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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 16 – May 23

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 16 – May 23

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82 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 16 – May 23”

Mandalorian Tracker Armor and Recon Trooper are great!
But another ugly jedi robes that looks like crap…

Oh lol really?:O
I thought it’s in the pack…. so Recon Trooper going to be direct sale for 1000+ CC… Okay everything is fine now. Full pack is crap…

Nope, new pack only has 2 armors :/

Also, Recon Trooper has been listed under CM armors in Collections since the last patch.

Furthermore, I agree that it does look nice. It should make a good matching armor set to go with the Strategic Command Walker on the CM 🙂

Wait a minute!!!
4.680CC for the Pack with a 40%.?! That means the pack will cost 7.800CC without discount BUT!!! since the Devs changed the drop-chance – 1 *new* Item + 1 Chance-Cube + 1 Comp-Gift + 1 Jawa-Scrap – that means we’ll get less items (26 *new* Items instead of possible 52 *new* items) than before BUT WE’LL HAVE TO PAY THE SAME PRICE!!!!
FU** you EA$$$ !!!

Not really ^^ …
I just made the mistake of having a tiny little bit of hope that the Devs would adjust the Pack price accordingly…
That spark of hope was the only thing which shattered =(

Yes, 7800 CC means about 60 Bucks … and not even for a game, or a new update/DLC/revision but ONLY for some surprise eggs.
This is ridiculous. I could buy a completely new game or about 2-3 older games for the same money. Or go half a dozend times into cinema. Or whatever

Shhhh let the suckers buy more CM packs. They think thats normal way to pay and play this game. Want new content and thrill – buy CM items and you are again happy for some weeks until next pack. Between that time you farm command xp. Now thats a great plan from EA – business as usual.

You joke, but at this stage in the game the new pack items are about the only thing in this game to get excited for. Even they’ve been lessening in quality over time though :/

Okay, so… Stupid as I am I bought hypercrates this week and became terribly disappointed. We get almost squats from this new system. Don’t buy.

I too bought a crate and while it wasn’t the worst there were too many chance cubes/jawa junk/companion gifts in them. I know some of the folks at Bioware play the game but I have my doubts that the cartel pack team plays the game. If they did they would know that Jawa junk drops aplenty in CXP packs and there are two companion vendors that sell the same gifts for cheap.

Only 2 sets of Armor in this one? Was someone laid off? No tuning. No must have weapon. This pack seems very rushed. No wonder Dulfy didn’t update the page for this pack as it is pretty lackluster.

Someone probably had to stay home sick for a day or two so there could only be 2 armor sets this time. There are more people than that person working on armor sets though.

The reason why there are droping so many Chance-Cubes in this pack is that the Devs made some changes to the CM-Packs… As of today starting with the new Pack all upcoming Packs will drop accordingly to the following rule(s):
>>> each CM-Pack will include (fixed !!! – so it will always drop)
– 1 *new* Item from the Pack (could be Armor, Weapon, Deco, Vehicle, Crystal, etc. – BUT ONLY 1 ITEM)
– 1 Chance-Cube
– 1 Comp-Gift Rank 5
– 1 Stack of Jawa-Item (Junk or what ever)
So at the end we may get one *new* Item per Pack for sure BUT only 26 in total instead of – like it was before – “maybe” 52 intotal..!

I recommend that we only should buy (if at all) those CM-Packs now when there is a 50%++ dicount e.g. like in the week before a CM-Pack is removed from the CM… So we’ll get more for less CC and EA won’t make that much of profit out of it at least until they decide to remove those discounts…

Or, don’t buy the vanity items at all, and really show that the game needs REAL content instead of supporting BW’s vampire-like draining of the community!

Seriously, all it would take is serious refocus on adding new content to the game, and I’d be back in a heart beat. I miss it, but I refuse to pay for a grindfest of the same damn content with a hint of new once a year.

Drop rate really suck on this pack.. Got and upper and lower set of armor and that is it… Mostly crystals and pets… Chance cubes give mostly bronze items… Stay away from this pack…

I got the whole armor set set, a tyth saber, and the flair, plus the crystals on my1st purchase of 26. Everything is relative

Well, if they’re not going to try to make these things appealing, I won’t even try to buy them.


BWA has their heads so far up EAs corporate asses… I check back here each week for something to make me want to renew my sub, and all I see is a flood of micro-transaction-focused nonsense. CM this, CM that. CM, CM, CM, CM, CM, oh and a single operations boss that nobody cares about every once in a while. Maybe if they stopped focusing on single player content people will come back to their MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER RPG…. The only reason people sub is because they want to be able to experience new GROUP content on a regular basis. God, just take the hit, BWA, and put your efforts into more amazing flashpoints and operations.

