Black Desert June 21 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online June 21 Game Update Patch Notes.

Event & System


  • In celebration of the Striker Awakening Release Event, the drop rate for Black Stones has been increased.
    • Event Duration: June 21 ~ July 12 (09:00 UTC)
    • Event Details:
      • The drop rate for Black Stones (Weapon & Armor) has been increased for killing monsters.
      • The drop rate for Sharp & Hard Crystal Shards has been increased from gathering.
      • The drop rate for Ancient Relic Stones has increased from fishing.
  • In celebration of completing “Growth of a Kamasylve Tree” Event, we will be preparing additional events as a reward to all users! These events will be opened shortly and we will let you know of the details soon!
    • Increased drop rate for Black Stones Event for another week.
    • Patrigio’s Secret Shop Sale Event
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 days)
  • Striker Level Up Contest has ended, the winners will be announced tomorrow.
  • The following events have ended.
    • Golden June Event | June 7th 09:00 ~ 6/21 (08:59 UTC)
    • Rose Festival | May 31st 09:00 ~ June 21st (09:00 UTC)
    • Growth of a Kamasylve Tree Event | June 14th ~ June 21st (09:00 UTC)
    • Black Spirit’s Adventure Event

[ System ]

  • A new Battle Arena has been added.
    • All players who are level 50 or above can teleport to the Battle Arena by clicking on the Battle Arena icon from the Main Menu [ESC]
    • When escaping out of the Battle Arena, there is a 1-minute cooldown after first entering the Battle Arena to teleport you back to your previous location.
    • There are scarecrows placed within the Battle Arena so that you can practice your skills and combos.
    • There are no death penalties in the Battle Arena and can resurrect immediately.
    • There are invisible walls surrounding the Battle Arena and you can’t get outside the boundaries other than to teleport back to your previous location.
    • You can’t summon maids in the Battle Arena.
    • You can only teleport to the Battle Arena when you are at full HP.
    • Battle Arena is located in Iliya Island.
  • New titles have been added for hunting
    • The following titles are located within the Combat title category.
      • Figure of Loneliness
      • Hit First, Think Later!
      • Wowww!
      • Sly Foe
      • Lonely Wolf
  • The Karma lost when flagging up and PKing another player has increased.
    • 60,000 Karma → 120,000 Karma.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • The animation when your character loots an accessory item or Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard has been improved.

[​IMG] Valkyrie

  • The skill description for Punishment has been modified to include that the skill now ‘can be used with Lancia through Quick Slot”E”.

[​IMG] Witch & Wizard

  • The Lightning Chain skill effect has been improved to be more natural looking.

[​IMG] Ninja

  • The issue which Shuriken: Malice III’s critical hit rate did not match the actual effect has been corrected.

[​IMG] Striker

  • The Striker Awakening has been released with a full set of Awakening Skills!
  • The new Awakening weapon for the Striker, ‘Gardbrace’ has been added!
    • You can claim your Gardbrace after completing all of Awakening Weapon Quests. Press “C” button to switch from main weapon to an awakening weapon and vice versa.
      • Damage of the awakening weapon skills is affected by the awakening weapon, main weapon, Martial Spirit Shards, and accuracy.

Item Changes

  • Text of ‘Gardbrace Weapon and Gardbrace Outfit being invisible upon equipping’ has been added to the description of [Striker] WeDan Gloves.
  • The special effect of Weight Limit -25 has been removed from All Elsh main weapons.
  • Item descriptions of Elsh main weapons have been changed.
  • [Guild] Galley Plan item’s icon has been changed by the addition of a red stripe to the original icon.
  • Item descriptions for Courser Training items will now show which training the item is used for.

Pearl Shop Update

Monster Changes

  • The monsters in the following areas of Mediah have been adjusted to give more EXP and have less HP:
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • The following Mediah regions will no longer include the item ‘Magic Crystals of Infinity’ in the item drop table. Instead, the drop rate for Black Stone (Armor) has been increased:
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • The monster spawns in the Sausan Garrison have been changed.
    • Some monster spawn locations have been removed, and new spawn locations have been added.
  • In the following locations within the Mediah region, there will be an increased drop rate for the item Armor of Hercules’ Might :
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • New grinding spot Shultz Guard post will be added to Sausan Garrison with ferocious monsters below.
    • Shultz Guard Gladiator
    • Shultz Guard Sniper
    • Shultz Guard Armored Soldier
  • Hunting monster “Giant Fox” not being responsive at times when attacked has been fixed.

Quest Changes

  • New Striker Awakening Weapon Quest has been added.
    • Quest can be accepted from the Black Spirit for Strikers of Lv. 56+
    • [Striker Awakening] Memory of That Day
    • [Striker] Calpheon Deep Forest
    • [Striker] Hideout
    • [Striker] Enlightened Martial Arts
    • [Striker] All Ready
    • [Striker] Descent of Fury
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace – Combo
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace – Practice
  • New title ‘Wolf of Lonely Wilderness’ has been added.
    • Title can be gained after completing all of Striker Awakening Quests..
  • Striker Awakening Weapon Knowledges have been added. .
    • Training of Wilderness #1
    • Training of Wilderness #2
    • Training of Wilderness #3
    • Striker’s Quality, Pursuit
    • Striker’s Quality, Asceticism
    • Striker’s quality, Wilderness
  • Yan’s assistant’s name has been changed to Sahin.
  • The quest “Bandits’ Treasure Chamber” now has auto-navigation to the Biraghi Den’s Well.
  • Adjustments have been made so that Worker’s Elixir can be given to Sugarsh in the quest ‘For the Weary Workers.’
  • The following new quests have been added

Interface Changes

  • Throwing away items can now only be done by using the trash can icon in the inventory window.
  • Fixed some of the text clipping issues with the quest names and descriptions within the quest UI.
  • A rotation related shortcut description has been added to the UI when something is being installed or placed.
  • When the screen resolution is very small, some of the interior item pieces were unselectable and this is resolved now.

Resolved Issues

  • The [Maewha] Kibelius Kerispear dye reset issue has been fixed.
  • Customizing a Tamer to have a obese body type and then wearing the Tyrie Outfit set created an unintended graphical texture issue, and is now resolved.
  • The graphical issue when wearing the Venia Riding Attire Costume on a Kunoichi has been resolved.
  • The graphical issue with the arm of Tamers wearing the Jegrina Outfit set when dyed has been resolved.
  • The graphical issue of Tamer with the Anemos Outfit have been resolved.
  • When a dyed version of [Wizard] Robert Boxer Briefs has been equipped on a young wizard, the dye wasn’t being applied. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Valkyrie] Desert Camouflage having graphical display issues has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of chat panel not having a scroll bar when adding a chat panel while the chat is empty.
  • Item link not being clickable when entering chat window while the scroll bar is in a fixed state issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue which the customizing modifications were not saved when using the shortcut keys.
  • Fixed an issue which the customization shortcut keys did not work when customizing the character’s body.
  • Fixed an issue which the customization shortcut keys would apply when entering the name for the customization file.
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