SWTOR Galactic Defender Event for EA Play to Give

Bioware is doing a Galactic Defender event for EA Play to Give from June 2 to June 4.

From Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 4, jump into Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and join the Galactic Defender Event to celebrate EA’s Play to Give program.

Through Play to Give, we’re celebrating the importance of inclusion and play and the positive connections it makes for all the diverse players around the world. Help us celebrate what everyone in our galactic community contributes to our galaxy!

This weekend, team up with friends new and old in battles across the galaxy and get rewarded*:

  • All players who log in during the Play to Give campaign receive the new ‘PL-2G Defender’ Battle Droid mini-pet.
  • Plus, if players join with 1 or more friends in 1 million or more total group activities across the SWTOR galaxy, all players who log in during the Play to Give campaign will also receive the ‘Galactic Defender’ in-game title!

Rewards will be delivered via in-game mail by Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 11:59PM PDT / Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 6:59PM GMT.

Here are some tips to join a group:

  • Invite another player to be a part of your group by typing ‘/invite [name of player]’ or you can right click on the player’s name in chat and invite to group.
  • Click the Group Finder icon on your minimap located on the bottom left side of your screen and queue for multiplayer battles
  • Join multiplayer battles at Level 70 through Galactic Command (press CTRL + G or click the Galactic Command icon located at the top of your screen)

Here are some suggested group activities in the game to get you started:

  • Flashpoints – Band together with three trusted allies to undertake these dangerous story-driven missions
  • Uprisings – Team up with three other players in erupting fast-paced, action-packed battles at Level 70
  • Operations – It’s up to your team of 8 or 16 players to confront some of the powerful threats in the galaxy
  • Player-vs-Player Combat – Make your mark in 8v8 PvP Warzones or 4v4 Warzone Arenas
  • Galactic Starfighter – Take your battle to space and experience intense 12v12 free flight dogfighting
  • World Bosses – Join with a large group to defeat the highest level boss on various planets called the ‘World Boss’
  • Story missions – From class missions to story chapters in the latest Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, help your friends level up as they make their way through the story
  • Heroic missions – You’ll want to team up with one or more friends to take on these group missions that are slightly more difficult than your standard world missions
  • ….and more!

EA is partnering with United Nations HeForShe, a global solidarity movement for gender equality and anti-bullying organizations PACER Center and Ditch the Label to give back to our player communities. EA will donate $1 million to these charitable partners that are already making a difference for a better internet.

Learn more about these EA Play to Give partners and stay in the conversation on all things Play to Give here.

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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

247 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Defender Event for EA Play to Give”

It’s not that they don’t care for equality. It’s that most of these groups get really bad reputations for being filled with SJW’s and all up in your face. No matter how equal you try to act towards everyone, anything you say or do becomes an outrage to the people in these groups as the feel their personal freedoms and rights are being attacked

Although I guarantee not one of them knows jack shit about it (or anyone else for that matter based on how vague it appears to be) its mere title threatens their delicate male psyche. So naturally much pouting and name calling must commence.

Heh EA if you’re feeling charitable how about donating some money to Bioware, its never been more clear after that roadmap that they desperately need funding.

Fantastic event, it’s amazing how they managed to do this with such low number of developers left.

Another droid mini-pet… I could conquer the galaxy with the amount of the those little suckers I have now.

Well, at least it’s an original pet and not a recolored one. We never had a Iokath purifier droid pet before. He will look good besides H1-K1.

Ill definitely be activating my account to get that title and droid! MUST HAVE!… sigh

I’m confused…

America’s War Veterans need help… and yes, EA/Bioware… they need paying jobs, too. Go hire some of them!

America’s homeless need help because it appears as though it has suddenly become a crime in the United States to even give a sandwich to a homeless person! This is pure EVIL!

I won’t even go into details about how elder, spousal, and child abuse are at all-time highs in America. Its there. Something needs to be done about it.

And EA/Bioware are donating to (drum-roll) namby-pamby symbolic LIBERAL feel-good fluff.


I. Might. Puke.

Please (PLEASE) get your priorities in order!

I’m jus so done with people on the internet thinking because they can talk … they talk.

Just, shut up. What the actual fuck² …

Not even going to go in to the political of what you said Yes people need help in the US. But guess what this game has a world wide player base. And those same issues are in other countries as well At least EA/BW are doing something

So because they do not donate to the charity of YOUR choice they are doing something wrong? You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Here’s an idea: YOU donate YOUR money to which ever charity you choose and call it a day. Seriously, people always need a reason to complain about what someone else is doing.

StreetSaint has a point. There are far more worthy causes right now than the apparent Liberal Aniti-West agenda of the UN that EA and Biofail are siding with.

They lost me at UN.


I don’t blame bio ware, the sjw’s and female supremacists have thier tentacles in alot of cakes, the gods of social justice demand appeasement, and we the few who know the truth that thier now gods, are pushed aside, called racist bigots etc…

do you have to be lvl 70 to qualify for the rewards? I’m playing by with a friend who is new to the game and his toon is lvl 35 or so

Not sure. I do a million group activites in 3 days? Or do we have to build a group of thousand players?

Ugh more SJW bs. Looks like I will be spending some time outdoors this weekend.
Too bad i won’t get my participation trophy, I mean droid and title.
But then again I already have my special snowflake title.

Sad that some people don’t realize the only true equality is seeing each person as a unique individual instead of as a member of whatever identity politik label you stick on them.

Well, you’re right in saying “the only true equality is seeing each person as a unique individual” – unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way. For example the Senator who said, this past week, that women *should* get paid less, so that they go out and find husbands. It’s because of people like him that equality still has to be actively pursued for entire groups of our population.

I dunno what HeForShe is, so I clicked the link….and I am more confused now. It said they celebrate inclusion in play. Does that mean I am finally allowed to play video games with boys now? Is that a thing? EbonHawk was the girl server right? Can I make toons on Harbinger now with John Kosto?

