GW2 Gemstore Update – Replica Mirror of Lyssa

GW2 Gemstore added the Replica Mirror of Lyssa to the gemstore today for 600 gems along with some discounts.

New Items

  • Replica Mirror of Lyssa (Focus) – 600 gems



  • Electromagnetic Ascender-Descender Glider Combo – 500 gems – 23% OFF
  • Phoenix Light Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Trickster Light-Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mursaat Robes – 490 gems – 30% OFF

Available for 7 Days Only

  • Metallurgic Dye Kit – 120 gems, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Kasmeer’s Staff Skin – 600 gems
  • Marjory’s Axe Skin – 600 gems
  • Marjory’s Dagger Skin – 600 gems

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19 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update – Replica Mirror of Lyssa”

Yeah, what Edentrail said. 🙂 Obviously the original in the story was broken, but why on earth would replica mirrors be made that’s ALSO broken?

That was my assumption as well, although there’s actually a few items in the game already that reflect their surroundings, like the Ceremonial weapons. I think it’s the Staff? Or Scepter? Anyway, if you zoom in real close you can see that it actually reflects your surroundings.

what i read made me think this was a toy or something that made a clone of your character for shits a giggles. now that i know its just a broken vanity mirror i’ll pass.

If the skin is a replica of a broken magical mirror, could we not instead claim it is the broken version of the non-replica mirror instead – acquired and resold through dubious channels?

Release the sword of Balthazar from the leaving story it was very epic looking sword, it will be the next legendary great sword anyone knows ????????

Probably. From my brief glance at it though, it looked very similar to eternity — just with scaffolding.

Oh! I didn’t even see that he had a new sword and just figured it would be the Balthazar’s Greatsword skin we already had. I did notice that Balthazar’s armor looked a lot more rugged and badass than the Balthazar’s Regalia skin we have though.

“Yes, I’d like to report a bug, I bought the replica mirror of lyssa, but it didn’t transform me into a replica of Lazarus”

Even though I bought it because it was a nice thing to have for my ‘Favor Of Lyssa’ character, it’s a shame the replica also shows the broken mirror instead of the unbroken one.

Unbroken mirror would be opaque (is that a word? I mean that it wouldn’t reflect anything) due to engine limitations.

Oh, I wouldn’t mind that it didn’t actually reflect anything. It’s just that it would have been nice to have been a replica of the version before Kasmeer broke it. 😛

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