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GW2 Druid Stone Achievements Guide

GW2 Druid Stone achievements and backpiece guide.


The Druid Stone

Achievement & Reward

This achievement give 3AP and an exotic Druid Stone backpiece. It will in turn unlock the next achievement Awakening the Druid Stone.


Volcano’s Heart

Obtained from the last story instance

Druid Runestone

  • You can get 1x Druid Runestone Fragments a day from the heart vendors in Draconis Mons and 1x from the Unbound Magic vendor at the Mariner’s Landing waypoint. This give you 5x fragments a day. Once you have 5, double click the fragments to make them into Druid Runestone.


Druid NPC Locations (Video)


The Druid’s Story/A Flower for Kodama

Finding Kodama isn’t the easiest task. Kodama is on a layer below Savage Rise. When you glide down from Hearthen’s Hold waypoint, look for a layer just below the main Savage Rise level with grubs.


Interact Kodasama with the Druid Runestone and a Fire Orchid will trigger the collection for both items.

A Flower for Liriodendron

Liriodendron is by the Peaceful Grounds POI on the main level of Savage Rise. Bring a Fire Orchid to him.


A Flower for Broadleaf

Broadleaf is on a rock outcropping above Savage Rise. You can glide to him from Hearthen’s Hold waypoint but you have to take the thermal tubes that shoot you up to the sides of the volcano and glide down from there to ensure you don’t lose too much elevation when gliding.


A Flower for Rosewood

Rosewood is literally right above the waypoint. Use the bouncing mushroom slightly north of the Ancient Hollow waypoint to get up.


Awakening the Druid Stone

Achievement & Reward

This is the next achievement unlocked by completing the Druid Stone achievement. This is a timegated achievement that requires 3 days to complete as you will need 3 different Druid Runestones from completing Heart vendor and sold by the Unbound Magic vendor. Completing it will unlock the Living Druid Stone exotic backpiece.



Greater Wardbough spawns from an escort event that starts at the Scout Clearing POI and leads to Eternal Pool POI in Savage Rise. Defeat it to earn Element of the Wardbough which you can combine with a Druid Runestone to turn into Kodama.



Go to the Hidden Lake area in Brisban Wildlands next to Seaph Observers Waypoint – [&BGIAAAA=] and talk to the Restless Arboreal Spirit Hero Challenge NPC. Ask him for an item and he will give you one for the collection.Combine with another Druid Runestone (another day of dailies) and turn it to Kodama.



Go to Phinney Waypoint  – [&BPMAAAA=] in Queensdale and wait for the Rotting Ancient Oakheart event to spawn. Kill it to receive an Element of the Oakhearts for your collection. Combine with another Druid Runestone (3rd day of dailies) and turn it to Kodama.


Sprouting the Druid Stone

Achievement & Reward

It takes 5 days to do this as you will need 5 Druid Runestones from completing your daily hearts. Then kill the following champions in Draconis Mons. If you are unsure of their locations, consult this guide.

  • Stonehead King
  • Emperior Mattake
  • Webby Mother
  • Blooodstone-charged Lava Wurm
  • Inquest Power Suit


For the last step, you need to plant Fire Orchid seed you get from harvesting the Fire Orchids (uncommon drop) on a fertile soil near Kodama.


A Henge Away from Home

Achievement & Reward

This next achievement take 7 days to complete. You will need to combine 7 Druid Runestones with drops from the following mobs/champions.


  • Destroyer Aestus
  • Destroyer Ignis
  • Molten Desecrator
  • Fire Elemental (any map, but some are around Heathen’s Hold waypoint)
  • Earth Elemental (any map, but some are around Heathen’s Hold waypoint)
  • Air Elemental (can find them in large quantities in Dierdre’s Step in Mount Maelstrom which you have to go for one of the fertile soils anyways)
  • Ice Elementals (any Shiverpeak Map really)

Fertile Soils

Dierdre’s Orchard

Inside Hidden Garden/Dierdre’s Step in Mount Maelstrom. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.


Maguuma’s Orchard

Dry top, glide from the waypoint. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.


Melandru’s Orchard

Near the waypoint in Cursed Shores. Need 3x Orchid Seeds.


Seaside Propagation

Glide down east from Ancient Hollow Waypoint, it is close to the sea level.


Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

A bit of pain to get to, but you need to use Oakheart Essences from Mariner’s Landing waypoint to shoot yourself up to the Wind Rider Ledge. Once you get to the Wind Rider Ledge, you need to look up and get on top of the really tall rock via Oakheart Essences.


