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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 23 – May 30

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 23 – May 30

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Holy fuck, they still aren’t in collections? Dyes came out in v2.1. They are still riding the same dick looking for money? How greedy and desperate can these assholes be? In Mass Effect (Also by EA and BW) you don’t even need dyes. Destiny gives them away for free. No wonder they have only one (broken) server left.

ESO gives you a ton of free dies and the rest are earned through achievements. Some of those achievements are incredibly easy and some are very difficult. They put a few up for sale for Holiday and Special events, but those came colors are still obtainable through achievements.
Bottom line is that in a player driven game you get the cool stuff by doing stuff, in a profit driven game you get the cool stuff by purchasing it…

to clarify, the only purchasable dyes ESO ever has are the combo dyes for costumes, since only subscribers can dye costumes (everyone can dye regular gear though) and yes, all of those dyes are achievement dyes, that are serverwide. ESO has its own set of issues with monetanization etc, but all things are relative, and relative to SWTOR, ESO is incredibly generous. there is fluff you can only buy from the store, but vast majority of cool stuff is earned through gameplay. and non subscriber gets much MUCH better playing experience and is not locked out of end game content, because how does swtor solve population issues? by making them worse of course by not letting all its players participate

Same in ESO, once you unlock a color you have it on every toon in your account and can use it a bazillion times if you want.

Just to clarify, I never see dyes for sale in ESO. The ones they do sell are for dying costumes – which are only needed if you are not a sub. If you are ESO Plus, you can dye costumes and armor with ease.

What I like about the ESO dye system is 1.) It is achievement based and 2.) It is account based. So once you unlock the dyes, they are freely available to ALL characters no matter which toon made the achievement.

GW2 I would recon has the best dye system of any game, they are easy to obtain, lots of customization, account bound, and there are hundreds of colours to collect. The most desirable dyes are expensive, but it’s something for players to work towards if they want them

Haha yeah I’ve played SWTOR for awhile now, and tbh GW2 character customization is 4 to 5 leagues better than it. Whenever I play SWTOR I keep wishing it had everything GW2 has, because they’ve improved GW2 so much since its initial release

4 to 5 leagues better?
Try 100 leagues mate, it’s miles better than swtor, I dream of a system like GW2’s customisation in Swtor.
Oh and the ability to walk into an area and get the mission straight away, rather than having to pick it up first.
I could go on and on.
Sadly it was my boredom of fantasy MMO’s that drove me away from GW2 (and Eso and Lotro) but in my opinion it is the best, so many good ideas in one game.

Well yeah (but leagues I thought were big so I went with 4 to 5 haha). When is the last time you played GW2? It is significantly better than it was since Heart of Thorns came out. Really worth a shot, as someone who’s played all the other MMOs, this one definitely has a polish that the others don’t have

I left it a few years back, but it was beautiful, I just got sick of fantasy MMO’s in general, but if i was to dip my toes back into a fantasy one it would definitely be GW2.
Maybe this year 🙂

For a moment I was really shocked. I checked out the link to the pictures of the Recon Trooper armour and noticed it wasn’t assymetrical. Had someone in TOR’s heavy armour team not gotten the memo? But then I noticed the boots and the world was back to normal.

I really wish they’d just give us a proper armor coloring system like other MMOs have, like ESO for instance, instead of letting these popular dyes raise to a fortune on the GTN and then selling them for ridiculous amounts. AND they’re still single use!

Opening all the colors through achievements, actually playing and enjoying the game. Having multiple dye slots so you can make “choices that matter” to you? Ugh…I’m starting to turn into one of them. This game fails on so many levels while others make so much more player friendly design choices….its very frustrating trying to remain hopeful.

