SWTOR Corruption Sorcerer / Seer Consular Class Changes for 5.3

Here are the proposed Corruption Sorcerer / Seer Consular class changes for patch 5.3.

Class Changes: Corruption Sorcerer / Seer Consular | 06.22.2017, 08:21 PM

Hey folks,

Below you will find the upcoming changes for Corruption and Seer Disciplines coming in 5.3.


These changes will undoubtedly look and feel harsh to players who have been healing on their Sorcerers / Sages for a long time. The healing changes for Sorcerers / Sages pull the Corruption / Seer discipline down to the target HPS. We say the target HPS instead of their target HPS because all three healers have the same target HPS. In future balance patches, the other healers can expect to see changes to their healing capabilities as well to ensure they are in line with the target.

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.


  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Dark Heal by 4.86%
  • Increased the base Force cost of Resurgence from 40 to 50 and the amount of healing done by its initial heal by 10.59%, but reduced the amount of healing done by its heal-over-time by 14.29%
  • Reduced the amount of damage absorbed by Static Barrier by 5.3%


  • Increased the base Force cost of Dark Infusion from 45 to 50 and the amount of healing it does by 3.38%
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Innervate by 8.74%
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Revivification by 10%
  • Increased the base Force cost of Roaming Mend from 65 to 70 and reduced the amount of healing it does by 25.22%
  • Force Bending now reduces the activation time of Dark Infusion by 0.25 seconds (down from 0.5 seconds) and the Force cost of Revivification by 20% (down from 30%); all other Force Bending effects remain unchanged
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Renewal by 14.29%
  • Secrets of the Dark Side no longer increases the healing done by Roaming Mend by 5%, but still reduces its Force cost
  • Reduced the healing done by Sustaining Darkness by 5.3%
  • Twisted Force now makes Innervate channel 10% faster (down from 20%)


  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Benevolence by 4.86%
  • Increased the base Force cost of Rejuvenate from 40 to 50 and the amount of healing done by its initial heal by 10.59%, but reduced the amount of healing done by its heal-over-time by 14.29%
  • Reduced the amount of damage absorbed by Force Armor by 5.3%


  • Increased the base Force cost of Deliverance from 45 to 50 and the amount of healing it does by 3.38%
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Healing Trance by 8.74%
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Salvation by 10%
  • Increased the base Force cost of Wandering Mend from 65 to 70 and reduced the amount of healing it does by 25.22%
  • Conveyance now reduces the activation time of Deliverance by 0.25 seconds (down from 0.5 seconds) and the Force cost of Salvation by 20% (down from 30%); all other Conveyance effects remain unchanged
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Renewal by 14.29%
  • Erudite Mender no longer increases the healing done by Wandering Mend by 5%, but still reduces its Force cost
  • Reduced the healing done by Soothing Protection by 5.3%
  • Force Warden now makes Healing Trance channel 10% faster (down from 20%)

DevNotes: The slight Force cost increases for Resurgence / Rejuvenate and Dark Infusion / Deliverance and the reducing of the cost reduction for Revivification / Salvation provided by Force Bending / Conveyance were necessary to keep Force management from being completely trivial at low levels of Force. These cost increases allowed an anomaly for Dark Infusion / Deliverance and Resurgence / Rejuvenate in that they both saw at least partial increases to their healing output while all other healing abilities saw a decrease.

The changes to Roaming Mend / Wandering Mend remove it from normal single-target healing usage. It still remains a valuable heal when more than one target requires healing, or when combined with Force Bending / Conveyance in single-target healing situations where the target simply will not survive if forced to wait for a heal with an activation time.

The rest of the changes for Corruption Sorcerers / Seer Sages all have one singular goal: wrangling their HPS down to the healing target while maintaining the Corruption / Seer playstyle with which players have become familiar.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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but this means no more sorc spam in arenas where no one dies…i will admit it was fun, but it’s gotten to the point that I can’t handle it anymore. It will hopefully bring in some other healers into the mix…hopefully merc heals but i think operative will be the new hot thing if sorcs turn out to be so bad. I think sorcs will still be most played though.

PvP is all that matters at this point.

in PvE we’ve gotten 1 ops boss since 3.0
-ONE-…in 2 years.

Pretty sure raiders can sleep walk the old content at this point.

everyone basically just sits either on fleet or does pvp at this point. I don’t know many people that PVE.. they should just focus on pvp until they life slowly drains until the next game comes out.