To be fair this is a thread about the Cartel Market, but your right of late it’s mainly been cartel updates and changes.
And to be fair some people are right into this and eagerly await this stuff.
We’ve had a boost to group content last month with some average dailly’s and a very average one boss ops ( the highlight of which to me was sadly the adds leading up to the boss which were really fun in hm – those magma droids…..) and a quite interesting PVP area but we’re promised more next month ( a flashpoint and another boss in the ops I believe along with hopefully Zakuul s/hold).
We were expecting more info on Keith’s vision for the future of the game, but his granny popped over and they went white water rafting so it’s been put back.
Here’s hoping it’s soon.

In all honesty, the fact that is is taking this long to issue a roadmap speaks VOLUMES for the future of SWTOR. I have done product roadmaps for almost 30 years, it has NEVER taken a month to put together a portfolio (with multiple products) roadmap.

For it to take this long and need so many approvals means he has put things in he is HOPING to get resource/budget approval for – and it is not going to happen. EA is done with this title. They are focusing on their new IP (giving them an additional year after messing up ME:A so bad), but it won’t matter.

I will bet on two things – SWTOR is NOT going to live to see the end of 2017 AND the new Operation is NEVER going to be finished (at the rate of one boss every four months, it is going to take them almost two years just to do ONE operation).

I would be willing to bet, at this point, their is only a very small team (like 6 to 10) people working on SWTOR anymore.

The CM is the money maker unfortunately, but I agree with you completely.

SOME folks continue to heap praise on BW even though the past 2 and a half years have been EXTREMELY lack luster. There have been glimmers of good in the muck that BW has released, but no where near what other games are producing. While BW is giving us 1 boss at a time over the course of, what will turn out to be, about a year and a half other games are releasing exponentially more content.

I’m gonna go ahead and reference ESO;
On Monday Subscribers that preordered will get a Morrowind. This expansion is almost doubling the size of the base game, adding a new playable class, a new raid, a new storyline and a new PvP mode.
SWTOR hasn’t come close to the quality or the quantity of this release since Rise of the Hutt Cartel and this is ESO’s 3rd major content release in the last 18 months.

I have already let my SWTOR sub lapse and refuse to pay them another dime until they release something worth playing. KotFE was mediocre, KotET was worse and Iokath wasn’t worth the time. SWTOR shot themselves in the foot when they decided to go with a singular focus on 1 content type, now that foot has developed gangrene. At this point I’m not sure it can be saved.

I sub for the currency cap unlock and Cartel coins I can spend on quality-of-life improvements. So meh.

lmao love this.
Do we also have a ‘Shock Quinn* emote that comes with it that I can spam 1000 times a day.

The meme says in the Chance Cubes though, so it’s pretty accurate. And as someone else said, maybe reskinned armor sets would have been better over the new pack. Can’t remember such a horrible pack personally ever again.

Interesting but since it we have not really been there who cares rather have a rishi one instead be a lot cooler and spent more time there

Well… it it costs a ridiculous amount of money, like Yavin did, I am just not going to care for it, like I didn’t care for Yavin, as gorgeous as it was. And I actually have the credits, but fuck that. I never use my strongholds anyway, the decorating process is just stupid, surely there must be a much better way to decorate them.

I would love a Manaan stronghold. But most of the manaan furniture came out ages ago. Which means if you don’t have it, it is going to cost your soul. And even if you already have it, the current system for decorating is just….monotonous. Strongholds are not for player enjoyment, if you really sit down and think about the limitations on the system, the lack of control you have over the placement of objects, the difficulty of obtaining the things you want, it isn’t hard to conclude that strongholds are for EA, not players.

There is a much better method to decorating though. It is just in another game. Maybe several other games. Games that put players first.

I’d like Korriban, like a little area such as when you go as the inquisitor to claim the helmet, but theres clearly space for such a thing considering its a whole planet but we only see a small portion of it.

Be nice if they released 2-3 smaller SH’s instead of one large one. Large ones suit me fine, but I imagine more realistically sized locations would be quicker to produce and more popular with a fair few people.

I just don’t see all the fuss about the Mannan stronghold. It’s modular design is uninspiring and pretty bland. I think for a new stronghold they need something different.
If Mannan had a big underwater section where you could go and watch the fishes or sea creatures maybe.
And for us to use them more they need a fleet chat option on them so we can see whats popping.

