GW2 Updates to WvW Skrimishing and Rewards

Arenanet is making some changes to WvW Skirmishing and Rewards with the next update.


Hello, Tyrians. I’m excited to reveal the big WvW rewards changes the team has been working on since it was voted for in the last priority poll. We wanted to create a system that encourages caring about WvW skirmishes and adds prestigious rewards for WvW players.


Skirmish Rewards

The first major change is skirmish rewards. The Match Overview tab under the WvW UI has been reworked to include a new Skirmish reward track, similar to the PvP Leagues track. This track is progressed by earning pips, just like in structured PvP, and will grant rewards when tiers and divisions are crossed. However, this track will reset weekly. Pips are earned every tick and are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Your world’s position during the skirmish (first, second, or third).
  • Your WvW rank.
  • Whether you’re commanding a squad with at least five people in it.
  • Whether you’re fighting while outnumbered.
  • If you’ve been playing on the same world for at least three weeks.

In addition, to discourage transferring for rewards, you can only earn pips if you have not transferred recently and if you have earned WvW participation.

The Skirmish reward track awards WvW-specific items such as improvements, tactics, siege, tricks, and traps, as well as other rewards. It also grants Tournament Tickets—now called Skirmish Claim Tickets—which will allow you to purchase both exotic and ascended Tier 2 WvW weapons, armor, and more from the Skirmish Supervisor vendor.

Match History

We also wanted to improve how WvW info is displayed in-game, so we have added a new tab along the top of the Match Overview UI, called Match History. The Match History tab will display the war score, victory points, and kill/death statistics throughout the match, making it easier to track how well your world is doing.

Improved LFG

Commanders and parties are an integral part of WvW, and we want to make it easier to find other players to play with. Now, when you enter WvW, the squad/party UI along the side will display three squads and three parties for you to join that are currently listed in World vs. World Squad Play or Party Play. This new feature, along with the new incentive to command because of Skirmish rewards, should bring in more commanders that can teach others the ins and outs of WvW.

Tier 3 Armor

In addition to Tier 2 armor, you’ll be able to earn Tier 3 Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s armor in this release. Tier 3 armor is the ultimate prestigious WvW armor, and it will require you to have earned both Tier 1 and Tier 2 to acquire. Each piece requires a very high WvW rank to purchase. However, unlike Tier 2, this ascended armor will not require any crafting to earn.



With all of these new WvW rewards, now is a good time to introduce everyone to Warbringer, the WvW legendary backpack! The backpack is siege themed and emits flames when entering combat. With this release, WvW players at rank 50 can purchase the first tier of the backpack using Skirmish Claim Tickets. And of course, as with all legendary backpacks, Warbringer has an awesome glider to go along with it.

Good luck earning all the shinies, and see you on the battlefield!

  • Alot

    I’ve never had any interest in GW2 WvW. I’m now interested in GW2 WvW.

    • :>


      • replying to :>


  • Tormod

    More band-aids that don’t fix the underlying issues. Now we will see everyone with a commander tag up. Dorritos all over the map. GJ Anet; not that I care for WvW because I don’t.

    • iqValentin

      If every one of those Doritos is leading at least 4 other persons, that’d be a welcome change

    • Alot

      If the Dorritos split up, it will be worth the clutter.

    • you were way wrong lol

      Worst prediction ever! That has not been the case and oft times no tags at all on maps. Try again Nustramod

  • Sorean

    Dis backpiece

  • Ares Zax

    So far so good. Now let’s just see if ANet learned from their mistake of S6 PvP and don’t make the Skirmish tickets too onerous to earn.

    • Alot

      The odd thing about WvW is that it is supposed to be a long term thing – instead of a brief commitment like PvP tournaments.
      If this pip track is active all the time, on top of the usual reward track, expect the tier 3 armor to take you a quarter of the time that the hellfire set took to unlock.

      • Ares Zax

        That’s what I meant when I said “hopefully ANet learned from their mistake” though. After the overall success of Season 5 (as far as participation was concerned), they slammed the brakes on for Season 6 and drastically cut the amount of Ascended Shards being rewarded, while ALSO putting in large new gold/mat sinks. The combination basically drove a lot of PvE’rs to go “Why the hell am I putting myself through PvP pain if it’s only slightly more cheaper than just crafting it?” So the population left in droves and left PvP once more sucking fumes.

        If these new rewards to entice more people into WvW are to be a success, ANet cannot make the same mistake and make it too difficult/time-consuming for players to get the rewards. Players will just end up going “not worth my time” and WvW will end up right back at square one.

        • Alot

          Disagree. I’ve opted out of putting much effort into sPvP because of the events you just mentioned – and now just complete the first 1-3 boxes for the more efficient ascended shard caches.

          WvW has never been about enticing players into bursts of activity and long periods of stagnation however. The first few times they tried WvW tournaments (with the original mist-forged hero weapons as rewards) they tried the approach of rewarding people for bursts of effort. Which resulted in a short period of unhealthy behaviour, followed again by all the PvE herds leaving.

