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SWTOR Steadfast Champion’s Pack Preview

SWTOR Steadfast Champion’s Pack Preview. This pack will be released on May 16, 2017. Updated with ingame videos/images.



Mandalorian Tracker’s Armor Set – Gold


Intrepid Knight’s Armor Set – Silver




Inscrutable Blaster Pistol – Silver



Inscrutable Blaster Rifle – Silver



Inscrutable Sniper Rifle – Silver



Tythian Lightsaber – Platinum


Tythian Lightsaber Pike – Platinum



Vectron Predator – Gold (Flourish)



Arctic Gundark – Gold



Gurian Dune Hopper – Silver



Regal Vorn Tiger – Silver




Ice Blue Color Crystal – Silver


Juvenile Nathema Spawn – Silver


Juvenile Dusk Acklay – Silver


Flair – Sign of Havoc – Gold


Emote: OMG – Silver



Companion: I-08 Operator – Gold



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137 replies on “SWTOR Steadfast Champion’s Pack Preview”

This pack is full of all kinds of goodies but I’m actually excited for the new dyes and Gurian Dune Hopper. Lolz!

Companion, some decorations, some mounts, pets and omg! emotion. Will get them for sure. This pack is pretty nice

Intrepid Knight’s Armor Set looks awesome-i hope the cape is separate the covering armor

seems like zakuul stronghold comes closer. I mean where else would you put a Dark Eternal Throne?^^ Well we could place it in any stronghold of course but it would look nicer in Zakuul i think. At least it would make most sense (imo) and as the datamined info says (if it’s still true) we are definitely getting a stronghold on zakuul soooo… Come to daddy?

I hope you are right. I need to decorate something new asap! I even created personal guild just so I can decorate another stronghold and flagship… that is how much I want new stronfhold.

In my ideal SWTOR experience, I would love to see a stronghold available for EVERY single planet in the game. They would not all need to be as expansive and elaborate as Yavin and Tatooine, but think of the possibilites…

Yes, I understand that there are limitations from the coding side of things, which is why we presently can only have 5 active strongholds (bumped up from the original maximum of 4). What I’m talking about here is a major expansion on selection and options. Imagine a massive stronghold directory that lets you pick a locale on any planet. Players would have the option to select and purchase any number strongholds up to the maximum limit of what the game could handle (5? 6? 10?). It would be possible to purchase all strongholds, but only the maximum number could be active at any given time.

If this idea intrigues you, I will be writing a more detailed outline in the Suggestions Box on the Forum right after I post this. Keep an eye out and if you like it, please show your support by commenting on the thread in hopes the new game director will see it.

So let me get this straight… The Tythian Lightsaber Pike which drops from Tyth in the raid will also be in the cartel market in the pack… wow just wow.

These days?
At least it isn’t full pay to win like Neverwinter Online…
Now there was a game with a ton of potential and a huge fan base due to the previous games and expansion packs, then they went with the idea that Astral Diamonds can buy you anything and boom! Dead.
I hear it isn’t nearly as bad anymore, might be worth a replay…

Tbf, when it comes to shit like that, I’d rather have the option to buy the item. Earning something is a good thing, but hoping the greedy cunts in your group don’t just loot a rare drop just so they can sell it rather than use it isn’t really much fun, or even earning it really. Either way you get it through luck.

Most of those kind of drops are Bind on Pick up anyway so once you have it it is yours. They made a few of those items bind to Legacy, which is better.
I see where you are coming from, it just kinda sucks when a Boss drop becomes a direct sale item.
Now if teh made a “wings of the architect” type direct sale item I would buy it for my toons that don’t have it…

At least these two were released at the same time I guess? But yeah got close to beating the boss for the wings a few times, but the guild DPS let us down. It’d be nice to be able to buy it, since I’ve basically earned it, but thanks to stupid people never got it. Which is the main reason I hate rare cosmetic drops from raids, as other people can fuck everything up and there’s nothing you can do.

