SWTOR Update on Game Update 5.2.2

Game Producer Keith went on the forums today to provide an update on Game Update 5.2.2 coming mid June.

Update on Roadmap | 05.09.2017, 02:07 PM
Hey everyone,

Wanted to provide an update on my first Producer Roadmap, but getting it published is taking longer than I anticipated. Partly my own fault, as my Dad came to visit and I took a few days off over the past couple of weeks to spend time with him. This ultimately slowed my progress but I am back in full swing now and pushing to get the roadmap completed.

I honestly thought I would have had the roadmap done and communicated already, but, I realistically need more time to finalize it. Translated: That means end of this month, but with full intention of delivering it sooner. <sad face> This is not something I wanted to tell you, but I promised to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening.

While you continue to wait, here’s a few highlights of Game Update 5.2.2 scheduled for mid-June (yes, in 2017):

  • The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event returns with old and some awesome new rewards
  • New Character Perks to increase your speeder piloting speed to 120% and 130%
  • Companions will gain influence through standard crew skill missions
  • Full Tier 1 gear available from existing Fleet vendors using Command Tokens – this means you can obtain a full bonus gear set for under 800 Command Tokens. You will be able to choose the type of gear you want to purchase (DPS, Tank, or Healer).
  • We made a variety of changes to Galactic Starfighter – primarily aimed at reducing the cost, increasing requisition rewards, and offering all players a Gunship and Bomber as standard ships (available in your hangar).

I will continue to pass on roadmap updates as I have them. We do have an exciting year ahead of us and I look forward to sharing it you.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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As I read it, Keith was in charge of customer relations under Ben. That means

– He either ordered or had knowledge of the mass deletions of open support tickets that has occurred a couple of times now.

– He’s refused account support to deaf players like myself and has refused to fix the issues we’ve brought up.

– He’s refused to deal with arbitrations filed with Bioware Austin.

– And he’s lied to whoever is above the team saying that these issues haven’t occurred.

I have no problem with him taking a few days off to visit and spend time with his father. I can’t say the same about my father but I understand how family is important to folks. It bothers me and many others that we went three weeks without an appearance. It would have taken 15-25 seconds to post a “Hi, I’m spending time with my father. I’ll be back!” post on the forums or have had someone else do it.

It’s just more of the same.

Having said all that, at least he finally responded and gave some “specifics” as to what’s coming. Hopefully….

All of that is pure speculation though. By the way, why did you demand an appearance from him in the last 3 weeks? It’s not like he had given us a specific deadline to announce the new road map for the game. He had just said that there will be a road map soon, and today he said that even though he wanted to have finished it already, it’s not done yet. I don’t see that as a major issue.

Issue is, it’s the same shit. They don’t do anything. At all. The fact that they now started talking is absolutely meaningless if the talking covers same old tired nothingness.

I couldn’t give less fucks about his dad, or some balancer’s new-born kid. I care about result of their work. Which is absent. Again.

I doubt anyone will make an update promised in june… next week for example.

They told us they will let us fight 1st operation boss, here we have it.

They started to directly sale super rare itemd. For too high price in my opinion, but we have it.

A lot of people will tell its a little too late, but devs are moving in a right direction. And I hope they will continue to improve

None of it is speculation. All of the above did happen.

And, no I didn’t demand an appearance. As I wrote, it would have taken someone 10-15 seconds to post on the forums or twitter or facebook that there was an issue with his father and he would be out. It’s just another example of the poor communication on their part.

At this point in swtor, I’m more interested in actions and not words.

For nearly the past 3 years, things in swtor have really gone down hill in a lot of ways, so one interesting post doesn’t mean all that much given how easy it is to say one thing as a game company and then just up and change your mind later while blaming it on what ever the “F” they can come up with.

Actions not words and that hasn’t happened yet.

Pretty nice for just a few highlights. I hope we will se it all in action 🙂

…. and datamined stronghold… yes, it will be really cool.

Please tell me it’s not Zakuul…. if it is, it will be the exact opposite of cool for me.

I`d love to have Zakuul sh, but at this point I don`t care much, I just want a new place to decorate.

I think that was sarcasm.
I`ll beg for that stronghold, but in the last minutes they will release another stronghold 🙂 (I will not be against one on Oricon, but they will never make it)

It’s Zakuul. But, tbf, Zakuul isn’t a bad looking place, even if hearing ‘Zakuul’ has started to get tiring.

Zakuul is pretty underwhelming. I would rather have a new Stronghold on Alderaan or Rishi for that matter over Zakuul. It’s so boring to me aesthetically. Though I am guessing that the Stronghold will look impressive, like the Tatooine SH or the Yavin SH look so much better than their planets.

I’m assuming it will be similar to Vaylin’s place from that chapter where you infiltrate the party, in which case we’ll get a lovely view of the city (and hopefully it’ll be a night time SH instead of a day time one), but I guess it’s a matter of personal taste.

Zakuul as a standard location doesn’t look all that great, but if it is like the apartment (and is at night) it should look quite nice. Either way, I was pretty sure that if we did get a new SH it would be Zakuul. The devs do seem to love the place.

Zakuul apartment looks nice as well (“Anarchy…” chapter). And big YES for a night time stronghold.

Anyway, outside of Rishi, strongholds on planets like Alderaan and Manaan are hardly possible in my opinion.

There was a Zakuul one datamined a month or more ago, recently they datamined a Manaan one. Check out some of the influencer Vids on youtube.

