GW2 Foefire Mantle and Wraps in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore updated today with Foefire Mantle and Wraps for 500 gems each.

Forefire Mantle/Wraps – 500 gems ea


Dye Pattern







Returning Items

  • Phalanx Heavy Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Trickster’s Light Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Viper’s Medium Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Mist Herald Back Item Skin set – 800 gems
  • Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit – 700 gems
  • Fuzzy Bear Hat – 200 gems
  • Braham’s Wolfblood Pauldrons – 300 gems
  • Captain’s Airship Pass – 1000 gems
  • Royal Terrace Pass – 1000 gems
  • Solar and Lunar Dye Kit – 125 gems ea, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • nadrian3k

    Those candles look retarded.

  • Mokuren

    Why the **** did it have to have candles T_T

    • ShingYau Lau

      To mourn the great designers from gw1

  • Sarigar


  • Celty-san

    i like the gloves though

  • Ra.

    You dont put candles on christmas trees, you certainly dont put them on your shoulders…

  • Kurokun7

    the wraps are pretty nice. the mantle is fully retarded #nevergofullyretarded

  • commentor

    I always run around in full speed, rushing through rains, meteor showers or diving underwater with two flickering candles on my shoulders. Just my average day, don’t know about you guys..

  • Foefire Guest

    How about the day/night effect changes? How does it look like at night? Description says that the appearance changes depending on time of the day.

    • Killroc

      During day time the candle will not be lit

  • Ares Zax

    Ehh, not really my style. I could see it fitting a Necromancer/Ritualist type though.

    • Alot

      Would use the shoulders on my necro main if not for the candles.

  • How does the Norn above have pink chonies?

  • I would have purchased these if they had been priced the same as other shoulder and gloves on the gem store, which are 300 gems each. To charge 500 gems is too much considering you can get full outfits for less than it costs for these two items. Disappointed. Also not liking the candles.

  • Talindra

    True story. It was Dec 24, 1982… around 10pm. I was a kid and my parents were having a party, when we learned that my neighbor’s house was on fire. They put candles on their Christmas tree and the thing basically exploded from all the oil in the pine needles. The house was a total loss.

  • ZipClassic

    I have some interest in these but its impossible to get a gauge on how they actually fit with other armor when the preview takes everything off.

    • Mokuren

      Yeah the gemstore likes doing that. :/ Look them up in the wardrobe instead and select the right armor weight for previewing ^^

  • Shaggy

    these are pretty nice, all things considered.
    but… they dont really match any of my characters’ looks, and although i think theyre neat, i have to agree the candles make it harder to match anything.

  • Zac

    Got gloves screw the shoulders xd

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