Rata Arcanum Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, take 2x Thermal Tubes and glide off on the second one into the little cavern by Rata Sum. Once you are in the cavern, keep going left and you will find the Fertile Soil.


Seaside Ledges Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, drop down 2 levels until you reach this level just above the sea level. There is a little hidden cave here with the Fertile Soil.


Nu II Propagation

From Heathen’s Hold Waypoint, take 2x Thermal Tubes and it will drop you right outside Nu II vault. Enter the vault and stay left until you find the Fertile Soil.


Ancient Hollows Propagation

From Ancient Hollows Waypoint, go southwest to find a bouncing mushroom. Take that and 3 more bouncing mushrooms before using an updraft that will take you to a ledge with bunch of mushrooms. You will find the fertile soil at the west end of this ledge.


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78 replies on “GW2 Druid Stone Achievements Guide”

If you look the meta achievement, there is one more achievent, what looks like the 4th step of the druid back.

Sprouting requires 5 more runestones – combination items come from: Stonehead King, Emperor Mattake, Webby Mother, Bloodstone-charged lava wurm, and Inquest Power Suit.

Sprouting also requires bundles of 5 Fire Orchids plus a lodestone to each of the druids. In total, 20 orchids, a Charged Lodestone, Glacial Lodestone, Onyx Lodestone, and Molten Lodestone.

Finally, sprouting requires you to plant Fire Orchid Seeds in the soft soil near Kodama. These seeds are dropped by harvesting the Fire Orchid trees once the collection is unlocked. You only need 1.

i cant get the drop from the bloodstone charged lava wurm for the sprouting achievement got the rest of the boss drop except the wurm…

That’s not a bug, wurm chest is daily, so if you killed it before completing the Awakening, you have to try next day. I experienced same as you yesterday but got it today

Yeah.. someone told me i have to wait and i got it yesterday night after my work! Thanks!!

actually its not long, every collection have 5 druids stone combined with items droped from champs, last stage required complete any 20 achievements from new map, 5 druids stones, give fire orchid to druids and plant 5 fire orchid seeds, so most annoying thing here is that 5 druids stones, which are daily timegated

how do you know? I’ve made a druid stone every day this map has been out yet, and i havent unlocked the fourth collection yet

Sprouting the Druid Stone is collection for 5 more Druids stones combined with essence from every map events champions (webby, wurm etc) + give 5 fire orchid to Druids ghosts, and event with plant fire orchid seed to fertile soil, so its another 3 days gated step.

next step The Wayfarer’s Henge is collection of 32 pieces

Ugh, frikkin’ Bloodstone Wurm. Every time I’ve logged in for the last two days, the pre-event with the mercs has been glitched and frozen up near the end and the Wurm never spawns. Is it only the Janthir server?

idk i am on gandara and last 2 time i check wurm, i have merc pre stuck at 50% for unnaturally long time and did not progres, so i leave :/ so it can be bugged

It couldn’t only be IoJ, megaservers combine everyone across every server in the region. There are no longer world/server-specific instances in PvE.

For the pre-event, it’s strongly recommended to keep one of the marked enemies (the ones with the swords over their heads) alive. As long as one is alive, more seem to spawn. The moment they’re all dead, the pre seems to stall for an undetermined amount of time. It does eventually seem to kick itself back into gear, but it can be as little as 5 minutes or as long as 40 minutes. It’s usually on the longer end.

Just a little hint on the Sprouting the Druid Stone achievement – the last step is to plant a Fire Orchid Seed dropped from Primordial Orchid nodes while the achievement is active. Even though you can do this at any time it would be best to do it last. The reason is once you plant the seed they will stop dropping and you need a lot of them for the final achievement.

definition of “a lot”? Dont drop they again with the new achive unlocked?

Only the ‘Plant Seeds in Cursed Shore’ is disabled because it crashed your game when interacting with the soil. The rest can be planted normally from what I’ve experienced. 🙂

I am so GLAD I have done it this way and that you posted what I thought may be the case. Thank You!

Besides the above any excess seeds you get can be traded for orchids at the Unbound Magic Vendor. 5 seeds for 1 orchid

yes and no, you will fulfill req for this collection just with playing new map, you only need buy stones from vendors and bring them to Druids, every other stuff you will do anyway just with killing bosses or events, so its not “hard work”, just long due to dailygated stones.

