit! I let my sub end and NOW they FINALLY add an Orange/Black dye.


    • Ben Gimson

      There’s already a black orange dye in the game. Not sure where it’s from, but definitely in there somewhere.

      • R315r4z0r

        Black/Orange has been in the game for a very long time. It’s Orange/Black that I’ve been wanting.

        • Ben Gimson

          Ahh I see.

        • Darth Twinge

          Ive always felt they should hold the rakghoul events so they only happen in October and add orange/black dyes and orange/black sabers to the rep vendor. They dont have to CALL it “halloween” 😛

    • Sply

      More egg yolk yellow than orange.

  • Ben Gimson

    New customisation options are a welcome sight!

  • Irid Magrein

    Sweet pussies, those hair style is sooooo cooool. New armor sets , especialy recon one cooool and this emote, i wonder what it will be, OMG.

  • Whitedragon
  • Irid Magrein

    How do you join swtor community through twitch? Simply by streaming SWTOR???

    • Socknboppers

      It will probably be a twitch prime reward with some sub time and the mount. Joining the “community” will just be joining the game.

    • Anonymous

      Surely, it must involve bending over and spreading.

  • DancingHare

    I’m willing to pay an absolutely absurd amount of credits for that Havoc flair.

    • The Introducer

      BioWare Austin, your ideal SWTOR subscriber.
      Ideal SWTOR subscriber, BioWare Austin.

  • Drivan

    I’ll give them some credit on this pack, The Mando Armor looks pretty cool, but the Intrepid Knight’s Armor Set….
    NO CAPES!!!
    That set would be cool with out a cape.

  • Darth Yaoi

    When the hell are they going to give Cathar more hairstyles and options?

    • Rhys Williamson

      You mean better hairstyles. More can come once they get better hair.

  • AbnerDoon

    Is that almost a mini Slave I mount?

  • Harston

    Oh hell yes!

  • Darth Twinge

    This is actually a decent line up.
    That Jedi in Exiled Masters robe with 3 sabers and Lukes landspeeder kinda looks like the “Advanced Agent Bundle” they released a few weeks ago but for force users.
    Hooray for unlockable rep armors.
    New dyes.(yes, theyre yellow but hopefully it means they will do a set of 8 red combos, 8 greens etc)
    New hair.
    A couple mount models I dont recall seeing before.

    My only sad face is that some of this stuff would have been more interesting had it been for Iokath daily reputation >>
    Oh, and they’ve given us so many astromechs for May 4th that the only one left was this rust bucket…

  • Jonathan Parker

    Damn, all of that armor looks incredible, and as someone who’s mained a Commando since day one, I need that Havoc Squad flair right now.

  • Ry

    I am genuinely concerned that they are going to run out of color combination for the astromech droid…

    • dufus

      BioWares art team is color blind. They use a RNG for new colors and don’t have a clue what they are changing. So, there are more than 16 million possible astromechs.

    • gog

      Hope they make an “Invisible Astromech Droid” companion at some point just for some obvious trolling of us, maybe on April 1st next year….

  • Kaelin

    I`m happy to see new haircuts

  • Darth Gnaw

    Shae Vizla hair? O_o

    • dzip.sys

      Yeah. Want a haircut that clips in every position?

      People asking for Murghir’s haircut since Cathar are added to the game. And BioWare listens, and adds Vizla’s haircut, the ony any complained about, because of it’s clipping.
      Great! Well done! You know your playerbase, BioWare!

      • Jep Fareborn

        A mere technicality. Who gives a shit! Sexy hairdo!! Just don’t wear a helmet or mask while donning it!

        • abaddonsmummy

          I agree, whats the point in buying an expensive new hair if your going to stick a helmet over it.

  • Havik79

    I hope there is more than just those 3 hair cuts.
    So twitch prime, let me guess, its a paid thing?.
    What is play to give?.
    Oh look, its the same may 4th droid from the last 5 years, and numerous other give aways.

    • Harston

      Dude, there’s no reason to complain at all. People have been harping on for the Shae Vizla hair cut for god knows how long now… And they’re giving us an extra two for the heck of it? That’s a plus, don’t bite the hand this time.

      • Havik79

        Maybe learn to read, I am not complaining about the hair cuts, I just hope its more than 3.

        • Harston

          Maybe heed your own advice? My comment didn’t explicitly finger you for complaining, I simply said that there’s no reason to complain. And seriously, there’s no need for condescension, it’s a community forum.

          • Anonymous

            Hey, ego-behind the “Harston” handle:
            Responding directly to someone else’s comment IS “explicitly finger”-ing them. Especially when you start the sentence with “Dude, there’s no reason to complain at all” and finishing your post with “…don’t bite the hand this time.”
            “No need for condescension”?
            Condescension was your ENTIRE post.
            Hypocritical jerk off.

