SWTOR Content Road Map for 2017

Bioware has released the content road map for 2017 today. Here are all the details.

Hi everyone,

Our Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Team has been very busy reviewing all the areas of the game and has built a vision that we are eager to share with you in this Roadmap. We gathered suggestions directly from our players and influencers, gained insights from comments on our forums and those of our fan sites, and received lots of feedback from conversations at our Cantina events!

This SWTOR Roadmap offers insight into our direction for the game starting with our ‘Summer of SWTOR’ activities beginning June 13, 2017. Plus, the Roadmap covers all our plans including what areas of the game we are focusing on, areas targeted for quality of life improvements, and plans for overall gameplay changes.

I have included a section about Communication and how we plan to keep you informed throughout the year. We will unquestionably keep some things out of the spotlight and we may not go into great depth about a change until we are ready to discuss it, but I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy our increased communication.

So, what’s next and what can you expect from SWTOR in the coming months? Where are we headed longer term, and how do we address the myriad of questions everyone wants answered?


We have been saying for a while now our focus this year is to return to massively multiplayer and group-based content. Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET) we have already delivered a new daily area, a new Operation Boss (Tyth, the God of Rage), and the return of two companions. Our focus on gameplay improvements will continue throughout this year and will include revisiting existing game systems to provide enhancements where needed whenever possible.


It’s been far too long since we provided you with extremely challenging multi-player activities. We all know our Operations (8 to 16-player PvE boss fights) are a favorite pastime for Guilds, are the fastest way to gear up, and when done properly, cause all of us to keep showing up every week until we can place that Boss on farm status!

Delivering an Operation is a fundamental change in our direction this year and our plan is to provide you with a new Boss encounter every few months. By doing it this way, we can deliver high quality, challenging Boss fights much faster than making you wait until the end of the year or for an expansion.

Some of you are already fighting Esne and Aivela on our Public Test Server (PTS) and the feedback has really been excellent. We’re looking forward to July when you can fight these two sisters.

We’ve already changed how our level or ‘Tier’ gear drops in Operations, now we’ll be adding a platinum quality item you can earn from defeating certain bosses in Veteran and Master modes (our two more challenging modes vs. Story mode). In an upcoming post, we’ll let you know which bosses drop rewards and what items you will have a chance to earn.


We introduced two new PvP Warzones last year and plan to continue improving PvP by adding fun activities throughout the year. Season 8, our current season in progress, is slated to end in August in conjunction with Crisis on Umbara (Game Update 5.4) – we’re finalizing all the rewards now. We’ll provide an update on all the rewards in an upcoming forum post.

We know Class balance is a hot topic for our PvP community and the Combat team is hard at work building a plan for future balance changes. We will begin rolling out the changes with Sisters of Carnage (Game Update 5.3) in July and will continue monthly updates until we’re satisfied with all the adjustments. I’m confident you’ll let us know your opinions after each update, too.

We are reviewing ways to improve use of your wide range of characters, and one of our top priorities is to make Unassembled Components a Legacy currency. This allows you to play with any of your alternate characters while gaining benefits across your entire Legacy.

The remainder of the year includes a new Warzone, Galactic Starfighter (our space PvP gameplay expansion) changes, changes to Ranked PvP, earlier notification of Season 9 rewards, and continued review/adjustment of class balances.


We will continue moving the story forward after the events on Iokath. As we announced at our recent Cantina in Orlando during Star Wars™ Celebration 2017, the next major story update is coming in August with Crisis on Umbara featuring an exciting new Flashpoint on the shadowy planet. We won’t give you spoilers about this new area, but we’ll reveal more as we get closer to general release.

We know bringing back your old Companions is extremely important so expect to see more of them returning throughout the year. Additionally, as we release updates over the summer, you’ll be able to customize some of your favorite companions, including Theron, Lana, Shae, Koth, and Senya! In addition, we’ll review and adjust which companions you received through Alliance Alerts.

We will continue to provide regular improvements for companions this year to enable you to increase their influence by doing in-game tasks you typically do when you play. Companions remain an important part of SWTOR and we look forward to introducing improved ways for you to engage with them.

In addition, based on the feedback we received about Iokath, we are exploring options for new Daily areas, adding or updating events, and offering special rewards for a variety of in-game activities.


Quality of Life (QoL) is a term regularly used to reference improvements we make to improve your gameplay experience. QoL improvements include fixing long standing bugs, changes to existing game systems, improvements to the User Interface, simplifying ways to do things in-game, increasing the speed of mounts, adding Legacy Perks, and more.

We will regularly look to offer more customization improvements such as adding Weapon Tuning enhancements to player collections, and we will continue to seek your feedback on other customization options you would like to see!


The following is our planned Summer of SWTOR 2017 Game Updates along with highlights of what is included with each release:


  • The return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event with all new rewards, including a new Gamorrean Companion!
  • Starfighter Improvements – Increased Requisition gains, Gunship and Bomber available by default, some new ship customization options
  • Companion Influence earned from Crew Skill Missions
  • Command Experience Legacy Perk for alts. Once one of your character reaches Command Rank 300, you can acquire a new Legacy Perk to increase CXP gains on all your other characters
  • The ability to craft Tier 4 armor is now available
  • Both Theron Shan and Shae Vizla’s appearances can now be customized
  • New Legacy Perks: Mount Speed 4 & 5 (120% & 130% increased movement speed)
  • Tier 1 gear can now be purchased for Command Tokens


  • Gods from the Machine’s second encounter Aivela and Esne in Story and Veteran Mode
  • A brand-new Stronghold with a great view of the Ocean
  • The ability to search for Stronghold Decorations using new filters
  • The start of Class balance changes for the following:
    • Sorcerer/Sage
    • Powertech / Vanguard
    • Assassin / Shadow
    • Sniper / Gunslinger
    • Mercenary / Commando
    • Operative / Scoundrel
  • Appearances for additional companions can now be customized


  • The story will continue in a new Flashpoint: Crisis on Umbara
  • Appearances for additional companions can now be customized
  • And more to come…


We want to improve our cadence of releasing information to you. It is important to us that you know your opinions count and you have a serious stake in whatever changes we make to the game. To do this, we must chat with you on a regular basis and with a specific focus in mind – that’s our plan.

Starting this week and weekly thereafter throughout June and July, we are going to be posting on the forums to share specific features we’re thinking about and those already in-process. We want to get your input and talk through the pros and cons of each topic to see how you feel. We’ll set expectations for how we want to interact to keep our engagement productive, but if we all do this correctly, it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience.

We will be posting on a very wide range of topics, everything from new content to the reinvigoration of existing features. Look out for these posts every Wednesday (if that changes, we’ll let you know in advance).

And of course, I will plan to deliver an updated roadmap each quarter. This way you can see not only the direction we are heading, but you’ll know what to expect specifically over the few months.

I look forward to our continued discussions!



