GW2 Gemstore Update–Outlaw Outfit and Outlaw Puppy

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Outlaw Outfit and the Outlaw Puppy for 700 and 400 gems respectively.

Outlaw Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern















Outlaw Puppy– 400 gems


Returning Items/Available for 7 Days

  • Aviator Sunglasses – 150 gems
  • Phoenix Glider – 500 gems
  • Lord Caudecus’s Pistol Skin – 600 gems
  • Lord Caudecu’s Sword Skin – 600 gems
  • Talindra

    I hate my life.

  • EagleBach

    Anet: hey, let’s recolor a medium armor trench coat and sell it for 700 gems

  • Team Lazy

    Please tell me the real designers are all working on amazing expansion skins and this was made by an intern on his phone while on the toilet.

  • commentor

    Someone in the designer team definitely needs professional psychiatrist help. #trenchcoatfetish

  • ShingYau Lau

    I hope all this kind of designers stay in GW2 so they don’t pollute other games in the future.

  • rolalinii

    ugg another coat 🙁

  • Celty-san


    • nadrian3k

      You kinky mofo

  • Ra.

    This should be a reward for a collection or something… it doesn’t seem ‘special’ enough for me to spend money on, I guess is what I’m saying? I suppose if a non-medium wearing character needed to throw a trench and hat on, but, IDK. Not special enough, man.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Heh. I got this outfit but for a more “unique” reason. I don’t even like the whole “cowboy” theme, but it is what it is.
    Ever since I started playing this game, 4+ years ago, the “wrongness” of some aspects of the bodies is tormenting me 😛
    And nothing bothers me more than the huge “upside down U” shape between characters’ legs… This is bad generally, but more so on male characters since it inflates their hips to silly cartoonish proportions.
    This new outfit, is one of the very very few pants in the game that correct that error to some extent. So I bought it. 😀

  • gjits

    Now all classes have access to medium armor!

  • Nakua

    Seems GW2 turned into a korean mmo, same 3d model with a different skin…

  • Shaggy

    as someone who mains a lot of medium characters, im so, so tired of coats.

  • Trillium

    Funny thing, cowboy outfit in a universe where NO DAMN HORSES EXIST!

    (not counting centaurs)

    • iqValentin

      To be honest, it’s a good thing that horses don’t exist.
      Because, as you point it out, things would be reaaaally weird in a world where horses and centaurs coexist.

      • Mr. Principal

        But.. I want my pony..!

        • iqValentin

          No pony for you. Go and ride a centaur (seducing it first) like a normal tyrian.

      • Trillium

        Yup. It’s like centaurs and humans coexisting. Or humans and apes. Oh wait…

      • commentor

        well…you have centaurs, and you have human in the current world. We need horses. Things are better explained that way.

  • Skobie

    guess what? another TRENCH COAT!!! everyone love trench coats, the first thing that artists say when a new outfit is proposed is “but how would it look with a trench coat?” “amazing”

  • Mr. Principal

    I think it is time to start a petition to Anet, to stop designing these horrible outfits. (most of them tho!)
    No more Trench Coats.. No more Buttcapes plz..!

    • Suan

      If someone starts it, send a link here so I can sign it too.

  • ZipClassic

    Contrary to popular opinion, I’m pretty happy with this outfit overall. Its fills a need for me as the medium armor skins are pretty lacking for my taste. I do wish they would tone down the gloss a bit though so it doesn’t shine like latex.

    • commentor

      “the medium armor skins are pretty lacking “, that’s not a wrong statement. But I do need further elaboration as to how this “fills a need” since it is basically the same template of other trench coats, give a take a few pieces of fabrics. Fine, we need more medium armor skins, i’m all for that. But the “popular opinion” simply argues for something non-trenchcoat. Your arguments basically sounds like, I need more variety! give me more of the same please.

      • ZipClassic

        I said it fills a need “for me” and “my taste” Not sure why you feel you need an elaboration on that because the content is subjective to each individual. What works for me may not work for you and that’s okay, but the same is also be true in reverse.

        • commentor

          the “not sure why” part. I did say “since it is basically the same template of other trench coats, give a take a few pieces of fabrics” to explain the need for my inquiry. Hope that helps. But fair enough, if your taste is satisfied with the same template with minor modification, no one can criticize there.

  • enough

    ONCE AGAIN they absolute HAVE to show off a bit of female skin right in the middle, completely disrupting the look for no goddamn reason.

  • Lord Kimbote

    Like the puppy more than the outfit x3 Outfit is so-so. Would be kinda cool for a thief with pistols.

  • 島風

    Outfit is shit, the puppy is cute but I wouldn’t pay for it.

  • Tsar CUBE

    So they took some previous basic medium armours and glued it together into an outfit… Outfits were shit as is, but this is crossing the line lol. The Puppy is awesome though.

  • Pedofilný fašista Smotana

    Remove the ugly bow tie and finally give me the God damned katana so I can cosplay as Hijikata from Drifters

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