Yep, because (ignoring the irony of you whining about people whining) PvE doesn’t become unplayable if your class is nerfed, just more difficult. Being put up against groups with 3 Sorc healers who literally cannot be killed on a regular basis is pretty damn broken.

Ops are still gonna be ass, cuz 90% of op heals are a guaranteed global once they’ve used their breaker.

Because PvP whiners are the loudest community in the entire game. Nothing new here. PvP is the reason for class changes 9 times out of 10

When they needed to be nerfed in mobility but end up being nerfed in heals.

Yup this is going to be either a laugfest or cryfest.

Not really. Drilling through heals is stupid easy. Time your stuns when they are immune to interrupts and interrupts when its possible and you can kill them easy.

Mobility was the major problem as you couldn’t keep them rooted as they can break through everything with force speed and other buffs. Other annoying thing is the fact that they have the bubble stun, lift and the electrocute to break your dps.

PvP is about outsmarting your oponent and not about who has best ‘rotation’ or best dps.

Atm, I have 0 troubles in killing healers with my PT(AP); Marauder(Carnage), Juggernaut(Rage and tank) and Operative(Lethality) simply because I know when to stun and interrupt and burst at crutial moments where their healings are the lowest. And no, its not about healers being bad. It’s just basically make them to play on the way you want and not in the way they want, which happens really often.

They are OP due to being the ‘plan poopers’ for their insane mobility as people don’t know how to handle them properly for being plain stupid. That’s all.

lawl u know what i find funny they keep punishing sorc,s xD for nothing weakest class ever xD

so basicly the socerer been on its knees to begging the staff to stop raping it and the staff said you know what because you asked us to stop we gonna send another train over you next time keep your mouth shut and you won’t get worked over so hard.

sorc healing is ridiculously op atm even on dps so dont know what you talking about so is ops I expect the same to happen to them

socerer healing is the only thing socerer had left be consider a class, dps in end game is shit at best, now the socerer your at the same strength as those little bugs people step on.

Ruling? You realize heal spec sorc/sage cant hurt you. All they can do is heal until you hopefully get bored/tired. If they are killing you, you’re doing it wrong.

You are right, it’s not unbalanced when I see a sorc heal for 4-5 mil per match while the top geared dps is barely breaking 2mil at best. 4/5 healers are usually sorcs/sages and then every now and then you see a merc or operative heals.

I think you’re forgetting that they are also nerfing the highest DPS classes, so PVP is actually going to end up feeling about laughably the same. Only real noticeable difference will be now more DPS classes will be able to keep up.

What this actually hurts though is PVE group content. groups will probably have to consider adding an additional healer for some of the harder runs which means 1 less DPSer which causes a different problem….

How will nerfing the overperforming classes make it feel the same? The classes that don’t get nerfed will now have a chance to win a game when the healers are all on the opposing team, and the DPS that have had a nerf should now be more in line with other classes. Nerfing Sorc healers will make a massive difference.

Now if they could make the queue system work properly so that one team in a same-faction warzone doesn’t have all the healers that’d be marvelous.

As for PvE; used to be groups used two healers anyway, so I don’t see the issue.

Think about it. If other classes are dealing less damage, you don’t need as much healing. so it pretty much cancels each other out.
So you’ll still get your weak ass kicked by the big bad healers.

While I definitely agree Sorc DPS is ass right now, it doesn’t really matter when talking about balancing Sorc heals

Badness is ridiculously easy. It has like a 5 button rotation and like 1 ability that requires you to be stationary. Then there is Lightning which has access to a game breaking bug that makes it even more mobile than Badness.

Madness required 1 ability to be stationary but it must be repeated 3 times in a row… But most of all it’s not stupid 5 button rotation like OP Arsenal mercs… Madness can’t even come close to their dmg…
Lightning… U do realised that most of players don’t use that bug… And even if they would do it it’s still almost lowest dmg of all classes…
So u clearly have no idea about of current state of sorcerer dps…

Most players don’t use it because they don’t know to trigger it. BTW you need to hard cast chain lightning into thundering blast and into proc chain lightning, while taking damage in that process.

There is one bright side coming with all these Nerfs…..all the assholes who rolled Merc DPS because that class was OP in PVP can switch them to Merc heals which will now be the best 🙂

I’ve played sorc heals since 2.x, in the latest 5.x of the game when shit hits the fans in an operation a sorc heal falls flat on its face out of force reserves quickly. And now they are increase force costs. RIP

Ps: I never play pvp

It is opposite actually always have been. Pvp is like minigame in this game compared to pve activities.

