GW2 Gemstore –Menzies’s Greatsword and Unbound Magic Tools

GW2 Gemstore Updated today with Menzies’s Greatsword skin for 600 gems and Unbound Magic Gathering Tools for 2700 gems.

Unbound Magic Gathering Tools – 2700 gems

These tools give Unbound Magic with every gather. Can be only bought as a package of 3 tools.

Unbound Magic Mining Beam


Unbound Magic Logging Pulse


Unbound Magic Harvesting Blast


Menzies’s Greatsword– 600 gems


  • Darkye Rhiadra

    How are these tools compared to the previous “fastest” ones? (the fire sickle – fastest, though consortium sickle is just as fast the fire one feels better – and the solar wood cutter – it gathers 4 times unlike all other wood gather tools, which means less animations, so faster – for mining all are more or less the same so doesn’t matter there)

    I’m only interested in buying these if the wood and plant gathering tools are just as fast or faster than those I mentioned.
    Thanks in advance if anyone answers.

    Also thanks Dulfy for the update.

    • Ares Zax

      From the video, I would say that the plant gathering tool is the standard speed (so slower than the fire/consortium sickle), the logging tool is the same as other axes, and the mining tool SEEMS faster, but there’s a longer aftercast delay (which you can shorten by weapon swapping, so it might end up being faster).

      • Alot

        Mining one does seem faster. Besides looking utterly ridiculous, these gathering tools quite literally generate legendary precursors over time. With the requirements of the new precursor acquisition system, the only valuable crafting material which needs to be sunk to craft legendary precursors is 10ascended leather sections – this covers the rest.

        • Zonko

          I don’t get it, can you explain that plz? 😮

          • Jane
          • Alot

            Old precursors required extremely expensive and extensive collections to unlock. New precursors require mystic curios and weapon specific tokens and several ascended materials to construct the final version of the precursor.
            Mystic curious are crafted with common materials which fill your inventory so fast they are literal just – and you have a wide selection of which junk variant to use.
            The new tokens would usually require hectic amounts of map grinding to purchase with map specific currencies but as some maps offer tokens for unbound magic, using these gathering tools allow you to eventually skip the most time consuming aspect of crafting new precursors.
            The only exception is the 10 ascended leather pieces which form part of the final crafting step of precursors. Those are still a pain.

  • Ares Zax

    So after all these years, we’re back to gemstore tools that give additional benefits. XD Still, I’ve got quite a bunch of Unbound Magic, so I’m not sure if I actually need these, since the Watchwork Pick still gives you Sprockets you can sell directly.

    • Alot

      Was hoping they’d be 2400 gems for the set but yes, the first obligatory purchase since the salvage-o-matic-in-a-shared-inventory-slot and the watch-work-mining pick before it.

    • Maxymus

      This is not an advantage like the watchwork. You can get the same result buying the karma ones, these are only permanent versions. The watchwork doesn’t have another version, only the permanent.

      • Raizel

        It is! Other unlimited gathering tools don’t give those benefits (except watchwork mining pick), so people who already have them result disadvantaged.
        Like ” Why should I buy karma ones if I already have different unlimited gathering tools (bought for gems also)? I’d like to have both functions in one tool but I can’t.”

        • Maxymus

          Well, you decided to buy knowing a mining tool could come with something. I stopped buying those waiting for another set like the watchwork (i didn’t have any hope, but still xD). And I bought a lot of the karma unbound gatherers cause my perma didn’t give any too. You could try to ask the CS to replace yours, but I don’t think they would =p

          • Ares Zax

            If it’s been longer than 6 months since your purchase, the answer is “no” unless there are special extenuating circumstances. For example, back when the gathering tools got changed to be account bound rather than soulbound, Support did refund me for excess Molten Picks even though I’d bought them longer than that.

            Anyway, I think overall that going forward, ANet should adjust the unlimited tools so that they come with an upgrade slot in which you can put crafted “gizmos” that give bonus items. Potential ideas include things like snowflakes, festival mats, rare crafting materials and map currencies. That would normalize all unlimited tools, and essentially just make the choice of gathering tool one of aesthetics.

            • Maxymus

              ^This. 🙂

  • SuicideSushi

    The mining pick doesn’t work underwater, I’m sure it’s just a bug

    • taran47

      Yeah a dev commented on the reddit that it was definitely a bug and they were working on a fix already.

      • answerer

        it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. We’re using violent unbound magic to gather resources, all unbound magic is absorbed by the water and consumed by Steve

  • Max Durak

    But… but wheres my oiled cowboi outfit. I’ve been waitng for it since last week!

  • Sealreth

    Beware. atm at least the harvesting tool can not be used underwater

  • Sealreth

    mining tool can not be used either

  • Eldon

    After using this awhile, it appears that the mining tool is much faster than the watchwork pick, the harvesting tool is slower than the consortium sickle but it there is more than one item to harvest it gets them all in one hit. Chopping tool seems normal.

    • nadrian3k

      That’s the feeling i got by watching the video…they seem faster. A subtle p2w

      • Alot

        I’m going to get them because they op but I don’t feel you can classify them as p2w. Firstly, how many years of use would be needed to break even on the 2700 gem price. Secondly, it doesn’t exactly win you any area of the game – except perhaps fashion wars.

        • nadrian3k

          Breaking even with gems only works if u pay real money for those gems….gold is easy to farm if u invest a bit of time…and it’s not like u have things to throw gold on that much.

          As for the actual win, you win the most valuable thing for anyone..and that is time. You waste less time and it adds up.