They datamined a single door with a manaan name on it.
They need to throw everything zakuul into a big pile and light it on fire so we can forget about it..

Pretty words but I’m with the show me crowd. Far too long with nothing but lame promises and weak attempts. Actions not words, time to pony up.

Glad to see nightlife coming back given how long people have been requesting it, and I feel like this guy is actually trying going on his tone. Nothing much of interest here for me, but I’m allowing myself to be slightly less pessimistic about the future.


Now all the millions of credits people have horded from grinding FPs, Ops & dailies can be blown in a week grinding slot machines for reskins.

It needs to be for less time and more often, like a week as with other events, and all events need to be updated yearly, this game is in dire need of credit sinks.

Agreed. The game economy NEEDS credit sinks to put some facade of “control” over inflation.

There is also no reason Space Vegas Nar Shaddaa shouldn’t have 24/7/365 gambling & other virtual debauchery.

Yes, but there is no money to be made for ea from the events is there, which is why the cartel gets stuff every month and vendors have the some stuff for years.

They need to stop with throwing out these sympathy lures as excuses. Baby born, Pop-pop visit..none of these things impact a legit large company in a way that’s worth mentioning. If spending a few days with your dad delays a roadmap more than just a few days then that’s not the reason for the delay and we don’t need to know about it. It’s to distract and make you feel bad for questioning why there’s been a delay.

Just say it’s taking longer then originally intended. He’s got some new-guy passes in the bank and ppl would appreciate not being BS’d.


WTF kind of “Executive Producer” doesn’t have underlings to relegate MAKING A FUCKING YEARLY OUTLINE AFTER HALF THE YEAR’S ALREADY PASSED?

Wow. You can really see the professionality out of Bioware these days. Not even a month into the job and the director is already making excuses as to why his own roadmap was delayed.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Might as well call it Excuseware instead of Bioware these days.

“Sorry guys, we couldn’t add that raid boss in. The lead designers
just . We promise we’ll have it out by !” There you go Bioware, just copy and paste that in the future. Maybe you’ll bleed subs slower that way.

” Oh okay Keith it’s good You had good time with dad. Wait I going to buy 0.5 year of sub 🙂 have fun!”

Are you going to extend your player’s subscription by 2 weeks since you didn’t actually do shit for 2 weeks cause you had a visitor? What would happen if i called my boss tomorrow and said, oh i’m sorry i’ll be away for 2 weeks because my daddy came to visit me! I’m sure he would be completely okay with it and pay me as if i’m normally working there!

Dude, that’s a fake account. It’s not Eric.

And just for reference, that’s not John Smedley up there either.

I’ll just say finally a speeder upgrade! What took you all so long!
Thank you. And family first, to you folks hating cause someone took time for family , step away from your computers and call/see your family.

Gonna make sure to call my boss though, so the whole company stops working during the time I spend with my family.

I actually hope Dulfy keeps all these posts from SWTOR.. Would make for a fascinating discussion on how obsession and entitlement from a few and failures to accept the consequences of the direction a business goes from the other side can lead to a toxic environment where people just leave. Like any niche the business will survive for a time but long since lose whatever importance it once had.

So as to this not being all negative. To the players who are just having fun with the game, glad you’re sticking around for the game has its moments if you’re okay with whom the game is actually geared towards.

Piloting III was 150k or something. IV will cost 500k (max) and V 1kk.
Or they will be so greedy for $ and will do IV and V only for Cartel Coins.

Well, people will still throw their money to their Pixel Market to be the most fashioned space barbie ever, that is what this game has been for years already and fanbois seems happy enough with it.

What else is there to do in this game other than make new characters and dress them up in different styles?

The same content we’re already bored as fuck of repeating for the 100th time, it’s clear for you? 😀

The Bad: Stuff is still delayed, which isn’t the best thing right now.

The Good: All those highlights actually look like highlights. New rewards to the Nar Shaddaa event is something a lot of us was bemoaning the lack of since it gave zero incentive to do it again after the first year.

It can still be better, but at least I’m not rolling my eyes at an update like this, which is the first time in ages. Might actually be slowly turning into the right direction. again.

Good thing: its just few highlights.
Bad thing: I’m starting to get scared of their updates and scheduled maintenances 🙂

nice informations but one or two thing nice to have :
– be able to “Search” the content of our heritage Hold just like we can do it in WOW,
– be able to stock all the credit’s from our different characters in our “Heritage Hold”
– having a “mobile apps” that allow us to check the sales on the Galactic Market

“be able to stock all the credit’s from our different characters in our “Heritage Hold”
A million million times.
I’m so fed up going from char to char sending credits to my crafters.

Guilds people were inviting me in were not worth staying, no normal raids, or best players were raiding with stronger outsiders, my english is too terrible to create my own raid team. And since I see no difference (guilds do not matter all that much anyway) why the hell not have my own guild with funny name and all my toons in it

– be able to stock all the credit’s from our different characters in our “Heritage Hold”

ESO had this from day one.
Other games have implemented it.
Just another one of those things that SWTOR is behind the power curve on.