Lead Game Producer
Star Wars: The Old Republic

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Gamorrean Companion, adding Weapon Tuning enhancements to player collections,Mount Speed 4 & 5 (120% & 130% .
These look like good news to me.

Finally someone to give that dumb axe too lol
I just hope he isnt replacing the green rancor mount. I never did get lucky on that one…

Hopefully he uses Sith Warrior animations then, its the only class that doesn’t hold it at all sorts of tragic and hilarious angles.

Well keep this up and maybe next year I’ll play again. I’m not being funny. I’m glad you want to improve communications and add more stuff to the game but this is what should’ve happened for the last 2-3 years and you’ve got some catching up to do if you want to really get a lot of people excited enough to come back.

I’ll believe the communication when/if it happens. People tend to forget this same dreck was paraded out before, swearing how transparent and in touch with the player base they were going to be going forward.

So did Musco at first. Not trying to be overly negative but too much BS from this company to take any of them at their word.

Hey, the experiment works and the suriving lemmings reacted as expected. They’ll keep paying their subs and buying CM trash while waiting for Godot.

Best of all, in 3 months they’ll be fed a little more of PR crap, they’ll gobble it down like good little peons, and that will keep BW trucking on into 2018.

That’s it?
June and July content we already knew about and a flashpoint in August.
Not exactly blow your socks off stuff.
All the other MMORPGS must be shaking in their boots.

You forgot a possible Mannan stronghold. That’s a heck of surprise after all this time since we recieved Yavin

That’s pretty useless like all strongholds system? One month to write this…It’s just a joke.

Finally !

So long to wait for sure, but i can feel that they are heading in the right direction ! :).

Looks good. I probably won’t be re subbing immediately or anything, but I do like the look of things to come. Maybe come Fall they’ll get some cash from me. Heck, if the Zakuul stuff fades out of the story and the MMo aspects and QOL improvements go off well enough, it would be pretty fun to play again.

Honestly, what they’ve said is coming is fine. But this is a snails pace. It’s just not enough content to keep the game fresh. My hopes for the game at the end of the day are tied to them upping their investment in it, and it’s painfully clear they aren’t planning in doing that.

Hold your horses man xD They just say it would have a view to the ocean, there’s many planets with ocean views. Feedback says Mannan is the most possible option but they might be trolling us with another planet. I mean why didn’t they just said Manaan stronghold when we all know it’s the most requested?

Finally customizable KOTFE companions… I now hope we’ll be seeing a SOR Lana customization soon along with her SOR hair as a player customization option.

Gamorrean companion sounds pretty good now I hope they dont make it expensiver than the damn Rancor mount and then drop the gold certificarte drop rates.
If they do I think it would be better if they just keep the event running all the time, we dont get much time to farm enough certs unless you have a heck of a luck and the wallet of a bastard son of a hutt. And the event doesn’t return often like other events.

Weird to see a GSF update after all this time but I’m eager to hop again to my starfighter. I wish they add starfighter customizations to collections now that they are working on it again.

I’m interested on the Umbara update, I loved that planet on the CW series I can’t wait to have my SWTOR characters set foot on it. I used to have a house there on CW Adventures I hope we can get a stronghold here eventually, it would definitely rise my level of nostalgia lol.

As for ops to hell with em its content I never get to enjoy thanks to a lot of idiot people.

Having mastered the role of babysitter, dragging the most skillcapped and suicidal of pugs through all content, practically against their will, for nearly 5 years, with minimal complaint, I would have to say the people who most often have no business being in the Operation, are the ones calling the rest of the people there idiots.

Oh, Theron, You’re going to look so good in Imperial trooper armor.

maniacal laugh
maniacal laugh

lol if you are dressing her like that just for the sights you might as well try the nude patch

Oh yeah? I have this ocean-view beach property in Arizona, I’ll sell it cheaply.

Lets Break this roadmap down into a brief outline shall we.

*Reiterated and rephrased information that was already announced and discussed.
*Continued to use the old lines about balance and giving PvPers more to look forward to. *Rephrased the the classic “we’re working on it” lines several times.
*Told us they are bringing back an old event with updated prizes.
*Talked about a new house that will encourage you to pend more cartel coins on it.
*Reiterated more information we already had and promised to communicate more.

Par for the course with BW.

I’m looking forward to turning lana into my personal stripper so long as for what ever godforsaken retarded reason lana isn’t the so called traitor!

I’m just wondering if that’s a prosthetic hand or a glove.
(Don’t get any ideas… XP)

Do you mean my profile pic? If so it’s basically a gauntlet that has the power to tear even the gods down from godhood and make their power the wearers own that’s all no biggy!

I didn’t really know lana had a armored hand to be honest. But if that’s so I still plan on giving her the dancers outfit but I would probably have to tweak the theme a bit so it would fit a more sadistic side of S&M or something cause I feel like that would be the case with female sith if SWTOR was a rated M game or something. Don’t mind me I’m just satisfying my fantasies!

I have wondered that too. part of it looks robotic. But it might also just be armored to prevent hand loss? There is a word for wrist guards that stop a lightsaber – i cant think of it right now. 😛

Wow… we surely shall see what will come up from all of this… but the change in intentions and communication alone are staggering. Did Andromeda fiasco woke up a few heads at BioWare?

most likely. I think that EA as a whole have had to wake up fast. a few bad games and share price drops. still Andromeda will have made it’s money as us idiots will still buy it.

“Command Experience Legacy Perk for alts. Once one of your character reaches Command Rank 300, you can acquire a new Legacy Perk to increase CXP gains on all your other characters”

Pfft. BW, you are ******* hilarious

I’m hoping to get back into the game….we’ll see what they come up with. After having played non-stop since launch, I pretty much quit playing when the whole command points thing was released. As an alt-a-holic, I like playing many different types of characters but the way they set things up sucked so much of the joy out of playing a lot of alts.

No worries boyz it’s all content that will be untill next expansion cause 1 boss each 4 months is amazing

Well, Manaan Stronghold is now officially on the table. That’s exciting! But the rest is all sorta hit or miss. >_>

I’d vote for a Rishi SH over a Manaan. I agree with one of the other posters that Manaan was completely amazing in KOTOR, but it’s thin in SWTOR. Rishi is more visually appealing. 🙂

either is good for me, but they must add more decor to match whatever one drops. All my strongholds are the same!

I know that this is two sides of the same coin, but a flashpoint isnt exactly a story update. After two years of focusing on solo players I completly understand and support their move for more multiplayer aspects in their MMO, but damn, was hoping for more resolution in the Eternal Alliance, Republic Vs Empire conflict this year, especially now that half of my imps defected to the republic. oh well. sighs.

maybe – but we have had several flashpoints that progressed the story – its how you finally defeat Darth Malgus in vanilla and there were like five FPs heavily integrated into the Shadow of Revan story. Its really just a different way of telling the story if done right

Trouble is, flashpoints tend to be a very light on story. If they’re going to progress story via flashpoints, I’d personally want to see a Black Talon/Esseless level of dialogue, so we get a good balance of content and storytelling (as originally advertised way back when).