I guess we’ll find out after the weekend. Everyone do a million missions so I can has equality plz.

Is it? I was confused too. The name HeforShe sounds like “men” helping “women” isnt that contradictory? and are they implying then that all swtor players are “He”s lol

“Your princess is in another castle”

err – “Deathstar” and shes going to save them from the stormtroopers instead


Thank you, forgot how much coffee burns when coming out the nose due to sudden laugh attack.

So are you saying you support sex trafficking, domestic violence, unequal education and pay for women because that’s what heforshe supports.
Look, it’s easy to glance at something and make an assumption but please dig a little deeper and see what the money is going to support worldwide.

no, but part of the idea of a GAME is to be absorbed into a fake reality. I don’t need to have the plight of third world misery thrown in my face while indulging in my escapism. I can watch the news. I’m well aware of what’s going on around the country and somewhat around the world. Just leave my game out of it.

Controversy has no part in games. SJWs see everything as politics, and so seek to interject politics into everything. Then when someone objects, and says, ‘hey, i’m watching football. Can I just watch football and check out of the real world for a few hours’ the SJWs scream “You want womyn to DIE OF CANCER.”

Learn about boundaries, and maybe people will take you a little more seriously.

SJW: “MY POLITICS! ME ME ME! My Politics or lose your job! boycott boycott BOYCOTT! DESTROY!
Me: “hey, can we leave politics out of this one thing?”
SJW: “BIGOT! We’re contacting your employer. DO they know they employ a RACIST!”

HMHero: “They so dumb they don’t realize they’re the same. Dummies. Shame they’re not as smart as me.”

Ya, that part where you believe everyone’s attacking you, thats what makes you a SJW. Good luck finding your safe place.

The problem is friend there is no boundaries on real life, especially for some people who live in hell from day to day.
I suppose it’s your choice, to take part or not, or play and ignore it, the choice is yours.
You could always play, send them an email saying you want your play time removed from the total, that’s your right.

you’re kind of making my point. There is no place or any activity that you would accept to be politics free, because someone, somewhere, is suffering.

When you shove your politics into EVERYTHING people are going to get angry, not because they are dumb and clueless or don’t care about suffering, they just want an escape for a few minutes. And they you accuse them of being a bad person. People are getting sick of it and reacting and starting to push back.

It’s a shame corporations have yet to catch on. They keep pandering and get no new customers but will lose a few. Maybe they’re figure it out.

no fuck you, I’m egalitarian, femi-nazis have their tentacles all over this crap, they turn it from its original goal into some psudo-female supremacist shit, they turn it into how men need to shut up and do as we demand blah blah blah, fuck you for assuming i support such horrific behaviors twords either biological sex.

I worry when a charity site doesn’t clearly state what it is they need money for, and what it is they are doing. I don’t see how money buys equality. Conversation and interaction does, and I don’t think we need some scumbag charity having our conversations and interactions for us. If it was all about birth control and womens shelters in 3rd world countries though, I’d be all about it, but the site doesn’t show that anywhere I saw. I was a little worried I’d click to the “about us” section and find a certain someone’s name who loves cashing in on drama related to women and gaming.

The problem is that big companies are pressured to support whatever because SJW’s deem it so. I absolutely agree that there are women around the world who truly are oppressed and actually do need help. But the SJWs of *our* society instead use them as props. Example: Current Hustler cover.

Kudos to you for being able to question the charity picked without spewing alt-right acronym nonsense.

All fairness I am really uncomfortable with how this topic has brought my least favorite part of the internet to our doorstep. I hate the buzzwords both sides use, the pendulum is swinging really wide these days.

In Bioware’s words: “a global solidarity movement for gender equality” if that’s true, then I HOPE it is to help women in non-western/non 1st world countries where they are silenced and even physically abused as the norm.

The website isnt real clear about it tho. So hopefully Bioware researched it because I never even heard of this place.

If you click on the links at the bottom it does show what it’s aims are but not where it is targeted.
The truth is as much as we think it only happens in 3rd world countries, sex trafficking, slavery, non equal opportunities in pay and education and domestic abuse are still around in many 1st world countries sadly.

Part of why I got involved in the political arena was due to thousands of children starving all over America and yet we still have Congressional Critters that say “Sorry we can’t help because there is no money, however we just spent another 50 billion on planes that don’t work….because reasons.”
I hope it truly does help those that need it, no matter where they live. At the end of the day we’re all human, for better or worse.

Exactly man, scarily all these horrible things are happening much closer to us than we think, or maybe want to believe.

I was introduced to the shady side of things at a young age sadly. I have been homeless, lived in some of the so called worst areas in many cities and the only real harassment, only real grief I ever got was from the cops. Most people pretend those without don’t exist until they cross paths and then are quickly forgotten. They give great lip service to helping others but the actions are not there.

Sticking one’s head in the sand or walking on by is some people’s coping mechanism, I get that, but to criticise those that want to help, people that take time out of their own day to help others, and you have to do nothing but play a computer game you like (don’t laugh please;) ) to help others, I find hard to comprehend.
I know you don’t want sympathy but I’m truly sorry to hear about how hard it was for you.
I hope your in a good place now.

I have two healthy sons who show every sign of being far better than I ever had the hope to be, a few close friends and I continue to wake up each day. Thus far it’s been win win. What I went through as a child helped create who I am today, the good and the ill. I embrace the good and do my best to neutralize the bad. Being human, this doesn’t always go to plan but every day is another day to try again. I appreciate the sentiment just the same. May your weekend be a good one.

Me too, I thought it was a thing for the LGBT community, I had a real good rant ready to do about the irony, but it’s what to encourage men to support women?, but isn’t that ironic, shouldn’t women support themselves.

If they really wanted to support anti bullying shouldn’t they show their support by disabling PVP, and the harbinger server for the weekend 😛

“shouldn’t women support themselves.”
In some countries including the UK women don’t have that option.
I’m not going to be a dick about it honest, it just a very sad fact of life 2017.

