SWTOR Pending Bug Fixes for GU 5.2.2

Bioware has posted a list of bug fixes we can expect for patch 5.2.2.

Pending Bug Fixes – GU 5.2.2 | 06.01.2017, 10:21 PM
Hey folks,

One of the things Keith mentioned in the Roadmap is that we want to work on enhancing Communication with you, especially around the future. As a part of that plan, approximately 2 weeks before each Game Update I will post a thread with a list of currently planned and confirmed bug fixes. Once that list is live I will post updates every few days as I get more information. This thread will become a living list of bug fixes that are slated for the next Game Update.

A few important caveats:

  • These are not the patch notes. Features, highlights, and the comprehensive list of bug fixes will be missing.
  • This is not a comprehensive list of every bug fix in the patch.
  • These bug fixes are subject to change and/or be removed. As we continue implementing fixes and testing them, some of these could get moved into other releases.
  • TLDR – This is preliminary and everything is subject to change. 

Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions about how this process will work. Here are the initial bug fixes for 5.2.2:

  • Players who defeat the Infernal Council in the Eternity Vault will now receive the “Defeating the Infernal Council” Achievement as intended.
  • When purchasing a mount from the Cartel Market the player will no longer receive the message “You already own this item” unless they actually own it.
  • Players can no longer see group chat after leaving or being removed from a Group Finder group.
  • Players who finished Iokath who are unable to summon Elara Dorne or Malavai Quinn can now use the Companion Locator Terminal to retrieve them.
  • *Spoiler* Redeemed Arcann will now appear in the Odessen Base after completing Chapter 9 of Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • Killing Yadira Ban in The Black Talon Flashpoint will no longer drop Item Rating 200 gear.
  • The Taspan Ambush Space Mission is once again available via the Galaxy Map.
  • Multiple decorations have had their name corrected to properly reflect their Sand People origins.
  • The Apprentice Force-Lord’s Practice Staff is no longer invisible while sheathed.
  • The Mystic’s Polesaber now uses lightsaber mods as intended.
  • Major Valor Boosts which are rewarded from Encrypted Datacubes are now bind on pickup.
  • Multiple MTX mounts will appear more zoomed out in the preview window.
  • Players who abandon the Mission “Facing the Machines of War” are no longer blocked from reacquiring it.
  • Corrected an issue where players could get more than 8-players onto their team in Warzones.
  • The Kurtob Alliance Speeder has received its long overdue tune-up and once again moves at the proper speed.
  • When queueing for a Warzone, the user-interface no longer states that the player will receive Warzone Commendations as a reward.
  • Ben Gimson

    “Major Valor Boosts which are rewarded from Encrypted Datacubes are now bind on pickup.”

    Bastards -_-

    Datacubes are now useless.

    • BobbyOrr


    • Leah

      they were useless for months. or did people not notice? they made them useless a while ago.

      • AbnerDoon

        They valors weren’t bound the last time I used em.

      • Ben Gimson

        8 tradeable valor boosts every time you reach Nar Shaddaa with a new toon? That’s not useless. That’s incredibly useful.

        • Leah

          they were bound for me, last i tried. I’m now being told that its a timer that goes away? last I tried, i saw no timer. guess I’ll check again

          • Ben Gimson

            They have a timer, aye. Put them in your legacy storage and leave them to cook overnight. Should be free to trade them the following day.

  • Sarigar

    I was hoping they’d fix the item confirmation mail bug. Maybe next month.

    • The Deplorable Chris Morel

      “I was hoping they’d fix the item confirmation mail bug. Maybe next year.”


      • Sarigar

        Probably never.

  • Havik79

    I am hopeful of Keith, but this whole better communication has been more done to death then trolls spamming ops 50 times in a single post when they stream.

    Still not gift or preview fix, so feed up trying to preview a change to armours and end up just a floating head.

    • AbnerDoon

      The preview bug is coming up on two years and they don’t respond to any questions about it on the forums. I’m guessing they can’t figure it out or they know what it is but can’t fix as it would brake something implemented around the time of 4.0 or thereabouts.

    • Jawa Jay

      Only way to get around it is to switch to companion in preview and then back to character. Then do it again when it bugs out again. Annoying.. Just like bugs that have been around since launch.

  • How about fixing the stupid bug where you can’t invite people to your group anymore if you are in GSF or PVP queue? That’s the most annoying shit to hit us in a while….

  • jo

    Wonder if Ensign Temple still uses Kaliyo’s voice files in heal mode. It got pretty annoying for immersion breaking, but it did always get a chuckle.

    • The Deplorable Chris Morel

      They fixed this in KotFE. Temple isn’t coming back 😀

      • jo

        Not sure how her returning matters in regard to the bug, but huzzah if they did fix it. It’s been a bit since I played an IA.

        • The Deplorable Chris Morel

          That was my point. They fixed it by removing her from the game. It was a joke…

          • jo

            Okay, lol. But for agents who haven’t launched KoTFE or who used the return terminal – I’m guessing still an issue?