I presume you have a shitload of data that proves your claim. The vast majority of people pvp-ing after 4.0 (including me) is the lack of PvE content, so YOU are the incorrect one.

I suggest for BW employees to stop staring at statistics and start playing the classes they want to change because they clearly have no idea what they’re writing about…

hey but the community manager has 3 classes at 300 command exp clearly he listens and knows right? LOLOLOLOLOLOL what a joke of a dev team even with new blood still managing to fuck up the basics

That’s an awful lot. Just one of those items would have been plenty to shake things up. We don’t need to cripple them for god-sake.

Heal spec Sorcerers and Sages were tankier than my Immortal Jugg for god’s sake. These changes were long overdue.

Increased the base Force cost of Roaming Mend from 65 to 70 and reduced the amount of healing it does by 25.22%
Reduced the amount of healing done by Innervate by 8.74%

I’m fine with this. I don’t understand the targeted focus they have on nerfing Revivification though. I guess it’s primarily PvP, but I didn’t think that Revivification was that big of an issue though. We’re talking about 10-15k HP max over eight seconds. Sure it can be on eight different people, but if people weren’t such retards and focused targets down properly it isn’t that terrible. The only place you really see this getting full benefit is something like Novare Coast or maybe Civil War.

But I have zero problem with Mend being gimped. It has always overperformed since it was introduced. Right now I can get crits well over 20k. Being that I run a fair amount of crit gear in 246’s/248’s that can be a burst heal of 40k potentially between two targets. No channel, no nothing. A simple GCD to set up Resurgence and another to hit Mend so it bounces. Mend and Innervate have always been the problems. I would rather have seen a flat 20% nerf to Mend and a 10% nerf to Innervate, no change to the force cost since that isn’t the issue, but a longer cooldown on Mend. Maybe two or three seconds.

Hahahahahah I don’t even have a sage/sorc healer (I love commando and operative heals) and I feel that these changes are so stupid. Ugh, so far ALL changes to classes feel that they are meant for PvP. All that whining worked.

Neither do I, I’m scoundrel heals, but one of our top hm raid healers is sorc, and she’s livid.
This is purely for PVP balance, ignoring PVE raiders.

Real heal checks in PvE are basically non existent at this point even at the highest difficulty, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. This will probably make things more fun for healers in PvE if anything.

Real heal checks in PvE are basically non existent at this point even at the highest difficulty, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. This will probably make things more fun for healers in PvE if anything.

So basically what they’re saying is that Sorc healing for PVP if finally in line but for PVE it’s dead now as after a few seconds of burst healing your force pool is gone for the next 2 minutes. I already stopped playing – only thing left to do is pulling the plug on reading these updates…

I play my chars regarding to their story, their storyline, their background within the story. No less no more. Never cared about buffs or nervs.
My Sorceress has always been for lighning (just look at all the dialogue options durch Chapter I-III … zap this, electrucute there …) and will always been for lighning.
My trooper has always been tank and ever will be even if shadow/assa may be the best tank at the moment.

All this ranting … I understand it in case of competitive players, in PVP as well as raiders in PVE. But in the end it’s just a game. One day the servers will shut down (and seeing the money “extortion” of EA by the cartel market, it gives me a bad feeling of foreboding) and everything you gained will be lost.

Yes, I’m also pissed of by many things, bugs in the game since release (e.g. codex entries), ruined questlines, and so on. But I’m still playing (and complaining) because i like the core substance of the game.

So I advise: play the class you have FUN with. The characters you have grown attached to over many months or years.
Yes you may loose more PvP matches because your class has been nerved, or you may play a vanguard tank like me and be rejected from a raid group because shadow has better mitigation and damage at the moment and they where looking for a shadow (dam’ thos bloddie bastards last week) but nonetheless stay on the course where you have FUN with. Because this is what the hobby is. FUN!

This is still just a GAME. Not a job, not some hard work, or something else, because this I have (and probably most of you) from 8 am to 5 pm (and quite often even longer) and when I’m in the game I just want to relax and have fun.

It’s not that simple. We know it’s just a game that someday will be shut down. I for instance have always been playing MMOs for fun, relaxation and clearing my head after long, busy day and I have always been playing classes I enjoyed the most despite their current meta status.