In the UK we have well publicised cases of sex trafficking and arranged marriages along with honour killings and suicides that go along with that.
Not to mention domestic abuse.
You need to open your eyes man.

sex trafficking, arranged marriages, honor killings, are not features of UK. Those are features of Pakistan that was imported into the UK. That’s a big problem. UK allows full and total equal rights for women and have for centuries. That should be forced on all immigrants. But we celebrate multiculturalism and then bitch when people practice their culture.

My eyes are wide open. People who live in third world communities with third world problems are not British. They are Pakistani, and just happen to reside at a particular latitude. But i’m 100% on your side, all those things must be stamped out. They have no place in a civilized country.

The sex trafficking of usually east european girls has also been carried out by UK citizens, but yes the Indian and Pakistan communities are responsible for the forced/arranged marriages.
They are however usually of westernised young girls from their families who see that it doesn’t have a place in the modern society that they have grown up in and educated them and as such there has been a horrific increase in honour killings in the uk.
If this campaign can help educate people that is a good thing no?

Bad things happen to everyone everywhere. And everybody knows this. You don’t need to educate people that bad things are happening.

It’s what is so offensive interjecting Causes into things where it doesn’t belong. If someone wants to “Raise Awareness” they are implying that other people are of lower status and are not aware. The world sucks. We all get it. Some have it better in the 1st world, but that lead is declining.

Games are for games. They are an escape, and it’s disappointing when people, usually young people who are just discovering just how much suck is in the world, try to shove it into everything.

Maybe because I’m old (don’t worry i’m not using the you’re a kid troll) I see less and less effort made by people to help others around them, so when I see an opportunity for people to do nothing except have fun AND contribute (well EA is contributing) I don’t see the issue.
When the adverts come on in between the shows I watch with my kids I make sure they watch the ones of terrible poverty in other countries and people that need help (my 10 year old daughter grew her hair very long for 2 years to give to children with cancer that need hairpieces – made me so proud).
I feel they need to know what life is like outside of their safe bubble of a good home, food on the table, clean clothes on their backs, toys in their bedrooms, when most in this world have nothing.
I think (imho) it’s good to remind people of what life can be like for others, yes even in computer games, lest we forget what is around us all the times.

I disagree with your assessment that people are doing less. People have been doing a lot and there’s not much return and people are not keen on doing more. If your goal is to end suffering you will always fail miserably. Can’t be done. Focus on making someone’s life better and be satisfied. That can be done.

As for drawing attention to suffering to a 10 year old, that’s a fine line. Kids need to learn to help others, but making them suffer on behalf of others doesn’t help anyone and can ruin a childhood. Let kids be kids. I don’t think your suffering makes you a good or moral person. It’s just your personality. Don’t impose it on others.

The point is leave games to games. That’s all. The rest is fluff at best or oppression at worst. This is why people get upset when some bleeding heart interjects onto someone else’s escapism.

I’m not suffering now but I did in my youth witnessing terrible domestic abuse, not understanding what I was seeing and blaming the wrong person for not standing up for themselves, now as an adult I see a clearer picture of domination and bullying in the family home and how hard it is to escape.
Money in the right areas can help people who suffer from experiencing or witnessing these acts and this campaign seeks to help that.
The decision for my daughter to help other kids much less fortunate than herself was purely her own and she got a lot from it, measuring her hair and keeping her chart so she knew when it was long enough to cut it and send it off.
There was no suffering on her part, just happiness and a feeling of pride that she was helping.
You see people do acts to help other for different reasons, but your statement that there’s not much in return is to me a selfish one, surely that act of giving or helping others is enough, a trade of time or money or indeed hair in return for a sense that you’ve helped others.
No-one can make the worlds ill’s better, not even Bill Gates or Richard Branson with their billions, but that doesn’t stop them doing it thankfully because surely for every few that you can’t help or reach you’ll help one who’s life you can fundamentally change for the good.
Surely that’s worth it.
Look I do see your point about not wanting intrusion into you escapism, I just also think we as a people should be reminded ‘on occasion’ that we need to do a little more, and in this case it costs us nothing but our time doing what we enjoy.

Given this event or whatever anyone wants to call it has ZERO cost, or even reference within the game itself, I don’t even know what the big deal is. People could have just logged in on Monday to find a title and a pet, and never been the wiser.

That’s the bit I’m not getting, no-one has to actually do anything yet it’s causing so much grief from a perceived pseudo nazi-feminist (yes someone actually said that on here) right wing political, lesbian tentacle grabbing (yep that one too) taking over of our escapism/hobby for their own nefarious non charitable means.
And you think I’m paranoid Naq XD

wow. I hope you have something fun in your life. Cuz you sound utterly miserable.

I think both you and I know who the miserable one is here.
Why do you feel and react this way?

This. Those are middle east Person of Colour features and you are a racist shitlord for not liking them! Be more religiously tolerant and inclusive, check that white christian privilage before you condem faithful honour killings!

I am being sarcastic here.

My point was it seems if the whole point is equal rights for women or whatever that charity is about, it seems contradictory for them to be relying on men to support them.

Yes I hear what you are saying, there is an irony there but I think though that it is still a ‘man’s world’ and a great deal of the terrible things that happen to women are at the hands of men.

You were not allowed, I’m calling cops… dont mind me, just joking.
Can tell nothing about your country, but here in Russia its ok to bully gamer girl in online games, we have dirty jokes about gamer girls and all that stuff.

We ejected someone from our guild only last month for making disgusting comments to one of our female players.
It still goes on……:(

I’m afraid you’re absolutely right in this case.
I’m not however saying that all russian players are the same, I know/have known a few that are very polite and educated, and would abhor this type of behaviour.