I will take a Flashpoint over the KOTFE/KOTET method to progress story any given day personally.

I hope everyone still playing the game is excited by this roadmap. Not because I think it’s great but just because they’ve waited so long for more info.

and it mentioned some bug fixes that long stood out. i read this and i was happy on some thing and a new flashpoint. 🙂

Consider yourself fortunate then. 2-3 Sorc healers in every game making people impossible to kill is tedious to the extreme.

I’m saddened they didn’t went further with the Zakuul stronghold. It would of made a lot of sense we got Vaylin’s castle, since there is no more Royal family and it’s now left empty. Why take over the planet and become it’s new ruler when we have to keep our throne/base on the hidden world of Odessen? And story-wise we are not even welcome on Manaan, after we sunk their research facility,. It was the most boring planet in Kotor and probably also in Swtor.

Swtor yes, but Manaan had so much shit to do. There were all the side quests to do above water and then the main questline was above and below the ocean. One of the greatest planets to visit in KOTOR right after Korriban I’d say.

Damn, I hoped to never ask this question but when you cancel sub how many characters are you still able to play on each server?

But if you bought a bunch of slots (e.g. L&D), I think those increase the count.. My founder account in preferred mode had well over 8 when I stopped by last month.

When my account ran out the other day, I could still use 27 of 35 toons. I am preferred though so may be different.

I have access to 20 of my 32 toons, but I bought a bunch of extra character slots and deleted some of my DvL toons after they reinstated the achievements.

Awesome, I have max slots and many toons so basically this is good news. If I can play my main 6-8 on each server I’ll be happy.
I really appreciate all the responses and info from everyone that replied. Cheers and happy gaming!

In terms of companions, the following items have been datamined:
– 7-piece “Shae Vizla’s” set & 6-piece “Shae Vizla’s Vintage” set (no bracers)
– “Shae Vizla’s Vintage Outfit” —> Contains the “Shae Vizla’s Vintage” set
– 6-piece “Theron’s” set (no helm)
– 6-piece “Koth’s” set (no helm)
– Koth customization
– new T7 customization

I’m assuming that Koth’s set doesn’t have a helm because the goggles will still be part of his model. Maybe the customization removes them? If so, it would be possible to use it along with the Exiled Revolutionary helm to make him use his goggles.

Have you seen anything on the “Appearances for additional companions can now be customized”, does that just mean you can give Lana a look, or does that mean full control, like giving her pink hair or something.

All I saw on Jedipedia were those items I listed. I’m assuming that the statement you quoted just means the ability to change their clothes and some possible future customizations.

Mara Jade?

Personally, I would like a (fixed/updated) SOR customization for Lana to go with her SOR outfit. I’m also regretting not getting the Secret Agent set to make an updated Theron look. :/

Hopefully there’s something more meaty further down the line. Manaan SH is nice, and a new FP has the potential to be something to look forward to, but kinda ‘meh’ about the rest.

Disclaimer: it is not my intention to wave the BioWare Austin flag. I’m very unhappy with the game right now. But…

Ben is gone. I believe we all agree that’s a good thing. Keith is trying to address feedback. And there are more than a couple of interesting and/or good announcements here. Extra speeder piloting perk levels. Comp influence from crew missions (that has been a grind that I have come to loathe… almost more than the CXP grind). Class balancing finally (although I admit I’ve enjoyed taking advantage of the imbalance with my Shadow). Tier 4 crafting, improvements to GSF, new SH, new FP, the next Ops boss(es)… All before end of August. Another three-month roadmap will drop in August or September.

Is it _all_ of the changes we want? No. Is it even the main changes we want (fix CXP, please)? No. But I’m going to give Keith a bit of rope here. He has to turn a large-ish ship on to a new course. That takes a bit of time. I see all of this — even if it isn’t new news — as a good sign of the new direction. I’ll judge the true future come September.

For now, I will mostly play ESO and check in on SWTOR from time to time…

“But I’m going to give Keith a bit of rope here.”
*Watches in horror as it is used to make a noose*

That’s why I’m giving him rope. He can either make a bridge and use it to cross the chasm to join the player base. Or he can make a noose. The September roadmap update will be _very_ telling as for how he plans to use that rope…

People’s memory can sometimes be very short with BW and SWTOR for some reason.

About six weeks ago, when Keith mentioned publishing a roadmap, he stated it was going to be for the remainder of the year. What you got was for the next quarter with more coming later. Being involved in software development for almost thirty years now there is no reason an eight month roadmap can not be released now. Developers should know, right now, what they are going to be working on for delivery in December.

The only reason to hold on a roadmap for the remainder of this year (I mean why would you NOT want to get people excited about all the content coming for the year instead of just a little tidbit) is because there is not going to be an end of year for SWTOR. Just watch.

I missed the news promising a more complete roadmap was coming. It’s definitely a disappointment that he only published a 3-month plan when he promised a 9-month plan..

I’ve also been in the software industry forever so I know roadmaps are usually planned out for months. But roadmaps are also usually thrown out the window when scrapped altogether. Again I am willing to give Keith a chance to make his mark.

I’m already spending most of my time in ESO, so I am truly not trying to make excuses for SWTOR. But I’ll give Keith a chance. He’d better deliver in September. Especially since he already failed to live up to one promise…

Keith will need to pull a Naoki Yoshida to save this game. Loved it until people started leaving and they shut down the Australian server.

Huh a Gammorrean companion, meh, I’m always good with a getting a new companion but a Gammorrean is meh to me

This guy, Keith, is doing the right thing. For a really long time I can honestly say that I like the roadmap, I like the changes and I like this new producer. I hope the game will move to a new good dirextion from now on. I see that Keith wants more feedback from fans and he wants to listen to it. Time will show, but anyway, I have a feeling that Keith is a good guy and useful to the game

Well he doesn’t have to live up to a great predecessor, and some small goodies are better than no goodies at all. At least it is not ME: Andromeda. We should not bash BW Austin too hard. We know what the really bad BW people can pull, and my FACE IS TIRED even thinking about it.

Do you think we are still on for a traditional Q4 expansion? “our focus this year is to return to massively multiplayer and group-based content” has no appeal to me. A friend was trying to get me to return but the CXP grind does not seem worth it; I feel to far behind. It seems more efficient to just skip this expansion and start over when there is the gear reset for the new expansion.

No, I don’t. I do not believe there is going to be another expansion at all. As it is, with a new raid boss coming every three months, they still have nine more months after the late-July/early-August drop to finish the raid. That puts them at the end of Q1 next year.

Also, looking at the roadmap and what has been released so far this year, it is apparent the bare minimum of effort is being put in just to maintain players paying them something until they announce they are pulling the plug.

