SWTOR Sisters of Carnage Teaser

Bioware has released a teaser video of the next operation boss coming with 5.3, the Sisters of Carnage.

  • HMHero

    That dialog reminds me of that 80s Hannah Barbara cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian.

  • Ben Gimson

    Feels increasingly like BW are aiming for the under 10’s market…

  • Guest

    Love it when they use the old KOTOR 2 music : )

    • Kubrickian

      Thought it was the Family Guy music.

      • Guest

        lol no

  • Davrel Kex

    The dialogue for this op is so fucking bad lol

  • Jack Howard

    Lol people were begging for ops for years, they finally get them and they still complain. Fuck all you little shits who do nothing but complain in every comment section about how this game is dying and how the new content suck. Either leave the game and the forums or stop complaining. Try to build a positive community not a negative one. I hope you all have a good day.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      And this is how you build a positive community is it? The truth is that after not getting any ops for years, one boss at a time is hardly more than a pittance. As much is at is positive they are doing this at all, I wonder how you think people would be ecstatic with having one boss and having to wait months for the next one.

      I’m pretty sure that if the next expansion has new story, people would be pretty upset if they only got one chapter and had to wait a few months for the next one. For a game that charges a sub for 3 year old content and makes people pay immoral prices for gambling packs as surrogate content, I think the people who pay for all of that, deserve more than a pittance in return.

      I just made it work for me by going preferred and not put anymore money into a game that doesn’t answer the level of commitment I used to have to it. It just wasn’t an equal exchange in any shape or form. Maybe in another 2 years there will be enough new content to sub for a couple of months. Sadly, there really is no alternative if you want to play a SW MMO or even a decent SF MMO. It’s this type of monopoly that allowed them to ask a lot and give very little. It’s just not right.

      I do not appreciate your coarse language followed by a disingenuine wish for a positive community. If you really want a positive community, then start acting like it. You’re totally fake.

      • #’#’####’####

        It maks no sense to put any work in Operations.

        People who do Operations only come back for a month, run the Operation a few times, and unsub again until the next one is released.

        Why would you waste manpower on these ungrateful type of player as a company?

        • Eban

          ”ungrateful type of player” ??
          I was in a guild with 30+ players who subbed and bought cartel packs and ran raids 4 times a week for 3 years then Kotfe hit and they got bored and all left.
          Same thing happened on all the servers (hence the ghost towns we now have on most servers at peak times).
          Doing 2 expansions on the ‘outlander’ shite was the worst mmorpg idea ever.
          Don’t blame the players blame Bioware.

          • ThatGuy

            Yeah, this pretty much sums up how the game’s recouped population tanked again.

        • cohorn

          It make no sense to put any work into story.

          People who do story only come back, run through the new story in a day or two and then unsub again until new stories are released.

          That was fun. Let’s keep playing make shit up and pretend it is fact.

        • ThatGuy

          You seem like the kind of person who could play paddle ball all day long, taking the occasional break to eat some crayons.

          What’s your idea of fun in SWTOR? Doing planetary heroics/dailies until the game goes offline? Leveling toon after toon after toon for the sole purpose of….. leveling another toon?

          Willing to bet you haven’t set foot in a single operation, flashpoint or uprising, or anything involving a group in what is supposed to be a MMO game.

          • Paulo Gomes

            And that’s perfectly fine. That’s the beauty behind these games. You can play them however you want to.

            That’s why the successful companies in the market make comprehensive, well thought out expansions, or patches, to cater to the needs of their ENTIRE playerbase. They don’t just focus on story, or pvp, or pve. They do it ALL. Because all players like to play the game in their own way.

            Problem is: people look down to their own bellies and don’t understand that if the guys from pvp start to leave the game, the game will suffer. Or the guys that raid. Or the guys that play casually.

            THAT’S the problem with Bioware. They can’t seem to want, or maybe they are not able to cater to the needs of their entire playerbase. A need THEY induced, because they introduced Ops, pvp, story, etc, etc. Why the focus on only ONE part of the game at a time?

            What people should be asking is WHY do other companies make successful MMO’s… And the guys at BW can’t seem to make it happen. Even with one of the most successful IP’s on the PLANET!

            Why can’t we SW fans have the same as the guys that play WoW, TESO, or FFXIV? THAT’S what I want to know.

    • dzip.sys

      95% of players don’t give a shit about ops.