I live in Canada, I have it pretty good at home, in the communities I associate with, and where I work, but that was earned over time. I’m over three decades into my adventure, and let me tell you, I get way less crap for my private parts and my sexual preferences now, than I did when I was in my teens, and I wonder sometimes if the volume of grief I took, was related to the amount of fight I put out. The old adage of “Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction” seems to be true of modern social politics. The louder and crazier arguments, seem to be met with equally voluminous and crazy counter arguments.

It wasn’t until I put my shirt back on(yup…), dropped the protest signs, and quit shouting, and instead started having conversations that I found people willing to talk about the things that concerned me as a lesbian geek. I learned that when literally every guy at GW Games Day felt the need to explain how Warhammer worked to me, instead of yelling at him that “Grrrrls can gaim too!” which would just be met with resistance, it was better to sit down and have a game with them instead.

We are always going to run into bullies though, or deal with dirty jokes. Its a shame. But I was at a convention in Sweden a month ago, where I was invited to talk to young girls interested in my field of work, and I’ll tell you the same thing I told them. When those situations arise, don’t let them get you down. Those are opportunities to shine. With the right attitude, you can turn most bullies into a friend. With a calm, and well placed joke you can turn bystanders into allies. You might even change some minds. But if you let them get your hackles up, or lash out, the barrier goes back up and nothing gets any better.

Either way Kaelin, I’m sorry you have to deal with it. There’s a bright future for all of us, I hope.

I never thought I would hear about a liberal with common sense. Maybe being agreeable and not a SJW protest fest is the way to win sympathy. I tip my fedora to you, m’lady!”

Well I got news for you, being liberal is BASED on having common sense. As in, it’s a prerequisite. It’s the understanding that when we work as a group, we can achieve more things and progress better as a species. It’s not something everyone understands, though even species like bees get it. But the humans are faulty.

Good luck with your endeavors, I hope you can get these shares up for maximum profit, that will be very important when your hometown sinks. And yes, I just assumed a ton of shit about you, only because you assumed to know how every liberal thinks and if they have common sense.

You are delusional. People working together is the definition of society and free markets. That is the most ignorant definition of Liberal I have ever seen. We can work together voluntarily (free market) or under the threat of government violence ( socialism). How do you prefer to work together?

Ignorance of history and culture are requirements for Liberalism, certainly not common sense (lol). It’s why children are almost universally liberal and adults are almost universally conservative. People gain wisdom with age.

If I had to sum up this post:
Paragraph one is “Yes, I agree, working together to achieve common goals is good. I have concerns over how we are brought together to do as much.”
Paragraph two: “Even though we have similar beliefs, and both want to find the best way to do the most good, I would like to take a moment to talk down to you about your similar, but not identical perspective.”
Thank you 2016 for everything you have done for political discourse…

If you were a little more sophisticated you would notice that the guy I was responding to was insulting millions of people – you didn’t criticize him at all, just me for replying. Leading with a slap back is not “unnecessary”. Insulting someone’s argument can encourage him to comeback with a better one, maybe a clearer picture, and would raise the level of discourse.

The only thing new in 2016 is the middle class is finally responding to people who have labeled them with the most hateful names and stolen trillions of $$ from for decades. Your devotion to politeness is tantamount to criticizing rape victims for being mean to their attacker. “She hates him, he hates her, it’s a cycle of violence! Please be nice.” It’s childish and enables the worst offenders.

“Your devotion to politeness is tantamount to criticizing rape victims for being mean to their attacker. ”
I really hope this is a case of you having no idea what tantamount means. Me wanting people to address each other in a respectful tone to allow proper communication over their political differences so it doesn’t degenerate into unnecessary snark, is not even in the same ballpark as your insane attempt at a simile.

I just checked to be sure, but yes, I used the word correctly.

dude attacks millions of people for lacking morality and common sense – you say nothing.
I call that dude delusional – you write 3 paragraphs about how uncivil I am.

You are morally bankrupt, and generally a bad person. My simile is spot on.

Yet the guy slamming liberals was okay? I suspect your bias is showing sir/madam and thus you have no leg upon to stand.

It’s give an take. I can do both.

Not sure what your point is though. Someone gets on a high horse and judges me as being uncivil for a comment 1/10000th as offensive as the other side I was responding to? That’s pretty lame. Just pointing out the hypocrisy. I don’t put restraints on anyone. They can all say what they want. Someone was trying to shame me into silence. That’s what tyrants do. A smile and polite grammar can’t hide the hate.

Right, hopefully some of that EA heforshe money can make swtor the safe place you wish it was, until then good luck with your social crusade on swtor fan sites.

He came to chew bubblegum and kick ass….and his mom won’t let him have bubblegum because its a choking hazard.

That has to be the first I’ve ever heard of being shamed into silence. Interesting concept. Tyrants however do not shame into silence, they just use the billy club and/or a bullet. There was just as much venom in your statement as theirs, that was my point. Can’t have it both ways.

Again, for a second time, how did I insult millions of people? I only said things about you and your idiotic ideas. If we include the things I thought about your mom (as Naq did apparently too) then that’s still just 2 people.

Don’t put words in my mouth you special snowflake. I did not insult a single person on this world other than you and your bigotry.

I fucking love the term “Free Market” when the only thing that is free about it is that basically anyone can sell whatever they want as long as someone will buy it, and as long as it’s legal. Tobacco for example. If it sells, people will make millions from it, and millions of people will get lung cancer. Alcohol? The same. Marijuana? Noooooooooooo that’s fucking illegal man. Even though it’s less dangerous as proven by a shit ton of research than both tobacco and alcohol. Yes, “free” market. As long as it’s regulated by the people who make the maximum profit.

And I am the delusional one. I didn’t even have to explain to you the part of the economy that is based on guns, wars, oil, and other trades that shape our world as it is. But that’s ok, if you can make a few thousand bucks more a year with the minor setback of 124 kids dying somewhere in the Middle East where it doesn’t affect you, I guess it’s all good, since the government doesn’t tell you what to do!!!! You are soooooooooooooo free.