It does have at least one fully-underwater section downstairs with windows to the ocean, hopefully there will be some randomized sea life swimming around, including those shadowy behemoths you can sometimes see through the windows during the Manaan flashpoint.

Ohhhhh. Want this.
This speaks to my kotor love oh so much. 😀
Now, i wonder if we can have 6 SHs open….*crosses fingers that we do*

Understand I am in no way for or against this, just curious what those that still play and love the game thought. Still haven’t seen a thing that makes me want to play again but hey, some people love it so more power to them.

I’m not saying it’s landing next week or anything like that, his own sources are just the dev trackers hopes for the year on swtor. com, but it’s a good sign that they are indeed looking at it.

Fingers crossed as ever, but I’m not holding my breath until we hear something that sounds more like a confirmation than a wish-list. Would be a great addition though, and it’d make collecting CM weapons more worthwhile if we could use more than just our favourite at once.

I appreciate a well-decorated stronghold (and have four of my own), and am continually frustrated that they make it hard to impossible for newer players to acquire some of the best decorations from older packs. I have everything I want, but I’ve been buying decos since they came out; if I was starting now, I wouldn’t be able to get a quarter of what I have now.

What I would do if I were them is to keep releasing decorations in packs, and after one calendar year from pack release, put the decorations on a vendor for credits. If you want them as soon as they come out, roll the dice, or buy them from the GTN; if you can wait a year, and have the cash, you can then buy them from a vendor. All decorations from previous packs over a year old, I would put on a vendor immediately. Forcing players to rely on Grand Chance Cubes to slowly trickle discontinued decos into the market is just shitty.

That is just how they want it. Strongholds and the current method of decorating them is transaction focused, not player focused. It’s all about getting someone to pay real money for the stuff people want.
SWTOR was my first big MMO, but I have recently branched out to other games. I can tell you that SWTOR’s housing system is all about bringing in the bucks for big daddy EA where other games focus on player satisfaction.

The pieces you EARN are very few and somewhat rare or undesirable (and crappy looking) pictures of bosses. The items you can craft are mostly plain, ordinary and not overly desirable. All the good stuff comes from the cash shop, someone has to pay real money for it at some point.

ESO, for example, every decoration item is either craftable or obtainable as a drop, looted from a container, earned as an achievement or purchased from an in game vendor/trader for plain old ordinary gold. If I want a footlocker I can craft myself a footlocker and put it in my house or I can buy that footlocker from someone who crafted it and sold it. Many times that footlocker can be a drop somewhere out in the world as well. When I defeat a difficult boss I get a bronze bust trophy of them, not a photograph to hang on the wall.
No farming dailies for special reputation and tokens to buy that deco item and no buying fake currency with real money for the chance that you could get the deco that you want.

ESO has created a player driven housing (and decoration) system where are SWTOR has a money based transaction focused housing and decoration system. Then again ESO is primarily a p;ayer driven and focused game where as SWTOR is a studio driven, profit focused game.
Once you have spent a month or so in ESO this difference becomes crystal clear.

Don’t get me wrong I loved SWTOR and own all the current strong holds and have each of them decorated very nicely with spacific themes. I spent 10’s of millions of credits on my strongholds and more money that I care to admit. I have crafted, looted or earned every last deco in my houses in ESO and I haven’t spent any real world money on them at all.

Tis why I have my own private guild SH and guild flagship. Even if you’ve been around since launch, the decorating system is the most pathetic pile of shit going; simple things like lights, tables and chairs can cost 500K+ per item on release, things you’re going to realistically need dozens of, so even for vets decorating is just needlessly awkward and difficult.

Love your idea though. Best we can probably hope for is a ‘donate to guild’ button, but for creating copies for ourselves. So if you want 2 copies of the 10,000,000 credit chair you only have one of, you can pay 50K and bump it up to 2.

Doubt we’ll even get that though :/

This is what was good about when they used to have rep and rep vendor with the packs. Where they went wrong was having a separate reputation for every new pack that came out instead of having one for all called “Hutt cartel reputation”.
Had they done that, they could have continuously added more tiers to it allowing more and more items. Cartel certificates didnt work either because they were too rare/random so – make the platinum type items require a few additional cartel coins instead.
I think having a vendor like that would be beneficial to both players and BW as it would encourage buying packs for rep but not make players stuck from not getting older items due to retired rep or scarcity.

lame sell senya’s crap already. Bioware has already put every other saber i payed way to much for for $ why not ones i don’t have… lol

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