At this point, I honestly do not believe even the new Operation is going to be finished. I am betting somewhere around early October they will be announcing closure of the game and pull the plug for good in early December.

This literally looks almost exactly like Warhammer Online did near the end and they were willing to pull that with still 50,000 subs active.

As an aside, some will say it is because Games Workshop wanted too much for the license renewal, which maybe true, but the license renewal was not due until May 18, 2015. Mythic (which EA acquired) had a 10-year license that they had signed with GW on May 18, 2005. So EA decided to pull the plug a full 18-months before the license renewal which shows the decision had nothing to do with GW asking for more.

I really enjoy reading Stockholm syndrom reactions of the faithful.

It’s mid 2017 and they just released road map for 2017.

In a nutshell:

* grind is the same
* CPX garbage remains
* bad stroytelling isn’t resolved
* some unimportant tweaks here and there
* recycled content
* 1 new SH to bait people into spending more on CM
* 1 probably microscopic new daily zone
* 1 likely uninspiring FP

If it was possible to run SW franchise deeper into the dirt I’m not sure how it could be done.

Yeah it’s mental.
There’s nothing in that roadmap for the summer (refuse to call it roadmap for 2017,its so small) that will bait people back into the game or attract new players.
Server populations are either going to remain the same or slightly drop.
If anything its proven that funding is still lacking and manpower is still low.

Yep it’s the same ole same. Same ole story. Same ole song and dance with the promise of things to come. It is beyond ridiculous. The Soon™ no longer works for me.

Not as much as we enjoy reading whiners reactions 🙂 The same funny bullsh*t in every theme.

Had a bad day? Go read hate comments on Dulfynet swtor themes

I know right? How dare people hold a company accountable for the horrible parody of a product they pay for! They should be ashamed and beg the mighty BW for forgiveness…okay, I can’t keep that rolling. Seriously though, people complain because they loved/love this game. You little one are just trolling.

When I read this wall of text I feel like I entered the movie idiocracy. Until the mentioning of the game updates I read only “we did all that stuff and we will do it again”. Just more words being used there. Its empty rethoric. It might aswell be a speech of trump for a bunch of hillbillies.

The game update 5.2 and 5.3 is the first real information after that useless speech. THATS something Im actually looking forward to. Mostly.

Im abit skeptical about the forum communication. In all the years they sucked at it, then stopped almost completely because they chickened out due to a handful of punks made threats. Someone thought not talking to the community because of a few people was a good idea.

“We will be posting on a very wide range of topics, everything from new content to the reinvigoration of existing features.”

If its going to be anything like the above or the revealing of the command XP then this will be one disappointment after another with lots of verbal masturbation on the devs part and no fun or gameplay improvement for players. Players and devs have a very different interpretation of the word “exciting”. See the “excitement of opening new command crates” for example which was mentioned everytime the devs talked about the crates.

At least the devs are consistant about their inconsistencies and incompetence.

it is hard to believe, that this is the roadmap he was talking about,
because there is no new information in. as a forums reader you know
that all since weeks.

yes he is giving us a more precise time table and now we know, that
some classes will be fixed.

it took 5 month to release the first boss, another 3 month it will take
for the second. they said nothing about a release for the third in august
and i don’t think, that it can be done by bioware. maybe you need to wait
until october. and then we only have two month until 6.0 should be released.

so in my opinion it is not worth coming back.

Looking a bit deeper on the timeline of the Operation.

Most MMOs can put out new raids/trials/OPs with three-four months of work for a complete raid. So far, SWTOR will have put out 2 bosses in a eight month time frame. Assume they will release a boss a quarter at this point and that will mean the Operation should be done by March 2018 – meaning the SWTOR team will have taken over a year to put out one OP and if it is completed by then, that it will have been 3 1/2 years for them to add one OP.

The majority of the players still playing don’t have that point of view. They see new content being added to the only game they want to play.

There are only 3 “traditional” MMO’s left on the market, WoW, Wildstar and SWTOR, all MMO’s with similar UI’s, tab targeting and the same controls. Most of the players left in SWTOR aren’t going to leave until another Tab-target MMO comes along and is successful. They don’t want to play/go back to WoW and Wildstar isn’t very good, so they are sticking with SWTOR because there is nothing else out there that appeals to them.

Those of us who have found other games that are producing quality content and are player oriented games see what is happening in SWTOR since we started the other game we play and are encouraged to STOP paying BW. SWTOR had a lot of potential and I loved that game for a very long time, but not any more, not when I see that the same $14 a month can get me a considerably more enjoyable gaming experience.

True, also PvP’ers now have rocket league and overwatch amongst others. They are specific PvP games, getting updates for PvP’ers. That’s not EA’s fault, but as we all fear that this is in maintenance mode we have to make a choice, stay and enjoy what we have and will get, or leave and play an alt game, i.e overwatch or WoW etc. This is and was my comfort game, easy to play, pickup after a month or five off. If they announce tomorrow it’ll end and be replaced by a 2018 replacement in the new era, I’d be gutted to lose my char, but eager to see “more” from the new invested in game.

That’s not entirely accurate, by traditional i think you mean “Themepark”, and with that definition you have WoW, SWTOR, Wildstar, and FFXIV.

FFXIV is by far the best example of “themeparks” today, it releases regular content of all types (raids, dungeons, story, pvp, and new content) every 4 months, all of that, not just 1 or 2 of those. FFXIV takes some getting used to, not everything is voiceovered and the combat is a bit slow, until you get playing past the base game. But more then makes up for it visually and content.

SWTOR and Wildstar are basically both on life support, they both try, and have their good points, but will probably never recover.

The day of the “tab target”, “themepark” mmo is mostly over, in it’s place will be action based combat and hybrid sandbox’s (old school, no direction do anything sandboxes, do not work anymore either), hybrid meaning elements of themeparks (dungeons, raids) but without the linear vertical progression and gearing.

Yup there is nothing new or groundbreaking because THEY dont have anything. They look how much money they get in summer and if EA will be merficul and invest to this team for new stuff. CM will continue thats for sure.

If you nerf Shadow DPS, I hope something painful happens to you.

Oh wait I don’t care, the way it’s going this game is dying and I am not even playing more than 5 hours a week anymore :/

I don’t think the stronghold will be on Manaan, maybe on Rakata prime, Corellia, or perhaps the same location of the upcoming daily zone

PVP in this game will never be balanced.
For a true contest of skill, player vs player, each player should have the same basics concerning skills, damage output, hit points, and so on, on their comparable stance (tank, heal, damage).

Even for an unbalanced contest because different classes have different skills and are different buffed or nerved (OP Commando/Mercenary vs. nerved Sorcerer/Sage) there is still the matter of gear.