I am a scientist and I have been studying all my life about global history and culture, but please, enlighten me about how age groups define what’s right for this world. It’s by all means a great argument.

you got all the boxes to put me in based on the idea a game shouldn’t have politics thrown in it. Must be nice to know so much about the world.

Yes, act the victim and pretend you haven’t spent the last day with your comments here putting everyone in similar boxes.

You people are so predictable.

Free as in voluntary. You make a product, I can buy it or not. That’s all I mean. Price reflects scarcity – make too much price goes down, too little price goes up. Not hard to figure out. It’s either price or gov’t fiat, and all the murder and oppression that goes with it.

If you are a scientist…no, no need to continue, you’re not. In fact no scientist ever declares themselves a scientist. It’s kind of a tell, that and the barely literate argumentation skills.

An actual scientist says, “I’m a biologist,” or marine biologist, physicist, astronomer, phycologist, ornithologist, etc. You know, sciences. Only fakers and posers declare themselves such a vague terms as “Scientist.”

You’re either a grad student or probably much less. You argue like a college freshman. And I mean that as in the typical modern college freshman, not like ones back in the day when it took a lot of intellectual firepower to get into college. Now anyone with a pulse can get a gov’t grant to go the the 13th grade.

You obviously haven’t attended college anytime in recent history. Sorry but no, you need actual brain cells firing to attend college, unlike holding a position in government politics.

My bachelor’s and my Master’s degree are on Applied Sciences, therefore both Physics and Math. My Ph.D. is in Astronomy, and I also most definitely know a lot more about Biology and Chemistry than you, since I have taken many courses, but also since I love these sciences and read in my free time.

You don’t know what an actual scientist says, because you are clearly not one. An actual scientist doesn’t follow a set of stereotypical rules which are made up by a troll on the internet, such as yourself.

I know what you mean with the term “free market”. You mean what you have been brainwashed to believe it means. If anything, capitalism has been amazingly smart in the naming choices. It’s all about marketing you see. If they had named it “Market To Serve the Few”, it wouldn’t be so popular, but now that it’s the “Free Market” everyone loves it and thinks they have total control over their money and their options.

Please stop, you have no fucking clue about how diverse the world is and how people think. You only think in stereotypes. Now you even went on to assume that I am a college student, and that I can’t be a scientist, because I didn’t say which one is my science. I feel sorry for you, I honestly do. Then again, it must feel good living in a bubble where the whole world is such a great place and you feel you know everything :/

for the record, you still haven’t identified what science you practice. just saying..

i was at a presentation at nature preserve over the weekend. The guy said, “Hi, I’m Joe. I’m a marine biologist that works with XXX University. Today we’re going to see….”

He’s a scientist.

Well I am on, I am not at any presentation, or research center, or a symposium, or even in a social meeting with people whose opinion might matter to me.

Instead I am talking to a conservative idiot who is here just to troll and doesn’t care about what the other person says. If they did, they would have noticed that I already told them what science I practice. It’s not my fault you were not able to understand.

you told me what degrees you have. That’s not the same thing is it? Lots of people with degrees making coffee. Are all of them scientists too?

That depends on the level of their degree and how much time they have devoted in their science. But some of them might be yes. Does the term “scientist” in your brain only refer to people who do research at a very specific laboratory chosen from a list that you only approve of?

If you want to know, I work in academia and I am very active, doing both teaching and research.

Oh, wow) I doubt I can be anything like you 🙂 And I`m really not a nice person, that one is for sure.
I have no such problems in real life. But games, online games is pretty sensitive subject in my country. You would never believe how silly our gamer boys are. I`m never taking it to heart, its just annoying sometimes, but making them regret their decision to bully me is a must do thing, their reactions are always funny… one of them got it even better during gamers meeting… lets just say I never saw his characters I knew in game since then

In fairness, GW employees are brutally conditioned to extensively explain Warhammer to anyone and everyone. Boy, I was painting Space Marines before you were even a really fun night for your parents, don’t tell me how the rules work!

Yeah I kinda get that, female players were respected (and still are if you still get the White Dwarf magazines) for their ‘artistic’ abilities but the field of battle was seen as a man’s domain, no place for sensitive ladies.
Sad but true.
I still paint when I get the chance but no longer have time to ‘battle’.

Effectively, becoming a woman. (please don’t get mad you know this is friendly shade)

I’m pretty sure I have some of those, unpainted… I worked for GW as a painter back then, and got a ton of ancient stuff still boxed up. I didn’t like those models so I didn’t paint them. I’ve still got a complete (unassembled) Great Spined Dragon, though, and the stainless steel masters for several Warlord Titans from Adeptus Titanicus.

I have a nice story to share. This is gonna be long, so prepare yourself lol…

Being Portuguese I was always on the lookout for Portuguese guilds. Yes, you can start calling me a racist bastard from now on. And lo and behold, one day I came across some guy on Tatooine that had a Portuguese name to his character. Turns out he was in an all Portuguese guild that I proceeded to join with my “main”. I put that in commas because at 20 plus toons it was hard for me to defina a “main”. But if I ever had a main it was my female Chiss Engineering Sniper. I loved that toon. Well, still do, but since I don’t play anymore…

The guild was run by one guy and his girlfriend. It surprisingly had quite a few girls playing, which I thought was really cool. Not many people in the guild, but the ones that were in the guild were very active, so it made for some fun times. Good times… *sigh*

Anyways… In time I moved most of my toons to this guild. Other guilds I was in weren’t really interesting anymore, and most of my long time friends had moved on to other games. No point in keeping my toons in guilds that meant nothing to me. The guys even made a nickname for me: The Swiss Army Knife. Because I had a toon for every contingency. If a healer was needed I had it. Tank? DPS? What type do you want? hehehehehehe… But I digress…

This one guy joins the guild. A perfectly normal guy. Not a great player, but not a terrible one either. He starts doing activities in the guild. And bear in mind, we had a Facebook group. We all knew each other outside of the game, in social media. We had pictures of our families in there. We even arranged for meeting in real life to actually know each other. Portugal is not that big of a country, you can get yourself anywhere pretty easily.