Just please remember that there are different gamers out there. You like playing class stories, others like playing hardcore PvP or raids. Your spare time is a currency like any other – you have limited amount of it and you decide what you will spend it on. After the time is spent you expect to get the full out of it – just like after buying new TV for the living room you expect it not to break after 6 months.

Now, with the new RNG system it is not hard to imagine that there will be people out there pissed of. You have to spend large amount of your spare time to properly equip your character for hardcore PvP or raiding. So after someone comes to you after 6 months and tells you that your character that you spent so much time on will become more or less useless, or at least noticeably less efficient, you can get angry. It doesn’t matter it’s just a game. You spent your real life currency on it, the currency most of us are constantly short of.

Well that’s good and all. Until you want to do PvP or PvE on your favorite character and find it’s total trash. You have a point, but that’s not the only way to play the game and a lot of people are more heavily focused on PvE or PvP and being the best at what they do. When you want to PvP for hours and hours every day, this stuff flippin matters a LOT.

Lol, this nerf is so deserved. I can literally hop on my heals sorc in nothing better than 204’s and pull 5k HPS with 1 hand and a blindfold.

I don’t understand why they would nerf Revivication, it’s a pretty mediocre AoE heal as is. I fully understand nerfing Roaming Mend though, that needed a nerf. And I’m not too happy about Innervate either, I think I’d rather have it be a stong channel, removing the option to make it on the move, than a shitty version of itself, “But hey, you get to move!”, before long they’ll rename it to Diagnostic Scan.

I have a feeling that people supporting those nerfs have never seen anything harder than SM Opses and Veteran flashpoints AT ALL… or they probably forever stuck in PVP and have no idea that healing in PVP isnt the same thing as healing in PVE.

So, about Roaming Mend – Bioware, basically, made the only worthy AoE healing ability 25% weaker (because I don’t even count that bullshit called Revivification). How, the question – how are we supposed to heal the group doing hard content like NiM/HM opses? By praying the other healer will manage to do that? Great job.

And the nerf for Revivification is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in ages. Nerfing the ability that is already nearly useless is something way beyond my comprehension.

Even if we’re talking only about PVP environment – Sage/Sorcs advantage over other specs was never in his “overpowered” heals. It was always about his incredible mobility and “kiting” potential plus super useful defensives like Force Barrier and Phase Walk.
So, basically, these classes live much better in PVP not because they’re so amazing and can heal through any damage but purely because they can move a lot while maintaining health of themselves AND the group at the same time, IMHO

I run NiM Progression and I support these changes. YES, you are supposed to rely on the other healer. It’s a team progression not a solo progression. As an operative, when I heal alongside a sorc healer, I spend 60%-70% of my time doing dps because I don’t even need to heal. Just drop my probes on group and get back in melee range to stab bosses. I think there is something clearly wrong when pretty much one healer is carrying the entire NiM raid.

Role of sorcs is to do single targeted healing. Leave the aoe healing to the other two classes. Just like I know as an Operative that I am not going to outshine the other two classes when it comes to single target heals, sorcs need to come to grasp that they are not going to outheal in aoe situations.

First of all, I never said that one healer must carry the entire raid. Second of all, I realize that Sorc/Sage’s specialization is single-target healing, but it doesn’t mean that their AoE potential must be decreased to minimum and group healing must be on other healer completely.
And I’m fairly surprised that in NiM operations other healer can allow himself to DPS that much of a time. Ofc, its possible on SOME bosses, but clearly not all the time, so I’ve got a feeling you’re exaggerating here, pal.

Your words, not mine: “Now, the question – how are we supposed to heal the group doing hard content like NiM/HM opses? By praying the other healer will manage to do that? Great job.”

Sorcs/sage can still group heal, they just won’t be doing as much as they are now. While the changes may be a little overboard, until we see it live we won’t know the full effects.

First off, Nightmare progression died with Shadow of Revan.
Second off, you are either exaggerating, or co-healing with a machine, or are referring to Nefra, Writhing Horror, etc. and are not referring to/not doing tougher penultimate and ultimate raid bosses.
Third off, you definitely don’t play Sage Healer, because i haven’t met a single one who agrees with the WM nerf.
Fourth off, Wandering Mend is the only unquestionable heal strength we have left, and that is getting ruined. Wandering mend was the bread and butter, it at least kept us afloat with all the other nerfs that have happened to sages, and now they are unquestionably going to suffer.

Well…. I am doing NiM progressions, so guess it must still be alive..? There are still few groups on my server that run NiM content.

