SWTOR 5.3 Virulence Sniper/Dirty Fighting Gunslinger Class Changes

Here are the proposed changes for Virulence Sniper and Dirty Fighting Gunslinger in patch 5.3.

Class Changes: Virulence Sniper/ Dirty Fighting Gunslinger | 06.23.2017, 07:11 PM

Hey folks,

Below you will find the planned changes for Virulence and Dirty Fighting coming in Game Update 5.3.

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.


  • Cull deals 25% less damage
  • Weakening Blast deals 11% more damage, costs 5 energy, and is no longer triggered by weapon damage from Cull
  • Increased Lethal Shot weapon damage by 13% and reduced its poison damage by 35%
  • Toxic Surge deals 20% more damage
  • In addition to its previous effects, Lethal Takedown now also reduces the energy cost of Takedown by 3

Dirty Fighting

  • Wounding Shots deals 25% less damage
  • Hemorrhaging Blast deals 11% more damage, costs 5 energy, and is no longer triggered by weapon damage from Wounding Shots
  • Increased Dirty Blast weapon damage by 13% and reduced its bleed damage by 35%
  • Bloody Mayhem deals 20% more damage
  • In addition to its previous effects, Dirty Shot now also reduces the energy cost of Quickdraw by 3

DevNotes: The changes to the Virulence Sniper / Dirty Fighting Gunslinger are meant to bring the discipline down to its target DPS. The damage reduction to Cull / Wounding Shots and the changes to Weakening Blast / Hemorrhaging Blast and Lethal Shot / Dirty Blast brought Virulence / Dirty Fighting slightly below its target DPS, so we increased the damage of Toxic Surge / Bloody Mayhem to get it back to the target.

The change to Lethal Takedown / Dirty Shot addressed a situation where it was better to use Lethal Shot / Dirty Blast while the target was under the effect of your Weakening Blast / Hemorrhaging Blast.

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17 replies on “SWTOR 5.3 Virulence Sniper/Dirty Fighting Gunslinger Class Changes”

didn’t really see a need for a change in virulence, but i guess this will make it more consistent and less more cull burst.

They intend this spec to do 10.5k dps at dummy parsing but it does 11k dmg and a neat little nerf was justified to bring it back in check to the intended dps

As usual Bioware does DPS “adjustments” with the finesse of an out of control freight train going down hill…… good bye my favorite sniper spec, looks like Bioware continues its track record of nerfing classes into oblivion.

The reduced dmg is negligible. Wounding shots absurd dmg comes from the abitlity proc-ing the dots applied to the target. But they merely nerf the weapon dmg done by this abilty which isnt high to begin with

I think after reading these changes, all operative dps are going to be praying in a corner….. they know what’s coming to them πŸ™‚

Operatives are the class that’s been nerfed the most, they’re nothing like they once were. people see them as OP because they are hard to beat 1v1… Their damage output in PvP is not even close to other classes.

I think I will never subscribe again, unless they release proper Valkorion armor and add new game plus (or something similar) to the good old chapters of class stories. New force powers for exploration only would also be appreciated. This game had some potential, despite terrible engine and cartoonish design, but all of that has been wasted starting from Rise of the Emperor, where it made no sense why a trooper would suddenly be so important to the Emperor and powerful enough to resist the Emperor whereas sith and jedi masters could not. I don’t know if it’s the fault of bad team at Bioware, time pressure, pressure from EA, low budget and tough time timetable? They are just releasing bad stuff. Each class should have had different story in KOTFE and KOTET – one that matches their class.

Are you talking about the Emperor as he’s depicted in the JK story? Why did they picked boring human for Emperor? Picking a Muun like Darth Plageius would’ve been much more interesting just for example. Not some Key West baby boomer retiree with facial fuzz. And agreed the expansion chapter was only appropriate for force classes.

The Emperor is interacted with somehow in JK, JC, and SW class stories if I remember correctly, but that’s hardly relevant here. He was supposed to be incorporeal, eternal, acting through a variety of vessels such as his Voices, children of the Emperor, and his Hands. Also, it is stated in game, that several races were created artificially by the Rakatan Mother Machine, which makes humans and sith “better” than twi’leks, zebraks, etc.

The way the Emperor is depicted in KOTFE is also amazing in my opinion. Remember what he said to the Jedi Knight that he has wants to experience all as he choose: to be an artist, a farmer, a simple man, etc. In Zakuul he was benevolent, he experienced love and family. I loved this twist. Also, he looked wise, powerful, completely in control and the voice acting was great.

I wouldn’t say that KOTFE made total sense from a force user perspective. Our JK, JC, but especially SI and SW were prodigies. The most powerful of them all should be our Sith Inquisitor, thanks to numerous rituals, the control of the spirits, natural force talent, healing and changing through the Voss ritual and Rakatan tech. All of that power has been stripped and reduced to a mere arrogance in KOTFE. Non force users in KOTFE and KOTET are simply ridiculous. EA is destroying this franchise.

We’re getting off-topic but I agree – chapter stories should be divided by class but that’s EA we’re talking about – it would demand spending much more man-hours and money and their policy is to spend the least and gain the most. 2 or 3 more ME Andromedas and maybe they’ll finally learn? πŸ˜‰

I am hoping with the new expansion they will just ignore this arc and go back to the Imperial vs Republic war.

swtor 6.0 –> your toon wakes up and realizes 4 and 5 was just a dream! *now back to Star Wars the old Republic*

The game has become way to easy, in the words of ―Koth Vortena ” wouldn’t mind a challenge now and then. Do i think these changes were needed. yes i do.

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