SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 9 – May 16

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 9 – May 16

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  • Ry

    Saw a lot of people upset that the Satele Shan armor set was up for sale in game. Guess they are unhappy that they can’t put up their set on GTN for 300 mil anymore…

    • Madoka

      Wow, dodge the bullet, just sold mine on GTN last week!

    • xking5v

      the gtn prices are out of control tbh, no way anyone would have gotten away with putting packs on the gtn for 2 mil per in 2.0 times. the highest price i saw in 2.0 was the walker from the nightlife pack at 15 mil. I think people have too many credits is the problem and i can’t wait until june for the nightlife event so people can sink their credits finally

      • Eban

        Problem isn’t people having too many credits,
        the problem is theres less people in game,
        so less buying and selling,
        People can sell something on the gtn for silly high prices because they know there wont be alot of other people selling the same item.

        • Guest

          Eban nailed it. We would probably need a server merge of some kind to solve this. That would really help the q time for PVP (especially ranked), GSF and daily OPS. A Shadowland and JC server merge would be really nice tbh.

        • Ben Gimson

          ^This. Supply just isn’t there nowadays.

        • Fred Garvin

          But ppl must also have the creds to pay those prices or the cost would come down. I can have the only solid gold super hot doodad in the world but if I ask 200 mil and the richest who wants it only has 125 mil; it isn’t selling.

          • Eban

            True but there’s always been super rich players in SWTOR.
            Its never been difficult to obtain credits.
            Personally knew players back in 2.0 that had hundreds of millions.
            Thing is if more people were selling the same item the price would be lower.
            Hell check out the prices of items on ghost town servers, its mental.

        • xking5v

          yeah i can agree on that

      • Ry

        Yeah, I remember back in 3.0 when I spent about 12 mil on the new Revan Armor set and I thought that was crazy high.

        It’s also a little irksome that the ‘richest’ players or best way to earn in game credit is to buy cartel market items and sell on GTN. I’ve always been one to believe that the best way to earn credits ‘should’ be from selling high end gear/mods and rare item drops from Champions/World Bosses that takes weeks/months to farm.

  • DerpDude

    Hmm…want the Satele armor…but don’t want to fork up money for it =P

  • Fortissimus

    I just needed the boots… guess this will have to do…

  • John Kosto

    No armor set is worth 2132 Cartel coins, or even 1200 for that matter.

    • Лев Сафаров

      What about 1440 ?

      • John Kosto

        Nope, I think a fair price for direct sales on the CM for armor sets would be less than 1000 CC. It is ONE cosmetic item in a game of hundreds of those. And the same people that buy that shit, make fun of people spending $1-2 for facebook games like Farmville.

  • Kaelin

    Good thing- they are direct selling super rare items. Bad thing- they want a little too much for it.

  • Stella

    Eh, I don’t really use my subscriber CC’s that much, so heck yea I bought that armor 😛 Sorry for contributing to them thinking they can do this, but I got tired of RNG and GTN

    • 平賀才人

      Yeah I’m saving my coins for when they directly sell Senya’s pike for 7500CC. I can’t afford and even if I can I won’t give 150mil to the GTN niggas who will just dump the money on their overpowered guild bank full of billions their guildmates can’t even fucking touch.

  • Genbo the Shandian

    IT look LIKE a BUT!!!


  • 平賀才人

    Man BW should consider moving the game to 3 Mega servers (EN,FR,GR) to reduce the cost of mantaining this game, see if we could have the costs for subscription and coins at least sightly reduced

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