          As i said…it a SUBTLE p2w.

          • answerer

            But what do you win?
            5 seconds on a daily basis, and 500 UM on 2-3 days?
            It’s not useless, but the p2w is so subtle you can’t detect it with the most refined microscope

            • nadrian3k

              Exactly…a subtle p2w…the level of suitability is up to each person.

          • Alot

            Let’s say you get an average exchange rate and you pay about 743 gold to buy this set.

            How many hours does it take you to gather 743 gold and how many years of saving a second per gathering animation does it take to recoup the total hours spent farming for it.

            It’s clearly a less inefficient investment then skins or other gathering tools (minus the higher acquisition price and forced bulk purchase) but if your definition of winning at GW2 is spending less time grinding, then I suggest you ditch the gold farm, shut down the game and play dark souls for a few weeks instead.

            • nadrian3k

              Depends on the playtime and what you do. You don’t need to farm. You can make tons of money by playing normal or doing random stuff.

              Gold is easy to get by and gather because u don’t have a lot to spend it on that is worth wile. Skins are skins..practical ingame tools are a different thing.

              What’s DS got to do with anything anyway….

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    So I ended up buying the ubm gathering tools, because they do look cool. Anyway, for those interested, this is what I’ve found:

    Mining pick: much faster than any other mining pick I’ve seen, gathers 4 times

    Wood cutter: same speed as others (though it seems faster to me, not sure), gathers 3 times

    Sickle: about the same speed as the slow ones (so anything other than consortium and fire sickles) but gathers 3 times in one hit (not sure if it does 4 gathers in one hit since plant nodes with 4 hits are very rare and I haven’t found any yet)

    It would be nice if ArenaNet would make all the gathering tools the same. Then it would be easier to simply go for what you like effects and appearance wise. Right now I want the shinny and pretty, but at the same time, I can’t go back from a fast gather tool to a slower one…

    • Alot

      The recap is appreciated. Are you sure the logging tool only harvests 3 though. The animation shows 4 blasts?

      • Darkye Rhiadra

        Logging gathers 4 times. I edited after a few hours when I noticed. It’s easy to miss since the 4th one happens at the very end of the “3rd hit” animation.

        Maybe someone can freeze frame and see exactly if the logging tool is faster than the older ones… it seems like that to me. Either way, only this one and the solar one gather 4 times which makes them the most efficient imo.

    • Morbid Eel

      Someone mentioned that the mining requires a charge up time then it rapidly gives you the ores. Is that true?

      The thing I am concerned with is when you get extra gathering attempts. If there is a charge up then you end up wasting time charging up for 3 strikes even when you only have one strike left.

      • Darkye Rhiadra

        The “charge up” time for the mining tool is unnoticeable, and the total time spent mining is a lot less than any other mining tool existing at the moment.

        The one issue you might have with the mining one is the end of the animation which locks you in place (you can still break out of it with weapon switch, but not with movement). By that I mean, if you move after the 3rd gather, you can move and you break the animation. It’s easier this way, for me anyway, as opposed to weapon switch. However, if you wait for the 4th gather, then the animation locks you in place, and trying to move away won’t help. Also the animation will play fully, including the “nothing happens but I can’t start mining just yet” part, which is annoying. That can only be avoided by weapon swap (which also lets you start mining immediately – mostly useful for rich nodes or guild nodes).

        Either way, since both mining and logging tools are faster than anything else, I think it’s worth it. The harvest one is faster than others, as long as the plant has more than 1 gather in it.

  • Bryan Turner

    Any one else find it funny that they release a Great Sword skin after nerfing all of the Power builds, other than Condition Reapers I can’t think of any one that’s going to be rocking a Menzie’s GS.

    • Morbid Eel

      Hey! Path of Exile did that all the time. Nerf a skill then release a new skin for the skill.

      • Bryan Turner

        I hope marketing is pitching a fit with the balance team now lol.

        • Alot

          The sides of this greatsword skin are very balanced ^^

      • Trillium

        that is a valid technique. out of two things equally strong the one that looks better will be more popular. there’re always people that will use strong thing even if it looks like shit, there’re always people that don’t care about crunch as long as it looks cool. it all balances out in the end, as long as there’s nothing that looks too cool and is strong at the same time.

    • Trillium

      unless they put cool look above silly numbers, that is

    • :3

      Pretty sure most of gw2 playerbase are not min-maxers, if you honestly think majority of the playerbase are focused on optimum play then you are incredibly ignorant
      Fun >>> anything and *FUN is subjective

    • Alot

      There are so many great greatswords at this pointpoint I find it hard to understand why someone would want Menzies period :/

      • Blippedyblop

        Probably those who are steeped in the Lore from Guild Wars 1 and have a particular liking for Menzies and the Shadow Army. Not my cup of tea, and admittedly, a Menzies fanbase is probably quite small.

        • Alot

          Saw a wooden potato video on the lore. I don’t think Menzies ever showed up though, which makes sentimental attachment to his sword a little hard to understand. If they wanted to release some shadow army armor pieces on the other hand, I’d be all game for it.

          • Blippedyblop

            There was a quest in Fissure of Woe that involved the minions of Menzies (Army of Darkness). To my understanding, Menzies himself hasn’t appeared in either game. Still, a lore nut would see more appeal than most, i would imagine.

      • Narottam Zakheim

        depends what the character looks like doesnt it? Im always looking for new skins that actually suit my chars… dunno.. this might be perfect for someone

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