GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Keepsake Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Keepsake Weapon Skins gallery. These new weapon skins are available for 1 BLC ticket each.

Keepsake Axe Skin


Keepsake Dagger Skin


Keepsake Focus Skin


Keepsake Greatsword Skin


Keepsake Hammer Skin


Keepsake Longbow Skin


Keepsake Mace Skin


Keepsake Pistol Skin


Keepsake Rifle Skin


Keepsake Scepter Skin


Keepsake Shield Skin


Keepsake Shortbow Skin


Keepsake Staff Skin


Keepsake Sword Skin


Keepsake Torch Skin


Keepsake Warhorn Skin


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36 replies on “GW2 Keepsake Weapon Skins Gallery”

Wow, it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted a focus skin from them. I thought it was the shield at first since they usually give the shield the best unique skin.

The Focus is really unique, although it looks much too big/clunky for me to use on my Mesmer. :/ The overall design of these weapons looks to have been borrowed from the Mistforged weapons set, but I don’t mind too much as these definitely have a unique aesthetic.

*Looks at greatsword*

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What a boring collection. The only one i’m vaguely interested in is the torch, and that’s only because it has a green flame. Everything else is uninspired- even the sword is just a smaller version of the greatsword. Very disappointed, but at least i don’t have to buy them.

It would be nice it they announced if the next Necro elite would be torch specific – then I might start looking for a savvy torch to buy with coupon scraps.

Anet is in heavy crack for sure make unique an realistic weapons an stop put things in the mixer for the love of god

Focus = little girls purse ( niece had one just like when she was little), Shield with a hole = dead holder, horn with a hole so wouldnt work properly, 1/2 a shotgun for once… almost 😛 lucky

Why do I get a feeling that there will be an “unlock” version in the future that will have partical effects?

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