Going into an arena 4vs4 with a group with average gear status of 230 vs a group with gear status 248 skills does not matter anymore. The damage output, health, healing, of the second group is so far above that the first group WILL be slaughtered within moments.
Only solution under such circumstances : /stuck. Or dropping gear and running naked into the arena, being killed, ending the round within seconds and listening once more after the desaster is over in the hopes of getting a more balanced group of ‘mates and foes.

So a first step for getting a far more balanced PVP would be to synch the stats. Give all tanks the same gear stats, all DD the same gear stats, all heals the same gear stats like when going up a world boss raid on a lower planet where it does not matter what gear you wear, be it 200 or 220 or 240. Everyone has the same stats.

This is why I started using the pvp instances on lower planets, because once sync started balancing stats on max or overleveled players, it was finally fair. Funny enough, I think that fairness killed most world pvp, because that community might /say/ they want a challenge, but I think in practice they prefer the rush of the kill, particularly the easy ones.

Now the PVP instance is solo mode. All the nodes are mine now.

I played with a bunch of people who LOVED open world PvP specifically for that reason. To catch some unaware person and destroy them. once they found a challenge, they bailed.

Also I never read anything about correction the bugs they brought up with each major update and minor update between
– codex bugs
– title bugs
– gear bugs

Yes, I may complain a lot, but only because I like this game and WANT it to be improved. I would gladly look into the source code on myself, using my evening free time, just to get rid of such bugs.

And as long as nothing better arrives (still waiting for Star Citizen though) I will stay with the game. At least for the moment.

Not sure if i’m getting you right, but “…QoL improvements include fixing long standing bugs, changes to existing game systems…”

Yet not one word anywhere about fixing existing bugs. Betcha a fiver that not a single one gets fixed.

It is OBVIOUS at this point that SWTOR is in maintenance mode. They are putting out the bare minimum of content (and that is probably giving them too much credit) to keep people paying up until the day the announce the closure of the title later this year (and it is coming).

First of all, this is a complete embarrassment versus most leading MMOs on the market. While the other MMOs may not have released specific details on their roadmaps, they have issued broad goals of their roadmaps through the year. I would say that the reason SWTOR is not committing much beyond summer is because the announcement will be coming later this year that the title is shutting down.

Secondly, if you really read into what is coming in Summer, there is really very little there. Nightlife Event – already done before. One OP Boss after three months of work? A new FP – will it have the level of detail of the older FPs, or just be a slight upgrade from Uprisings? A new stronghold…. oh boy, we added 1 house in the same time frame ESO has released 44 houses. The thinly disguised Tier 5 gear – excuse I mean Platinum gear – the hamster wheel of gearing stupidity continues.

All BioWare continues to do is dig the hole deeper for damaging their brand. Yes, they have this new secret IP coming down the pike but all the signs are there that there is a strong possibility it is going to be a bomb and I think EA knows it.

I have contended for a while that 2017 will see the end of SWTOR. I will add to that that I believe late 2018/early 2019 will also see the end of BW as an independent studio.

Yup. I didnt read ANTYTHING specific regarding opses only that they stated “we still know you want them and we are doing them” but no indication when and how big.
Confirmed only class balance and new stronhold like this is really important where no one even visits existing ones.

SWTOR is now dead. They are lumping money as long they can this is what roadmap confirmed. Glad i decided to leave this sinking boat after 5 years.

Disney doesn’t want to renew Swtor’s license, they want complete control over the game and EA knows it. So why would they invest in a game they know is being taken from them. But once Disney takes over and removes the Cademimu Shackels. The game will be reborn…

Except there is no license for SWTOR directly. EA has a broad license to produce video games with the Star Wars IP. There are quite a few new games coming under this IP later this year and next year. More than likely, SWTOR, since launch, fell short of EA expectations (remember that at this point in time EA expected SWTOR to account for almost 20% of total EA revenues), and EA has decided to cut bait and call it a day in the MMO market. By their last financials, RNG lockboxes are where the money is at and are so much easier to produce.

This is exactly right. This roadmap is CLEAR statement that EA has abandoned this game and Bioware is just doing maintenance moves just to survive. If EA decides to pull the plug then Bioware Austin office is in danger to be shut down. All team members know it very well. Few lucky ones can move to new Bioware ofice for other projects.

Its hilarious to read official forum where they praise Keith for doing good job and are eager for new stuff 😀
They have no clue how litle money this game generates now. Bioware pushes CM stuff in frequent updates because without that money they couldnt even make anything new for this game.

Reason why they cant even hire new devs to make one full ops in MMO standards timeline but are forced to release one boss per few months IF all works out.

2018 probably will drop subs even futher and very dedicated casuals will continue to farm Galatic command XP. New players will be miles behind.

i don’t think, that they care about the damage of the brand
and honestly i don’t think, that they need to.

there are not that many people left, with such a frustration against bioware, that they won’t buy any bioware products. i know many, left swtor forever, but played mass effect, or titanfalls.

i’m with you. 65 month i was a sub, and because of the lack of support (incl. updates), i won’t buy a bioware game, no matter what title it has. but that is not the majority.

and i think, that swtor is in a dead end.
on the one hand, everybody wants more and every -more- brings new problems with it. the engine is at its limits and we really need a new one. but i also think, that it is hard to convince the money-givers, that they should invest in a existing product in a new structure. with 5.0 they started a complete makeover and maybe it is one step, to get it copied to another engine. we will see, i don’t think so. but even with a star wars license as a star wars fan, i’m not willing to play this game anymore. and with this roadmap, there is no need to come back this year, just to find out, that there is a 3 boss operations, not working right.

but swtor is a great game for every newbie. so have fun.

I have to respectfully disagree with you. The brand damage is apparent and having an effect on both BioWare and EA. To whit:

1.) ME:A has fallen dismally below expectations. First, they put the title on sale for 50% off two weeks after launch. That should tell you how bad it is. Second, they have permanently put Mass Effect on hiatus because it bombed so bad. Third, less than a month after launch they reapportioned the studio leaving only support for multi-player in place and moving the remainder to the new-IP BW has been working on for six years.

2.) EA has also decided to move the release of the new-IP out by a year. Considering all of the top creative talent at BW that was working on the title has abandoned ship, I think it is safe to say that the game built around this new-IP is not where it should be and EA wants to make sure it doesn’t bomb like ME:A did.

To be honest, between the way customers have been dumped all over in SWTOR and the let down that was the recent Star Wars Battlefront, EA is doing a heck of a job tarnishing the Star Wars IP when it comes to video games as well.

So the QoL does that include fixing fractor whats his name on nar shadaa, thiers two of him standing like 10 feet from eachother

I guess the great thing about derpily predicting that THIS year will be the end of SWTOR is that eventually you will be right. What a proud day that will be, all your friends and family will be so impressed, not to mention all of the internet!

Hahaha love this post, and your exactly right.
Paying attention to these trolls is the worst thing you can do.

