SWTOR New Hairstyles Available in Cartel Market

Bioware released Appearance Options: Human Hairstyle 2 for Human, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Sith and Miraluka for 240 CC.


Female Excusive Style


Unisex Style 1


Unisex Style 2


  • Is this a future release? It’s not on the market right now anywhere….

  • Ben Gimson

    Males got shafted again 🙁

    Female styles (and the second, uh, ‘unisex’ one) look good though 😀

    • John Kosto

      Yeah I don’t know (and have never seen) a single male person that has the unisex style 2 haircut, but then again I have never met any Gamorreans or Rhodians either and they are in Star Wars.

      • Ben Gimson

        Mhm, strange choices. There’s a long, unkempt hairstyle for males that could do with a less emo alternative (mainly by being shorter), but instead we get these :’)

        • John Kosto

          Also, unisex Style 1…. The only people I have ever seen having that hair are either Nazi, or members of Rammstein, or just plain douchebags (not mutually exclusive)

          • Ben Gimson

            Heh, agreed, though at least that can actually be described as unisex. Unisex 2 is just a female hairstyle available for fellas XD

          • Sith Kitten Kicker

            so perfect for a Sith is what you’re saying then…

          • Fred Garvin

            Here’s an example of it being worn by someone who kicked Nazi ass.


            • John Kosto

              Haha awesome, I love that movie

              • Fred Garvin

                It is a damn good movie. Hard to believe it’s made by the same director of Suicide Squad.

              • John Kosto

                No, it’s not. Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed Inglourious Basterds, while David Ayer wrote and directed Suicide Squad.

                All of Tarantino’s movies are either good or great. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad.

              • Fred Garvin

                That’s not Inglorious Basterds; it’s Fury.

              • Drivan

                “Best job I ever had”

              • John Kosto

                Oh god… I am getting old. I used to remember every actor in every movie, all their names, the plots, the director and even how they looked in every movie…

                Though you have to cut me some slack here, he DID kill Nazis in Inglourious Basterds too. But he didn’t have that haircut. Should I watch Fury? Is it good?

              • Fred Garvin

                John, you’re doing it wrong. I thought you’re supposed to start a flame war with me now and INSIST that IS from Inglorious Basterds and threaten to find me and teach me a lesson…lmao.

                I think “Fury” is definitely worth watching. It’s not as good as Basterds (and is more straight forward and, frankly, depressing) but QT is one of the greats so that’s probably an unrealistic expectation anyways. There are some great performances and battle scenes. Jon Bernthal from TWD and Daredevil is fantastic and so was Shia LaBeouf. Pitt is great as usual too.

                As for “Suicide Squad” I’d advise you to keep yourself free of soiling your eyes with it. Another DC movie failure on an epic scale.

              • John Kosto

                Well… I don’t have a problem admitting when I fuck up or when I am wrong. It just doesn’t happen very often 🙂

                I do disagree with something though. As much as I understand what things DC movies do wrong… I will still take them over most Marvel movies, which are all the same (and very flat and blunt to me)

                Inglourious Basterds is my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie.

              • Fred Garvin

                Some of the Marvel movies play it too safe but several I’ve really liked. I’ve despised both Superman movies and now Suicide Squad to the point that I’m not giving DC another chance.

                You know, when I first saw IB I liked it but I went in wanting some serious war movie for whatever reason so it threw me off a bit. It’s now become my third favorite QT film behind Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown and it gets better every time I watch it. I agree with you that all of QT’s movies are at least good. I’ve never not liked any of them. He’s easily on my Top 5 directors list.

              • Naq

                DC does cinema better, but storyline poorly. The shots, cuts, etc in the DC movies are so well done, there is some real quality cinematography, but their story pacing, and plotlines are just bad. I think there was potential for a REALLY good movie in Suicide Squad, but they should have owned the scariness of The Enchantress, because she was straight up The Ring quality creepy, but her plan was typical villain skybeam world domination. I think her slowly transforming the city around her into a jungle/temple with those creepy lovecraftian minions around the city would have been way better. Also we got introduced to the main cast twice, which was weird, and time we could have spent getting to know them better. But much like Rogue One, the movie suffered a lot of reshoots and edits to make it something it wasn’t intended to be.

                I have my fingers cross so hard for Wonder Woman. I love every shot of Gal Gadot fighting Nazi’s, and of her back home on Themyscira, but I get nervous when I see all the shots of her at big parties and wandering around the city in fish out of water scenes. I really hope DC nails this and gets their cinematic footing.