“be able to stock all the credit’s from our different characters in our “Heritage Hold”
That won’t happen because they wouldn’t want non-subs to be able to actually do anything with credits -_-

Ok some very interesting news with the Speeder Piloting, and companion influence increase with crew skills (about bloody time).
I’d promised myself not to step foot aboard that Casino again but I know if it’s got some sexy gear or a cool speeder i’ll probably be there 😛
“Partly my own fault, as my Dad came to visit and I took a few days off over the past couple of weeks to spend time with him.”
Does anyone else find that shocking?
He can’t tell us thousands of players whats happening in our game because his dad popped over?
I’m in business and I find that totally shocking, to say that to your customers, let alone it be true.
10/10 for honesty.
0/10 for business acumen.

Outfits! I love dress up games in SWTOR, more female only outfits (not all of them have to be dancer/slave girl). Speeder will be ok. And new pets – pref. baby hutt.

I want baby hutt pet!

With shocking slave collar and bdsm (or how you call it?) outfit.

But if I’m getting it right, he is doing nothing but communicating with people and all game problems are not on him. May be I’m wrong?

The “my dad came over” part was… so unprofessional and so unfortunate. You don’t say something like this to your customers. You… just… don’t.

I’ve said 100% this on and players blame me as hell and said I have no feelings 🙂

swtor forums has alot of fanboys that sit in wait of any negative posts and pounce on them like their defending their childs life even if the negative post is spot on.

Well on there’s more young users than adult.
Young user dont care if they lose 0.50$/day sub (if servers are down XX hours), dont care about more garbage in CC market, and accept BioWare fails becosue they are too Young to understand few things and their parents pay their sub.

If i have a company I would never say to my customer that I couldn’t did something becouse dad came, or something.

The funny thing is that there are so many people on the official forums who are like, “real life comes first, that goes for the Dev’s too. This is just a game after all.”
Do they realize that SWTOR is their real life job, not a hobby? EA pay’s these folks, from the money that we are paying them, to work on this game.
I agree with you, that was an unprofessional statement. Then again it is now par for the course given who their new target audience is.

It’s more akin to having Stockholm syndrome for those forum posters. In this case it’s the persons own perverse fear that if they don’t support the game their addiction might simply go away. It really is pathetic that they don’t realize that they themselves are part of the problem to blindly support developers and not call them out on it.

Try to look at it differently. Keith’s talking to us not just as the new game producer but also as someone who loves to play the game. He’s one of us, so no wonder he feels comfortable sharing with us. I like this approach a lot more than that of a douche who acts condescending towards his playerbase.

Since it’s the producer roadmap it stands to reason only Keith as the producer can make key decisions about it and communicate about it. That’s why there’s a further delay for which he apologizes. He’s given no indication that he doesn’t take his job seriously, quite the opposite.

There are legit grievances about the way this game was handled and then some. It takes special skill to mess up a Star Wars game so badly people leave in droves. But I’m willing to give the new guy a chance because I like his enthusiasm. Consider cutting him some slack, that’s all I’m saying.

“New Character Perks to increase your speeder piloting speed to 120% and 130%”… Boy Keith can you change out the warp effects on the ships when they jump to light speed. I think a plaid effect would look great. And another thing, who gives a rats ass if your dad came over to lounge on your couch. Telling the SWTOR community that is dropping off to greener pastures in completely mind numbing.

I hope a crafting storage bin is in the works… I had to quit buying from the cartel market because my legacy storage is full from crafting mats..

I had something like that too. But then I started to move the low end mats to the chars that needed them, left only the two highest mats in the legacy storage. Now I rarely have to log around if I need things and I have space.

Dear Keith,
I don’t care who came to visit, I don’t care what the reason for their visit is. If things aren’t getting done because you took a few days off to visit with your dad and the other guy took time off when his wife had a baby, just how small is the team there are SWTOR HQ?
Seriously, just because I take a day off doesn’t mean that my projects fall behind for a day. I assign tasks to my staff and they pick up the slack. My assistant took 2 months off when she had her baby last year, I did her job and mine during that time.
Sorry fella, but if your office has to put stuff on hold when 1 person is gone then there are some serious management and personnel issues over there.

Looks like everybody at BioWare is working on what they feel like to do. And if they don’t feel like doinng work, they just browse the internet or do other stuff.

Like Eric, who just communicates twice a month as Lead Community Manager.

“There is so much more stuff to do”. Yeah, like we all have no clue about jobs. Of course there is, we all have to deal with that and are still able do do the main thing in our job discription.

Yeah, I would have prefered a BS answer over that one. That excuse only works if the game is being developed by two guys in their garage. I work at a small company (30 or so people) and most of my work still gets done when i take a week off.

Which means your company probably has five times the people that are working on SWTOR at the moment.

You say the truth and yet you’re the most downvoted comment, unveliable… this just shows what the Swtor fanbase is made of, no wonder why they treat us like bullshit.

Just select at the top “Sort by Best”, if a comment with more upvotes appears under ones with less votes it means it has been downvoted. Hope it helped 😉

I too am curious how one sees the down votes. I have been on this site for a few years now and still have yet to see any down voted, even diehard and abaddons.

Just select at the top “Sort by Best”, if a comment with more upvotes appears under ones with less votes it means it has been downvoted. Hope I helped 😉

“even diehard and abaddons.”
That made me chuckle.
I think you’d be surprised at the posters that agree with the ‘horrible’ me but don’t want the stress and backlash of posting.

Dance it however you like. I upvote you when you make sense and are not playing the part of cheerleader for a psycho child.

No they treat you and some others like bullshit because why try better if people like you will write hate comments anyway?

1. Criticize ≠ Hate
2. If someone does something wrong and people clap obviously they will continue on the wrong way, so go ahead and keep clapping them guys!