There’s very little in the roadmap that has me enthused, but I keep hoping eventually there will be more new content for primarily solo players. I know I’m not the target audience, but still it would be nice to have more to do than the same heroics over and over, endlessly.

I mostly do solo stuff so I’m with you on that. So far I actually like Kotet. Not finished it yet. I want the balance though. When you fancy grouping up it’s nice to have the people online! Part of an MMO is the community and events, not just the group “content” i.e. raids.

If they did quarterly stuff like, this quarter is PvP, next is new planets, next is ops, that can work. The problem occurs when they drop a poor release and get an ear-bashing. And people blame the opposite group i.e. solo players for that, ‘cos PvP updates was weak.

I can see where they are going. The clarity of a road map holds them accountable. I’d prefer to see more content, and I’m hoping that the road map isn’t all we will get as they will only get 3-5 months sub, if any, out of an end-gamer who is bored, out of the next 12mths. Is that all EA want off us?

I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head there.
We all want different things from the game, some group, some pvp, some RP, some story and some just like the gear and dressing up, we got them all in our guild I think and it’s hard for Bioware to get that balance right, and my god they will be crucified if they get it wrong like in the whole story Kotfe/Kotet.
I think bioware struggle with the whole target audience thing, it appears to be all or nothing at times, a deluge or a drought so to speak.
At least with 5.2 we got a bit of something for everybody and I hope it continues this way because Bioware has to realise it’s a game for all types of players.

They seem to only be able to launch one thing at a time though, so it is ALWAYS going to feel like they are only catering to one kind of player.

^This. Focusing on content for certain groups one at a time rather than collectively is just a strange way of going about it.

Over the last few years definitely, but like I said 5.2 Iokath had a bit of something for everybody.
The problem was it was a little bit but if they’re going down the road of quarterly releases then it’s always going to feel like that.
I think they see it as “we must give them something every few months” because they’re angry, but they’re been judged on that size of content too.

Many would argue that they have already made the right prediction. Who knows exactly what life is? SWTOR might not be dead… but can you say it’s alive? Because I can’t.

And the worst part is that no one is proud if their prediction is correct. They’re just sad. Or indifferent. That’s how things die and that’s what follows.

But you can cheer if you want about the fact that a roadmap with almost zero new information was just released. I guess that’s a victory if your expectations was for the game to not announce that it’s shutting down.

Players log in, the game is there, ergo the game is not dead. It’s not too hard to determine. The game is still being worked on and supported, so clearly it is not dead. Not doing everything noisy players want on their specific timetables does not mean the game is dead.

You didn’t understand the true meaning of what I said though. So it’s all good. Neither a patient who is on life support for 13 years is dead. But is he alive?

I took your meaning, but that’s still your opinion, not in any way supported by the objective facts of the matter. Many thousands of players still log in and have fun… if you do not, that is unfortunate, but you’re not being forced to play a game you think is dead, man.

Was very nervous prior to this release but in all looks progressive and interesting.
Numerous very good QOL improvements, pvp legacy gear is a wow, new fp’s, stronghold, Planet Umbara it all looks good and next part of Ops.
I’m not enjoying the drip feed op bosses but I see what they are trying to do with giving us regular content rather than what some companies do and wait years in between content.
As for communication, sounds good but in recent weeks he has been a bit over communicative, if you know what I mean.
So far well done Keith, but time will tell.

No respectable game with a huge market behind it waits years between content. Well, except from SWTOR. That one does.

Wow waited years for the awful Wod and more years for Legion at which point the playerbase were saying it was a dead game.
I know I was there.
Then legion came along and saved it.
Happens all the time.

The Good: New WZ coming by year end, QOL improvements (Speeder Piloting IV & V!!!), CXP Legacy Perk once you get to 300, new Stronghold

The Bad: Next raid boss not coming until July (then maybe August for 3rd?), Time/effort spent on insignificant things (Comp customization for the KOTFE/KOTET companions)

The Ugly: Stupidity of these 2 statements back to back….WTF?
STATEMENT ONE – We understand that everyone loves full operations that you grind with friends or guildies until they are “on farm”
STATEMENT TWO – We will be releasing 1 raid boss every few months!!!!

the twins will come in july, the next will come in october. in august another update will come.

Well. i didn’t want to comment, but i have to.. the game needs TON’s of group content a map and a simple boss is a band-aid to a deep scratch that a misleading and unsuccessful tries did to the game. My sugestion is atleast in moment.. 2 FULL Operations, 2 Warzones, 1 GSF Map and an UPRISING/Flahspoint per Year.

Yeah couldn’t agree more, we need more group and his highlighting of that in his notes are a good sign that he agrees with us.

Well, this is a start of a new direction. Keith might need to prove to the powers that be, through our reception, that this is a better road before they make bigger travel plans with him.

Not enough to make me return. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I can justify a sub comparing this to what other people are bringing to the table. But that’s just me. Here’s to better days.

It’s not just you, they are selling the fact that they will be spreading out an operation in a 9 month period as a GOOD thing, and not as a completely disappointing thing, which it is.

How does one boss every 2 months justify “focus this year is to return to massively multiplayer and group-based content”? This is seriously alarming.

I can’t agree more, I might conciser re-subbing once the current raid is finished until then I will be trying to defeat the Halls of Fabrication in Vet mode!

I was looking for the part in this road map where it talks about hiring more devs to facilitate producing content at a pace consistent with a AAA mmo. I must have missed it, anyone see what section that was in?

“…appearances for additional companions can now be customized.”

FINALLY?? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Don’t hold your breath yet, this might literally mean those customization skins, like HK uses with different outfits from different moments in the game. In example [Lana Beniko 1], [Lana Beniko 2], and so on where 1 is her Shadow of Revan outfit and 2 the one she has now, in example. Seeing is believing right now.

Good point- although this is the same argument I’ve used for YEARS to try to convince them that non-human player races were perfectly feasible…

…but yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I will speak for myself.

Shadow of Revan should be the standard set for a quality expansion. At least to me, it felt like it had a bit of everything (I did not PvP at the time, so I can’t testify to that).

A very engrossing, multi-stage story. The story brought rich EU lore with it and expanded things further.

3 new and loveable characters.

Two new and complete operations.

Two new, explorable planets.

Two new, daily areas.
Six new flashpoints.
New stronghold
Staffing that took that to complete needs to be supplied. If they need to work on novel revenue sources, then do it. I can handle a sub increase to pay for quality.

Tony, pvp at 3.0 was best. No class was absurdly powerfull and with bit od skill you had real impact on warzone.

Yup, same here. As for the funding, I believe Shadows of Revan was an additional £12 or equivalent.(10$?) when it came out, same as the hutt cartel one? I’ve said I’d pay for a proper DLC expansion before if we get quality. Personally, I think it’s looking brighter than before. Keith seems to be moving forwards. I can see he’s trying harder.

