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GW2 People Watching Achievement Guide

GW2 People Watching Achievement Guide for the Flashpoint episode.

This achievement grants 7 achievements points and 1 Mastery Point for completion. Oakheart Essence mastery is required.


1. Find the missing golem and learn the password.

Get close to the golem in the Inquest tent in Rata Arcanum (take the 2x Thermal Tube from Heathen’s Hold waypoint) and press F to talk to the golem. May have to do a couple times for the achievement to register.


2. Find the Whispers agent, give him the password, and obtain the scanners.

Take the 2x Thermal Tube again and this time go to the cavern that the second tube drops you at.


3. This scanner should overlook the mercenary base

Go up to Iota Vault from Heathen’s Hold waypoint and glide down to to the marked place to place the scanner.


4. This scanner should be atop a high tree

To plant the scanner on top of this tall tree, you have to glide down from near Titan’s Throat. Basically go from Heathen’s Hold waypoint and up to the left side of the volcano before gliding down to gain some distance.


5. This scanner should overlook the Inquest camp.

To get to this scanner location, do the two thermal tube from Heathen’s Hold waypoint and then glide off the second thermal tube to land here on top of this rock.Then casually glide down to plant the scanner.


6. This scanner should watch Tennon and Tinderbough

This scanner is right next to the vista so grab an oakheart essence and sling yourself on top the pillar to plant the scanner.


7. This scanner should overlook the mercenary submarine

Use Oakheart Essence on the ceiling near the Mariner’s Landing waypoint.


8. This scanner should watch the spiders from a stalactite.

Use Oakheart essence on ceiling near the Ancient Hollow waypoint.


9. This scanner should overlook the mercenary leader

Plant this scanner here near Mercenary Encampment


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9 replies on “GW2 People Watching Achievement Guide”

i dont understand how i place the scanner on the first one??? theres no where to land and nothing pops up telling me to place it

You just have to get close enough to that place, if you do message saying you placed the scanner will pop up.

What puzzled me was that I seemed to get notification that I’d placed the first scanner, but not others. I’d probably attempted the “high tree” one eight times before I realised that I’d already been credited with it..

You only get notification if you complete a tier of the achievement. To deal with this, put this on your watch list and note when the percentage complete advances to indicate whether or not you got credit for each individual scanner.

yea, thats a good solution,
but in my opinion, achievements like these should always give a visual trigger, or maybe even just a 0 AP tier

The 9th scanner need some more description I think. It’s rather hard to find. You need to drop down into some sort of crevices but not drop all the way down.

For #4 (high tree) you can use the oakheart vines to get up to it – it just takes a second vine when gliding to get it.
Who are “Tennon and Tinderbough”? I found the place to put the scanner, but that clue makes no sense. I don’t see anyone by those names.

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