Black Desert New Black Spirit Adventure in Korea

Black Desert Korea has added a new version of the Black Spirit Adventure in Korea today.

This new adventure is accessed via a new menu that is different from the older version, meaning you can play both at the same time.


Upon opening it, you will see that it is like a traveling game where you move the Black Spirit across the various connected nodes.


Each nodes will have different options such as fighting monsters (red sword icon), collecting items (yellow pickaxe icon) or let the game decide, which can spawn a random event (blue circle icon) that is the only way to get cards (more on that below). The item icons you see are just one of the possible items you can roll on that node. If you hover over that node, it will show you a list of items.


If you pick the combat option, the Black Spirit will fight off against a randomly picked monster card in that region by a roll of the dice. You can also have your own cards to aid you in combat that give you advantages. There are specific dice rolls you need to achieve to win the combat.

  • Cards are only obtained from the random events that spawn if you get the game decide for you (blue circles). So if you want cards, go for nodes with the blue circles and hope you get the random event.


If you win the combat, you will get to roll for an item from that node’s list. Black Spirit will also gain quite abit of XP.


The collect item option (yellow pickaxe) allow you to go straight to the rolling for items. There is an auto collect button where the black spirit will go to a random node and collect it. This option is there for people that don’t really have time to play the game and just want the RNG items.


Every hour, you will gain 1 movement point up to a maximum of 10 movement points per day. Your Black Spirit can store a max of 3 movement points. If you move your Black Spirit to the town node (green campfire), it will regen its movement point twice as fast. Along the way your Black Spirit will gain experience and level up.


  • θεός

    Looks better than the current one we had.

  • Erosword

    It also looks very similar to chinese browser game board events.

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