I log in one night, and two of the girls were talking in Guild Chat about this guy. I asked what was wrong. Turns out he was perfectly “normal” when we were playing together, as in male and female people doing stuff. BUT the moment he got in a group with just women he turned into the Stalker from Hell…

Now: this guy was married. He had kids, just like me. He was doing really overt sexual innuendos to the girls. I told them we should get him out of the guild then. They replied that they had something better in mind.

So we arranged for a Op one night. Only there was no Op. We just wanted to get “the” guy in a group with the rest of us. 8 people was enough. In that Ops group we had both the Guildmaster AND his girlfriend. Needless to say, we confronted the guy. We made him eat some humble pie. And in the end the girls said that they weren’t going to kick him from the guild. He could continue, IF he behaved. But he left. That was for the better I think. Never heard from him again. The Guild is not active anymore. At least I don’t think so.

Bottom line? I think you’re absolutely right. A sensible attitude is better than irrational outbreaks I think. You might just change some minds, or at least open up the possibility for change. Who knows? But I was really proud at the girls from the Guild that day. Because, you know… The guys in the guild were already making arrangements to go get this guy in real life and give him a full body massage… LOOOOOOOL!!!

I love being in a guild that can all meet up IRL. Way back in my Lineage 2 days, my whole guild happened to be from 3-4 neighboring towns, and we’d meet up at restaurants for our guild meetings. 8-12 geeks all eating curly fries and discussing the best methods to farm materials, assigning seed groups and badmouthing rival guilds.

Well, when I started TOR I did it with 4 guys from my hometown. We went to freaking school together. We all loved Star Wars. In fact, they were the first to jump ship because they claimed the game sucked. They still make fun of me whenever I meet them, on those rare nights I actually go out for a coffee and a beer. “The guy that still plays that flop of a game” could be a good translation. Well, not anymore I guess. But I will still maintain the reputation for that. Me, the “hater”. I actually made 2 of those guys try the game out a second time. They even made MORE fun of me, if that was even possible. They quit the game faster than you can say “return to massively multiplayer and group-based content”.

We get title if we all do 1 million or more total group activities across the SWTOR galaxy? Do I understand correctly?

whenever i roll a new character, i have literally 40 emails full of pets and mounts. I wish they would just unlock them all for legacy after one character gets it so that the other can choose to grab it or not.

It seems to me(based on the article) that the pet is just for logging in. No participation needed. The “participation” comes into play for the title but even then it’s not like playing(or not playing) affects EA’s contributions to charity. They’re giving money to these charities regardless of how much you play. The “events” are just for raising awareness of the charities they’re donating money to. Which seem pretty harmless(especially the anti-bullying charities…)

I think your missing the point of the message.
You don’t have to, it’s not compulsory, they’re just trying to get you to support what underneath the strange male gamer oriented premise, is a very good cause/causes.

Swtor is already a charity. It’s like man-a-meal, we feed the devs so that someday once they’re back on their feet they can contribute something meaningful.

American style charity… Pfff 😂
They should give 2 years of free subscription to every player remaining in this game, and should feed every starving children across the world for mess they did with this game sience 4.0…

I am disgusted to see people react to this because they have put all their political views (and the political views of others) into a box.

The present that we live is already dystopian because of Biff Tannen, but we also have a horde of brainwashed sheep that will use the term “social justice warriors” as something negative. Because apparently social justice is a negative thing. What the actual fuck.

I don’t get the Biff Tannen reference (I know he’s from Back to the Future), and thanks for finally informing me what SJW’s were (I’m getting too old for this) but I agree to your post that social justice is still treated as a bad thing by far too many people these days.
It’s so easy, especially as a man, to sit behind your monitor and keyboard and think all is right in the world especially in your own 1st world country with it’s 1st world economy.
The sad truth is that these terrible things like sex trafficking and exploitation, unequal pay and conditions for women, domestic violence and forced child marriage are happening right under our noses in our own countries and need everyone’s support.
I think the whole male gamer letting female gamer’s play is an odd advertising campaign personally (only goes to reinforce those stereotypes imho) but underneath it’s an powerful message.
So like you when I look down at the messages it makes my heart sink for humanity.

You just gained about 54 levels of respect for me.

Biff Tannen is the president we have in this country right now. Actually Biff Tannen would be better for sure.

Hahaha now I get the the Biff comment.
Turns out we might share the same views on ‘some’ things outside of swtor.
And just 54 levels? I must have started at minus 100.
Pffffft 😛

Social justice is not negative. Social justice warriors are, being just as obnoxious and cancerous as gamerGate (or how are those called now).

Because wherever those fucks appear, with either “woman are oversexualised” or “there are too many gays in the game”, it turns from normal and occasionally interesting discussions to flame wars. Fuck both of the camps.

The term itself is inane. Everyone who uses the term SJW in order to put people in a box and try to predict and criticize their behavior as a collective, is a plain idiot. People are people, they are not NPCs on the streets.

The real cancer in society is most definitely NOT the people who actually have respect for others and society. The real cancer is people who only care about their financial well being, thus making it pretty awful for everyone else on this planet.

SJWs named themselves. They are also ridiculous and openly mocked now, which is an improvement by society.

SJW are a cancer. All tyranny movements of 20th century were by SJWs and caused death of 100s of millions and oppression of billions. “Social Justice” was the warcry of stalin, hitler, and mao, and many lesser tyrants who had it all figured out how to build the perfect society. See Venezuela for a modern realtime example of what results when “Social Justice” gets its way.

Only a few too blinded by ideology can’t see this.

I am gonna stop here, because you clearly have no idea of how the term SJW is used. So it all makes sense to me now.