Most people would never complete hearts again after map completion since they’re boring and repetitive.
So…yes, it’s a ton of no-fun work.

well i gues, there is lot of people, who love have all stuff unlocked etc, so people like this will farm all new maps to dry, and complete hearth again and again is part of this farm bcz reward and some bonus UM stuff for karma, so yes, its boring and repetetive, but some people still will made them daily (like part of daily chain, Tyria + all LS maps, like I do) and when i get bored, i teach how do daily my 8y old nephew, and he farm it for me, easy money o/ gg

Yeah I’m doing it because it’s a back piece that will really be a nice wardrobe skin for my sylvari and my ranger. I like it. 🙂 It’s worth the minor effort for me.

Apparently interacting with Fertile Soil in the map caused a map crash, hence the disabled content.

Looks like ANet only disabled the Cursed Shore one as it was causing a crash. The rest of the seeds can be planted normally and give credit in your collection from what I can see.

Is this still disabled? I wanna start this but I don’t want to waste my time only to find out that it has been disabled.

They are pretty straightforward…… the descriptions can be understood even by mentally challenged people + it’s mostly it’s a repeat of the same things.

Spots to plant the seeds aren’t so easy to find, it took me a while to fine the one “near” kodama, I don’t know the rests.

Also another thing: are the “Element of Fire/Earth/Water/Air” dropped from specifics elementals or every elemental from any map count?

You can go to any map. I got my air and water elements in Harathi Hinterlands and Wayfarer Foothills respectively. Earth and fire elementals can both be found close to the Heathen’s Hold WP in Draconis Mons so no need to go globetrotting for those. 😉

should have just gone to Lyssa, in Orr. when the temple is under Pact control, all 4 elementals will spawn in large numbers around the whole place.

It seems bugged, I can’t turn orchids+lodestones to kodama, except the charged lodestone :/
Anyone else with this issue? 🙁

check description on stone, some stones you must have together in inventory and hand over them only after you have them all.

its after this, in henge collection, there is new set of stones with lodestones and its all to kodama

Just an observation on Broadleaf. There’s a leyline that runs straight up to him from a small rocky mound on Wind Rider Ledge. And, if you have Oakheart’s Reach, there’s an updraft just east of the vista near Mariner’s Landing WP that will let you get up there – just snag a vine on the rock overhead to get enough height to glide to the updraft; snag another on the top of the mound; ride the leyline.

I found that an amazing place to find all the elementals, in once spot, was the temple of Lyssa in Malchor’s Leap.

I did all of this without Oakheart’s or Leylines… You just need plan your jumps carefully from Heathen’s Hold 🙂

Ancient Hollow Propagation:
This spot is above and off to the west of Ancient hollow waypoint. I used the bouncing mushrooms west of the WP to get up and onto the ledge above the WP where there are loads of mushroom mobs.
The fertile soil is then on the south-west corner of this ledge.
The poi to the right of the soil is Nu II Vault (above).

Wind Rider Ledge Propagation:
Alternative route – I found this less of a pain than the method shown above, needs gliding & oakheart
From Mariner’s Landing waypoint, run west up the hill to jump into the updrafts, and ride a chain of them north to get onto wind rider ledge (route in pic1).
At this point, there’s a finger of rock/cliff jutting out (champion wind rider spawns nearby sometimes), see pic2 – use an oakheart to jump to top of this rock and refresh from the oakheart on top of it.
From here the path to the fertile soil is pretty clear, use oakheart to pull yourself over to the cliff ledge (pic3), then use a combination of oakheart pull / gliding round the cliff face to get yourself to the fertile soil (ringed in red pic4).

Nu II Vault propagation:
Easy enough, use the vent north of Heathen’s Hold waypoint, then use the vent at the top of the volcano. This will land you outside the vault entrance, go inside and “hang left” and keep going to find the fertile soil at the back end of the vault.

So, i have a problem, i accidentaly droped off my Element of the Arbor item before combining with the Druid Runestone to give it to Kodama. Now the Restless Arboreal Spirit in Brisban Wildlands won’t give another one to combine. Does it means that my Awakening the Druid Stone achievement is wasted for good?

Again…your “guides” are very vague and conceal/leave out a huge amount of effort that must be accomplished. For example, you make no mention of the “Heavy Houndskin Mantle” that you must have to finish this (abusive) quest content. In order to get this item, you must complete the “Flashpoint” mastery achievement…which is a list of 20 objectives that must be completed, and could easily take you days to accomplish.

Imagine having nothing constructive to say. This isn’t a replacement for the wiki. The guides here expand upon what anyone can already find in the wiki. Imagine trying to get henge but not having already completed the achievements. L O L

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