      Only on and off players, who hop from MMO to MMO are vocal about this shit.
      But they are not the ones who keep subbed for a longer time.
      they should ignore these idiots and put all the work in Flashpoints and other content.

      • Fallen

        Really seems that in fleet chat on Red Eclipse there always ppl looking for ops groups But while on Ebon Hawk it is mostly about RP So I guess it depends on the server you like to play on But any ways there are a lot of long time or continuing subs wanting to play ops and like new content

      • gua543

        I’d like some evidence to back up your percent of players playing PvE. Last time it was only 2% doing ops. You know, before the servers dried up because of no endgame updates.

        • HMHero

          I’d like to see your evidence that it was at 2% ever, common sense says otherwise.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Read above.

            • HMHero

              Thank you, you always seem to have that common sense I’m looking for.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Ah the Internet… A place where people juggle numbers like they are absolute truths without even thinking about it…

          I was here when that discussion happened. Those 2% you refer to (again, without any proof backing them up whatsoever) were 2% OF THE RAIDING POPULATION THAT DID NiM RAIDING. NOT 2% of the ENTIRE POPULATION THAT PLAYED OPS.

          So: it’s a percentage within a percentage. Again: without any proof whatsoever to back it up. The only people that know how many people play Ops are BW, and they sure as hell never divulged numbers on that.

          • Drivan

            I look at it like this, between Rise of the Hutt Cartel and about 3 months after SoR dropped most servers were either at “heavy” or “standard” population. For the past 3 years the population has been steady at light and we have renewed stories of a number of servers being ghost towns.

            The 2 primary changes in the time since 3.0 + 3 months, BW began to steer their game in the direction of a subscription based single player online RPG and they made their “no new ops” announcement. I believe that the Ops community was much, MUCH larger than anyone is willing to admit that it was.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Last time I logged in and saw a server at “Heavy” was at KotFE launch. I even saw a “Full” server once. Makes sense. Novelty, people were wondering what it was all about.

              The servers didn’t even flinch at KotET launch. I will not put up the link to swtordata because I’ve over used it. But it’s there for ANYONE to see. ALL SERVERS FUNCTION AT A THIRD OF THEIR CAPACITY. AT BEST, most don’t even reach THAT. A freaking third. For a Star Wars MMO. Pitiful.

              • Drivan

                I remember BW stating that servers being listed as “full” was because of a DDOS attack and the servers affected had begun kicking people out. By the time they shut them down the servers had ques, but were mostly empty.

              • Rancor

                I dont know what motivation anyone would have to do that…
                Ben Irving was probably downloading Pronz

      • Wayshuba

        I always love this type of quote without any evidence to back it up.

        Here is one for you… ESO recently published that 71% of players have completed trials. Yup, almost three quarters of the player base have done trials/raids/operations.

        Here’s another one for you. Since 4.0, the in game population of SWTOR, according to TORStatus/SWTORdata has dropped more than 60%. Biggest reason cited – lack of group content releases.

        So it seems that in an MMO, most players do indeed care about group content and play through raids. Many may not be dedicated HC raiders, but the MAJORITY, want to play in some group content – thus why they play MMOs over desktop titles.

        There is a reason ESO, WoW, FFXIV and most other main stream MMOs focus on regular releases of small and large group content – because the MAJORITY of the player base plays that content.

        • Drivan

          Absolutely. 100% on the mark.

          • Wayshuba

            Thanks. You see every time I see these small percentages of “raiders”, I know people are only thinking of those who farm Nightmare/Veteran modes. Sure, that is probably a small percentage of the player base but that alone does not encompass ALL raiders.

            Most raiders, like myself, do raids because we like to hang out and do things online with friends. Have I done Hard and Nightmare/Veteran modes, sure. But 90% of the time I am doing Story/Normal modes just to hang out and have a good time with my guildies. I would be willing to bet that is probably what the largest percentage of raiders/dungeon runners are.

            Does anyone really think that after all these years WoW, ESO and FFXIV would put so much effort into regularly producing raids/dungeons because only 5% of the player base played it? No. They put that much effort in because the MAJORITY of an MMO player base plays it.

            You know what most solo/story content is in MMOs? Stuff to fill the time doing things until enough friends log in to group up and do group content. If you only want to play solo, buy a desktop title for $60. Why spend $180/year to play by yourself?