Good idea. I’ve been having this argument for 20 years. The chances of you having something to say I haven’t heard a million before is zero.

It’s overused, you are correct. Just like “troll” is. That doesn’t stop it from signifying very specific and usually well determined group of people. In this case – bunch of attention whores.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for people who actually fight against social injustice. Like, you know, gay persecution in Islamic countries. Or complete lack of female rights there. Because those people, as few as they are, target actual problems. Not bank on easy to hit and meaningless targets, like “oh, girls are misrepresented in video games. Call the internet police!”. Fuck.

So, SJW as a group have nothing to do with actual social justice, and everything – with different kinds of media-cancer we enjoy since forever. And before you say anything – no, usual contingent of /pol/ isn’t any better.

Nah, most people are not attention whores, yet they are labeled as SJW because the opposite side is ignorant and just prefers to use labels instead of engaging in dialogue.

There is not much you can do about gay persecution in Islamic countries from your couch in Nebraska or a sushi bar in Tokyo sadly. But even if you were close, you would probably be persecuted as well, for defending these people. And since neither you nor I live in a country with such horrible problems, let’s just deal with the problems in the places that we actually live in, and can actually make a difference, no?

Or are you trying to say that because there are more serious problems in the world, we shouldn’t deal with minor problems too? Doesn’t that mean that we should basically just forget about every problem and focus on the fact that there are a couple of billion people on this world starving? Because in my book that one is the greatest problem right now.

IF you think that people saying right things on the internet is media cancer…. just don’t go online. You can always play your game, go to the park, go running, see a movie, and ignore everything that you choose to ignore. No one is actually forcing you to read ANYTHING on the internet. It’s your choice, and your choice only.

What’s idiotic about judging morons as a collective? We judge other collectives that way. Furthermore, SJW’s don’t respect others, they just make a tedious show of pretending they do, to the point where they get ‘offended’ for others when those others aren’t offended themselves.

Like when they tried to crucify Ellen DeGeneres for photoshopping herself getting a piggy back from Usain Bolt. Because apparently that was racist, and that’s even ignoring the fact that she’s a pretty vocal advocate for all that equality lark. Or when folks here in the UK complained that a soldier was ‘blacked up’ in an advert for the army. Despite it being, y’know, camouflage.

That’s what SJW’s are. Aggressive, antagonistic kids who think they’re superior to everyone else because they’re at uni and are oh-so-enlightened, forever looking to censor and control everything until the world is so wrapped in bubble wrap people are being suffocated.

And it’s got nothing to do with ‘people who only care about their financial well being’. The majority of decent, normal people believe in equality. SJW’s are not decent, normal people. They want attention. That’s it. They don’t care about the people they’re ‘defending’, they just want people to think they do.

That’s why people hate them.

What is idiotic, is putting people in a category and giving every single person in that category the same attributes. I can’t explain it any better. That’s the problem with the “SJW” term and people who use it.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is defending women’s rights and goes to a protest to support women for a worthy cause, or if someone else just goes on a crazy rampage on facebook because someone shot a gorilla, they are both labeled SJWs by idiotic people. And they are treated as a collective, when they most probably have nothing in common.

It’s a thin line between being funny and being racist sometimes you know. I am a straight white male in my 30s, but I am smart enough to realize that I have never had to worry in ANY POSSIBLE way about being treated under a different prism. By anyone. I am privileged even though I never did anything to feel privileged and I definitely didn’t take advantage of it.

Even if it’s just a fucking joke, how many times do you think you would be ok with people calling you or labeling you something because of your sex, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual preference? There are some people that just want attention, but there are also a lot of people who actually want to see a better world around us man. That’s all.

The majority of decent normal people elected a piece of shit who is taking down the world with him so that his friends get richer. The majority of decent normal people voted for England to leave the European zone, when England was one of the 3-4 countries that had it fucking GOOD in Europe. So I am sorry, but I don’t think that the majority of decent normal people, who as you say believe in equality, actually care for it. We are all humans and many times we will ignore problems as long as they’re not on our doors. And that’s fine, no one is asking you to go march on parades and actually do other stuff, but you don’t have to bash people that might care about good things. That’s just absurd.

They’re in that category because of the attributes they share. Namely, crying about everything.

You say about people calling you or labeling you something because you’re a straight white male? Literally happens all the time. From SJW’s. Because apparently being a straight white male means your opinion and the opinions of people with those characteristics are worthless (unless of course you agree with the SJW’s, then you’re opinion matters). Because apparently we’re all so privileged (like, whut?) that we’re not allowed to comment, because we couldn’t possibly understand. The irony is extraordinary.

There is no thin line between racist and being funny, either. Racism = prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. So words can’t be racist. Jokes can’t be racist. It’s about intent. My gran used to use the term ‘nigga brown’, but she had nothing against black people whatsoever. There was no intent behind her using the term. I’ve never heard racism used by idiots who don’t know what the word even means as much in my life as I have in the past two years or so. ‘We need to control immigration’, ‘you’re racist!’.

It’s pathetic.

We ignore SJW ‘problems’ because they aren’t problems. There is real inequality in the world, a genuine, serious inequality. But it’s not in the western world. If they actually cared, they’d do and do something about the children having their genitals mutilated, or women being treated no better than slaves on the other side of the globe.

As for Brexit… well, if you want to believe that nonsense, more power to you, but odd as it might sound not everyone thinks that being part of a European superstate run by corrupt bureaucrats who let a flood of ‘refugees’ from a part of the world that treats women like shit and thinks men marrying children is fine wash over the continent is to the benefit of the taxpaying population.

But the more you say the more I’m starting to think you ARE a SJW. I mean, wanting to leave the EU means the people who voted that way aren’t ‘decent normal people’? Really? That’s some mainstream SJW rhetoric right there.