“Third off, you definitely don’t play Sage Healer, because i haven’t met a single one who agrees with the WM nerf. ” While I don’t main sorc heals, I do heal with sorcs. And no, you won’t find any Sage Healers agreeing with the sage nerfs, like you won’t find any mercs agreeing with the merc nerfs. Nobody likes a nerf to their class.

Nope, not nightmare progression. Running nightmare content and doing NiM Progression is not the same thing. Nightmare progression was last seen in the final days of the Dread Ops being on tier (technically, even non-nightmare power isn’t really progression, but I’ll be generous and say it is). You’ll notice that the death of NiM progression was immediately followed by the leaving of most of the good raiding guilds (Zorz, D&T, etc.) from the game. Also, its not even called NiM anymore, which is reflective of the state that Nightmare progression is in.

This isn’t sages whining about their class either. Across the board everyone is blown away by the nerfs. PvP Crybabys won out, and because of that they are quite literally crippling a class into being lackluster. Only you and PVP Crybabys are enjoying this, but the NiM Content you are participating in- or the hope of ever bringing back REAL nightmare progression- certainly will not benefit from these nerfs.

Clearing NiM content on tier IS NiM progression. I’m not here to argue definitions with you. I’ll be here clearing NiM OPs with my group while you whine over nerfs.

If you killed them on tier than you did NiM progression. Clearing/progressing now- two expansion or more later, with all the retuning- is not and will never be nightmare progression.

To add, there is a difference between whining and trying to voice a concern that bioware is going about solving the problem the wrong way. Reading comprehension is tough, and apparently you missed that day of second grade, but I will fill in. This change is not the way to rein sages in, and only continues a bad streak of bioware failing in PVE since SOR, a streak that has caused the vast majority of progression guilds (including my own) to die.

Also, I do wish you all the best with your raiding. With all of the charm, personality, and hubris you display on the forums, there are very few things I imagine are better in this game than raiding with you.

Well we are in agreement. I too am glad that I don’t have to be raiding with you. If you cleared NiM content in 3.0 and 4.0 (and to some degree in 2.0), than yes it wasn’t NiM progression because the operations were 5-10 levels below us. NOW that everything has been brought up to lvl 70, it is once again considered NiM progression for those that are gearing up and pushing NiM content (and yes, there are very few groups that are actually pushing NiM content now). This will be my last post as it seems you are set in your ways and there is no point in me arguing with you anymore.

Sorry that Sage won’t be your always go to healer in OPs always. God forbid that the other two healer classes take the top two spots. Having healed with all three classes, I know how much easier it is currently to heal as Sage/Sorc. When WM a AOE heal also becomes the best single target heal, there are some definite issue. All a sorc has to do is alternate between Innervate and WM to keep everyone up, only using Dark Heal/Infusion when they proc.

“Third off, you definitely don’t play Sage Healer, because i haven’t met a single one who agrees with the WM nerf”
I mean I mained sorc healer in ops and ranked, as far as the leaderboard goes I was among the best. I agree with the nerf. Shit was OP, especially in PvP. Wooooh max the health bar of 2 people with one ability, fun and engaging gameplay.

Then Bioware needs to target PvP changes instead of changes that keep PvE consistent. I don’t PvP so I can’t comment on the state of how that goes. Maybe nerf superbubble? I’m not sure, but I’m not the one balancing classes. All I know is this puts us on lesser ground than commandos and scoundrels in the PvE arena.
How things were simpler when BioWare kept PvP/PvE separate….

*clap clap*. Thank you for taking your valuable time to comment after reading one sentence of my reply to someone else’s comment.

Its all logical.

DPS specs for this class are already destroyed so healing specs should be done same thing.

Well i dont play anymore but i laugh for those who will still play this class after this change 😀

I wonder based on what these unbelivable changes are coming from? Clearly it cant be from community as they have been ignored for this class many years now.

Right hands > any nerfs. And deception assassin can fck everyone 1×1 now. Again with “right hands” only.
i laugh for those who crying because he cant press 3 buttons to win xD

What does Sin got to do with Sorc/sage here???