              • John Kosto

                I do agree that DC does all of what you said and I certainly agree that all DC movies could have been soooooo much better. Though in the art of cinema, I personally refuse to use the words “good” and “bad” when I talk about things like story pacing and plotlines. Because these things whether one likes it or not, are highly subjective. Also, if I see someone using the word “plotholes” to criticize a movie, I usually stop reading (thank the Maker you didn’t use that word). When people do that, they basically want to sound serious and like they know what they’re talking about, because they just didn’t like a plot.

                But not everything needs to be explained in a movie. And not everything needs to make sense. Of course when David Lynch does it in Mulholland Drive, everyone treats the “plotholes” as a superior form of art (and I actually agree, that’s literally my favorite Lynch movie). I would just like to see people being a little bit more open-minded instead of having a specific set of bulletin points that a movie needs to check.

                Rogue One had a lot of reshoots and edits, but it most definitely didn’t suffer from that.

              • Naq

                My main hang up is the skybeam world domination. Theres this old movie called My Science Project from the 80’s. They create this device that starts melding different points in time all around their school. I think if the Enchantress was doing something like that, where the sets were like part jungle/temple ruins but with like overturned cabs there could have been more opportunities to do something unique. A scary superhero movie featuring villians? Awesome. Plus a bit more time getting to know the characters would up the stakes so we cared when someone died, like…that guy. The rope one. Ropeman.

              • John Kosto

                As stated before, I haven’t seen Suicide Squat yet, so I can’t really talk about this specific movie. But I didn’t mind Batman VS Superman as much as some did. I was able to look past the weird transitions from one part of the story to the next, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

              • Naq

                How did you feel it stacks up against the animated movies though?

              • John Kosto

                Oh I haven’t seen those either… I am not a huge comic fan, hence my resentment towards most Marvel movies. If I had waited for 20 years to see all these iconic comic characters on the big screen, I might have praised Marvel movies like many people do.

                Now, as someone who just wants to watch a great entertaining movie with an original plot and an interesting direction, I can honestly say that I have been widely disappointed. I only liked the first Ironman, the Thor movies (because I just love their universe) and the Guardians Of The Galaxy. None of the Captain Americas did it for me, nor the Avengers, though the second one was better. It’s just the same movie over and over again.

              • Naq

                Can’t disagree on the Marvel movie equation. Superhero discovers power, fights evil version of themselves, turns off skybeam for consequence free victory. I liked Winter Soldier though, and I think I am going to like this new Thor movie, I know I like the trailer. I can’t even imagine someone not liking Guardians, unless they are allergic to fun.
                DC, I started buying comics in the 90’s with the death of superman, and the leather jacketing of Wonder Woman (she looked amazing, even if it was lame). I’ve never been hardcore into DC, but I’ve always had affection for their trinity, (bats, supes and ww), I think Henry Cavill deserves a better Superman, he is such a nice guy in interviews and stuff, and his superman movies are so grey and sad, I just want him to get to be blue and red, shining beacon of hope Superman, instead of neck snapping, city destroying, dead in the second movie he isn’t even the main character of Superman. More like the animated one.

                Edit: Logan was great. Children of Men with wolverine. I’ve heard people complain about it being that, but seriously, if it makes a good movie, who cares if it is like another good movie?

              • John Kosto

                Henry Cavill is probably my 2nd favorite Superman, as I think Tom Welling was better (and Smallville had at least 7 seasons that were better than most Superman movies – the last 3 were a little too much, but then again we did see so many other DC characters that it felt like a whole different show). But we have never had bad superman casting. I mean Christopher Reeve was great and definitely iconic, and I think that even Brandon Routh was pretty solid.

                For Batman…. we have had my 2 favorite ones (Michael Keaton and Christian Bale) and even Ben Affleck did surprisingly well, but we have also had George Clooney, what a disaster.

                Btw the Dark Knight trilogy by Nolan is and will probably remain my favorite superhero movie story. And then the first two Batman films by Burton, with Batman Returns having defined my attraction to women.

                I now fall for every melancholic cute green eyed girl who wears a turtleneck and glasses. True story. The full body leather outfit also helps.

              • Naq

                Dark Knight really did set the bar for the genre. Christian Bale really lived up to the comic Batman, mostly Legends of the Bat, with the voice everyone makes fun of, but I liked it. I’m hoping my favorite comic book movie will be Wonder Woman. I don’t wanna get hyped but its too late, I am super hyped. That theme and seeing her come over the trenches….goosebumps so intense I’m probably bulletproof.

