• nadrian3k

    Really…that’s it?

  • Johnsue Rivera

    Aren’t those types of hats usually 200 gems???? 5$ for one… doesen’t even look that good.

    • Yeah, they made the new gloves and shoulders the other week were 500 gems each, rather than 300 that all the others had been in the past

      • Alot

        Irritating but justifiable in that instance. The foefire gloves and shoulders include the new transforming tech that is used by legendary armor (different FX during different times of the day).

        While one can argue what price increase should be associated with new features, they seem to have set a new price tier for a new quality of skin.

        • minion_condi_necro

          I mean transformation yea… but their core design is still borderline joke armor. Candles? Really? The new legendaries are pretty ass too in that regard.

  • narg

    thats all, no other stuff ?? wtf

  • Diggity

    Is this a Guild Wars update or a freakn teletubbies episode? Wake the fuck up, Anet.

    • Trillium

      welcome to the gem store

  • Suan

    So I was planning to make a post about how it’s another year, another summer and they still refuse to give us this beauty [look at the pic] even though it is in the game and all they need to do is make a male shorts/briefs version of it which they probably have since Faren had to wear something back when he was on the beach with Kasmeer. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6bf6d04d8a08feb1622b1ccdbbe392b73b02425d45b339ff08f656a449d2148a.jpg
    But they don’t want to give the exo suit either..
    And poor Aurene is getting milked yet again.. what is going on with Gem Store team for the past months?

    • Arenanet does not want to sell swimsuits for some reason. Should have taken a look at Ncsoft w/ Bns. They unloaded all their swimsuits on the cashshop the first summer when the population was the highest lol

      • You Know

        also no capes/cloaks :/

        • Mr. Principal

          I think they won’t give us capes/cloaks.. because they will interfere with Backpacks.. Just like pieces of armor overlapping each other..

          • Alot

            I doubt the current armor skeletons could handle either capes or cloth physics. Plus how do you handle capes on the char – who swap between upright, hunched over and horizontal? It would look like they were running around with a table cloth on their back half the time.

            • Trillium

              you give charr extra-big scarves
              or make cultural back items. cloth cloaks for humans, plant cloaks for weedmen, fur cloaks for norn, something too tiny to see anyway for asura, and badass spiky trophy racks for charr. easy. problem solved. jsut takes not being lazy.

              and if clipping was a problem, they wouldn’t have released, I dunno, ninety-bloody-percent of current gear, duh.

      • Daaw Daw

        bcs it can start a Male gaze,which is worst thing that can happen on this planet.

    • Mr. Principal

      And I’m still waiting for the Speedos..!

    • Asda

      Another place where they should take a lesson from Vindictus, which has like 9000 underwear/swimsuits now.

  • Alot

    I’d love to know how many people buy these fuzzy hats as compared to any other armor piece type.

  • Tora

    they are taking advantage of aurene kawaism to make a monetary profit, and the worst of it, is that it works xD

    • iqValentin

      They made Aurene kawaii just to be able to profit from her.
      And yeah, it works. :3

    • Alot

      Leaves me wondering why there are no fluffy dragon paw mittens and socks to go with it -.-

      • Trillium


  • Porgan

    It seems they don’t want me to spend any money as of late. Which is fine, I guess.

    • Alot

      I just wish they’d release the expansion pre-order deals. I want to spend money, I just feel its inefficient to do so until those expansion bonus packs come out :/

  • Ainseland

    i’ll never betray my quaggan hat

  • Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do♬ ♪ ♫

    So they’ll sell a hat with a spiked penis on the back of it and let 2 lesbians make out with each other in the story line but they won’t sell shorts or bathing suits,really makes you wonder what kind of people are running this crap show of a so called game.

    • Alot

      I’d love to hear your description of a platypus -.-

  • Bryan Turner

    My wife might be interested in the mini, other than that it’s all over priced BS that nobody wants except Mike O in his secret Brony closet.

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