GW2 Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit and Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider

GW2 Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit and Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider Combo are now available in the Gemstore for 700 gems.


Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit

Dye Pattern














Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider Combo

The glider can be dyed (see video)



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33 replies on “GW2 Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit and Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider”

One of the better designed outfits, but look at the male chest…

Last time I checked, I had some muscle there both in and out of game…

All together it’s just trash.

Don’t forget, Kasmeer’s clothes are an illusion.

Just like Kasmeer herself if you’re wearing this outfit you’re running battlefield stark naked.

Yeah… only she’s not naked. She was naked once. Even the dialogue where she admitted it she talks about her clothing so… Old joke that’s been repeated so much it’s not funny nor true? 😛

In the dialogue in the tower of nightmares, Kas is asked over wearing such fancy, expensive clothes into dangerous situations – to which she responds that she’d never wear such clothing into battle , that her clothing is an illusion and that she was actually naked.

I’m not sure where you getting the impression that that was a once off thing – especially seeing as the floating pieces of her current attire defy the laws of physics.

I had a dream, that one day anet would make something besides outfits…
For those of you who keep buying outfits, fuck your feelings.

We got to deal with some of their BS. The only way to get them making more armor pieces would be to remake animations and character models ground up. From what people have been saying about it, I believe that every animation is connected to character model which makes it very limiting in ability to create new forms of gear.

I’d rather complain about other things like getting useless transmutation charges for map completes.

Well played sir,

I guess those who prefer laziness/ease of outfits for character customization will continue to make Anet rich and fuck it up for the rest of us 🙂

I dabble in both, I only stick to Wardrobe appearances after a character hits 80 to save money on transmute charges, the outfits don’t clip either.

The loops on the hips hanging down need to be tighter to the body. It just looks stupid as is.

They are working on a massive update, new specs / weapons and mounts + new maps, Thief gets a rifle with the new spec called dead eye, mesmer gets a axe spec name mirage. guardian also gets a axe. kinda forgot about the rest. Also the mounts looked pretty awesome with also new traits based on it :O

The images got leaked and posted on imgur, it’s removed now though but i got a good peek at it and it looks amazing XD!

Bunngaroo (Bunny+kangaroo) mount looks amazing, sad i didn’t save images which were posted on some side

I was immediately prepared to think this was fake but after looking into it a bit it does indeed look legit.

Warrior “Spellbreaker” dagger/dagger elite spec.. wonder what that will be like. I guess the name implies magic use, but it would be cool if it was like a punches/kicks/slashes savate/knife fighter.

Dye-able gliders really need to have the matching backpacks dyeable as well otherwise theyre basically worthless

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