GW2 Gemstore Update–Mercenary Backpack & BLC Items

GW2 Gemstore Updated today with some Mercenary Backpack and some new items in the Black Lion Chests.


Released Content

Mercenary Backpack – 400 gems


Hounds of Balthazar Mail Carrier – Uncommon Black Lion Chest Drop



Sworn Zaishen Helm – Uncommon Black Lion Chest Drop




Upcoming Content

Renegade Outfit – [&CzIAAAA=]


Mini Outlaw Puppy – [&AgFaPQEA]


Greatsword – [&Cj8cAAA=]


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52 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Mercenary Backpack & BLC Items”

Maybe, just.. Maybe.. Its the new Legendary Greatsword? and if so im totally aiming for that one

now Light and Heavy can share in the glory of trenchcoats
because this game surely ain’t got enough trenchcoats
what it needs most is more trenchcoats

yes i’m being sarcastic

I.. kinda want that helmet.
And I’m a little excited for the Outlaw outfit, even if it’s a trenchcoat. Fingers crossed it looks good on Charr.

Can’t believe anet are trolling us with a trenchcoat gemstore outfit. I’m sure some effort has gone into this, but it’s not like this is a desirable look. One for the roleplayers i guess…

Would love to have been able to buy that Hounds of Balthazar mail carrier directly so I could use it for my ‘Weapon Of Balthazar’ player character. Never had any luck with the chest lottery as I only get junk so I’ll just have to make do without one. 🙁

I have a confession to make. I go to gw2 dulfy to check out the new gears to get a good laugh. The concept artists never disappoints me. Keep the crappy gears coming or else I’ll have nothing to laugh at! 😀

Spend €50 on Black Lion Keys to get the Elemntal Sword skin (which i didn’t get) so no thank you!

That’s an interesting new Greatsword skin. I wonder if it’s the new GS Legendary, or possibly a new weapon skin available in the last upcoming LS3 map (similar to the Bloodstone Staff from Lake Doric).

“Available for a limited time. Change the appearance of any existing greatsword. This will also unlock the skin for your account wardrobe.”

Gemstore skin

Like the outfit personally, but that hounds of balthazar helmet is crap though and why the hell it was ever associated with the Zaishen is beyond me, they’re a f’ing banking guild and not associated with the human gods at all (iirc)

you like trenchcoat outfit? well you are only fucking one.
for your info there is about 50000 similar to this one in the game allready.

and u still become bald when wearing a hat even when it comes to outfits *sigh*. is it that hard to design ONE fking short hairstyle for male and female that replaces the current one as soon as u equip a hat? has been done for decades in every other game, just anet seems to strugle with something as simple as that.

on another note, am i the only one who thinks its quite questionable how anet seems to put more and more exlusive skins in blacklion-chests? guess they see how asian markets make so much money with their rng and slotmachine-bs everywhere. except that thats stuff the na + eu audience doesnt like too much, hence a lot of asian mmos doing rather meh here in the west. i really wish they wouldnt start going that route for the games sake. not gonna spend a single cent on any rng-crap.

exactly, just make a default haircut for men and women, and make it’s texture copy the chosen hair-dye.. shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The worst part is that they are reusing the crappy parts. That outfit is almost an exact replica of an old shitty armor.

I know, I still think they don’t even have an armor designer considering everything is copy pasted from other stuff. And yea it’s ugly as sh*t. They should try to get some one from Black Desert to make armor for this game or just let the gamers who actually play the game come up with some armor designs, that would be a million times better than what they are doing.

Oh..i just knew he was Balthi’s half bro and assumed. Yea if he uses shadow and shit, that sowrd fits both him and the recent story. Maybe balthi wants to gather power in order to fight him?

The female version of that outfit looks ridiculous. What’s going on with those pants? If she’s so cold to need double layer of pants, why is her belly out? (Though of course, my bad, for trying to see logic in female outfits…)

It took me 43 keys to get the helmet! XD
1st time I need so many keys; spent only 7 keys on the elementalist sword.
Guess RNG-sus wasn’t on my side this time.

who the hell in Anet has the trenchcoat fettish?
If you have a medium armour you get the same thing each time. The chest pieces always seem to have to go down too knee height or almost the ankles ive 41 unlocked leather chest pieces and only two stop at the waist without going a bit past to almost the knee or past it

I agree completely and Anet probably does too. The issue is that all the armors for each class appear on a weight specific invisible skeleton. That is why all heavy armor leggings have metal skirts, all light pants have pouty dresses and all medium chest pieces have tench coat extensions.

The way to think about it is that even when you wearing a medium chest piece which doesn’t have a trench coat, there is still an invisible trench coat attached to that chest piece.

All my medium characters wear chest pieces without trench coats (and there are very few non-trench coat options). The question unfortunately isn’t “Why wont Anet add non-trench coat chest pieces” so much as it is “Can Anet uppdate their armor skeleton system to support additional non-trench coat skeletons” :/

I sincerely hope the new Thief elite spec (if factual) actually plays well. I was rather fortunate this week to get the Predator precursor to drop for me. Add in that new outfit (so long as I can hide the helm part) and I’ll have one smexy outlaw! Only problem is I’ll have find something to for her to do as I don’t really play her that much right now.

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