As for the announcements, speeder improvements will be great for newbies but I doubt they could afford the purchase. Same for companion influence. That’s a bit late as I’ve just levelled up my fave to max at several mill credits, but for new characters, it’ll be good. GSF sounds like it could become a little more relevant too.

The stronghold could be good, also the filter, but we need more decor and better ways to access stuff like more vendors ‘cos all the good stuff is gone/unvailable or over-priced like crazy, new plants, trees etc.

If done well the PvP, GSF, Op stuff will please people, mostly end-gamers. I would prefer an explorable planet, or as you said Revan’s 2! But it’s not just my game.

One last quality of life thing I’d like, is to be able to re-visit the romance storyline. Just to leave that behind to never watch, or see again, it’s now several years on and long forgotten which is a shame. To have an option to do the cutscene bits for our companions via the command menu would be a good reminder.

Lastly, a Gamorean sounds cool! So far for ToR this year I’d say I’m much happier.

Can someone explain to me why players in the comments mention the Speeder Piloting Perks as something noteworthy? How often do people use their speeders anymore? Now that we have basically a teleport system via Heroics, Companion Alerts, Strongholds, Ships, Galaxy Map and Quick Travel to practically be ANYWHERE we want after just one loading screen?

Apart from that, seriously, the increase to 130% of speed from 110% is what got you excited? Talk about low standards. Now if you want to let’s say roleplay on Taris with your speeder, you can cover that huge swamp and the area from one outpost to another in 3 minutes, instead of 3.5 minutes. Wow, this is exactly what this game needed, yeah. Are you so desperately to find positive things in this road map?

The sugarcoating is REAL.

PS. CXP legacy boost 6 months later. Which will most probably cost a few millions and suck. Safe assumption to be honest, not even feeling that I might be exposed when it comes live, it will suck like every CXP “balance” that they have tried so far. If they don’t get rid of the CXP system, it will forever suck.

As a joke, I made a build in ESO all about going faster, all the gear had bonuses to movement, I was playing a class with movement increasing talents I’d put skill points into, etc etc, and when I got going, I was whipping past trees in this elven forest thinking “This honestly is the first time since I started playing swtor, that I have felt like I was on a legitimate speeder like in RoTJ”….only I wasn’t in Swtor, I was a wood elf in a wolf hood running on foot.
Maybe 130% feels like speeder speed finally? That’s the best answer I have. Swtor mounts have always felt too slow for speeders, about the right speed for tauntauns.

It will not feel faster. It will be literally just 18% faster than the previous speed. I still can’t believe they haven’t included Pod Racing in this game, and we got 2 years of an Argentinian family drama soap opera. The Valkorion Blues.

Don’t Cry for me Zakuul, featuring Senya as the beloved former Empress cast aside by her family and forgotten by her people.

I see a moderately popular, straight to holo-net Space Musical coming our way “Soon.”

They mentioned they tried to include racing but the engine is tricky with this and you might always have scenarios where on your screen you won the race, on other guy’s screen he won the race but acording to the game another random dude won the race.

So they canceled this idea.

That reminds me of the boots from Morrowind that had super speed buffs but made you blind. 😀

The masses cried out for more speed up until like 2 years ago when Mr Irving said that “the game engine couldn’t handle it”
Now the minute hes gone its going in. Apparently he lied.

I bet he didn’t, and people are going to be zipping around at top speed suddenly to find nothing has textures anymore, because they have zipped right past their draw distance.

He didn’t lie exactly. What happened was Irving sucked so bad he was draining power from the game engine. Now that he’s gone the whole system has more power. He was sucking it dry like a Mynock on a spaceship.

CXP should be legacy wide, period. On a side note,
speeders going at taxi speed would be awesome!

I’d like a CXP Legacy level separately accrued, same as normal Legacy that capped loooooong ago at 50…

Just fix the fucking Lana beniko romance bug already!!!!! This shit exists since 4.0 and youve done jack shit about it. Or improve your shitty customer support with real people and not giving automated answers all the time.

Please just let me put a heavy sith armour on Lana, or a trooper armour on Shan. I just want to make them match my character in their overall style.

Agreed, if Lana could wear something like the Kreia Robe or even eradicator armor I’d use her. Looking like a 13th century Squire doesn’t appeal to me so I’ve never used her.

How about giving me my companions from the last expansion :O( Fix the bugs or allow us to get them another way.

How about letting us play as Sith or Jedi again? I wanted to play a starwars game, not some weird outlander alliance.

I’m starting a petition to have the word ‘outlander’ removed from…… well fecking everywhere.

Considering that it looks like Disney is moving away from Jedi and Sith in the new trilogy, you should deal with it.

Yeah because something a separate company does with the lore thousands of years in the future erases the whole history of the lore (sarcastic) Despite what happens after the fall of the Empire there were still many conflicts between the Sith and Jedi between those time periods.

Maybe because he pays attention to the trailer for a film called The Last Jedi in which the last known trained Jedi says, “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

Not a definite of course but it certainly could mean they are exploring something different in the new movie.

I am well aware of the trailer. Why don’t we wait until the move comes out before jumping to conclusions?

You don’t want people on a Star Wars video game fan site sharing their opinions and theories surrounding the new Star Wars movie? You realize how crazy that is?

Are you fucking high? I said I enjoyed this game more when it was Sith and Jedi and am not liking the outlander stuff. That is MY opinion I don’t need to be smart assed about it.

and one comment up you told fred garvin to ‘wait til the movie came out before jumping to conclusions’ are you fucking high?

I gave my feedback. I don’t need shit from a fucking teenager. I saw the trailer and don’t give a fuck what the new movie is about. I want my ancient starwars character to be Sith or Jedi and not a fucking outlander. Is that ok with you?

Hahaha! I’m with you there man. I like sith v Jedi and just want some simple robes and sabers with some new story to go with it.

Nope, you’ve convinced me to take a clear stance against going back to Sith vs Jedi in SWToR, and also rude, socially abrasive, and clueless know-it-alls in comment sections asking for it.

I agree. I want the next expansion to be the “Fall of the Alliance” and build on Iokath with a renewed war between the Republic and Empire.

And I hope Disney doesn’t do what @majmomendez:disqus says they will.

I’m actually looking forward to The Last Jedi in part because of that. It’s been 40 years of Jedi v Sith and throughout the canon the galaxy has been torn apart numerous times over it. It’s about time somebody over there wakes up and says, “Hmm…maybe this isn’t the way to go about things because it isn’t working.” Why not Luke? His parents, aunt and uncle, mentor, nephew, best friend? All dead or ruined because of black/White approach to things. Personally, I think the prophecy of bringing balance to the Force is dependent on both Jedi and Sith going extinct. You can’t have balance without light and dark.

For video games though, it doesn’t make sense to stray too far from established tropes or, because of the amount of time spent playing an MMO, it feels less like the source material rather quickly. A 2 hr movie or 6 hr trilogy is one thing; having hundreds or thousands of hours on a game is quite another. Especially when the established time period has Jedi v Sith.