The recon trooper looks neat at least, I’d totally buy that for 300-400cc…

I’ll be honest, I just left SWTOR last Tuesday, I just can’t keep going in there right now.
The thought of what could be, what should be, all of the wasted potential in that game is depressing.
It isn’t just that it’s the same old stuff with little to no changes its the fact that the game has become ultra focused on micro transactions. I started to feel like they are just giving us a mobile game on a PC platform.
Dye’s are just one cog in the machine, from my point of view that machine is slowing down…
When “the stream dream team” talked to us in December we were left with the impression that we would have almost half a raid or at least 2 bosses by the beginning of summer. Here we are 7 days until the year is half over and there is still only 1 boss of this new Op, the newest full raid is 2 and a half years old and the most recent story content was lack luster.
I have run out of things to do in SWTOR. I still have friends in that game and I really miss hanging out with them, talking with them and gaming with them, But SWTOR isn’t any fun for me anymore…

I’ve considered uninstalling and moving on a few times lately, especially with all the new stuff just added to ESO. Morrowind is pretty good so far, and the new class is a blast, I made a big orc named Tallos Vek (Named after Rallos Zek the Warlord from EQ) and I’m only 15, but I’ve been playing a stam build with 2 handers and creature companion abilities, and its great. My pre-order random item crate gave me a floral bonnet btw. I was really hoping for neat Dwemer stuff, but oh well.
Oh, and Deltia posted the new game he is playing in a 7 minute video. He is going to be playing Swtor because the pvp is so awesome. In that same 7 minute video he spent 4 minutes bashing the overabundance of microtransactions , venomous pvp community, underpopulated servers, and brutally punishing free to play system.

Yeah, I read Deltia’s article and watched the video. He spent more time bashing SWTOR than saying anything good about. I also noticed that in his “Good” section on his review he had almost as many negatives as he did positives.

I submitted a comment to his write up and video, but he deleted it…

I haven’t been able to play much the past few days, but my Warden hit level 8 last night and I have been running a ranged Mag DPS build with an AOE heal. I think that I may take my warden in a support role, not a pure DPS, but damn is the class a TON of FUN!
Vardenfall is a HUGE map and I can’t wait to try the public dungeon and the Trial in there.

I saw your comment though, actualy replied to it. its possible that with the way moderation works on that site, you cannot see the comment (once you leave the site and come back) until it was approved. because I don’t see my comment right now either, but i do still see yours

Guy switches from ESO to SWTOR and he’s a YTer? That’s like being on a cargo ship and deciding to jump over to the Titanic after it’s already hit the iceberg. Watched part of that video and the guy doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Sounds like he was just burned out on ESO and is having some momentary happiness playing anything but ESO.

He really should have diversified his channel from the start for several reasons. People get used to one type of content, and it suddenly stops, and gets replaced by something else….yeah he better be ready to lose some subs, and his comment sections are full of sour grapes as a result. But also, you end up in a Tradechat(WoW) scenario. Where the game you play, even if you still love it, becomes a job, and takes on all the tedium associated with repetitive work. You play when you don’t want too, you have to prioritize the game over “real life” because it pays your bills….it is real life now, and suddenly you realize you’ve stopped having fun a year ago, but ego and survival have pushed you to soldier on instead of taking a much needed break (Which you can’t take, because you only do one thing, and you will lose your audience).
I think swapping to Swtor though, just in regards to a Youtube channel, is career suicide. Although I think its just something he is killing time on until Ashes of Creation.

All these people throwing their eggs in the AoC basket are asking for trouble imo. Frankly, if they don’t cut off the crowd funding soon and just keep pulling in cash I’ll be convinced it’s just another Star Citizen mess. They cannot deliver what they’ve promised with the amount of money they have now but without a set limit and commitment these companies have zero reason to fully deliver a product by a set date. It baffles me that people accept this business model. Show me the product completed and I’ll show you my money. The first thing anyone mentions about the game is how fast it broke crowd funding records…who cares? That has ZERO impact on the finished product or when it will be finished. It’s just fluff and an empty talking point.