Besides, people only need to look at your character sheet to see whether you’ve earned it or if it’s bought. The wings popping up on the CM would be lovely :’)

The only speeder mounts I really like in boss drops are the Praxon Bloodline and Praxon Firaxa. I have both those on all of the toons I have ever raided with. By far my favorite mounts.
I like the Wings and they are uber cool on a Sith Sorc, but kinda out of place on a Scoundrel… But I’m quarky when it come to ascetics. My toons are all kinda, basic looking, nothing overly flashy on any of them. My Sage has had the same look since I created her back when the first cartel packs dropped.

In case ya didn’t notice, the Warbound pack already has em. Came out together with the operation. v’-‘v

Technically, the Cartel Market item Tythian Lightsaber Pike is a rare drop from Tyth. It’s not the other way around.

I hear you! Why must every seemingly Jedi-inspired outfit have to come with a cloak/cape? I would kill to have a detailed, high quality tunic–something similar to the Enigmatic Hero in terms of texture quality. Perhaps capes wouldn’t be so bad if they could be toggled off and on so players could have the option of just seeing the tunic. As it stands, there are too many hooded cloak designs that make our character’s heads appear bald and it just looks ridiculous.

They can and should do better. It’s long overdue that they incorporate a toggle system for hoods as well. Players have been demanding that feature for years!

I believe that they addressed the hood toggle thing last year. Something about they couldn’t get it to work right in conjunction with some helmets because of clipping issues.
It is extremely frustrating though.
There are many cool items that would be so much better without the stupid cape…

I agree and there are plenty of other players I know who feel the same way. As for the hood toggle issue, if they can’t find a general solution to make it work, perhaps they can roll out a new line of specialty armor sets that have an exclusive hood toggle feature. The head and chest piece components would be specifically designed to accommodate some type of “flourish” effect for the hood. I really find it hard to believe that something like this can’t be designed. Maybe they need to hire more talented coders who have the expertise to work within the parameters and still make it happen.

Rise to the challenge, devs.

Most of them.
The purpose of the butt flap is so that the exhaust from your jetpack doesn’t singe your ass off. The problem is they put those buttcapes on armors that don’t hav jet packs…

A solution to the hood toggle already exists, is functional, and they will not support it. The Outfit Designer allows you to switch easily from one costume to another; it would be a simple matter to include TWO chest pieces in Cartel packs instead of one for hooded chests, one with the hood up, one with the hood down. You use two costume slots and toggle between them, hood up, hood down. But they won’t do this, and there is no good reason why not.

It’s possible to do this now with a very, very small selection of hooded chests that have both a hood up and hood down version (Tattered Ritualist/Mystic’s Hooded/Cowled Robe, Jedi Stormguard/Resolute Guardian Chestguard), but it is continuously vexing that they refuse to support more hooded outfits this way.

That’s overly complicated. If you wear a head-slot item (the right kind anyway) it hides the hood. All BW need to do is release an ‘invisible helmet’ via packs or direct sale (or, hell, actually build it in as a toggle like everybody has been asking for since launch) and voila. No need to duplicate anything. Just stamp in your ‘invisible helmet’ and the game will act like you’re wearing a helmet, without a helmet being visible.

How is clicking between two costumes “overly complicated”? And hiding a hood with an invisible helmet does not do the same thing, because it won’t show the hood being down, it will just make it vanish completely.

I was talking about having two separate CM items in packs, plus not all of us have space to use up 2 slots for one outfit. But yeah if you’re talking about having the hood actually visibly down rather than just absent then I don’t blame them for not bothering. It’s not worth the effort.

An invisible helmet is the best we’re likely to get.

Finally, a freaking cool Jedi armor set WITHOUT a hood…. and they put on this cape. Smh.

I know right?!
That set would be worthy of a $5 direct sale with out the cape. At least in my opinion anyway.

The emote (omg) was really me, when seeing the new Flair and Companion.
Sooooo want them!!!

Wheres all the armor? Just one reskin and a partial reskin? Eh, idk why i’m complaining, I dont really care about more reskins. The gundark reskin is actually really well done. Nice contrast, with the red accent really makes it look unique. Lastly, neato companion, however its not enough to make me want to come back to the game. I dont feel like coming back just to buy packs. also, for once the pets are actually kinda cool.

Since I’m fairly sure you don’t know what you’re talking about… What’re the armors reskins of?

I didn’t think it was possible for a pack to look worse than the Vigilant Defender’s Pack, but look at me being wrong!