Not to mention the fact you complain in your first paragraph about putting people in categories then proceed to do exactly the same thing yourself regarding Brexit voters and Trump supporters? I don’t want to point out a certain group of people who also do that…

The drones that with one look at the name of a charity start spewing their know-it-all political views instead of just accepting free shit for the weekend (because our participation in no way effects EAs charitable giving) are themselves annoying “Social Justice Warriors,” it doesn’t matter what side of the street you are on, the behavior is the same regardless.

If that’s all they have to worry about in life they should count themselves very lucky.

There are no safe spaces. All Politics, All the time. Can’t even play Star Wars without being preached at. SJWs are cancer on society.

No one said anything about politics or being preached to, or social justice warriors. What are you talking about?

Help Social Justice today by playing lesbian only ERP for three days! Dirty, dang males not allowed! Go and lez to the extreme!

“Let’s get people to accept us by forcing and threatening them, hurrah!”

I mean, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Whilst these charities aren’t the main issue here they’re symptoms of a disease that has been infecting our society for generations. The charities themselves just seem to be milking that disease for all it’s worth.

How is this in any way a bad thing? Play the normal way you play and if you don’t want to do “anything extra” to contribute, don’t; if you didn’t read this post you wouldn’t even notice anything was happening. If you have a problem with their cause and want to not play to not help “those people”, might I suggest instead you quit the game for good? It’s 2017, we don’t need or want your kind here. Thanks….

I’ve never shared so much common ground and sentiment with people that don’t like me (that’s putting it mildly) on here.
And it’s not even about content.
Won’t last long, well until Tuesday’s cartel market update. 😛

once upon a time, we could all get together and play SWTOR together, or trash talk the game together, etc.

Then someone had to drop a giant divisive turd into the punch. Effective, no?

As a hypocrite I understand you don’t posses the self awareness to perceive yourself or your statements as others do but from where half the world sits your posts on this topic are the divisive turd you are referring to.

I log on to play SWTOR because SWTOR. Not sure what species this virulent weed is that seems to be growing up plenty of people’s asses, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be dealt with anytime soon.

Sounds like a worthy cause, I’ll log in and adopt a newbie, take them on a Heroic tour of the galaxy, maybe make some new friends.

By looking at the comments here…. I guess no one will be getting the title ‘Galactic Defender’.

What people say and do are 2 different things as in all things….. Some will play for title and pet others who knows. Just in enjoy your time in the game and working for the title 😀

lol – i guess not. Not gonna resub for this, that’s for sure. I keep checking though. Waiting for the next expansion that might make this a Star Wars game again. My evil Sith Lord is waiting to conquer the galaxy and crush the Jedi. She was making so much progress and then woke up in someplace she cares nothing about. Let the saga continue.

How about – your character wakes up from being frozen in carbonite to discover that all the events in Zakuul were just a dream sequence! There is no such place as Zakuul and they pick up where they left off – trying to conquer/defend galaxy, Republic vs Empire again. I’d be cool with that. Maybe resub.

I wish the Zakuul crap never happened either. None of it makes sense nor does it feel like star wars.

Nice effort by the BW team to ally with a decent cause. Shame that the obnoxious juveniles (pvp refugees) that now overwhelm Harbinger’s gen chat kinda undermine the whole concept of anti-bullying etc

If only BW actually acted and took action on all the players talking shit and being racist/sexist and more, then this cause would have more credibility in swtor. But like everything else with BW austin, they only want to put in the barest minimal effort possible.

Because of that “EA is partnering with United Nations HeforShe…” and anti-white racist manveer heir that you wrote about is also good reason against ea.
I won’t support cultural marxism, this policy that is destroying Europe right now.


There were also comments that social justice warriors are good/social justice is good…
Nope from point of view of those that were born in countries ruled by communism forced upon them and this social justice is communist thing.
May seem nice to those born in western paradises but it isn’t nice in practice.
Just my opinion.

cuz this shit appeared on my feed, I was curious, looked at the bullshit, then felt like commenting. Got a problem?

Well then kill the feed and you would not have to see this shit do i have a problem nope just find it funny how ppl make comments on things they longer supposedly care about

Yeah, i’m with David Micu on this one. Completely understandable. White knights cant take any criticism.

He may have a point, but I know if I could ever gather the willpower to quit, I would avoid all SWTOR news like the plague.

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” If only we didn’t love star wars so much… damn you EAWare.

gonna take the handful of people left playing this game awhile to get those million group activities. Hard to say if it can be done in 2-3 days

For title need a friend on a list + invite to Group together or enough to play with an other player who isn’t on my friend list?


I worked out that the subs been paid on my account to date couldve bought me 72 full price a-list games, paid my rent for a 2 bedroom house for 6 months, or bought 1/4 of a car. Ludicrous subs that dont really add anything new or unique, but block you from playing properly if you dont. Not happy!

So stop subbing. It sounds like you made a bad decision and spent your money continuously on a product you don’t enjoy.

Take a break.

“It really annoys me comments like, You dont like it go away”. – The Great Scott

And here you are telling him exactly that. lol You clearly didn’t see the point of his message. I did though. But yeah, this guy probably should take a break.

Game is 5 years Old. 12 months a Year. $15 a Month. 5x12x15 = $900

If all those things you listed only cost around $900 you either live in one of the Cheapest Countries in the World or are straight up lying.

I’m not sure why they are partnering with these equality organizations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they are doing this. But why would of all companies would EA do this? Aren’t they prone for being unjust to their employees? Also, how does this give back to the community? I dunno. I’m not complaining, I’m just confused, and surprised.

I’m not really sure how a pet is going to entice people to do 1million group activities over the course of a couple of days. Why is it always a pet as a reward anyways? Most people don’t care for pets. Maybe if we actually had pet battles people would?

yeah they should’ve waged Darth Hexid companion. I mean they took all the effort to do the companion, now its an unussed asset on their libraries

And this is why my fiance and I cancelled out accounts. It is sickening that EA is pushing sexist, racist intersectional feminist ideology onto gamers.

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