That will be another joke.

My argument will not change your shitty opinion so why should I bother? (Like why devs should bother if it will be just another shit storm). I should not take your baits, but here I am. Impress me

He didn’t say all work at BW austin halted while he was visiting, just his own work on the roadmap. TBH I’m happy he’s putting one out at all, and everyone takes vacations. What I know is that you definitely wouldn’t want someone random employee with free time writing that roadmap because Kieth didn’t get the chance. We’ll wait for him to do it right.

Give the new guy a break, he’s just getting his feet wet. Give him a chance to try and get things done before we throw so much hate his way. Just saying

He knew the risks, anyone with a brain would never explain that his dad came over and they split a hooker. Unfortunately, this game has stage 4 cancer and only has a limited time. Unless Mr. Keith has the Dr. Macoy grow a kidney pill, it is doomed.

You’re right, but probably talking to a wall. Most of the vocal players are so selfish, and so entitled, that anything less than complete capitulation to their every shrieked demand is seen as unforgivable betrayal. And if you try to show common courtesy, or encourage it in others, then you’re a white knight apologist or something.

New guy is very understandable. Would your boss accept you didn’t finish you work because your dad popped by for a bit? Doesn’t matter what happens in their personal life, people are paying this company money for a game that the devs cannot seem to be bothered with. Not doing the job because of family doesn’t cut it. Either they do the work or get another job.

every single one ive worked for would unless stuff for today would be done. simple rule. finish your job you have to do today and then ill (boss) worry about tomorrow.

He isn’t new, he has been with BW:A since SWTOR launched. He knows how the system works. He has been in this specific job long enough to have gotten his whole damn body wet, it’s way past time to get some work done.

Ugh, more “CHARACTER PERKS”. Of course you need to purchase them for each and every character instead of “LEGACY PERKS”. Who wants to be they will be millions per character and will of course use Cartel Coins?

“But oh John Smedley they need to make money somehow. They need to feed their starving children”.

EA made over $4 Billion last year on these transactions. FUCK YOU.

You made since this time and had a good point.
Good job man, thank you for not being violent and excessive man.

Do we think the Kingpin weapons will finally get a tuning slot? Single-blade saber from the casino event is the best looking hilt in the game, but doesn’t have one 🙁

So it will be six months into the year with this update and you basically still have one Op boss, a new daily area, and five Uprisings (in January) and a returning event (which is no big deal since they have been “returning” events for over two years) for new content.

Meanwhile, ESO has done a huge housing update and will have released an expansion.

Meanwhile, FFXIV will have done three major content patches and released a major expansion.

Anyone who believes that the new Operation is going to be done any sooner than the end of 2018 is kidding themselves. When two people now have taken time off and things don’t get done as a result, I think it is safe to say that this game, at best, has about ten people working on it at this point.

Already left. It has nothing to do with him it has to do with BioWare. It is obvious at this point that there is a skeleton team working on this. Kevin is not going to be able to fix it. BioWare has been given PLENTY of time. For most that have left, they have given up hope that the ship is going to turn around.

With all due respect, you might not play anymore, but you haven’t left. You took the time to write a 200+ word speech on a SWTOR fan site.

And that’s alright: I haven’t had a sub for two months, have barely played more than a few hours since Christmas. But I don’t profess to have left the game behind, much less whilst at the same time standing on my soapbox on a fan-site of all places. I’m sure you could have had a lot more fun playing ESO or FFXIV in the time that it took you to log onto to Dulfy, read the news report, type out your comment, and gather or double-check the stats you mentioned from SWTORdata.

If you want to move on then do so, I’m close to doing it myself to be frank, but don’t type out “Already left” as a means of implying your indifference to further an argument with someone who still plays, particularly when it’s clear that you actually do still care.

Its funny when people post “stop wasting your time” kind of thing. I play GW2 and use Dulfy’s page for that, from time to time I check SWTOR news to see if it’s either dead or the developers pulled their heads out of their asses. It takes a few seconds to read the news and make a post, hardly a waste of time.

Ditto! Ever since we got the Classic Vibrosword way back in… Yeesh.. What was it now? The Anarchist pack? o.o I think? Anywho, been waiting for the team to flesh out Vibro-weapons more ever since then. So many more designs to choose from when you aren’t just restricted to a lightsaber hilt after all. =p

So if Keith isn’t in the office the whole show shuts down? Can he not delegate this task for a few days? I have annual leave from work but when I take time off my job doesn’t cease to function, my colleagues pitch in and do my job between them.

Are we at the point where if Keith get’s sick the whole thing will grind to a halt? Or is that the next excuse from BWA.

On a separate note, 5.2.2 is coming in mid June, seriously? So 5.3 will be what, August? September? Nothing I see here gets me in the least bit excited as it’s not CONTENT!! I couldn’t give a fuck about travelling 20% quicker to something I’ve done a million times before. Yawn.

Like I said below, WTF kind of “Executive Producer” doesn’t have underlings to relegate timely drafting OF A YEARLY OUTLINE AFTER HALF THE YEAR’S ALREADY PASSED?

AND: 1st month on the job, burned the “relative visited, had to take personal time” lifeline excuse.

What kind of person refers to human beings as “underlings”?

I have an answer to your bratty question: Ben Iriving was recently dismissed. Keith was then promoted into the position. I truly am sorry to disappoint you, but Keith does not have the power to travel back in time. He can only move forward.

