GW2 Upcoming Items from June 6 Patch

GW2 Upcoming Items from June 6 Game Update. Chat codes taken that that_shaman’s thread.

Foefire’s Mantle

This shoulder skin will change its appearance based on the Tyrian time of day.

  • [&CmMcAAA=]    Foefire Mantle (Light)
  • [&Cl8cAAA=]    Foefire Mantle (Medium)
  • [&ClocAAA=]    Foefire Mantle (Heavy)


Foefire’s Wraps

This shoulder skin will change its appearance based on the Tyrian time of day.

  • [&CmscAAA=]    Foefire Wraps (Light)
  • [&ClMcAAA=]    Foefire Wraps (Medium)
  • [&Cl4cAAA=]    Foefire Wraps (Heavy)


Princess Llamas

Created by combining 3 Mini Princess Llamas with an Essence of Llamatic Elegance in the Mystic Forge.

  • [&AgGDPQEA]    Mini Fancy Princess Llama
  • [&AgENPgEA]    Mini Elegant Princess Llama
  • [&AgFjPgEA]    Mini Lavish Princess Llama


  • Mr. Principal

    That cute Llama princess makes me want it as a pet for my ranger..!

  • Lisa Ranae

    The foefire stuff actually kinda of reminds me of a revenant.. not really sure why. I was planning on making one soon so I might get that stuff. Probably just the wraps though 🙂

    • RabbitUp

      Default version is guardian themed (like spirit weapons and stuff)

      But you can recolor it and the effects, so it’s pretty versatile.

      • Zaire Kelly

        birthday cake anyone?

      • shortorder

        this really makes me think new guard spec will be condi and spirit weapon friendly

        • Celty-san

          i really want those tomes to come back

          • RabbitUp
            • commentor

              Many, many people are now saying this screenshot is very, very terrific. It’s gonna be something unbelievable. And you know, I think it is tremendous, believe me.

            • Jeremy Parkinson

              sup with faggos blurring out their sck’s, is it some frail ego thing a.k.a I got nothing at least I got my keys; or is it really gw2 thing, I only notice it in gw2

            • minion_condi_necro

              I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at the College of Winterhold and have participated in numerous secret ritual sessions and have over 100 in Conjuration, 1 Handed, and Destruction. I am trained in spellblade warfare and I’m the top Bound Weapon user in the entirety of Tamriel. You are nothing to me but just another PvE n00ber. I will wipe you the fuck out with lit af burn stacks the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.

        • Neo_Genesis

          Spoilers: The big leaks for expansion 2 has the Guardian’s new spec being called “Purifier” with main hand Axe.

          • Sotos

            or a main hand candle lol 🙂

    • narg
    • Zenamez

      It’s got the same blue aura as a Herald channelling Glint (unless you can dye the aura).

      I’m definitely interested in getting the wraps for my Rev but I just hope the auras don’t clip into each other or look terrible.

  • Trillium

    stuff with Foefire in its name should look like charred human remains & triumphant Charr statuettes. this design makes baby Flame Shamans cry.

  • Фролов Денис

    Oh, my necro is going to love those

  • commentor

    might be just me, but woulda been better off without the candles.

    • Alot

      It’s an issue which crops up with novel GW2 fashion pieces from time to time – in that often the only armor piece matching a certain theme will feature 2 contradicting themes, making it very hard to effectively portray either of them.

      Take the auric backpieces. The first one is cool but pretty small. The luminate’s back piece suffers from sporting 3 completely seperate themes when only 2 can be reconciled into any fashion setup. Tarnished golden plates, bright green energies and (for some bizarre reason) dangling white cloths. I have no idea who would want bright white cloths on top of floating, tarnished, golden armor pieces but you never going to match bright white, dark yellow and lumo green in a single setup -.-

  • nadrian3k

    The sholders made me think they were some kind of anniversary thing…u look like a party clown.

  • Sotos

    candles sucks omg…

  • notaclown

    was it so tough to make the foefire items look like a set with foefires weapons (ghostly blue/transparent) – atm it looks like a clowns set piece

    • answerer

      they look better ingame than this picture, but I agree, the shoulder’s a bit overdone.
      The gloves are rather nice, though

  • Фролов Денис

    So, where are those? How do I get them?

  • Fleshmask

    Say what you want, but I have a flame themed Engineer, I want these shoulders

    • Alot

      Your engineer uses candles?
      Was he kicked out of wizard school -.-

    • commentor

      If flame is all you want, I’m sure there’s better ways to portray flame, for example, a non-candle way.

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