I can say same thing. Any other dps class on right hands can fck sage/sorc in terms of dps or even pve healing

For everyone that’s complaining about this nerf because dps is already low…. you do realize that they are probably going to buff both the madness and lightning specs…

So until we see all the changes, rein it in. We’ve seen merc dps/sorc heal nerfs, everyone saw these two coming from miles ahead. We also expected PT and Hatred Sin to get some buff and they did. Expect both lightning and madness sorc will get buff, and possibly some nerf to operative lethality (because operative…). Marksman MAY also get some buff, although not sure about that one. Jugg might go untouched because they are right in the middle of it all. I would be just happy if Deception goes untouched although I fear that they may get a nerf as well.

until its posted im not buying anything these ppl sell so far the buffs have not been posted thus why are you defending them?

They literally said if you give them feedback they will scrap their plans and you end up with even LESS content then before. EA just needs to turn off the servers at this point. They make the wrong decisions after getting feeback from players and then they nerf/buff based on crybabies that have no clue but whine really really loud. The new Sorcerer Corruption nuking, i mean “nerfs” is a direct result of crybabies. They aren’t just nerfing they are killing sorcerers off completely.

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Probably needed to happen…but i wish they would have done this over a series of nerfs and not one big throat slash… i am not happy that some of my guildies are talking about unsubbing over this… but it is a little harsh….

With all the bugged mechanics in PVE, crippling your single-target healer makes no sense. Buff all DPS and increase PVE boss HP by a linked amount. Healing problem in PVP solved without breaking PVE.

Buffing all DPS wouldn’t affect the healer balance, just how fast everyone dies. Right now sorc outperforms everything in PvP without even trying.

Which is the age old issue of screwing over PvE for the sake of PvP because they didn’t want to separate the two play modes more. I know sorcs/sages can be incredibly tough to kill in PvP but I also know that if I’m opposing a team with a couple of people who know what they’re doing they can shut a sorc or sage down pretty effectively. When they’re allowed to do what they do, then yes, they can outshine everything.

Of course if they get nerfed people can easily switch to another class or stop healing altogether. In raiding you need healers. Nerfs like this can always be bad when people don’t enjoy healing anymore. I am sure if I still played I could make my sorc healers work in raiding. I’m not the best but I’m pretty decent at it…but would I still enjoy it?

Well it doesn’t matter now anymore as I don’t play anymore, but I guess part of me still hopes they’ll turn this game around back to something worth playing again. When it was good it was a really good game. Between shameless cartel gambling replacing content for years and the game just being taken from behind by Galactic Command, it was good to take some distance. These sort of class “balances” don’t motivate me to come back that’s for sure.

From a PvE standpoint this is simply a disaster. Sages already lagged behind Commando and Scoundrel in terms of raid utility, mobility and multi target healing, and now are having their unique heal nerfed into oblivion. I hope bioware learns to use other values for metrics instead of just straight healing output because sages are going to be practically useless for anything other than single target healing.
HPS is a terrible metric when considered in a void, because the strengths and weakness of each class play far differently than with a metric like DPS. A holistic approach is needed to really balance the healing classes, and nothing BioW has shown indicates they have done that.

If they ever hope to bring back the raiding community this game had 2.0 era, they need to show some interest in those who still raid, and stop catering to pvp novices who don’t know what a rotation is complaining they can’t kill a sage. They need to right the wrongs that have been dominating the game since SOR was first released, and make amends, not alienate more people with changes they can’t even try to spin in their favor.

I want to say something about the following statement:

“We say the target HPS instead of their target HPS because all three healers have the same target HPS.”

As someone who played this beautiful game from 2.0 to the start of 4.0 and has healed with all three classes I can’t even eat that statement and take it seriously.

While I understand that the devs have a “target” HPS it is simply not possible to bring about the perfect balance for all three healing classes. You can’t even come close sometimes.

The reason is because of the PLAYER.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played healing classes that were nerfed and still out-healed the other healer in operations. My HPS was higher by a lot. My eHPS was higher by a lot. And this happened all the time.

And it happened on all healing classes I played with.

It didn’t matter because I knew what I was doing, I knew the classes, their strengths their weaknesses when to use heals, how to use heals correctly.

And I was part of numerous raiding groups back in the days for numerous clans so please spare me the “maybe the other healer sucked bs”. The other healers were excellent guildies capable of solo healing.

It is the exact same concept with tanking numbers and DPS. No matter how much “target” the devs put in place, certain players will always go beyond those numbers.

At the end of the day decent-solid-great-elite players will ALWAYS do well regardless of nerfs.

So this target hps, while I understand is a goal they have to meet to make themselves feel better, you simply cannot say “the target hps”.

I truly believe the correct statement is “their target dps”. Each healing class is unique. Each one played differently. You cannot nerf one just because the others FEEL like they don’t do better.