Back into the asscrack with you, you anonymous jerk.

Stuck on word choice?
“Subordinates”, then, random bitch who got butthurt because of criticism of a shitty performing “exec”.
Back to furiously picking non-arguments with random anonymous posters.

Hey, I’m here to put you-down. Nothing else really, you just kind of deserve it. That’s why I’m posting, if you had a hard time figuring it out for yourself. I mean hell, I can’t block you; ‘Something went wrong while trying to block this user. Please try again later.’ So I’m perfectly content with sitting here watching you get uppity when I say you sound like you just stepped out of a Call of Duty lobby.

Really! I haven’t seen you post once if it wasn’t you looking about passive-aggressively for somewhere to take a dump on the forums. You’re kind of like… Hmmm… You know what it’s like to talk to kids these days? I mean, you’ll ask how old they are and they’ll reply with something like… “Peanuts.” That’s you in nut-shell: [Forum poster] “Hey! I have an opinion!” [Anonymous] “Fuck you!”

It’s hilarious! Well, for a little bit. More laughing at you than with you. But still, you’re kind of worth laughing at, not too much and not very often, but you have comedic value. So I guess you’ve got that going for you if nothing else… You can be like… A replacement for Seth Rogen when he kicks the bucket? That’ll be fun, huh?

Anywho, That’s really all I’ve got time for tonight. No doubt I’ll see you again. Can’t wait to see what the reply will be! Right now I’ve got my money riding on something like: “Oh, I must make you mad if you decided to type that much!” – Or something like that. Maybe you’ll call me a hypocrite, you’re pretty fond of throwing that one out there. Maybe it’ll be something even less intelligible! Exciting!

‘1st month on the job, burned the “relative visited, had to take personal time” lifeline excuse’

This is just so BWA excuses, excuses, excuses.

With all due respect, we don’t know what happened between him and his father.

There may have been a reason why he spent 3 weeks with him, a very good reason.

I think we should respect that.

Again though, doesn’t excuse someone taking 10-15 seconds to post somewhere “That’s an issue with Keith. He’ll be back shortly.” That took me all of 5 seconds. 🙂

I will concede that I possibly overreacted however you must admit it was convenient of his Dad to visit just after he gets a promotion at work.

Now I would have given him the benefit of the doubt IF he had got something done before he took some time off. However he has yet to to offer us anything tangible for his efforts as producer accept more promises and excuses.

And I say the ‘whole show’ as I believe any company with a reasonable level professionalism would promote teamwork between their staff members so that someone can go on holiday or get ill and it not grind any projects to a halt.

Like I said before, what will happen IF God forbid Keith gets ill or injured?

You did not overreact. By his own words, spending a few days with his dad has delayed the roadmap by weeks. Previously someone taking off for a baby being born froze progress on an area of the game…despite the fact there’s other ppl apparently working on it 🤔.

Both of those situations ground things to a halt so severely that they were worth mentioning to an entire player base.

I’m taking a two week vacation at the end of June and so is someone else on our small team. My boss is already making sure ppl know we’ll be gone, exactly how it will impact current/future projects, and we are all planning around the time-off by doing OT now to minimize the impact.

Or we could just wait until we come back and say, “Cause vacations…duh!?”

“Game Producer Keith.” /eyeroll.

Like he’s everyone’s best friend or something. Use his full name just like you did for Ben Irving. Or maybe they can be like Game Pro used to be: Game Producer Jake McJedipants will be joined on stream by Nerf Herder Nick and Dark Side Larry!


Seriously, it blows my mind that you think something so petty and trivial is worthy of posting.

It’s disappointing to read posts by people pouncing on a newly appointed game
producer simply because he chose to be transparent to the community–an
approach that I don’t think was ever done by his predecessor. What
these people fail to comprehend is that Keith did not have to be honest
with us. He could have made up a white lie or he could have simply chosen not
to post anything at all. Unlike his predecessor, he has made a conscientious decision to engage with the community on a more frequent basis. My impression is that he does this because he understands how important that is for the community.

I appreciate that he chooses to be more engaged with the players and I seriously hope he continues to do so despite the vitriol that gets dumped into these comments and on the forums.

I read Keith’s message when he was promoted and I was encouraged by his statements. If he truly is a fan and regular player of the game then that means he has been down in the trenches with the rest of us and has extensive firsthand experience from the ground up. I think the content for the next patch is solid, especially seeing some movement on the GSF front–something that hasn’t been done for over 3 years.

So far he has been posting regularly on the forums, and has promised us a road map for the remainder of the year. I am curious to see what they have in store.


It’s a 5 paragraph essay from an easily butthurt fanboy defending the latest Bioware exec’s status quo performance.

I am going to acknowledge you once, then I am going to move on.

There is a possibility you might be a generally good-natured person. Maybe you are loving and kind to your parents. Perhaps you have a soft spot in your heart for puppies. Since this site is about a Star Wars game, I am assuming that you are a fan in some capacity.

The problem is, I will never know those positive things about you, because you choose to represent yourself with a lot of vindictive, hateful and unproductive words, and you choose to lash out against anybody for responding in kind. On top of that, you do it under the veil of anonymity.

I hope you find a way to dig yourself out of this hole. It is not a pleasant head space to be in.

Not really, I actually thought his post was on spot. You know, contrary to what people might believe, it’s nice to be happy. And not be angry. Crazy, I know right?

