GW2 Llama Roundup Achievement Guide

GW2 Llama Roundup Achievement Guide. This is a new achievement added with the June 20 PvP Patch. Special thanks to Alarei from zQ for the help in locating them.

Llama Roundup

This is a new achievement introduced with the June 20 PvP Patch. You can find it under General –> Explorer. Locate 10 Llamas for 3 AP.


Lost Llama

Use the updraft slightly SW of Siege Training Waypoint and glide there.


Lost Black Llama

Glide SW from Portal to Lion’s Arch. It is on a small rock right below the Bank/TP vendors.


Lost Emperor Llama

Use the same updraft from slightly SW of Siege Training Waypoint but this time glide more south


Lost Fancy Llama

Go north slightly from Siege Training Waypoint and then glide east. It is located on the ruins a bit off the map.


Lost Fancy Black Llama

Behind the waterfall near Portal to Lion’s Arch. Basically the start of the jumping puzzle


Lost Fancy Emperor Llama

On the second last tower of the jumping puzzle.


Lost Lavish Llama

At the very end of the jumping puzzle with the Grand Chest


Lost Lavish Black Llama

Glide down from the end of the jumping puzzle to the ruins above PvP Lobby Waypoint.


Lost Lavish Emperor Llama

Use the updraft to glide to it from Market WP


Lost Lavish Gold Llama

Go NW from Portal to Lion’s Arch until you see a little waterfall to the side. Follow the waterfall and glide down.


  • Darkye Rhiadra

    I’m curious to know if the cat in the new pvp lobby is part of the hungry cat scavenger hunt… Though it didn’t say the usual “it’s not interested in anything you have” (or whatever was the line) so probably not.

  • Botano Mancy

    Anyone having an issue interacting with the llamas? I click them, but nothing is happening.

    • Krystal S. S.

      Only about 3 ended up interacting with me though I checked my achievement to see if I was getting them and I was. So just continue with your search.

      • Botano Mancy

        Thank you! I was going nuts clicking on them.

    • Bookah

      Interacting with them any of them should make your Achievement progress, but you’ll only get notified when you reach each Tier:

      Tier 1 = 1 Llama
      Tier 2 = 5 Llamas
      Tier 3 = 10 Llamas

      You can add it to your Watch List if you prefer to (it’s under Explorer category).

  • oaks

    For the lost lavish llama you can just catch an updrift close to PVP lobby arena

  • Krystal S. S.

    This was surprisingly super quick, I ended up doing it before your guide though thank you;

  • Ardenwolfe

    This looks brutal…

    • Alot

      Too many volcano difficulty jumping puzzles recently. Its left people flinching at the mere mention of new jumping puzzles -.-

  • Peter

    All that just for 3 points? Kill me already

    • Alot

      I’m almost at the daily achievement point cap and 3 chests short of the hellfire cuirass. Achievement points take on a different shade of value when they stop falling out of the sky -.-

  • Frobe Rom

    after thing where you have to do a stupid jp ><

  • DD

    First WvW, then PvP, PvE feels so lonely now (yes, I only play PvE) 🙁

    • pvelover

      Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

  • Limit Breaker

    Can i still get the achievement even though i don’t have glider? Because i’m not premium user.

    • Nope, need glider for some of them

    • Git Gud

      Theres no such thing as premium accounts. Gliding comes with the Heart of Thorns story expansion

    • Qnrad

      maybe mesmer can help you

  • Alot

    I’d love if at some point in the story, new destiny’s edge gets stuck in the mists and after barely surviving brutal 7V7 fight, the Llama (an evident spirit of the wild) emerges from the fog, spits in Brahams face and then wonders back into the fog – providing no aid, plot progressing or character development in the process.

    • lol

      *wanders back

  • rotheche

    You can get to the Lost Lavish Black Llama without doing the jp. This also lets you skip the first bit of the jp too.

    Go to the lobby waypoint and go up the pile of rocks to the left of the double staircase. Behind the tree at the top, you can get up onto the flat “roof” bit, go along there (heading s.e.), up some more rocks, to the llama. You can then cross along where the trees/plants are, go left, jump from the big tree to the ruin, and glide from there to the jp path.

    • Shino

      That was helpful. Thanks!

  • VoiceOfLogic

    Anybody has a problem accessing the Lost Fancy Llama?

    I try to glide to it from different spots and and the game “resets” me like i’m going out of the map

    • misterpickles69

      Same here. Everywhere I’ve asked I haven’t even received any acknowledgement that I even said anything.

  • unholy

    just finished this acheve with the aid of the rewinder from sandswept for completing the jp.just remember to reset location every few seconds as it only holds a location for 30 seconds

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