              • Naq

                Zack Braff was amazing in Infurious Basterds.

              • Fred Garvin
              • HMHero

                I think that’s from the tank movie.

          • Emprah

            I’m sorry dude, but that is just a variation of the soldier buzzcut style. Of course, some of those can be douches.

            • John Kosto

              Yeah, it’s the douchebag variation of the soldier buzzcut style.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            The most famous person to ever wear that hairstyle was the boxer Jack Dempsey. Jungle Jack’s heyday is when it was last popular…between WW1 and WW2, but it is suddenly becoming really trendy again. In the 80s, Mike Tyson copied it because he also studied Jack Dempsey’s style and it’s a practical choice for boxers who fight so close in, because your head will often drag along the other fighter’s shoulders etc. I saw some random rockabilly band on late night tv the other day and they all were wearing it.

            It’s called an undercut, which is funny because SWTOR already put another haircut in a while ago they called an undercut. So that will be confusing people.

            You’re right about the weird bunch of people it’s popular with. It is popular both with gay people/metrosexual hipsters and yet also the alt-right. I think the connection is probably a closeted/macho sort of thing, although a lot of trends start as gay signals that eventually start to get copied by lots of people who didn’t know they were being used for that purpose(at which point they have no signaling value for gay people, so they create new signals and the cycle begins again).

            JK Rowling has also noticed the odd combo there as gay wizard fascist villain Gellert Grindlewald, played by Johnny Depp, wears one in the new Potterverse movie series “Fantastic Beasts” which is of course set in the period between WW1 and WW2 when it was last popular.

            • John Kosto

              The sequence of words “gay wizard fascist villain” is probably one the best things I have ever read.

              • Naq

                I kept laughing at “gay signaling”. Personally, I just wear a large spotlight with a vagina symbol on it, and when I am ready to mate I fire it off into the cloudy sky, sometimes that gets a mixed response, so I follow it up with a billboard of a big wang with a red cross over it, because gay-signaling isn’t an exact gay-science yet. Most of us just flirt though, safe cautious inefficient flirting.

      • Havik79

        Given more and more of the world is follow the USA and going far right its not surprising they make neo nazi hair cuts.

        • Drivan

          So what country are you from?
          You know, so I can make up an accurate and equally offensive comeback.

  • J Mark McBride

    I could use Unisex Style #1 to make modern day neo-nazi Richard Spencer in the game, and everyone can line up and take a punch at him.

  • Sarigar

    Some day male characters will get some nice, simple, appealing haircuts that actual people might have.

  • Darth Yaoi

    Someday, Bioware will actually remember that Cathar and Zabraks actually exist and give them THEM new hair styles.
    And that guys actually sometimes wear their long hair loose, not tied back tightly.

    • Havik79

      Yeah I regret buying Cathar race, there has been nothing new since it launched.

    • Kjen


      That’s the only hairstyle I want for Cathar. There are many Cathar NPCs with this hair cut, it’s already ingame. But for BioWare: “Too much WORK! Go away!”

      • Emprah

        NPC Cathar already have much better eyes too. Wish PC cathar could have that look.

  • Terry G Roberts

    the second unisex one though…. what hairstyle is that based on?

    • COle

      It’s from Khawooorooo the Wookiee salon fashion sensation.

    • Havik79

      Its from emocutter magazine monthly.

    • HMHero

      That style was super popular on high school boys in Southern California like 5 years ago for about 5 minutes.

  • 平賀才人

    I love them but shit!!! wheres SOR Lana hair xD I’ve been loving it for years?!

    • Havik79

      Give up dude, I have been waiting since I started playing over 4 years ago for Satele’s hair from the original game trailers.

      • 平賀才人

        Satele hair is model built, no NPC got that hair. In the other hand Shae Vizla’s hair was used on Tora and a couple other NPCs and has now been released as a customization option.
        SOR Lana’s hair has been used on NPCs as well, if Shae’s hair was released I have my hopes up for Lana’s as well.

    • Danny Seth

      Or Theron’s hair, for that matter.

      • 平賀才人

        That would be part of the hairstyle pack.

  • Macleod

    Wow, these are awful.

    • Fabiwalker

      The first one is awesome. The other two are awful, yeah.