I’m also not impressed with their plans. Sounds like game mechanics just waiting for players to figure out how to exploit it and drive it into the ground. All plans sound great until the thing is live and people start doing things in ways you never thought they’d think of. I suspect it’ll be another situation where big guilds run the show and everyone else is at their mercy.

Tradechat is humming along and seems to be happy with what she’s doing but I see your point. The situation you describe sounds like Snave to me. Every few months he seems to throw temper tantrums on Twitter about how miserable the game is, deletes them a day later, and just keeps going cause it’s his job. Depressing.

I responded to this a few days ago and its still in pending hell, so I’ll try again. I’d only seen talk of AoC from Deltia, and I didn’t really know anything about it. But I saw you compare it to Star Citizen, and became intrigued enough to check the kickstarter.
My first thought was “This sounds a lot like Everquest Next.” Then I saw the dev’s, and I think it is Everquest Next, just repackaged. They seem to have modified the original node system, and taken away some of the environmental controls they were going to give to players, which is good, but the system still seems to be reaching for the stars. Which isn’t a bad thing, per se, I’d love to see something like this succeed. Their budget from kickstarter is not enough to produce a triple A game, but according to the video, on kickstarter, they claim to already have a working model they can bring to market, the campaign is to flesh out what they have and shape the game with the community. Which could be a load of bull. Time will tell I guess.
I do share your concern for players exploiting their system. I think getting into the game in the start will be a hell of an experience, like in DayZ. Where in the early days you have people experimenting with playstyles, and exploring, and working together, but eventually, people have done all that, and they get bored. That’s when they become a murderer, and like DayZ, suddenly everyone is a murderer, because being a farmer, or a miner, or an explorer, is volunteering to be murdered by the people who are just looking for victims. Then you run into resource issues. If lumber is based on cutting down trees, you could find yourself in a world with no trees pretty fast, because people are jerks and time spent planting is time not spent getting more lumber. Also the world is persistent, which means getting calls or messages on your cellphone to log in and defend your keeps and towns while you are at work. The guild with the most children and unemployed adults wins.
Still, I want to see what comes of it. I always like seeing people push the limits of the genre.

I ran the new trial in ESO, Halls of Fabrication, tonight…
SWTOR ain’t got SHIT on the challenge, mechanics and creativity that ZOS has displayed in this!

I need to start doing more raiding…trialing? I’ve been trying to push through maelstrom veteran mode, but I am stuck on the 7th fight.

Sounds awesome though. I love me some dwemer stuff.

I have never done Maelstrom, but I have done VDSA a number of times and have made it through all the trials normal mode (except the last boss of HoF.
The Trials in ESO are fantastic and incredibly creative I’m blown away by them. I don’t want to geek out to much here so as not to draw the ire of some, but OMG trials are beyond any endgame I have experianced in any other game.

I uninstalled to free up space a few weeks ago. Hadn’t really played in well over a year, my guild is on life support, and the restrictions make it hard for me to do stuff anyway.

I loved SWTOR for 4 years, but have spent the past year frustrated with it. I can’t see continuing to pay for a game I’m not enjoying.
One of my guild mates told me that the way he saw it he was paying BW $15 a month to game with friends. While I agree with that philosophy completely, I’d rather pay that $15 to Teamspeak than Bioware…

I understand that aspect but just playing with friends wasn’t enough for me to force myself to play a game I didn’t like or respect anymore when there are much better options out there. I’ve made new friends in WoW and still keep in contact with the close friends I made in SWTOR through other games, texts, or voice chat. My time is too valuable to waste playing a game that I don’t have fun with. Even if it is Star Wars.

Guilds die all the time.
That’s mmo’s.
The Wow guild I was in died (never went back after it did)
The GW2 guild I was in died (also never went back got bored of the whole fantasy genre after this Eso, LotrO and GW2.)
My Swtor guild died, this time I went searching, found a great (albeit small) guild with a couple of dozens players on nightly and having a blast again.
Guilds come and go, a new one can make all the difference.