  • TheCulprit

    well….fixing bugs are good, right? At least they’re not leaving them out there.

    • Marrks

      there shouldn’t be there since game launch anyways, it’s like buying a car that “sometimes may not brake correctly”

      • Bogdan Paunescu

        Your analogy is wrong on so many levels. Any complex piece of software will have bugs, especially when you keep adding stuff to it over the years.

        • Marrks

          mixing characters voices is not a bug, it’s stupidity

          • Bogdan Paunescu

            Not really. All it takes is a typo in the code to point to a different filename and you get a bug.

  • Kirill Zhmurenko

    God damn. I don’t know what happened to the guys in Bioware, but it’s astonishing. First the roadmap with cool new announcements and really needed QoL improvements (eg CXP), then bug fixes – REGULARLY – that’s incredible. I guess Blizzard or Zenimax Online overthrew the management and silently took over the company. If not, I don’t have any other possible excuses for such results, unless Keith has shaken the very basics of that swamp (BW employees, if you’re reading this – no offense, but game was literally slowly sinking over the last 2 years).

    • Marrks

      if blizzard would be on it, we’d already had a cartel pack with mexican hats, russian adidas sport suit, italian pizza, french wine, asian rice, and all of the stereotypes you can imagine

    • abaddonsmummy

      It is a very positive start, some very interesting decisions already with bug fixes and Qol improvements and a very positive nod in the direction of group content.
      But we do need it to keep coming and of course be relevant and bug free.
      It’s going to be an uphill battle no doubt but I sincerely hope we can look back that this was the start of something great for the veteran/established players that want more endgame.

    • Kaelin

      I`m in a positive mood but lets see them actually make it all happened

  • Leah

    uh. those major valor boosts have been BoP for months now.

    • Shadowofdeath

      people keep saying that, I keep proving them wrong, just saying that they are only bound for 2 hour, then they are not

      • Leah

        oh really? hmmm

        • Shadowofdeath

          I guess the devs are finally sick of losing sales on Major Valor Boosts, you only need to get a toon up to level 20 roughly then use Nar Shadda Heroic travel to get about 7 of them.

          It’s a pretty effective method of getting them tbh and all especially with the XP armor

          • Leah

            actualy don’t even need to be 20, just need to unlock your ship (I tried exiting Nar Shadaa stronghold, it wouldn’t let me without the ship), the quests themselves you can grab pretty much immediately and its 8 actualy. and I honestly thought they nerfed them ages ago. I did grab a whole bunch of them early on and used them to supplement a lot of my housing addiction.

            • Ben Gimson

              Quicker to level via heroics than playing through to get your ship.

              • Leah

                like I said, unless something has changed since I last leveled a character – you cannot really exit to Nar Shadaa unless you have a ship. you kinda have to get it in order to complete those quests. otherwise – those quests can be accepted at lvl 1, so if you could get to Nar Shadaa without having your own ship – you still wouldn’t need to level, as you could just complete them at lvl 1. last i remember, even at lvl 10 when you get your emergency fleet pass – you STILL cannot exit to Nar Shadaa. hmm… wait, are you speaking of using the fast travel thingies you get with dailies to get to nar Shadaa? do those work if you don’t have a ship for places other then those you can reach by shuttle?

              • Ben Gimson

                The heroic missions that you can pick up on the fleet have quick travel passes that take you to the start of the heroic. So if you level up to level 10, run heroics till about level 18, then pick up any Nar Shaddaa heroic you can teleport to the planet, use quick travel to get back to the starport then taxi down to the Promenade and get your boosts.

                It’s a lot faster that way, since you get your ship at the end of Coruscant/Dromund Kaas, and those story quests will require a lot of time-consuming travelling. Using the heroics you can be on Shaddaa in about an hour.

  • “Corrected an issue where players could get more than 8-players onto their team in Warzones.”

    Ummmmmmmm what now?

    • Darth Twinge

      I have seen that happen apparently on accident. Not sure what exactly causes it tho.

    • P B

      I think when you level up by accepting a mission reward inside a warzone, pushing you over a level bracket, and the game fills a 9th player in.

      • FlyXan

        I think the fix is intended to correct the bug that can be exploited in lvl 70 WZs.

    • Ver L

      It was an exploit connected to the GC interface, you could get as many people as you wanted into the WZ group. The process was even described on the official forums quite some time ago.

      • ConcernedGuest

        Really? Lol …this is fun, was it possible to creat a full raid team and enter the WZ with it? 24 vs 8?

  • William Corey Daniell

    wish they added fixed quinn’s voice over during the intro to the mission “The Plan is working”

    • Ben Gimson

      Never understood why his voices changes for that bit. Seems so random.

    • Whitedragon

      quinn’s dead bro

  • Matt Man

    fix the bloody character preview

    • Sabretooth

      And the meshing

  • Hello there

    Will they ever fix the missing companion bug ? I played a chapter withmy juggernaut, vette has been missing and I need her to interact. I can’t even progress atm. Hope they’ll fix it soon

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