I just saw preview of decorations (yes, dark eternal throne is a decoration I want to have), saw a lot of new items, one of items I saw had a pack name I never saw before, that name have something to do with Dread.

Still hoping to have Zakuul stronghold.

I was surprised to see it in game, you know, just like you preview any other decoration that game have, but its not here anymore the last time I checked. May be it was some sort of glitch/bug

Dibs on that HAVOC flair and the Iokath Droid companion. A firm Maybe on the weapons. Likely a pass on everything else.

It wasn’t until you mentioned it that I realized that it isn’t a T-Visor.
You are right the helmet isn’t a mandalorian helmet unless it has a T-Visor.
It’s all in the details.

Oh come on! What are you going to look at with your nose? Besides, there clearly is a vertical groove beneath the visor.

Take a deep breath, Calm down a little.
It isn’t about seeing something with your nose, it is about the tradition, after all the mandalorian culture is all about tradition, honor and glory.

That recognizable T-visor is the hallmark of a Mando helmet.

The Taung are the original Mandalorians and the armor, weapons and specifically the visor on the helmets were designed by the Taung. They had very angular bodies and faces, therefore the size and shape of their armor and helmets needed to fit them properly. As they evolved into the warrior culture we now know as the Mandalorians and began to assimilate other races and cultures into their society the armor adapted to fit each individual race and it became a rite of passage to craft your own Mandalorian armor based on the type of armor your particular clan wore. But the general shape of the face of the helmet, specifically the T-visor, stayed the same. That face and visor is what identifies them as Mandalorians because it represents the Taung and is modeled after the shape of their faces. .
I like the armor set and will likely still buy it, but that visor is just slightly off. It isn’t a deal breaker for me, but at the same time, I’m more likely to use a more “Mando looking” helmet now that I notice the imperfection.

I am forced to pay tribute to such depth of nerdiness! Seriously, my original comment was meant as nothing more than a little bit of inoffensive snark.
Off course the internet makes tone of voice very, very difficult to transport and I know well the temptation of impugning negative intentions.
Just keep being awesome! 😉

No worries.
You are correct, tone of voice is impossible to discern when reading a post on the internet, one tends to infer their current emotions into what they are reading… Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you were excessively angry/snarky.
I am perhaps overly geeky about Mandalorian stuff… I’ve just always found it really interesting and have gobbled up everything I could about Mando’s.
Take is easy!

She was a renegade, the entire Vizla Clan were renegades. They left the clans, betrayed teh clans and turned their backs on the madalorian ways so many times between the Madolorian wars and Boba Fett becoming Madolore.

Are you talking about the Vizsla Clan? There is an “s” in the last name, different than Shae’s last name.

Same clan, I just mispelled it.
I’m an epic misspeller, it’s what I’m known for in real life…

There are a gazillion Mandalorian helmets in this game. And you complain because they add something different? Mix and match a different helmet you like, and be done with it!

“YO dawgs….we heard you liked the Monitor Droid so much we give it to you as a companion, complete with only single target attacks and self stuns”

That blaster pistol (if I’m not mistaken) is based on the blaster Hera Syndulla uses in “Rebels”. Been noticing alot lately that weapons and armors have had some design cues taken from Force Awakens, Clone Wars (animated) and Rebels.

Hera’s blaster has an awesome sound.
This one in SWTOR sound like shit.
So it isn’t based on Hera’s.

When exactly are they intending to release this pack for us? The mech companion fixer already has a I-08 sitting in front of him, teasing us mercilessly.

A green and black armor set? Quick everyone, make the lazy association and think it looks like Master Chief!

Or just armor a mandalorian has never worn in canon or legends. That’s not mandalorian armor, and mastercfief? they def took more from that than any mandalorian lore.

“they def took more from that than any mandalorian lore.”

Well, whatever fits your confirmation bias.

settle down there special snowflake. Do I need to know your pronouns for your transtrender identity also? Seriously why even post that reply.

“”Let me break this down.

“settle down there”

Um, settle down? I am settled or whatever, kiddo. I know everyone flaunts their ignorance these days by assuming the other person commenting is overemotional about the subject at hand, but Jay, stop. It’s stupid and doesn’t fit.

“special snowflake.”