As well as that he also said a lot of good things about Swtor too hence why he is moving to Swtor from Eso, saying swtor was fun, doesn’t require gear to carry you through pvp and most content, simple character advancement, new story’s (lols) and loves the cxp system (not touching one with a bargepole) that rewards players whatever they do etc etc.
His major issues were the cartel market, but as he said you can chose not to get involved in it as it’s non-essential, a toxic community (looks down, ticks yes box) and multiple servers instead of a mega server (he’s damn right there) and a slower combat system due to global cooldowns,
So all in all it wasn’t a damning review, if it was why would he change (is eso really that bad – joke btw), it’s just something he is liking just now.
See that’s the thing about gaming, it’s fickle, today’s king is tomorrows pauper.
You just have to look at KOTET/KOTFE and Morrowind for game changers.
Eso is old and tired for him, he doesn’t like the direction it’s going etc etc, swtor after 3 years is new to him again so it’s a golden time for him, which i’m quite sure is how he felt when he left Swtor to go to Eso.
It’s all relative to your wants and needs at the time.
We’ve had a player come from Eso recently and he’s loving swtor because it’s all new to him, just as I’m sure someone going the other way.
That’s just gaming 🙂

“doesn’t require gear to carry you through pvp”
This is why I don’t think you, or Deltia have done any pvp in swtor, ever. Geared team wins every time, unless they are going out of their way to lose. The only exception was the one time that bolster was so bugged that people were better off nude. The rest of the positives were equally laughable outside of fun. But when developement is at a crawl, its only as fun as what is left to do. Then the brakes slam on and you have to pick your hamster wheel while you wait.

Cartel Market is poppin though…why not buy some shit while you wait?

“This is why I don’t think you, or Deltia have done any pvp in swtor”
Well I can’t comment on Deltia but I’ve done plenty pvp in swtor, even back when expertise was the king of PVP (got the manhunter title and Valor 80 on my PVP alts.)
We also do now for conquest.
Now when we die it isn’t because of gear, it because of teamwork, we aren’t focusing the healers, stuns at wrong times, not shouting incoming when guarding a base etc.
It’s never gear these days. In fact more often than not I’m killed by a player with worse gear than me, but sometimes a better pvp rotational sense than me.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this…
I don’t disagree with you.
People play what they want to play because it is what is interesting to them at the time. Deltia loved ESO because he was tired of SWTOR, he went back to SWTOR because he was burnt out of ESO.
Hell, anyone would get burnt out of any game if their life’s income depended on them playing a game for hours and hours and hours on end and making countless youtube video’s about it.
There isn’t enough content in ANY video game on the planet to be able to prevent a person from getting burnt out at that pace.

I have to agree with Naq’s statement though, a player with great gear in SWTOR is still going to have a huge advantage over a player with bad gear. Gear is still a thing. If I go into a match with my old Tier 1 gear I will get wrecked by someone in Tier 3 gear. I can use the optimal rotation on my Operative and still get destroyed by a Guardian or Sent in better gear. Gear matters A LOT!

SWTOR has created an entire progression system based on the acquisition of gear (The Command System) SWTOR is only about 2 things right now, micro transactions and acquiring more gear. I was no longer fun for me, I’m not a grinder and grinding for the sake of grinding is only exciting in the bedroom (or where ever you get your jollies) :).

I don’t fault Deltia either way, but I would caution him to temper his praise of SWTOR given the great many faults that he himself pointed out. ESO is by no means perfect, but in comparison it is having more success and producing exponentially more content at the moment. As I mentioned before I left SWTOR last week, I gave away almost all my money and stuff and I probably won’t even finish the JK I am abandoning on Tarris… (poor fella). I’m burnt out on SWTOR, after 5 years of gobbling up content as fast as they could make I have nothing left to do. It’s great that some people are having a good time still and I hope enough people are still enjoying it that they are able to create some really good stuff that makes me choose to finish that Knight and start Subbing again.
After experiencing ESO though, I’m probably better off to wait for that game that Visceral is making.