Once again bioware forgets, it is the player that makes the class shine.

How many baddies do you know that can heal NIM operations? Hell even story mode sometimes can be a disaster if the heals suck.

So if the healing class really is outperforming its target numbers, then there’s no need for the player to have any brain. Just press buttons and all are healed easy.

It’s a numbers game. No matter how you look at it. When you balance you assume each class is being played by a player with equal skill. With equal skill, sorc outperforms both other healing disciplines in both PvE and PvP.

That’s why this nerf is incoming, and it will probably affect PvE more than PvP, but at least it’s coming.

But yeah, harp on about how good you are some more. Not like I’m guilty of it but you can’t say “oooh x class is fine because i can outheal baddies”

I´ve always said Bioware should split PVE and PVP skills so they can balance them independently from each other. They could even adapt the Cover Bar mechanics to switch skillbars on the fly depending whether you are in a PVE or PVP situation so some skills could be available only in sa certain situation.

it is almost like they did differentiate between PvP and PvE once… and used a separate stat among other tricks to keep these problems from happening…

I’m not saying I’m hoping they’ll realise their mistakes and bring things back to normal in 6.0 but.. I’m hoping. Misguided or not, I’m fucking hoping.

Yeah, there should be seperate skill trees for pvp that can only be used in pvp and are all you can use in pvp, that way it seperates pve from pvp in a better way

i main sorc, dps and heal pve dps mostly pvp unless i’m trolling. cant fucking wait for the sorc healer bullshit to get nerfed
fuck healers in pvp

Good, maybe I’ll die sometime instead of getting carried by pocket healers 24/7 in matches were absolutely nobody dies.

Sage heals might be slightly OP but it made up for our lack of defensive Cd’s and Big AoE heals for group healing. They should’ve given us a smaller nerf and if not , make us less squishy.

“Twisted Force now makes Innervate channel 10% faster”
omg plz nerf too OP

“(down from 20%)”


fuck u bioware
just fucking fuck u
doing nothing but fucking up the game again and again
WTF are u developer doing
sages heals are not OP just the other 2 weak as fuck
nerf salvation again?
like that 16k heal (all crits 10 ticks) is real fucking useful already for average hp pool is 110k++
with the stupid spike damage this game has(compare to WOW, Rift) instant wandering mend is a huge help with healing trance
now fucking bioware nerf ALL of these shit
so really
u fucking developers needs a new fucking job

Na sorc heal is fucking overpowered. Made a post somewhere up there touching on it but it comes down to this:

it has better mobility than everyone else.

It has better resource management than everyone else.

It has better singletarget and AoE burst than both of the other healers.

It has more focus breaks than anyone else.

It has better support than anyone else.

They just fucked the burst and resource management, which – thinking optimistically – could be enough to make the other healers slightly more viable without completely tanking sorc performance. Knowing BW it probably won’t work out that way, so if it happens I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now in PvE a nerf might not come out so great but in PvP sorc has dominated the meta for 3 years. Dominated as in.. no other healer is remotely viable. If they buff the other healers, nobody will ever die. Already borderline impossible to take down a non-shit healer+tank in regs. Even I can’t die and I sitll wear full 208s. If they’re going to buff the healers back up they need to unfuck the rest of the burst DPS specs and haha that’s never happening. It’s a lot of work.

Sorc has been the PvE meta for years too anyway, most sensible 8 man teams have at least 1 sorc and either an operative or a merc. I for one will be grateful for being able to play other classes.

Since 5.0 hit months ago Mercs have been the best healers for Operations.

Most teams I’ve seen are Merc + Op.

PvE: this nerf will be a disaster, since spikes are crazy by some reason even in HM FPs. To make sure we lose the slight advantage of knowing when spikes hit during each fights, and can use bubble prevention… they nerf force armor too. Oh yea. And no instant resource regen buttons, at least mercs have that…

PvP: sage/sorc is clearly needs a slight nerf, but certainly not this. Consider that, since the medal changes, how little healers are rewarded compared to DD. But at least a damn good healer made a difference, so mind you, it was rewarding that way. Now sages/sorcs will die left and right, and no one will Q with healers for a while, I bet. Who the heck enjoys being ganked in the first 10 seconds anyway? That will be awesome, kill times will be shorter till the whole game becomes a massacre instead of objective based matches. I can’t wait…

The fuck? PvP time to kill is already historically high. Only baddies get ganked in the first 10 seconds. 4.0 saw basically all burst specs getting nerfed in terms of burst, crit multiplier bonuses slashed from 30% to 10% at best. Burst specs really got the shit end of the stick there, but through bugs and other silliness (haha deception sin) and the fact that a couple disciplines still had 30% (arsenal merc!) most burst specs still performed aight. Once merc gets beat back down everything will be fine. Powertech will still be shit, mara-sniper will be king, everyone’s happy. TTK still low because everyone and their mother plays a tank or healer and non-meta burst specs can’t do a fucking thing.

