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SWTOR Dread Warlord Command Pack Preview

SWTOR Dread Warlord Command Pack Preview. This pack will be released on June 27, 2017. Updated with ingame images/videos.



Tythian Disciple’s Armor Set – Gold


Gifted Shadow’s Armor Set – Gold


Distinguished Warden’s Armor Set – Silver




Kurai Intimidator AN-21 – Gold


Firece Thuvasaur – Gold


Aratech Ivory – Silver


Inferno Devourer – Silver



Tythian Lightsaber Pike – Platinium


Tythian Lightsaber Pike – Platinium


Wentross ER-1N Bowcaster – Platinium


Inscrutable Lightsaber – Silver


Inscrutable Dualsaber – Silver


Inscrutable Assault Cannon – Silver



Radiant Green Color Crystal – Silver

Regen:Fashion Check – Silver

Pet: Phantom Vrake – Silver


Pet: Jungle Manka Lynx – Silver


Volatile Weapon Tuning – Gold

Droid Companion: C8-S3C – Gold



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110 replies on “SWTOR Dread Warlord Command Pack Preview”

And again silver armor looks better than the gold ones. Good for my wallet. Yet, i may try to get some pieces of golds from GTN

I fucking love when my collections drop from 100% to 99% for an item that isn’t even for sale yet. Sure in the grand scheme that’s something miniscule, but at the same time, fucking stupid. Just saying….


This is not because you can write something that YOU SHOULD.

Every fucking week with new cash shop items and no new content. I understand that it only takes a moment to shit out more vanity gear versus actual time and effort to make content, but the pacing on cash shop items really suggests to me that there is only one team, and a new companion every other week is ridiculous. I stopped collecting at 50 comps.

Call me when we have some story which lasts more than a collective three hours per character without spacebar instead of more fluff.

How are they gonna have a pack with such a cool name filled with trash armor sets Bioware cartel market designers come hold this L

I get that, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look good on other classes if it didn’t have that symbol.

And ahead of the Dread Warlord Command Pack coming out, a few of the NPC’s set up around the Sabacc Tables are wearing a simpler version of the Gifted Shadow’s Jacket [meaning, it doesn’t have the high collar with the Light Side Symbol on it]. Perhaps at some point we’ll see that version come out in a later pack?

I just wish they were more creative with some of the armors/weapons 🙁 When I start to see recycled themes, I get worried.

Not that there are many here (which there might be), but in general.

I’m perfectly okay with miniguns, but they have yet to get one perfectly right, so I’m still waiting. If they just put in something like the small one from Clone Wars, my Commando would be set for life.

I’ll probably go for that Assault Cannon, even if the barrels are a bit too stubby. They should just pull the main part back farther and extend the barrels to cover that space. The cannon as a whole is the right size, at least. I just hope it spins, and doesn’t pull the weird stationary three barrels with one bolt stream thing.

GT-23 Plasma Assault Cannon ,very small and handy. If this answer is twice,sorry something went wrong with it …

I never liked those ones, they have the weird midsection with nothing but a crystal inside. They’re some of the better ones, but I wouldn’t use them.

I just noticed a deco for this pack called “Game Table” while I was previewing decos. It looked like one of those full size holo tables (pool table size?) with holograms of creatures and other scenery. According to Jedipedia, its database name is “warzones_and_wampas_holo_table.”

too bad the new tuning sucks. I was hoping it was the effect of the conquerors lightsaber but it’s just a little animation by the hilt. Disapointing. I was hoping to have that saber effect without that horrid nuckle guard hilt it comes with.

your correct I looked at the wrong one then previewed it ingame. It’s a little crazy. It’s light the lightning mode with the values turned up by 10 the lightning flairs dont even stay on the saber. It’s one of those crazy enough I almost dont want it, it looks like it would electrocute the user before a blade lock ever would happen.

yeah i noticed, and it really goes all over the place. To the point I sitll say this new tuning sucks. It”s just the lightning tuning with all the variables cranked up. Not sure how lightning hitting the floor helps combat lol

I haven’t played swtor for 10 – 11 months and I got nostalgia today. So I came here, to see what is new, and……..suffice it to say that I don’t have nostalgia anymore!

Ssssoooo, I’ve been away for a while… Is it normal to get items from unreleased packs out of chance cubes? Cause just today a cube dropped the Tythian Disciple set from this pack… 0_o

Aye, doesn’t mean it’s intentional though. Probably just isn’t worth coming up with a work-around.

Doesn’t matter because it benefits the players and it isn’t count as some sort of exploit. 🙂

Just got a decoration from the unreleased pack (Deactivated Iokath Droid). So yeah, I can confirm this can happen.

I’d like to think that bowcaster is a sniper rifle, but I know better than to think they’d make something I’d actually want…so that means it’s a regular rifle.

What is this shit with the decorations? Are they gone mad? Why are these all centerpiece? Do they know how few centerpiece hocks we have? And you can do nothing individual or creative with centerpieces! You can place them and that’s it. there is nothing near a centerpiece hook, so you can do something interesting with them.

Is this the new direction for decoration?

For someone who likes to create small scenarios in his Stronghold this is awful!

Give us “normal” decorations, the ones we can be crative with!Not these giant boring status symbol bullshit!
Great, now they are ruining stronghold decorating!

