Black Desert Growth of Kamasylve Tree Event Guide

Black Desert Online Growth of Kamasylve Tree event guide. This event will run from June 14 to June 21 and feature daily quests.

Step 1:Sacred Energy of Spirit

Talk to Cartima in Heidel. He is right outside the inn on the south side. This will start the Sacred Energy of Spirit quest.


After taking the quest, follow the quest objective and talk to Herawen in Kamasylve Temple in Mediah.


Make sure you have 10 energy on your character and click this option to complete the quest.


Step 2: Young Kamasylve Tree

Talk to Herawen again and get the Young Kamasylve Tree quest from her. There should be a tree nearby you can interact with (Use the navigate option from your quest tracker to quickly locate it). Interact with the tree and use the Plant energy option to complete the quest.


You are done for the day. Once the reset happens, come back to Cartima in Heidel and start it al over again.

Open your Gift of a Spirit Box and see what kind of items you will get.


Note that the tree apparently has 5 growth stages. Once the 5th growth stage has been reached on your channel, you can no longer do the daily quest there and must find another channel with an incomplete tree.

  • Xin Xin Huang

    when does the reset happen?

    • Brian

      Midnight every day

  • Wildcat

    The notes say you can do it twice a day – When can you do it the second time?

    • It just means you can do the two quests, not actually doing it twice a day


    With the server change delay it’s way to hard to “guess” if any server doesn’t have it fully grown, but I’ve given up, everything from the olivia’s/steam/normal servers seem to all be maxed out..

    • Healena

      Agreed, not sure what the point of “finding” an incomplete tree is, it’s a ridiculous time waster, I would have preferred “it has 5 stages, after which you can no longer perform the quest”. Let’s be honest, people that were logged in during the final reset would have channel hopped and blown out any remaining trees by now I would imagine.
      Over it. I mean EVERY channel shows crowded, bunch of people hanging around each tree as I change (so I assume doing same as me), how do you even tell what an obscure channel is. Is there such a thing? Game is always busy!

  • SheykiVids

    It’s 7:06am CEST, I guess 7h after reset on EU (or 6 minutes if it’s like bsa). Mediah4 and Olvia_Steam3 already done. Best event ever, definitely will buy more pearls after this.

    • narg

      i try 10 randomly servers, all trees was full, i spend fucking 2,5 hours just waiting to simple switch servers, this event is nobel price winner

      i was so boring, that i bought 10 000 pearls instead

  • Joseph Nguyen

    what a retarded event tried it once and found what a time waster it was just ch hop to find one without a fully grown tree. They could have just leave the tree there as if a fully grown tree doesnt need to be water as well.

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