      • Harston

        First one is good, second okay, third…. Ehhhh…

  • Ayu Octavia

    Why must the Shae hair be female exclusive? I think it’ll look good on males too D;

  • Terry G Roberts

    the third one lol emo in the front, duck in the back.

  • Лев Сафаров

    When i preview Style 1 it has 2 stupid pigtails, but in this picture their not present. Whats this mean? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/218153fa1e3e5d2cb0d18c1b6708fd90b660be734cdc9092a169846e6ed233eb.jpg

  • ZestyM8

    stupid asf hair styles lmao

  • Errtai

    It’s always good to have options. Female hair style is based on Shae Vizla I assume?

  • cr0ft

    So we have the blowsy blonde airhead hair, the Hitler Youth hair and the Emo Douchebag Ducktail hair. 🙂 Sign me up?

    • Harston

      I’ll take anything at this point. x3

  • PPPoE

    Why? Humans get the new styles. Miralans get the new styles. Trueblood Sith get the new styles. Chiss get the new styles. Miraluka get the new styles.

    Cathar don’t.

    I can understand why Rattataki, Twi’lek, Togruta and Zabrak are excluded.

    But Cathar?

  • Gratua Cuun

    Oooh! I can make a Star wars version of Jack from Mass Effect 😀

  • xlr

    Finally, you can now cosplay a Skallagrim in SWTOR.

  • Whitedragon
  • Whitedragon

    Style 1
    Just sucked off my entire clan
    Style 2
    Couldn’t get all the cum out so I shaved it off
    Style 3
    Maybe all this cum in my hair isn’t so bad I’ll just style it.

  • Michał James Białacki

    UNI S2: don’t talk to me or my companion ever again

  • Ryan

    The Left: Unisex style 1 haircut reminds me of Nazis!
    Normal People: At least we’re getting options now.

    • HMHero

      Nah, it reminds normal people of any persuasion without a stick up their ass of neo-nazis, those coming from the far right will of course deny this and get angry.

    • Majigh Z

      There seems to be quite a few “Lefts” in the comment section. They seem to appear out of the woodwork merely to spew venom all over random places in the deep dark depths of the Internet, regardless of the context thereof.

      Such behavior is an indication that whoever pissed them off said something right.

    • Drivan

      Do we really need to make this about politics?
      Seriously, I’m politicized out. I play video games and read about them so I don’t have to deal with the real world for a couple hours a week. Can we please not turn SWTOR and Dulfy in to Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative, Left vs Right?

      This is really not the place for it, I mean we have what’s is nuts splooging douchbaggery all over the forums we don’t need politics too.

      I responded to you, but I’m really talking to everyone.

    • d8

      Normal people don’t think looking like Heinrich Himmler is an option.

      • 島風

        ‘Normal people’ must be stupid sheep according to you?
        Stop bringing politics into everything.

  • MTCason

    In-game, Unisex Style 1 has these ridiculous rat tails coming out the back of it and hanging down the neck. They otherwise ruin a hairstyle I would enjoy.

    • Лев Сафаров

      Thats what i thought too.

    • DR2000

      Wow, really, what the hell. Why would they do that?

  • Darth Mawrak

    FEMALE Excusive??? Are you serious? 🙁

    • david2tm

      Don’t be like that… Dulfy just made a lil typo

      • Darth Mawrak

        Oh, I didn’t even see the typo. I was just upset that males can’t use the hair.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    I like the front of Unisex 2 but the back side is *ewwwww*

    I’ll stick with my pony tails.

  • Majigh Z

    The random strands of hair on the Unisex hairstyles make them a tad too detailed for my tastes. They look out of place with the rest of the graphics and stand out too much, never mind covering the actual hairstyles so I can’t see them as well. The photos shown here don’t show what I am talking about; you’ll have to look at them in-game.

  • Drivan

    The back end of Uni2 is the dumbest thing I have seen since Flock of Seagulls.


    • Paulo Gomes

      Omg, the eighties… I’m so glad there was no internet in those days, I would have to pay someone off very handsomely to NOT show any pictures of me…

      • Drivan

        I hear ya and second that!
        Although it felt awesome living through those times, looking back is… Painful… Lol!

      • Dru Ilhares

        There was an internet in those days. Shockingly, it was full of (mostly) intelligent, competent people. Bill Gates ruined that with the Point-and-click access Win95 provided.

    • Kubrickian

      That hairstyle actually got you laid a lot in the 80’s.

  • Acher4

    That third style looks extra cute. Really like it.