Yeah not really, if we getting Manaan next month, and Zakuul later in the year people will probably keep them for when they come out.

Making that Jedi War Table outside-only, for all intents and purposes, really sucks. Would have been better if they’d scaled it down for a Large hook so we could actually put it to use.

urgh! That does suck.
We need more starship and centerpiece hooks as it is! I always found it annoying that the “garage” area of my DK stronghold doesnt have a starship hook to park my ship -_-

Thanks! It was a labor of love! I had to log into almost every character class to put it together. Companions represented from Classes Jedi Consular, Smuggler, Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, and Imperial Agent as well as KOTFE companions and Star Fortress Companions and the Dark VS Light companion reward Master Ranos. It’s quite an achievement I am very proud of!

The Arrangement: Jedi War Table is a CENTERPIECE?? What?!?! That makes it useless! I’ll stick to my People’s Holoterminal from Ziost for my Jedi Council Chamber table! BIOWARE FIX THIS!

Unless the centerpiece hook is surrounded by medium hooks I can place Jedi Temple chairs and small hooks so I can place can place companions, it’s not worth my time. But also, I would prefer the ability to do it on Yavin IV or the Coruscant Stronghold. Manaan would be a band aid for me.

thats unfortunate. I’ve noticed I cant hear the ambient saber hum over the old lightning tuning. :/

Does the tuning overwrite any noise or special effects that the weapon might inherently have?

It doesn’t but the visuals are kinda f’d up the lightning from your blade goes everywhere. I mean down, up to the sides, all the way to the floor. It’s basically the lightning tuning with with the variables set to max. It actually looks retarded and more like your saber is about to blow up in your hands than devistating looking. lol

For me a really bad pack.

Mostly because of the decorations. None of them is what I want, and nearly all of them are Centerpiece. I really don’t need more Centerpiece dekorations, they are the most boring ones.

The rest, well I guess the Gifted Shadow’s Armor Set boots are ok.
I don’t care much about this kind Mounts, they are ok, but I’m not exited about them. Prices on the GTN will be way to high, so I igonore most of the Platinum and Gold stuff, until there is something I really want.

BioWare completely ruined the economy and removing Bronze made everything just worse.

Oh, and the Tuning, well. LOL. Another blue lightning & sparks Tuning? Another one? there are already 5 or so. They really have no other ideas for tunings?

52 packs and only armor I recieved was supp. gifted shadow. claimed the devourer & ivory mounts and the companion. that’s about it. everything else was garbage from other packs.

Can anyone confirm the new tuning effect is always blue? Doesn’t change with the saber crystal?

Two tunings, parts of all of the armor sets, 1 reskinned mount, no companion, no bowcaster, 7 fashion checks, war table, computer bank, font of sacrifice. Just bought one hypercrate.

Distinguished Warden’s Armor Set – Silver
Proto-Vader of the Old Republic?

Not a bad set, but not the one i’m most interested in. Overall i’d rate the armor sets ‘not bad’ with only Gifted Shadow’s Armor Set – Gold being the one that appeals most to me. The decos sounded good, until I saw the ocean of complaints, so now i’m on the fence.
A melee droid comp, new tuning, new regen toy, and most of all those Tythian Sabers are what make this a desirable pack.
People are already going gaga over the Bowcaster, and a new green crystal that has a nice shading to it, making it kinda dark but neither true dark green nor black core; an interesting middle ground.
New pets and mounts are nice and wouldn’t mind having those, I have been blessed with better so I don’t need them.
All in all, a nice pack.

The shadow head piece, and the crystal are only things interesting to me. The all center piece deco’s is horrible idea. The costumes keep looking worse and worse. Even though they did put a pair of half knock off satele shan boots for people who can’t afford the real thing.

The tuning is crazy, as in way too much. arcs of lightning going everywhere, not just around the blade, equipped it and first lightning went straight to the floor, then up and every direction besides with the saber. It’s an impulse buy I think most will regret for the price they will probably be set at on the gtn.

The comp droid… Having droids as comps is fun and easy to level being as they only take 1 type of gift. but I’d have to assume it has imperial officer healing, no force moves, maybe a carbonite freeze but…

The mounts are all ugly and reskins.

As for the weapons… People will want the bowcaster, but the tythian stuff, is ugly as hell in game. when your hilt is as big as your blade there is a problem, especially with the grip position. Not to mention The blade is way to skinny for the model imo. Instant buyer’s remorse.

Lets not forget the pets, does anyone care about pets anymore? I think at this point I have almost 90 pets and never use any of them because they’re pointless. And even if you do summon a pet they’ve been disappearing every time I travel somewhere. Which may just be my problem but summoning a pet everytime I go to a new place isn’t something, I’m gonna stop and do.

Last but not least the other sabers. STOP MAKING UGLY ASS SABERS. At least put some thought into them. We have Iokath in game have some sabers that are sleek like ashoka’s in rebels or something that just doesn’t look ugly as hell with a crayon blade. Only reason I’m using a Teir 4 crate saber over my cross guard is the blade plooms out and is bigger than the handle. While you keep pumping out CM lipstick sabers. Have some creativity! Or at least add the freaking dark saber to a pack, then maybe you’ll get people spending real money left and right.

What are the weapons used in the weapon tuning video? Specifically the blaster pistols and blaster rifle. Thanks,

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