            • Harston

              “My comment didn’t explicitly finger you for complaining” –
              Condescension was your ENTIRE post. *Pretty sure yours tops mine in terms of ‘bad’.* /innocentwhistle

            • Harston

              Heh, anonymous. =p

              • Anonymous

                “Heh”, said the guy who is 1 degree less anonymous.
                “Heh”, the non-retort of a hypocrite who has been called.
                Dumb fucking bitch.

              • Harston

                I’m surprised you found so much to pick apart there, good job!
                ( I mean, the only reason I’m still here is because the site is throwing me an error when I try to block you and flagging doesn’t appear to do much. x3 )

  • OMG

  • hpxp

    No new dyes for 1 or 2 years. And THIS is what we get as the first cluster of new dye colors? Rly?

    • Harston

      Yes. Really.

    • Danny Seth

      Well, the gold and darker white fits in with the Zakuul clothing theme and I guess I like it.

  • Les Pes

    Intrepid Knight’s Armor Set… uh. I guess people who like corny 80ies fantasy b-movies will ove this. But why is something like that added to a game like SWTOR?

    Can we please have some stuff that looks like Star Wars?

    • Cole

      Look at Lando in ESB and tell me there isn’t precedent for silly 80’s fashion.

    • Anonymous

      “corny 80ies fantasy b-movies”
      Just WTF do you think the entire Star Wars franchise started as?

    • Risqu’e

      I’m not sure what version of starwars you are comparing it too. 70s haircuts, jumpsuits, bell bottom pants, and big collars are examples of iconic items for the whole series that date it back to its 1977-1983 origins…

  • Cindel Rella

    I wan’t to cosplay a Cindel in SWTOR. Please let there be more than 3 new haircuts, ans please let one of them be Cindel’s!


    • abaddonsmummy

      What am I looking at here…….?

      • HMHero
        • abaddonsmummy

          Oh wow looks bad, and George Lucas wrote it. lol

          • Darth Twinge

            There are worse things in the starwars universe 😛

            • HMHero

              Like its sequel.

  • Demanufacture

    Hmm, actually there are a lot of items I like plus new haircuts are always welcome.
    Hope we will see more dyes in the future – even though a complete rehaul of the dye system would be the best (I know, it’s a dream).

    • Sean

      I agree; splitting all the dye packs so that there’s no longer a primary and secondary color, just a single color, and having two dye slots in gear — a primary slot and a secondary slot — would _significantly_ upgrade the flexibility of the dye system, even without adding more colors. I’ve never understood Bioware’s setting up an artificial rarity for the black/black and white/white dyes; if people want to run around as Darth Darkity-Dark-Dark-Dark in their all-black gear, _let_ them; it’s not as if it’s any skin off the devs’ nose.

      • Anonymous


  • abaddonsmummy

    After some poor and uninspired packs of late this one looks very cool, a nice mixture of cool weapons, some very cool looking armour, a couple of cracking looking speeders, new haircuts (inc what looks like Brad Pitts form Fury), Dye (meh colours tbh), a good looking crystal that I might actually buy of the gtn and an Iokath companion which I MUST not buy (my companions list is getting silly now).
    All in all impressive compared to recent packs.

    • LargeMass

      thumbs up

  • U N C L E

    So Predator shoulder cannon on Mandalorian Tracker’s armor or it is just in this pic?

    • abaddonsmummy

      I just noticed that too, it looks like some kind of light which would be really cool, however the right shoulder is where the vanguards shoulder cannon appears so I hope it wont clash :/

  • Kriszmaster

    When gona start the swtor twitch prime?? Also this walker who can get and how?? Thanks for info

    • Kriszmaster

      And defender pet

  • ZestyM8

    Meh. More trash.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    that walker looks cool, it is possible to get it now and if it is what should I do

  • ghostbeetle

    Nooo! Why did they have to put a cape on the Intrepid Knight! Fuck all capes! Capes are for clowns! (And I am using ‘clowns’ euphemistically, here, in an effort to not let this comment section get too dirty. You people better appreciate my efforts at limiting myself to a single ‘fuck’, too, under these circumstances! Cause I REALLY hate capes!)

    • Anonymous

      Caped crusaders pleasure all the women in your life.

      • ghostbeetle

        May all your souflees fall!

    • Jason Thomas

      butt capes too

  • CraigMitchell

    >Flair of Havoc
    >Lightsabers that don’t look massive
    >Decent-looking blaster
    >New haircuts
    Seems like a pretty good pack, overall.
    But most importantly:
    This makes me a happy Trooper. I was getting tired of the same 3 white/yellow armor sets.

    • gua543

      Uh, guess you have missed the craftable white/orange dyes since the release of dyes.

      • Luis Rosado

        Those leave a dark tinge on the white of the trooper armor, it’s weird.

        • gua543

          Eh, haven’t really noticed that. Then again, my trooper has just a secondary blue dye so the original white doesn’t change at all.