But you know as well as I do that posting negative stuff here is in no way indicative of a person’s actual mental state.

He’s just trying to sound like the smartest person in the room and is another example of a person who thinks it takes all day and an emotional toll to post a paragraph on a forum.

Oh don’t get me wrong the general message is fair enough, but the pretentious, holier-than-thou e-psychologist tone? There are enough of those folks knocking around here already.

I actually think it’s their way of letting people know that as far as Bioware/EA is concerned SWTOR is not a big priority for them at the moment, because if it were it would be fully staffed. It’s why they keep saying things like ” The guy who does that took off of work because of a newborn” and in this case ” I wanted to spend time with my dad”. Both of which are very good reasons to take off by the way.

Based on the recent EA year end financials and comments, I think it is almost safe to say SWTOR is coming to an end for EA.

Throughout the entire presentation there wasn’t a single mention of SWTOR – at all. Neither positive or negative. Now, part of that can be attributed to other titles more than making up the revenue for the SWTOR loss (and we all know there has been a fairly sizable revenue decline in SWTOR since last year) and partly because this quarter marked a combining of two previous categories into one so that Sub Services didn’t have to be reported separately anymore.

Extrapolating from last quarter and the growth comments in this quarter though, one can see that sub services overall saw a decline as digital service growth saw a marked increase giving the overall new category a QOQ increase.

There were plenty of mentions of Star Wars titles forthcoming, but again not a single mention of SWTOR. Perhaps further information will be available once the 10K is available, but as of the investment call, there is nothing on SWTOR.

As I have stated before, EAs pattern of closing down titles seems to be about a year of blaming the title for revenue loss (which as of last quarter was a check for SWTOR), followed by a quarter of not saying anything (which is now another check for SWTOR), followed by an announcement of a title being shutdown (the last remaining check for SWTOR).

I will stick to my previous assertion at this point – SWTOR will not see the end of 2017.

I agree his communication skills are superior to his predecessor,
but that’s all we’ve seen so far.
Have they hired more devs? don’t think so.
Has EA decided to invest money back into the game? hmm no signs of that so far.
We’ve been asked to be patient for over 2 years that’s why populations are down, people grew tired of waiting.
Only a substantial announcement of content will change people from being so negative and that’s nothing to do with entitlement.

give him some time

he is not a hudini that will pop a content out of his ass within a minute… but 5.2.2 update looks promising. People were asking for those things (ive asked for all of that and was granted with extra – event) FOR YEARS and Ben the idiot was refusing to do so…. but hey, for Keith is no big deal, two minor patches and whoop, we have stuff.

Time is irrelevant.
He needs more staff and funding, without either he’s swimming against the current.

good stuff? what stuff?
slightly faster speedors (we can quicktravel everywhere,even to our ships now) and an old world event that wasn’t exactly loved when it originally came out.
Hardly stuff worth getting excited about.

this is just a proof that he knows what should be fixed. simple stuff, easy to do but ben wasnt listening at all…. with time we will get lots of other stuff.

Again time is irrelevant, he could be given years but without the staff and funding progress is going​ to be way way way too slow.

Agreed. It’s fantastic that they found this guy to man such an important position. He’s seems like the right guy for the job. But, it’s almost akin to changing Captains after the Titanic hit the iceberg. The damage his predecessor inflicted was just too significant. Many subs have been lost…including mine. Without a flourishing population, this game has lost an integral factor in it’s appeal. And, for those who have left, most of us have already hooked into another game/pastime. Mine is Warships…which has a fantastic F2P model. Balanced PVP. You know..those things this game was missing. Even the referral system isn’t a big con:

The bottom line though is that it’s far harder to entice people back than keep them subbed…especially when the game’s engine is somewhat dated and doesn’t really offer really anything new or “different.” I’d love to come back, but I’d rather sail on a ship that going somewhere..and not just desperately trying to keep itself from sinking. Just my two cents.

I agree with that. I have seen nothing since I left to entice me back. All the hours and money spent will go down the digital drain with the rest of it and I can’t find it within me to care. Perhaps there will be a decent Star Wars MMO in the future but I for one will not be holding my breath.

yeah didnt ben even go so far as to say the engine couldnt handle faster mount speeds? so weird.

Ok so what has he achieved so far?? A small note that he is working on a “plan” and has been busy with father…

Gaming community waits REAL changes and facts. Dont forget a lot already unsubscribed players look Dulfy page also to see if there is ANYTHING good to even consider coming back.

What most are waiting is new BIG expansion end of this year to change drastically current game moving away from rng and set new goals to gain players trust back. Until then those small changes here and there or fixes wotn cut it. Game will still stagnate and bleed subs.

Whales already complain that peope are not buying CM packs or items as before… i wonder why.

You know I totally agree with most of your point’s, he does seem like a breath of fresh air, and I like his changes albeit small ones so far, definitely a step in the right direction which is a good thing and his positivity really seems genuine.
Also I’m all for honesty and transparency, however in a team that is already under massive scrutiny from a largely disgruntled fan base, who already view Bioware as a collection of disjointed individuals, understaffed and underfunded, does his statement do him or the team any good?
You can see the backlash on all the forums, why put added pressure and yourself.
What I’m saying is that in business this kind of honesty is detrimental to you and your product.
I find it strange that the upper echelons of Bioware/EA even let him post this. Add this to “the player balance guy has just had a baby so that’s on the back burner” post is a PR disaster.