Well, I do have the special snowflake legacy title, so I guess that technically fits. To be honest, though, your reply, despite being stock and unoriginal, makes you sound like the thin-skinned bitch, not me.

“Do I need to know your pronouns for your transtrender identity also?”

Your easily-avoided typo aside, um, no. You’re making assumptions again, and that rarely, if ever, works out over the internet about people you don’t know. Either be better than that or don’t bother because when you roll out the same response that everyone has seen a hundred times in the last year, it has zero impact.

“Seriously why even post that reply.”

My thoughts exactly.

“I still win”

Ha, I took so long to reply because this is the only site I visit that uses Disqus and I rarely visit here anymore. Now that I’ve canceled my sub and left SWTOR, I’ll be using Disqus even less. Enjoy your “win”. Since you care about winning arguments on the internet, so I’ll let you have it.

Are they charging the same amount of CC for a pack that has a lot less than normal in it?

Would expect anything else?
But you know, you can still expect 4 items, you are just guaranteed that 2 of them will be crap, I mean scrap, 1 might be total garbage and the last one might be ok.

I’ve been hearing rumors the game was about to be shut down. I ignored them.

This? However is quite ominous.

Honestly EA has been milking SWTOR for a very long time now. I’m sure even they didn’t anticipate it continuing past KotFE and KotET.

Looks like they even cut down the team who makes this packs. I guess there are now 5 employees left.

1 Lead
1 Musco
1 Cartelmarket Modeling Slave
1 Guy for Enviroments/Planets and all this tuff
1 Guy for all coding, incluing the stupid servers…

Hahaha. At least it feals like.

It’s funny you mention this because I was just looking at the BW website the other day and found myself on the “Meet the Team” section. And I remembered that they had released a picture of their studio a while back. What I noticed was that everyone in that picture except Musco and Boyd are listed as being in the Edmonton, Canada office…
Just an observation…

And again they chose boring weapon sound, that barely remind of a blaster. The deaf person is in charge for sound, again!

Last packs decorations have been way better. Even the bonze ones. Now silver quality – my foot. I don’t care how you label this stuff, BioWare idiots!

Make nice stuff! Ah ok, I forgot, you are to lazy to do so.

Worst pack ever. Bought 31 of those and the only gold item i got was a dye… No mounts no gold armor basicaly 10 times the same pet 7 crystals 5 guns 5 rifles and so on.

And this is why they will keep screwing their customers over again and again… because there are enough people that no matter how many times they get screwed continue to throw $100-$200 at these packs every time they release.

May SWTOR: Suckers for the Cartel Packs continue to live on in MMO history!

The “OMG” emote is different for male and female characters. Females get a much more animated version of it, the male version is some hand flailing, that’s about it.

Not gonna lie, I’m buying the OMG emote off the GTN no matter how much it costs just because it makes my kids laugh… Lol.

I got the emote from a pack and I was thinking about giving it to my Smuggler, but he wouldn’t jump up and down screaming like that. That’s why I want to see the male version before giving it to him.

Think of it kind of like exaggerated hand gestures and mouth movements while standing basically still, like something you’d see on Seinfeld.

I guess I was lucky. I only bought a supercrate and I got what I wanted. The throne, the companion and the intrepid knight upper body armour. Now I need the mounts from the gtn.

Man, a couple of those Decos are really neat, but I’m not using my real dough on such a weak pack. Glad I’ve got a buncha credits saved up.

Looks like it is but preview window doesn’t display it very well, I just got a short flicker of the shoulder cannon before it was gone again. Not sure if this actually works as intended. Anybody know if the shoulder cannon is a permanent effect when you put the actual armor on?

No, I’m guessing it is a chestpiece + helmet kind of thing again. Unfortunately, the upper armor sets on my server are at 16 mil. plus still at the moment, which is too rich for my blood.

red eclipse. but the price has already gone down a bit more, already. gonna see how far it comes down today!

Bought and opened 2 full hypercrates first day, aside from Deco I didn’t get a single platinum item and only got 2 gold ones (new Mando Upper Armor x2). Fuck this shit…..

Nothing to get really excited about, alas. I liked the Intrepid armor right until I realized that you can’t dye the pink sections. Huge dye fail on that one.

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