Black Desert Striker Awakening Teaser Images

Black Desert Korea has posted some teaser pics of the awakening which will be released May 25 on the Korean servers.

The awakening weapon is called Spiritual Gauntlet. While it is similar to the current weapon, it will cover the whole arm instead of just the hands.He will also be able to summon a Spiritual Clone to fight alongside him. This clone will appear upon the usage of certain skills.


Striker awakening will be released on May 25 in Korean servers. Striker class will be released on NA/EU on May 24.


  • Michael Warner

    Cant wait for this class to be released next week and then the awakening when ever that its it looks cool as fuck

  • DGN

    Super sayen mode!

  • Viktor Laboš

    It looks like diablo 3 monk:)

  • 楓嵐雨

    It looks like god okay? asura’s wrath

    • Vajra

      The fact that I can finally go ham and make an homage to Asura with this class is makin me fuckin fangirl.

  • Mitchferd


  • MartynaKochanowic

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