GOOOOOOOD. Keith, with that update you will do everything ive asked for years. I hope that your
predecessor wont touch any game anymore……….

You missed John’s point.
He meant why have you been asking for these updates for years.
Faster speedor and nar shadaa Nightlife event etc…

Most of us have been asking for the companion crafting influence for a while now, companions have become a joke for too long, and faster speeders, GSF ship tweeks and 230 vendor bonus gearing is an brilliant added bonus.

Granted the companion crew skill is decent,
but the rest is mediocre, none of it is ‘brilliant’.
Faster speedor is meh, we have no cooldown quicktravel and galaxy map that gets you to your ship, so speedors slightly faster isn’t something to get excited about.
GSF is a dead horse. Going to need a lot more tweaks to bring that corpse back to life.
Nar Shadaa Nightlife event is the worst world event in the game, hence when it was shelved there was little protest, bringing it back with some more reskinned mounts isn’t going to change it’s popularity.
The 230 gear vendor I suppose is good, I don’t like the galactic command system so whenever they throw out another tweak for it I just think get rid of it it sucks ass, go back to the old system then I remember they can’t because it’s there due to there being no new endgame in nearly 3 years.

I suppose it’s all subjective as to what you think is important or ‘brilliant’.
The crafting change is massive for me because I do a lot of crafting, and I refuse to force feed my myriad of companions (like a prisoner on hunger strike) millions of credits worth of crap so I usually just have one lvl 50 influence comp for each crafter which takes making multiples of things longer.
All the new Qol improvements, galaxy map, faster speeders, quick travel to heroic’s are all good imho, anything that takes less time is a boon, however if your just on for raiding or pvp then granted these will be of no use to you.
I don’t play GSF but I know a lot of people do especially in my guild as its part of conquest, and they love it, I believe it’s a little thriving community from what they tell me, also I’ve heard people on here say so.
As for the Nar Shadaa event, it was always really busy, I myself have spent millions (finally got that Rancor) there as have most people but I got to admit it’s a strange one but not unlike life day and it’s snowballs/parcels.
It’s just an optional bit of fun, the gear/speeders can be good imho and probably easy for them to roll out, but if it’s not for you I can get that, it’s not endgame.
What Keith is offering though is change.
It’s only small at first granted, but we’ve seen little of it for a while so it’s a start.
As for Galactic command, I’ve just had to fork out millions on extra storage bays to cope with all the gear I’m getting from the boxes ( tbh I’m just to busy to send it all to my alts). Anyone on tier 3 will know that the amount of purple 240 set pieces and 242 legendary pieces are insane. I’ve got enough to gear most of my alts (bar relics, ear and implants that I can now craft 240’s for with all the schematics I have) in full 240 and now along with the 230 set bonus vendors makes gearing easier than ever.
Iokath has given us new endgame but I’ll be the first to agree it’s not enough, more is required and soon.

You hit the nail on the head with the nar shadaa event, it was busy at first because​ of the rancor mount, back then it was rare.
These days they’re not.
The actual event itself is boring. Its not exactly fun, buy tokens click machine, rinse and repeat.
Add pazaak that would be something.
You may know folk that play GSF but I don’t believe that abandoned content is anywhere near thriving.
The companion influence is good I agree, since we have what 30+ getting them up to lvl 50 is a bridge too far.
The gearing system is just bollocks from all angles, shouldn’t be easy but hell it may as well be since theres nothing new to aim for.
Galactic command will always be horrible and no sign its going anywhere just a thousand tweaks 🙁

“Galactic command will always be horrible”

Haters gonna hate. Gallactic command is great system, with lots of potential but needs tweaking, and tweaking requires time. Entry lvl set is something ive been saying since GC was announced. Look what Ben did, or have not xD, and first thing Keith is doing? GIVING US AN ENTRY LVL SET!!!!

Haters gonna hate….

Galactic command gearing is not a great system and never will be.
When it was first released it was widely rejected by the majority of players (yes I used the ‘majority’ word), it had been tried and tested in the past in this game + others and universally hated.
No amount of tweaking will make that system work.
And knowing Bioware they’ll soon abandon it for some other out of the blue idea and completely change the comms/gearing system again.

You are completely right in that the majority of players hated and still hate the Galactic Command system AND it drove a lot of players away initially.
And your right that in 6.0 it will probably be gone, although they’ve got so much tied into it now it will be harder for for them to leave it than Brexit!
It has been tweeked into something much better than it was but there’s no arguing that it was a game breaker for some.

you say ‘haters going to hate’ like your some taylor swift super fan, doesn’t support any point your attempting to make.

Becaquse all you do is to spread the hate towards the new producer and game, like whats the point? Why not support new guy? Like i said, he wont do a magic trick and pull 10 operations straight from your ass….. Some things take time, for example learning….

Zero hate from me ( actually playing the game as we speak)
your the one spewing hate and name calling, all I’m doing is giving fact.
New guy will get support when it’s earned.
Hasn’t delivered anything yet other than excuses that the roadmap is postponed.
Said it before the game needs more funding and more devs.

Keith got promoted and took time off to be with his daddy, Keith’s not been at work to do his job , period

Never said he was a robot.
You said he was doing his job and he’s been off work so your wrong.
Don’t be mad, just facts

His job is not about making roadmaps, his job is to watch over people to fullfil those roadmaps, and the fact that he posted it few days later than should have is a meaningless thing… you want to discredit him at all costs but just make yourself fool.

