GW2 Gemstore–God-Slayer Bow Skins and Jormag Dyes

GW2 Gemstore updated with God-Slayer Bow Pack and Jormag Dyes.

New Items

God-Slayer Bow Pack – 700 gems

  • Particle effect when drawn but does not make unique sounds or affect the projectile.
  • Longbow and Short Bow skin must be bought together



Jormag Dye Kit

  • 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems or 25 for 2500 gems
  • Seems like we now have dyes whiter and shiner than Celestial


Upcoming Items

Taken from that_shaman’s thread.

Dynamics Exo-Suit – [&CzMAAAA=]


Fuzzy Aurene Hat

  • [&CnYcAAA=]    Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Light)
  • [&CnAcAAA=]    Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Medium)
  • [&CnMcAAA=]    Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Heavy)


Mini Plush Aurene – [&AgGdPgEA]


  • Francisco Gomes

    how to get those skins?

  • Francisco Gomes

    just saw that y have the gem price there ahah

  • nadrian3k

    The bow isn’t that bad…but the price no.

  • Suan

    Man, I didn’t see it yet, but that price on Permafrost dye is gonna be huge I bet.

    • Alastor999

      We can probably get it for free with this year’s anniversary dye pack like we did with Shadow Abyss dye last year. So keep your gold and wait!…. unless you’re a new player, then you’re s.o.l. or you wait a few years…

      • Suan

        That’s what I thought about too, when is the next anniversary?

        • Alastor999

          mid-late August

          • Suan

            Okay, cool. Let’s wait then.

          • Darkye Rhiadra

            Damn I’ll have to wait until november or something :'(

      • Alot

        its a relief knowing which dyes to unlock with the anniversary stuff. I’ve go several unused dye packs because I cant choose which slight variation of premium colours to unlock. Pitch black and pitch white being the only thins one can trust anymore.

    • Mr. Principal

      Currently.. it is ~ 560 g !

  • Suan

    Also, what’s wrong with ArenaNet and skulls on every item they release? Is there some kind of group of people that screams “give us more skulls ANet!! we need moar skulls here!” or what?

  • Mr. Principal

    Looking at the Dynamics Exo-Suit.. I feel like there will be an exo-themed glider to go with it..

    • shortorder

      drools over exo suit

    • Taiwan Wolf

      It should just have a built in jetpack

    • Maxymus

      wow, you can see the future!
      probably a backpack/glider combo.

  • Scutilla

    Man, I really hope that bow name doesn’t end up being a spoiler.

    • Фролов Денис

      I think it has more to do with “and we killed out gods” from charr intro. The head on bow and all.

    • Bryan Turner

      Or the dye name. So after finding out that Balthazar cockblocks him Brahm decides to modify his bow and hunt him down.

  • Bunarath Ro

    Oh man that cyborg outfit with Belinda’s Greatsword skin is like Metal Gear’s Gray Fox!

  • Bryan Turner

    Bummer I’m playing WoW ATM, that new outfit is a keeper; great option for a heavy armor character or even a more sci-fi based engineer.

  • Ralph Ellison

    I wonder if an Ele’s fire breathing animation will fire out of the eye of this exo suit! Hope so xD

  • TheLastCanthan Samurai
  • Skobie

    man that exo suit would be so good as armor pieces…..

    • nadrian3k

      And combine it with what? Trash cloth-like armors or “i love spikes” armors? You can’t combine that with anything and not look like a clown that lost he’s job and became an alcoholic.

      • minion_condi_necro

        Lol at least we would have the fucking option. Fuck outfits. It honestly ruins the creativity of the actual player. Not all players are blind idiots who slap celestial on everything with edgy armor pieces…

      • Trillium

        what’s wrong with cloth? sci-fi armours always look best with togas, tabards or robes
        and besides cloth GW2 has plenty of sci-fi enough gear to go with this.

        plus I can already imagine this mixed with Dreadnought and/or Legion charr armours… that’d be badass.

  • Alot

    That suit is painful to look at. If each of those parts where being sold as 500 gem pieces I’d drop everything and burn my way through to unlocking them all. As is, that suit might as well be a concept art piece.

  • Rambler


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