Time will tell if SWTOR has much of a future, but it sure looks bleak at the moment and any high profile gamer that switches from a successful title to one that is slowly slipping away is going to be met with criticism.

7 days till the year is half way over? So it is late June for you where you are? I’m in the late part of the 5th month of year here. Still got to get June out of the way to have 6 months in here.

Yes, we are only approaching the start of June.
In all honesty, December doesn’t count as a working month at Bioware they release something toward the beginning of the month and then take 3 and a half weeks of vacation. I’ve never worked somewhere that it was acceptable to do nothing at all for nearly a month, I sure wish I could get a job at Bioware…
It doesn’t really matter in the long run, expectations of what they can and will accomplish are so low at this point that people are still celebrating KotFE, KotET, Tyth and the Command system. All of which were lackluster and disappointing.

Recon trooper reminds of those ‘football’ players from ’80s movie, “Flash Gordon”
Queue football scene music… ♫ ♪ ♫ ;p

I will never understand why they charge so much for certain color combinations, especially the bland ones (white/white, black/black, white/black, black/white). They would make MUCH more money if all color dyes were readily available and the same price, but all armor was more expensive. There are a ton of outfits I’d buy if I could then cheaply make them any colors I wanted…..

Black/black is the most boring of all the colour combinations. If they would make black/dark gray more available, or dark gray/black, I’d probably plunk down some CC’s for more of those. Contrast, even low contrast, is much more visually appealing than a big blob of black.

Depends on the character. My agent wore b/b only, it suited her perfectly. There’s a lot of armor combinations that looks great in black only. She looked awesome. Most of my other toons had some color in their armors since b/b didn’t feel right on them.

Well, I’ve got the Unrelenting Terror set on my main Warrior, so I’m at least somewhat guilty of that, but I went with a Secondary Dark Gray dye instead of black. It’s subtle, but it does add some variety to an otherwise very, very black costume. The Dark Legionnaire belt also looks better with that set than its included belt.

I find it makes an excellent coloring for the Satele Shan outfit. But it is not for everything. On some outfits it does indeed look bad.

As a side note, I found dark gray/light gray to be close enough to black/white to make spending 750 cc on the latter a waste.

Hmmm. Almost everything is discounted. Can you say “We really, really need money at this point.”

They need a lot more than our money. I came back for a month after 3 months away and population is down another 25%. Would not surprise me if EA makes an announcement before they release last boss on this piecemeal operation that they are shutting the game down. If not then, most likely after 4th quarter results come in.

That would scare me, Swtor was fun, still is, but with the population down thiers noone to play swtor with half the time, and once swtor goes thats another coh, except ruined by idiot devs instead of idiot publishers

They should shut down this game and hopefully a better game company can pick it up and resurrect it because EA trashed it!

Indeed, we are even getting discounts in the content department.
“EPIC NEW CONTENT….with 33% less content !”

He said by the end of the month but hopefully sooner. So he has another week before he’s in deep bantha poodoo.

Recon Trooper Helmet looks like the Imperial Scout Trooper from the Original Trilogy. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE. Thanks to the Victorious Trailblazer chest I can finally make my Scout Trooper cosplay in SWTOR

I’ll ask here, even though this isn’t the topic because at least I know people will see it.

I’m looking to get a new gaming laptop soon where I can play at something beyond minimum settings. One of the choices is 1080p or 1440p resolution. But the graphics card is a gtx 1060, which I understand plays 1080p on ultra flawlessly, but not 1440p (I guess a gtx 1070 is needed for ultra on 1440p)

I was wondering if anybody here knows what settings need to get turned down so I can run ultra 1440p on more important settings for a good visual while slighting less important settings. (I’ve never cared about things like shadows in other MMOs).