  • Albiore

    next style: zohan/scrappy coco avalon

  • Mer Vila
    • Fred Garvin

      Shawn Hargrave approves of option #2.

  • Shawn Hargrave
  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    I have hair like that the first option IRL, I’m male! Shit, guess my gender has changed and I didn’t even know about it. thanks for showing me the light Bioware. Secondly, it looks like they used paper mache to create the hair textures in this game. I never understood it. Especially the shae vizla hair. its just like clumps of leaves layered over one another.

    • Attilius of Ebon Hawk

      I feel the same way, I have longer hair, I’ve wanted shoulder length hair with texture that looked nice and moved on a male character for YEARS, the closest thing to it is the hanging dreadlocks, I only use it because it’s longer and it moves, but it pisses me they didn’t just make all three unisex. It’s probably because of some lazy clipping issue on one of the larger body types they didn’t want to adjust.

  • #NotMyHairstylist
  • Amodin
    • Darth Ji’inx

      Amodin, this is not ‘Nam. This is hairstyling. There are rules.

      • Amodin

        I didn’t watch my buddies die face down in the muck, just so Bioware could put out bad hair!

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Amodin, my friend, you are entering a world of pain.

          • Amodin

            MARK IT ZERO!

            • Kobe-Juan

              8 year olds dude

            • Darth Ji’inx

              A world of pain.

  • Caveman

    Why can’t all hairstyles be for all genders? I’d love to use that female hairstyle on one of my male characters. There are way too little long male hairstyles as it is.

    • abaddonsmummy

      The character creation is woefully limited and out of date.
      GW2’s character creation is amazing, I wish it was something like that.
      I would love to see an overhaul but it would be doubtful it would ever happen.

      • Mark Saunders

        eve online’s avatar creator is epic. That’s like over a decade old too – just shows how far behind SWTOR is getting. hope that this isn’t a one off. They could add 3 every month or two, over six months and boom! People would be slightly happier.

        • Naq

          I haven’t played Eve in a dogs age, but doesn’t the character that you spend hours making in Eve never leave the cockpit of their ship?

          • Mark Saunders

            True, Eve wasted a year doing in-station walking and then dropped it completely EA-like, as the fans felt it took the game away from being “Eve”. But the point is that most RPG games have better character dev options than SWTOR. We do get lots of clothes to barbie up with, so we get that I suppose! Yay. It does beg the question of how many outfits have EA developed for TOR and how much time was spent doing that rather than create one new full planet like Kashyyyk which would be appreciated by fans.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Couldn’t agree more, I’ve just had a look at Eve’s and it’s really good, and that’s just for an Avatar!
          I would love for a few of each type each month, for all races.

  • abaddonsmummy
    • LargeMass
  • Vakarian

    “So we heard it was May 4th…. here have some hair cuts”

  • Where new tattoos for Rattataki , Mirialans , Zabraks etc ? or new Race ? it could be “somthing” new.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Female one is pretty good, and I just now realized it’s Shae Vizla’s hair as I’m typing this, so…

  • 島風

    That last greasy one on males, Jesus Christ..

  • srtäää

    Why is everybody so freaked out about Unisex Style 2?
    If you don’t like it, don’t use it.
    And btw. this is a Star Wars Game. With alien species and stuff. So weird hairstyles should be something you expect. If you don’t, go watch Beverly Hills 90210, the crazy space and alien stuff isn’t for you!

  • UnkPunk

    I swear unisex 2 on a male looks like a failed attempt of a anime hairstyle lol. It looks ok on a female but a male… Just Bleh…

    • Kaelin

      Theron, SofR Lana, KOTFE Lana, Satele, KOTFE Satele.
      It was nice of them to add more hairstyles, but I will not be against more facial options/jewelry (Senya, Vaylin)

      • abaddonsmummy

        Yeah this, after all these years we need an overhaul of the character creation, I think we all have appearance modification stations in either our strongholds or guildships (not to mention the free ones on fleet) so it would be great to use them for more re-styles. (after all think of the Cartel revenues they would make if they added dozens of more variables on creation to all species)
        We all like individuality, which I think is part of the appeal of an MMO for a lot of people, to create our own style, and they would do well out of it.
        The outfit designer was a great idea imho and they could capitalise on this. (+weapons designer too would be amazing)
        Not to mention a new species or two.
        Oh I think I’m getting ahead of myself here, I suppose they have other priorities just now, however with the return of a new stronghold, new hairstyles and new content it would be nice to get back to the Swtor releases of old. 😉

        • Kaelin

          I will be ok with things I`ve told about before) But it will be amazing if they will make everything you wrote happened.

