GW2 WvW Armor and Backpieces

Gallery of GW2 World vs World Mistforged Triumphant Armor and Wings of War backpieces added with June 6 Game Update.

Mistforged Triumphant Armor (Tier 3)

Sublime Version

Note that each of the chest pieces have two versions. Regular and Sublime. The Sublime version will have beams of light shooting from your back when you draw your weapon.











Wings of War (Backpiece)

Recruit’s Wings of War


Soldier’s Wings of War


General’s Wings of War


Commander’s Wing of War


Warcry (Precursor)


Warbinger (Legendary)


  • MonkeiBusiness

    We Warhammer 40k now. Pack it up, boys.

  • Daaw Daw

    how to get them tho 😀

    • narg

      you must have 350 WvW rank and commander tag for all tiers, then buy tiers for WvW currency

  • Boop

    Yey no butt cape for medium!

    • Ares Zax

      Yep! The Medium armor also resembles the Kurzick Assassin’s armor from GW1. It’s one of my favourite Medium armor sets for that reason alone. 😀

  • Alot

    There is an awesome piece of clarification in the release of the sublime armor. Anet staated that transforming armor pieces would be limited to the legendary tier of armor – and while that is understandable, its a bit of a snark that they also confirmed they had no plans for any further sets of legendary armor -.-

    Seeing as the sublime chest piece features a toggling fx effect, it seems to suggest that combat activated fx effects will be allowed to appear on non-legendary armor. Hopefully this means we can see combos such as chaos gloves which only appear when you enter combat and flame legion breastplates which only get their flames lit when entering battle ect.

  • narg

    4th grade for that backpack required commander tag (300g) , fucking joke

    • Dev

      A WvW themed legendary backpack requiring commander tag is strange to you? lol wot.

      • narg

        for me, yes, i want backpack, but dont want buy commander tag, coz i dont need it, this reuirements is here purely for that price tag, not for “commander” status itself, but when i wrote my post, i dont realize, that Warcry is prec, so it should have price +-500g anyway 🙁

    • Nick Peterson

      pfff compered to normal legendary that’s not much gold bro can farm that in a few hours

      • Henry Chavez

        300g in a few hours lol gg m8

    • Nguyễn Thiên Đại

      “Pve’er” lol

    • RabbitUp

      Would you prefer icy runestones instead? It’s a gold sink, but at least the commander tag can prove useful in th future.

  • WTB new armor designers please.

    • Vegeta

      Just be glad we have new armor skins and not another outfit.

      • KaryudoDS

        I mean it’s just modded armor from forever ago anyway.

      • Eh why would I want a new armor skin that looks like every other armor skin that I hate….No thanks I’ll pass.

  • Nick Peterson

    my only problem with the back piece is it doesn’t really fit wvw or the armor set its kind of just there mmm cant say im a fan myself looks way to big.

  • ShingYau Lau

    finally, a good backpack.

  • Suan

    In case someone missed that, the last tier WvW armor needs 1600+ WvW rank. Sublime chest piece is 2000 WvW rank. I’m 270 rank. Good luck everyone. 😀

    • Ares Zax

      Ouch. I’m 1400+ myself, but yeesh. This is what I was afraid of. ANet obviously intends it as a long-term hook, but I fear that this will make the majority of players look at it go “Why would I go to all that effort when I can get Ascended and Exotic stuff way cheaper elsewhere?” and leave again. Yes, I am well aware that these are just cosmetic upgrades and thus should reward dedicated WvW players, but also keep in mind that this update was also an attempt to try and bring new blood in for a dying game mode. If the new shinies are deemed to be “too much work for too little reward”, that won’t happen and we’ll back to the old problems of everybody bandwagoning onto the current overstacked servers and “dead hours” when your server simply doesn’t have enough people to do anything.

      • NubCakes

        And actually new ones r told to leave wvw lol…sad

        • narg

          yesterday after patch i was 170 in qeuelle and after maybe 1 hour waiting i move to 96, well ,fuck that shit

        • Asda

          This, wvw is now a constant flood of “pve-ers get out reeeee” on my server, I’m guessing it’s the same elsewhere too.

      • I’m 2300 wvw rank but i can’t take it. bisogna sbloccare prima le t1, poi le t2, eand than you can take it

    • ddddduh

      Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been playing this game since release 4 years ago and I’m still only in the 200s. Jesus fucking christ. What a bunch of assholes.

    • wQnxy

      i got smthn like 700th just in a a few weeks of roaming (like 1-2 hours a day), but then i quit playing wvw cuz sfr sucks 😀

    • I’m 2300 wvw rank but i can not take it. You have to unlock the t1 first, then the t2, and then you can take it

  • Codes yet for the armor?

  • Just to ask, if we get the Exotic armors, can we next buy the Sublime armor pieces? I mean, skipping the tier 2 ascended armor?

    I think that the exotic armors and the T2 share the same wardrobe skin, so would acomplish for unlocking the sublime pieces, but I need to check.

    • RabbitUp

      Both T1 and T2 are required according to their blog post. T2 is the same as T3 without the blue glow. T1 and T2 are different skins, and you could see the 2 in the wardrobe for like a year now, it’s called Triumphant Hero’s Armor, and it’s a more embelished version of the T1.

    • Saihah

      Triumphant Heroes’ Exotic gear? You should be able to buy the Mistforged Triumphant Heroes’ afterwards, yes.

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      The text says you need the “skins”, so yes, the exotic t2 armor should do just fine to unlock the Mistforged armor (t3).

  • Henry Chavez

    here we go with the foooooooooooooooooookin’ buttcapes

    • RabbitUp

      It doesn’t cover the butt tho

      • iqValentin

        Buttless buttcape?
        10/10 would show my butt while wearing a buttcape again.

  • nadrian3k

    Heavy armor makes you look like a retarded cow. The helm from the light armor looks 10x better.

    • RabbitUp

      The helmet is pretty weird looking, but the rest of the heavy looks amazing imo.

      • nadrian3k

        Yes…the rest looks very good…but god damn that helm…..i wish i had the possibility to skin the light one

        • Alot

          I actually like the first tier of light armor helmetry. It has a very cloak and magic daggery look to it. The tier 2 and 3 however are utterly ridiculous without cloth physics on the horse hair extension thing.

  • Cyzt

    Awesome they made an armot that is actually better than the legendary ones (medium one at lest)…

    • Raizel

      Almost every armor is better than legendary medium

  • Alot

    I really like the tier 3 (non sparky) heavy chest armor. Very sleek, works very well with chaos gloves and completely out of flarmable reach.

    I’m wondering how the legendary backpack ribbons behave on running chair though. Do the ribbons fall along their side’s or clip straight through them?

  • Shaggy

    They did good here. I mean, the male light armor still has a buttcape, but theyre clearly trying, and these look pretty decent overall.

  • Hunter Eifert

    Is the armor a new legendary one apart from raids? It looks like one because of the effects.
    Or is it used as a precursor later? Anyone knows what rarity it has?

    • Tsar CUBE

      Pretty sure the Armour is Ascended quality.

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