Basically, I’m wondering what I have to sacrifice and whether I’ll ultimately decide the 1440p requires giving up too much to be worth it [I also hear playing at 1080p on a 1440p monitor doesn’t look very good]


The thing is your talking about gaming laptops so anything with a gtx 1060 card + 1080p res will be pretty good to say the least.
When you start wanting 1440p res + gtx1070 cards then I recommend a getting a pc tower.
I have a laptop with a 1060 card and playing games on the recommended settings the cooling fans go nuts so can only imagine the laptop will be cooking with a higher card.

If you pay the big bucks and get a 1440p res + 1070 card laptop I doubt you’l be turning many settings down in any game, certainly not enough to notice much difference.

Thanks for the insights. This is helpful. I’ve been forced to play at minimum settings in the past (Playing on a 13″ rMBP with Bootcamp) and want to get better visuals. But I don’t want to spend more than I need to, if it won’t make a difference in game quality.

You’ve given me some insights that go beyond “more is better”

(Right now, I’m considering Alienware laptops and am considering the 13″ and 15″)

Go for something like this

and just exchange the original grafic card against whatever you want, install Win 10 anew and you’re good for a long time.

Later you can even put 2 grafic cards inside, lots of screens via HDMI and/or DVI, if you should need. Or wait until autumn cyber weekend at amazon and buy a reduced 1 TB Crucial SSD

Check other Z600, maybe with 24 GB RAM if need be, sometimes they are even cheaper than 12 GB Ram Machines.

Be sure to buy a grafic card with around 22 cm length and not the extreme sized cards with 28 cm length, they wont fit inside the tower because of the hard drive cages inside
(or you have to remove the lowre cages by force, meaning disassemble the whole tower, removing everything (board, drives, …) and then tearing the lower cages apart with a angle crinder).

And yes … it’s NOT a laptop, it’s a gaming weapon system.

Just to recap, out of the past SWTOR dulfy updates, 10 out of 8 of them have been cartel market related. And one of the ones that wasn’t cartel market related was just a commando guide. So, quite literally only 1/10 of these dulfy posts have been actual content updates.

I haven’t played seance January, and every week I log on to dulfy to see if there have been any things worth coming back to. Looks like I won’t be back anytime soon.

I’m still trying to get my head around how to get 10 out of 8.

Oh, and what a seance has to do with Dulfy…

Sorry for my type-o. I meant 8/10. it is fixed now.

I’m simply pointing out that 8/10 of these posts have been cartel market related highlighting the fact that we haven’t had any actual content updates.

This doesn’t have anything to do with dulfy. Shes just the messenger. however the messages are not satisfactory. actually did a better job in recent months in keeping up to date with SWTOR. The game experience now is determined by what server you are on. If you played on JC you would think the game is dead while on other ones like Harbinger it’s lively in all aspects.

I am on Harbinger, and “lively” is not a word I would ever use to describe SWTOR in 2017.

If you don’t give a shit, then you dont give a shit that there hasn’t been any content updates. Some people are just satisfied with that they have I guess. even if they are paying for what they don’t have.

I have logged in twice in the last 10 days… only to raid at specific times with my guildies. No incentive to play any more 🙁

That is why I left SWTOR.
I love gaming with my guild mates, I just can’t keep playing a game that I no longer enjoy.

Cartel wars, the old republic has decided to focus its efforts on selling packs. This isn’t new

To be fair, and I think we should be fair, the 10 updates you speak of range from 2.May to 23.May. That’s just 3 weeks. You don’t get more than one game update in 3 weeks. Expecting more wouldn’t be just.

As long as the remaining devs deliver something new every month -and anything would do at this point- I will be okay.

thats understandable, and a good point. the problem is, there really hasn’t been any updates besides outside of these past three weeks, and the one we got was minor. the last real thing we got was IOKATH. And even then, that still wasnt much. I mean compared to the wait.

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