Never attempted to discredit him once.
Look back I said repeatedly he’s swimming against the current, he needs more staff(devs) and funding.
You’re​ being his cheer leader and the guy as done​ nothing, think you should wait til he actually delivers on his promises and what is revealed on the roadmap.

That 10% boost on speeders already has me re-installing the game and subbing for 6 months! Now I can get to old content even faster!

It’s a good first step, but it’s… hum… meager. And the problem is that even if Keyth’s commitment to the game is indeed true, will EA fund the game with more staff, money ?

Don’t get me wrong : I think that Keith is the right man in the right place, but EA is the main issue here.

It all depends on how fast you want new stuff. I can live with next year full of stuff, this year ill survive.

i feel sad for this game, and what has happend to it in the past 2 and half years.. being treated worse than an adopted redheaded stepchild.

“BioWare’s main studio in Edmonton is heading up Dylan, while BioWare’s other studio, in Austin, is also helping out with that game.”
That’s worrying, maybe explains the apparent staffing issue.
Good spot Baldharion.

Yep, I’m afraid too for the SWTOR future. Even if Keith’s will is to bring us content, it seems that he won’t have the required assets to do so.

This game had way too few ppl working on it for like 3 years now or more, frankly further downsizing the team will not make much difference.
And if i am to be completly honest i wish this game died already. I love SW and i’d really love to play an MMO in this universe. Sadly, as long as SWTOR is around there is absolutely zero hope for another game. SWTOR’s death will slightly increase this chance. And it’s not like TOR will hold on for much longer anyway. At this point it’s only redeeming quality is SW theme.

I just discovered that they replaced that annoying cubes from dark ward and gave us cool dark animation. Why there is not a word about this anywhere? Anyone have a link for changes to other classes? Or it is only change for tank assassin/shadow ?

Ohhh a update to the update of the Dev tracker-

“Update on Roadmap | 05.18.2017, 05:31 PM
Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know I’m still on target to deliver the SWTOR Roadmap this month. I will share with you the direction for each SWTOR gameplay area, our plans for improving a variety of in-game experiences, and insight into how we’ll be communicating with you going forward. In the meantime, I’d like to continue providing you with a weekly update.

Last week, I gave you a few of the highlights for the next game update coming in June (5.2.2); here’s another one – You’ll now be able to customize Theron’s outfit!


Thanks Keith, just what myself and others wanted. How about you make it to where we can do that for all new companions. Just going to let my sub lapse.

Holy shit, they’re actually doing something with GSF?!? About damn time! It’s the most neglected part of the game (sorry Raiders and PvPers, but you’re not even close). Now if we could get a new map or 2… hell, I’d re-sub for that.

The problem here is not with Keith, nor with BioWare, nor with how much someone is or is not doing. I honestly have to say that the majority of the issues lie in the grand cardholder. EA Games. They are absolutely atrocious. BioWare has the severe misfortune of being owned by EA Games, the biggest money whore in game design I’ve seen in a long time. BioWare released SWTOR as an independent studio, and was acquired by EA afterwards. When BioWare had full control, SWTOR was phenomenal for a starting MMORPG.

Another of EA’s biggest game maulings was the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 1, one of the greatest RPGs out there, had a phenomenal start for the series, and did so many things other RPGs just fell so short on. Mass Effect 2. EA Games steps in and starts digging their claws in. More rushed storyline, more focused on action and shooting. Mass Effect 3 rolls around. EA Games has their foul little claws firmly rooted in BioWare’s production. Rushed story, pathetic endings, vital elements released in full price DLC. Who gets flak for it? BioWare. Who forced the rushed production? Who thought it was so vital to get a holiday release that they could count on the Mass Effect franchise’s popularity to be able to sell those DLCs at full price and not be despised? EA Games. Who took the fall? BioWare. The devs and producers at BioWare were against releasing early, as the game was unfinished and the Leviathan content was intended to be part of the main storyline, but EA said “Nope, holiday release, do it. Mass Effect name will make sure the DLCs are bought. More money for us!” Mass Effect Andromeda is actually an incredible game aside from the plastic facial animations (EA pushed for release before all the facial animations and minor details were flushed out. This is a fact, a BioWare rep mentioned it. There will be an Addison Plastics Company someday because of EA..)

If there’s any other doubt as to the fact that EA Games is a money whore company, look at their sports games. A new game every single year. NBA, FIFA, WWE, MADDEN, you name it. They don’t need a new game every single year. Releasing content each year with new lineups, or fighters, or teams would be much easier than creating a new game. Thing is, they reuse the same software and coding over and over and over again. It’s the equivalent of copy/paste and editing a few things then saying it’s a brand new product. No new graphics, no new gameplay, same old shit, brand new paint. And lots of money every year with each game.

It doesn’t matter to EA what people like or want. If it gets the money rolling in, reboot it, revamp it, updates, new releases, etc. If it doesn’t bring in a good amount of cha-ching, dump it, move on, the guys who like it will have to put up with some fresh paint here and there, maybe a new little feature every now and then. Every major gaming tycoon company does that, but EA is at or near the top of the “Money takes precedence over our players” list.

I gotta say, I love the hell out of this game, and even though I’m pretty new to the whole SWTOR game (Only two tiny legacies, and a measly three characters over level 30), I do know EA quite well, and judging by what a lot of people have said, I’m right, and EA is shafting a good game once again because it’s not a major revenue source.

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