      • CraigMitchell

        Guess you missed the fact that orange isn’t yellow.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Yeah, but it’s backwards. Troopers thrive on all of the white/____ dyes, anything with another primary color just makes us look really weird, depending on the armor you wear.

      • CraigMitchell

        The RD/TH/TT-15B have white as a tertiary, un-changable color.

  • Farlas816

    Those can’t be the only armors we’re getting. The trooper one looks almost like a redone version of of the armor Tano Vik is wearing in his concept art. Also new hair!!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I can see it in the chestplate, but this version is a new model, and it looks much better.

      • Farlas816

        That’s what I was thinking yeah, I feel like it could have gotten some inspiration. Looks a lot better imo

  • LESS NEW PACKS, MORE NEW USEFUL CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iokath by and large is a flop….

    • Darth Ji’inx

      You must be one of those people that assumes that the Cartel Market Team is responsible for game content…

      • You must be one of the people that assumes bioware has more than 5 employees, and that 3 of the 5 aren’t just monkeys dressed up as people….

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Are you a troll?

          • Davrel Kex

            Dunno about him, but Bioware sure is.

          • Nope, I’m a 5+ year sub (since beta) that at this point has battered wife syndrome. Please sir can I have another? *Puts steak over black eye*

          • Luis Rosado

            Save yourself the frustration man, they don’t want to blame the right people, they just want to BLAME

            • Darth Ji’inx

              You may be on to something…

      • Jonathan Parker

        To be fair, they put WAY too much focus on the Cartel Market, as opposed to improving in-game content and features. For instance, we’ve been waiting for a hood toggle feature for five years, and the closest thing we got to it is a set of armor everyone loves released as part of a pack with the hood down.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Agreed, but they have to promote something for cash in between expansions.

  • Matt Hannam

    A Gremlin mount, sweet 🙂

  • Djangus Roundstone
    • Luis Rosado

      Gonna screw up the timeline to get it early, Barry?!?

      • Thomas Parsons

        lol so true!

  • Suoiciv

    My hate for the mini astromech aroid is growing to a infinite value.

    Great job BioWare! Your lazyness and overuse makes me hate this little fellow.

  • Unbelieveable

    Ok. What to do with this one?
    Why does this exist? Was this the last option to create an ugly dye? All other have already been used!? Ok, I guess, now that BioWare run out of ugly color combinations… will we get some good ones in the future?

    Egg yolk yellow and flesh-colored. Who will use this?

    • Drivan

      Yeah, pretty gross combo.

    • Darth Gnaw
    • Fortissimus

      That will be a great use for Quinn since i elected to save him…

    • Aleksander Larsen

      MHM my merc is using an even sexier one right now beeing pee yellow and grilled salmon pink. together with makeb bucket helm its fabulous!

    • There’s lots of people who love making ugly outfits

    • Saratje

      It’s probably gold, because Zakuul loves to paint everything gold.

  • Terry G Roberts


    • Baldarek

      your character would probably be the only one with those hairstyles until new expansion. just like pack 1 of hairstyles. that is the only thing that bugs me while customizing my player.

  • Nbkanvzille

    I have twitch prime…no walker mount code. Anyone else verify if it works

    • Aiko

      You know where to look?
      I got mine.

  • dtxu

    Gurian Dune is like a Colin Furze Mount.

    I like it.

  • Pewpewpewpewpew

    If that is a Yellow/Black dye I will be SO happy!

    • Paradox

      Looks like Orange to me

    • Saratje

      It’s probably meant to be Zakuulan gold.

  • Александр Востриков

    AAAA, i want this emote: OMG! Ill spam it constantly HAHAHAHA!!!

    • 平賀才人

      Me too everytime I see posers around with their Disney bullshit…

  • Kaputelephant

    “Pet: PL-2G Defender Droid
    This item is awarded to players as part of the EA Play 2 Give promotion”
    Can someone speed me up how is this Works or what is this actually? Thanks!

    • Aiko

      I would like to know aswell. Couldn’t find anything with google..

  • Aleksander Larsen

    we NEED a dab emote.

  • Ren

    I have a couple of questions regarding that Havoc Squad armor:
    1) What’s that image even? A cartel pack? A Trooper bundle? A CM-only armor set?
    2) When will it be released (again)?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Probably a CM bundle (maybe Trooper themed).

  • Naser Shafique

    That recon trooper armor is the most well made armor for troppers. Bioware is getting better at this.

  • ConcernedGuest

    Is this “Regal Vorn Tiger” truly green ?
    Well, having a dye module for getting the harness in red (and a dye slot for mounts) for my own BATTLE CAT … and my new knight or jugger, blond hair, muscled body type 3, gladiator outfit … “Prince Adam of Eternia” but you can also call him HE-MAN … for he has the POWERZ OF GRAYSKULLZ ….

  • Silvenium

    Say, on the “Misc Armor Collections” bit, what is the armour set on the bottom right (With the blue lights) called?

  • Scarecrow

    Any word on how to get the Play to Give pet (PL-2G)?

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