Black Desert Online coming to Xbox One Early 2018

Black Desert Online is coming to Xbox One early 2018 according to the Microsoft E3 Conference.

Microsoft released a trailer today during their E3 presentation of Black Desert Online coming to Xbox One in early 2018.

It is currently a console launch exclusive for Xbox One but will most likely be available for PS4 later on

  • Peter

    anyone know if our PC accounts will work on consoles?

    • Probably not

    • gamer04

      I would assume so, you might have to buy the game again for 10$ or whatever but its pc cross play.

  • Onineko

    I wish that we could play with them on same servers (as old players with new steamed)

    • Yilin Jin

      u stupid!? r u guys crazy!? play with PC players? why? for what? they got full pen or tet gears and have every advantage over console and over all over lv61 with GS >500.. and u dumbs console player go there offer ur azz have them kick?? they got 20 hotkey to use and wut u got on console to play with them during node war? WTF?!

      • gamer04

        believe it or not there is more to do than just pvp in the game. They might have a decent hotkey system on the console (like ffxiv on ps4), don’t know yet until we see. If you really wanted to be ultra competitive just switch over to pc when doing that.

        • Jason Hubbard

          Good man here here

        • MrNanners

          And a sweat combo system so a good portion of the skills are chained at least that how I play it on PC

  • Sam

    That’s good that bdo is going on Xbox one it’s a really good game.

  • William Ketchersid

    true early 2018 most likely means BDO will launch in either January or Feburary of 2018 just being honest peace.

  • Jason Hubbard

    I mean when is this thing get the Xbox

  • Kurochan

    as November 2018…. I do NOT see this game ANYWHERE …. on the xbox store

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