          And stronghold… why WHY you have to write about it?!! I just need to decorate something new in game, i simply can`t wait any longer… it was really unnice… We have that info datamined weeks ago, but still no news from devs (may be I`m wrong here?). I really hope we will have that Zakuul stronghold but I don`t think it will be anytime soon.

          • abaddonsmummy

            I think I got a bit carried away 😛

  • Pinkk

    I think Unisex 2 is just the author reading Sunstone and copying Lisa’s hairstyle :p

  • Jep Fareborn

    Unisex Style 2: Kate England – her early work. ;p

  • Dean Scott

    The hairline on unisex 1 looks like hair plugs…. lmfao

  • Attilius

    my thing is…why can’t the female only hairstyle be for males too, just make them ALL unisex…I’ve been wanting a decent shoulder length hairstyle for men besides the hanging dreadlocks FOREVER.

    • DerpDude

      Kinda weird how BioWare is crowbarring in gay/lesbian stuff in conversations etc. but hairstyles……nope =P

    • Mark Saunders

      yup, i know i’m a scruffy nerfherder but my hair IRL is like that, so yer, not every male has a buzzzcut!

  • Not a bad addition, now if we could just get those Weapon Tunings into collections…

  • Wild Horse Fantasy

    Still waiting on anew one form my female cathar. 🙁

  • kirk

    monthly subs money hard at work creating content. Wait sorry wrong game.

  • Jude

    “Unisex 1” “Unisex 2”

    Wait, so now my characters can have sex with not 1, but 2 Unicorns?!? Damn, BW is turning this shit around! Might have to resub… Oh wait, it’s just some stupid hairstyles? UNSUBBED AGAIN!

  • David W

    I actually like the female executive style. So, sure I’ll waste some CC on the set when I come back

  • Jep Fareborn

    Still waiting for the ‘Farrah Fawcett’ feathered hairstyle (noted as 1 of 10 requested hairstyles of all time) and a regular normal common ‘Fade’ hairstyle w/ no sideburns!

  • Qnrad

    If i buy sub for 1 month i will get this new expansion Knight of Eternal Throne??? Previous one Fallen Empire ends with girls run the world (empire), am i correct??? Cause i’m lost a bit right now.

  • Peder Skomsvold

    what the heck? when i made a new character to try these new hair styles the unisex 1 style had 2 small braids on the back of the head…

    • Fred Garvin

      No one starts off as a Cartel Style Master. You must first begin your journey as a Fashionista Padawan and grow your power!

  • E

    I dont get how swtor gets away with posting jack shit about their plans, any changes, notes etc.. what do they do on maintenance day? Not a single day goes by where a game like WoW doesnt issue some sort of news.. ptr, changes, schedules, etc. Even GW posts more annpuncements than swtor. Does anyone play anymore? Fleet on ebon hawk is dead.

    • Eban

      Get the feeling the devs offices are turning into a ghost town like the servers.

    • Whitedragon

      everyone’s on Harbinger

    • Tammie

      Just was on fleet on EH and there was over 100 people at about 11:30pm….

    • Isla

      Even BDO does that, despite all the flak Kakao gets.

      I want to consult w/ their design team. The hair styles and “new” outfits they keep releasing are.. lackluster to say the least. I bought in at launch and played for countless hours, and had a blast (up until I quit in like.. 2012? 2013?) and I think the game has so much potential, and the narratives won’t age – but things are just mismanaged and it seems like the team lacks a firm direction. Speaking as someone with industry experience.

  • Vince Anzelone


  • bob neman

    if you don’t like the game don’t play

  • Jason Boone

    Though not super impressive, these styles aren’t too bad. Unisex 2 would look better if the back of the head weren’t so weird. Excusive style (is that a typo?) makes a nice modest feathered hairstyle IMO

  • Лев Сафаров

    I found that style 1 have this strange 2 things on back on almost all classes except sith inquisitor for some strange reason.

    • JRP

      You mean two little braids on the back? It’s a bonus 4th option, lol

      • Лев Сафаров

        Yea, but there was bug where it was only option.

  • Patryk Jesionek

    Unisex Style 2 have strange black stripes at portrait and whilie viewing inventory but its fine walking around and during conversations. Annoying as hell for me…

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