I was very very impressed with the Iokath planet, an awesome mix of Larry Niven’s Ringworld and that ancient planet you discover near the end of Mass Effect 1. Thanks for that diversion Bioware/EA….but we never stopped being Agents of the Empire, Jedi Defenders of the Republic nor rogue Smugglers….can we go back to doing what we do best now please?

there is more to star wars than Jedi and Sith, a true star wars fan should know this, and there is nothing weird about the alliance….

It’s nice to see they are finally listening, but it’s far too little far to late. This reads like someone telling the captain of the Titantic to watch out for iceburgs when they ship has already split in two.

It’s never too late, especially in the mmo world.
Wow was deemed to be dead after the awful Wod expansion and was revived by Legion expansion after nearly a 4 year gap in decent content and Eso was dead and buried until it’s excellent revamp so Swtor still has a chance, check here for all the ex players who still check in to see how it’s doing?

You are correct it is not too late. But is is too little and therefore it is getting too late for them. When you look at ESO, WoW and FFXIV after some big mis-steps, they turned it around because they put a major effort into revamping/revitalizing those games. It is apparent, EA has no such desire for SWTOR. When most mainstream MMOs are producing a full raid/trial a quarter and adding 20+ hours of regular content a quarter, SWTOR doesn’t stand a chance.

One day people are going to look back at SWTOR as the biggest disappointment ever in MMOs. Without a doubt, it was a title that could have captured the crown of the MMO space but it has been, since before launch, so mis-managed all it could ever do was just survive.

BioWare needs to get out of EA if they want to save their face. EA ruined both SWTOR and Andromeda…how much more can BioWare take before they abandon ship? BioWare’s and EA’s business has been incompatible for far too long now. Wake the fuck up BioWare!

That’s a lie. Bioware ruined Andromeda. When asked to postpone the release they firmly said “NO” to EA. EA should just cut off BW and give the opportunity to give the game SW fan deserve to some other software house. Just my opinion ofc.

Wildstar has nowhere near the brand recognition as Star Wars. In addition, NCSoft never had visions of Wildstar challenging the MMO throne from WoW while EA did.

I will always contend that if this title had been managed properly, it is the one title in the MMO space that would have had a chance of challenging the WoW throne.

Don’t be silly. SWTOR is the best MMO ever made insofar as story goes. It was so good at story that it damaged its MMO-ness. But to say EA isn’t interested in it is preposterous, their last income report put SWTOR up there as one of their main income sources. And arguably, the new story content is pretty good – as good as it’s going to get since they can’t do 8 class stories due to cost and complexity.

I didn’t know this game still exists. I logged tonight to check that event and there was 7 ppl on the fleet, lmfao

Hyperbole much? I googled “Top Mmos” and it was the sixth result, besides it’s not even that old. I’m pretty sure Everquest is still kicking around and it is older than sin.

And yet despite being 6th as per your source, they can only deliver minimal mediocre content with all that money. Take the fanboi goggles off and have a look how much content is being made for all the other mmo’s above and below swtor and you will see the travesty swtor has become.

Ha!!! You took only one tiny little pet as an example to back your argument? GW2 for starters, is B2P and still delivers more content then SWTOR and earns less then SWTOR. Try seeing the point of what I said in my OP. Swing and a miss fanboi.

Oh for shit’s sake dude, it was a joke! Really you don’t need to rage over a game… it’s a game man. TBH I pay as much attention to the “this game sucks, it’s gone downhill, the devs have no creativity, blah blah blah” comments as I do to the chicken little “the sky is falling, this game is dying, it’s on its way out” fools that have been spewing that crap in fleet since year 2. I think you all need to find something better to do with your time… if you don’t like the game why are you here bitching about it? I quit subbing and still play a couple times a week, otherwise I’m on PS4 playing something else. The day I find the game either annoying enough or lacking enough fun to make me want to bitch about it is the day I delete it and move on. I’ve done it with other games and some day I’ll do it with this game. Just sayin.

stop loggin unto Prophecy………everyone here and other mmos know Prophecy is gone :)……….

yeah, about half the servers are deader than dead they ought to just shut them down, new players come along, make a new character on Pot5 and then complain there’s nobody to run stuff with

I literally can not contain my excitement over this potential new Stronghold, I’ve been lamenting its absence for a while! Now to wait and see if it emerges with a wonderfully ludicrous price tag attached, I’m expecting 10-20x the Yavin price going by recent additions to the Legacy Upgrades. Gaaaa.

Want one on Oricon too, but it will never happened, will fit my main character.

It could be interesting if they will create side based strongholds. Like light sided character – Alderaan stronghold, dark sided – Oricon stronghold. May be even make it work the same way Imp and Pub strongholds work for different characters. I know that one will never happened, but I can dream 😉

My Coruscant stronghold is a secret sith base, decorated with all sith deco’s and full of imperial guardsmen, grenadiers and other sith npc’s 🙂

I think it’s funny they didn’t mention anything about Uprisings. Maybe they realize nobody does them. It’s not simply enough to just add “content.” You need content that is fun and not just the first time, but the 20th or 100th time.

GSF has this fun potential but they quickly abandoned it after not properly incentivizing it and tying it into the ground game. I still have faith it could be successful with some more incentives and cross-server. Then they could look into adding that missing ship class and some new game modes.

Class changes need to focus on Tanks not being also DPS in PVP. It is a joke that Tanks are the best solo players and always seek one-on-one encounters. Tanks cannot be DPS and Tanks without ruining the game balance. DPS classes need to be able to out DPS tanks for burst damage and prolonged damage. Tank’s DPS is just way too high in PVP. Tank DPS needs to be like it is in PVE.

I couldn’t agree more! Tanks DPS is way overpowered!!! You can’t have a ton of DCD’s, tank spec and good DPS it doesn’t work. Well it does for the tank.

It has always been a gear game and heavy armor plus tank status allows you to add dps armor and so obtain the benefits of both tank and dps. Sage and Sorc are a joke against tank/dps hybrids. In fact, thank/dps hybrids can take on any other class easily. Oh well, time to move on.

Lol you are retarded. It’s whine where I’m from. I though I blocked your bitch ass. Either way, fuck you.

I don’t know if you have taken a look at the other MMO’s on the market but Swtor could be doing a lot worse in terms of content. Sad part is that you neckbeards rush through content then cry about being bored, go play another game until the boredom is gone. As far as competitive MMO’s there isn’t much out there atm that is good. Most everything else is old also, not really any new content and no MMO on the market at this point is doing anything “new” in terms of play or content. Star Citizen but still a long ways to go until we see if it’s going to succeed.

So your suggestion to cure the boredom of a persistent MMO is to play something else?

I’d love to hear how exactly people “rush” through content that takes an hour per story update with months in between said update.

No competition?

Whatever it is you smoke, I want some because you are high as fuck.

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