          If no additional effort is required to get these rewards on top of the existing reward tracks, I feel these should be left exclusive – as in, the sort of rewards you’ll eventually auto-unlock if this is a game type you heavily invest your time in. No short-cuts, no optimal grinding strategy, just an unlock if this is your “thing”.

          • Ares Zax

            I get the impression that that might be what Warbringer is meant to do. (The hint that you need to be WvW level 50 to even purchase the first unlock item is a big giveaway.) And that’s fine; it’s a Legendary, it’s supposed to be long and difficult to get. But all the same, I still believe that the vast majority of the shinies have to be balanced so that players DON’T need to spend hours upon hours each day in WvW. That will pretty much guarantee that nobody new will do it. And new blood is what WvW badly needs right now. I don’t know what it’s like on other servers, but on mine, I tend to play during my server’s off-peak period, and we’re almost always outnumbered and just struggling to hold our ground against superior numbers. It’s not terribly fun, and it explains why on particularly bad days, EotM is far more popular.

            WvW needs pretty much a moderate level of population at all times. From what I can glean from the post, that looks like that’s what ANet is trying to create with these new rewards, but the end goal posts still can’t be set too far away or people will get disheartened.

            • Alot

              If you play WvW, then your knowledge of WvW needs outclasses my views.

              Still, I’m pretty sure I’m above lvl 50 without ever having invested much time to WvW.

              On the upside, you likely to benefit from that “outnumbered” score multiplier quite regularly.

              • Ares Zax

                Heh, yeah, that is one upside, I suppose. It’s generally not very useful, but depending on how much of a boost it gives you for pips, it might be enough to entice people to remain. Generally, what happens is that players log on to a map, see that they’re outnumbered, and just go to another map.

              • Alot

                From my brief experiences with the outnumbered buff, I’d hope the bonus multiplier would be split between an actual multiplier and a small amount of pip progress for just keeping at it (regardless of whether you manage to achieve anything or not).

  • NubCakes

    Legion commander backpack lol…dota 2

  • Asda

    holy fuck that backpack

    Deeply concerned about the “if you’re commanding a squad” thing for earning pips. Are they trying to encourage everyone and their grandma to start tagging now?

    • lol

      omg haha yess

  • Celty-san

    now if only my server isnt stuck again fighting blackgate and maguuma

    • Yuki Onna

      Hey we at maguuma don’t like it either, ya’ll boring with the siege spam.

      • guest20151008

        Mag is one to talk spamming siege at EBG’s spawn points

      • Celty-san

        tarnished coast is the punching bag of t1 servers

  • lkjhgfd

    No more easy dailys for me i guess.

  • :3

    that backpack woot <3

  • Cercie

    There’s already speculation of 4 hour queues to get in to borderlands and 50 commanders just for the extra bonus. Lol

    Oh well at least there will be people in WvW now on my server. XD

    • Daaw Daw

      just for few weeks,dont worry.

    • Ares Zax

      The Commander bonus only applies if you have 5 or more people following you. It’d be amusing if there were fights among Commanders saying “Hey, follow me! I’ll pay you 20s per tick if you follow me.” XD

  • Ikmanclat

    So I guess it is confirmed that Anet has tunnel-vision

  • FrycoN

    ” WvW players at rank 50 can purchase the first tier of the backpack using Skirmish Claim Tickets”

    Is that mean you can buy first tier:
    – when you get new 50 ranks during this Skrimish or
    – already if you at rank at least 50 on wvw and you just need claim tickets or
    -they will add new wvw ranks and you must get lv 50 there ?

    • RabbitUp

      The second. Skirmish Claim Tickets are a rename of those old Wvw tournament tickets that make a return with the new chests.

  • Trillium

    I guess that’s good news for people who find such new good.

    also finally a badass backpiece! and I mean SERIOUSLY badass! not some anime girl wings or floating stones. cool.

    • Raizel

      I was just going to write: “What a shitty backpiece! It doesn’t look legendary at all, nobody will like it.”
      It seems I’m wrong, there’s at least one who likes it…

      • Trillium

        well, a lot people would like simply for the fact that its on fire. people like stuff on fire.

        also its in Charr style. and it has awesome broken spears, tattered banners aesthetic. which is cool.

  • commentor

    I’m just gona hold my judgement on that back piece until i see the front and the animation. So far looks good from the back. As for whether it fits the legendary status… we’ll see in couple days…

  • Answerer

    That backpack would go well with the Balthazar outfit

  • nadrian3k

    I take it this is not implemented yet…just a preview right? Also where can i find the Tier 1/2/3 armors?

    • Ares Zax

      The Triumphant and Triumphant Hero armors can currently be previewed in the Wardrobe. The Mistforged Triumphant Hero armors are not available until the patch hits.

  • Alastor999

    Wait a minute… that back piece has long cloth parts that resemble a cape! *beats a dead horse* Dammit Anet! Give us capes!!

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