GW2 Gemstore Update – Replica Mirror of Lyssa

GW2 Gemstore added the Replica Mirror of Lyssa to the gemstore today for 600 gems along with some discounts.

New Items

  • Replica Mirror of Lyssa (Focus) – 600 gems



  • Electromagnetic Ascender-Descender Glider Combo – 500 gems – 23% OFF
  • Phoenix Light Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Trickster Light-Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mursaat Robes – 490 gems – 30% OFF

Available for 7 Days Only

  • Metallurgic Dye Kit – 120 gems, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Kasmeer’s Staff Skin – 600 gems
  • Marjory’s Axe Skin – 600 gems
  • Marjory’s Dagger Skin – 600 gems
  • Ares Zax

    Wait, the mirror itself looks cracked? Ugh, pass. -_-

    • Vincent Pequignot

      If you made the last episode, you should know why this mirror is broken. 😉

      • LOL Really?

        If the mirror’s broken, does that mean 7 years of bad storyline?

        • Talindra

          7 more years you mean? It’s all been bad so far.

      • Edentrail

        Yes, but it clearly says “REPLICA”, so why would this one be broken?

        • Ares Zax

          Yeah, what Edentrail said. 🙂 Obviously the original in the story was broken, but why on earth would replica mirrors be made that’s ALSO broken?

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Saves them from having to make it show reflection.

      • Ares Zax

        That was my assumption as well, although there’s actually a few items in the game already that reflect their surroundings, like the Ceremonial weapons. I think it’s the Staff? Or Scepter? Anyway, if you zoom in real close you can see that it actually reflects your surroundings.

  • Yhpskabible Paladin

    what i read made me think this was a toy or something that made a clone of your character for shits a giggles. now that i know its just a broken vanity mirror i’ll pass.

  • Alot

    If the skin is a replica of a broken magical mirror, could we not instead claim it is the broken version of the non-replica mirror instead – acquired and resold through dubious channels?

  • Don quixote Doflamingo

    Release the sword of Balthazar from the leaving story it was very epic looking sword, it will be the next legendary great sword anyone knows ????????

    • wQnxy

      itll be probably new legy sword, it looks too decent to be regular gemstore item

      • Alot

        Probably. From my brief glance at it though, it looked very similar to eternity — just with scaffolding.

    • Manuel

      Oh! I didn’t even see that he had a new sword and just figured it would be the Balthazar’s Greatsword skin we already had. I did notice that Balthazar’s armor looked a lot more rugged and badass than the Balthazar’s Regalia skin we have though.

  • nadrian3k


  • Answerer

    “Yes, I’d like to report a bug, I bought the replica mirror of lyssa, but it didn’t transform me into a replica of Lazarus”

  • Manuel

    Even though I bought it because it was a nice thing to have for my ‘Favor Of Lyssa’ character, it’s a shame the replica also shows the broken mirror instead of the unbroken one.

    • Verthiss

      Unbroken mirror would be opaque (is that a word? I mean that it wouldn’t reflect anything) due to engine limitations.

      • Manuel

        Oh, I wouldn’t mind that it didn’t actually reflect anything. It’s just that it would have been nice to have been a replica of the version before Kasmeer broke it. 😛

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