On merc instant resource button: that’s for burst healing for fuck’s sake. You use it so you can burst without care for resources. Merc hasn’t got a whole lot in the on-demand burst department. Sorc right now has an instant action burst AoE and winnervate alongside instant cast procs and on-demand crits.

I for one am glad for the changes, but ultimately I believe they will make no difference to the meta. Healer balance has been fucked since 3.0. Even with roaming mend becoming less OP, it looks like it will still be the most viable PvP healer. I look forward to being proven wrong, but sorc healer shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the spotlight for any longer.

“B-b-but Suriaka, what could you possibly know about sorc healing?! You’re probably a merc main.”

I sure as shit was, but when 3.0 hit sorc became the best and operative/merc weren’t even in the same ballpark. They got their legs smashed in by the whiney twats on the forum who complained about the near-perfect healer balance towards the end of 2.x and so were too handicapped to compete in any way. No way to hit #1 as a merc healer main (which I was) so I switched to sorc and hit #1. Mained sorc healer ever since.

In terms of PvP uptime and performance merc healer still suffers while operative is the same as it’s always been. Still not as strong as it was in the 2.x days but not weak either.

Sorc will be fine after the nerf. Sorc DPS not so much, but I’m waiting for the rest of their proposed changes to make my judgement.

‘The fuck? PvP time to kill is already historically high. Only baddies get ganked in the first 10 seconds.’

This is a value judgment, I can’t argue with it, as it would be hard for you to comply with the burden of proof, would it not be a value judgement.

However you missed the point i attempted to make. My statement was an opinion about a future fear. I play almost all classes and specs in every game mode, I agree, a good sorc healer is extremely hard to kill, and excessively annoying. Hence, I agreed with a nerf. You look like arguing with what I said while we are on the same side of the argument. I only don’t agree with the ‘will be fine’ assessment, however. I stand by my statement, that healing is not rewarding in regards of CXP/medals since that has been nerfed. And the stat nerf to sorcs will ultimately lead to not be rewarding to play it well enough so that at least the enjoyment will be rewarding, mechanics-wise. Because I find it extreme. And then TTK for everyone else in the team will be shortened dramatically. We will see if i’m right about that or not. Any dps specs can be ganked in seconds if the opponents are focusing correctly, you can’t really avoid that. That will be fun on TRE, where imp dps absolutely dominates, and reps can only hope for a good sage healer to balance that. Which is an illusion of balance and an injustice in itself for sure, however i lost hope for rep pvp after all the years. I am still clueless, how could matches be more balanced, if faction choice is voluntary.

I hope you are right, and my fear is not justified. I really don’t want to play PvP without healers, let it be my side or the opposing faction.

OMG, are you kidding me…Reducing the amount of dmg absorbed by force armor for the whole class regardless of spec? As a DPS Sage, thank you so much for that. PvE wise it might go unnoticed, but PvP wise, yeah…smart move. Sages are squishy enough, don’t need that crap done. Sigh. Starting to think there needs to be a whole new team there now…

Lol again ur stupid shit, biofail.
Who cares about this slight nerf when sorcs still have bubble, teleport and insane mobility?

Well, my main was always a sorc healer. So glad I quit playing this game earlier this year.

Well since the heals are getting nerfed why dont the developers nerf the operation/flashpoint damage output that the bosses have? Its only fair. If not many a raid party will die pretty quickly.

“These changes will undoubtedly look and feel harsh to players who have been healing on their Sorcerers / Sages for a long time.”

Excellent way to start off with your introduction, Bioware. Not only did you confirm that you snipped the balls off the class, but did so in usual tard fashion from the team. God damn glad I finally cancelled this train wreck.

changes done wrong. nerfing resurgence and dark heal fucks over sorc dps (that is already utter fucking garbage) that need them for survival. glad about the healer changes though, fuck playing against a team of pub sages. fucking pussies better start rerolling

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