            At the end of the day, I would bet most dedicated players of MMOs (those that prefer MMO style games) do it for the SOCIAL aspect. That being said, part of that is the fun in playing with friends doing things together. Thus we have raids, dungeons and world bosses for friends to get together and do something together.

            • Paulo Gomes

              I would be fine with that percentage. 5% of people that ran the hardest pve content in a game. That sounds good to me.

              NiM Ops (screw the new designation, I don’t even know what it is) is hard stuff to do. Not only is the content supposed to be difficult, you can’t just quickly make up a group to do it. You need the right people, wit the right gear. It’s a niche. It’s not the bulk of people that do Ops.

              These days I don’t even play an MMO regularly. After a nice chat with Naq where I mentioned Skyrim, I bought the Legendary Edition, logged in my Nexxus account, and modded the game to DEATH! Just recently Bruma came out on Nexxus. And of course you’re right: I got meself a 60€ title, and now I got hours upon hours of RPG fun. I was going in TESO, but I guess TOR just burned me on MMO stuff…

              • Wayshuba

                Sorry about that. If you are ever in ESO you can send me a message (my at name is the same as this forum name). Would be fun to play together sometime.

                Same goes for any former SWTOR player coming into ESO.

              • Paulo Gomes

                It wasn’t the game, I assure you. It was really me. The game is awesome. Here I complain about lack of content. In TESO I complain about too much content loooooool…

              • gog

                ESO has too much content, it’s a “the buffet has too much awesome food”-problem for me. End up playing it more way than I should. Doesn’t help that the new warden class was really fun to play so had to level one up to 50, and now I’ve started to do dungeons with her. Had to stop PvPing since it just ended up being 12+ hour sessions all the time which meant I did nothing else in the game.

                Really, ESO is doing what TOR should be doing, giving you so much solo player content that you can easily spend all your time avoid group content and not be bored. But also offering so much different group content that you can easily spend all your time doing just that too. Gives the players a choice in what they do, while attracting different types of players, both story nerds like me and hardcore raiders and everything in between.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I know, I know! It’s EXACTLY like that. It is pretty amazing to see that Bethesda are NOT fooling around. Ever since they got involved in the game it ‘s been a non-stop ride into more and more content. I wish the guys that play TOR could see the difference.

                I honestly have no ill will towards this game (TOR). I wish it could be better. I wish it could be a kick-ass MMO. It sadly isn’t. I come here, hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But it isn’t there. It’s pitch black.

                Even with all the lightsabers turned on…


              • gog

                I’ve uninstalled TOR, and I don’t think I’ll come back unless they really increase the flow of content significantly. It’s simply not enough to keep me interested, not to mention the quality of the story has gone downwards.

                Meanwhile, the story of ESO keeps getting better and better. And there’s a constant influx of new players all the time, so it seems the game is doing pretty well in all areas right now.

              • Drivan

                I hear ya, I still play a lot of ESO, but I have been playing some old school Wii games with my kids and just watching TV more than anything else.
                SWTOR has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m sick and freakin’ tired of paying a subscription and not really getting much of anything in return.

                I paid $70 for the base game and also purchased RotHC and SoR during their pre order sale. I subscribed from day one and ended that subscription a while back. I’m done paying a sub for what little they are offering when I can play what I have already made a one time payment for.

            • Drivan

              Absolutely true.

              Like I said below. The population on SWTOR servers was Heavy and standard until they started going the single player RPG route and then announced “no new ops” at that point the bottom dropped out and now we have a number of servers that are dead, other dying and the few servers that are still active still remain at light population.
              If the raiding community was so small then the population would still be very healthy.

              • Dustil schmit

                Still amazed they haven’t just merged the servers already or drop the dead ones.

      • HMHero

        Those of us that inspect peoples achievements on the reg know this is one of the big lies going around for years, most people who play do OPs.

      • ThatGuy

        You are absolutely right. 95% of ‘current’ players don’t give a shit about ops. The original population of this game bolted within two months of its release due to lack of end game content. When they started adding more end game content, some players came back. Once we saw the signs nothing new was on the horizon once again, we popped smoke… again. But hey, thanks for pointing that out.

      • Big D

        There is a flashpoint coming 5.4 in August.

      • Paulo Gomes

        They did that already. It was called “KotFE” and “KotET”. And it wasn’t a good move…

    • Eban

      ”people were begging for ops for years” yip then they left the game, got sick of waiting.
      And whats this ” they finally get them and they still complain” ???
      2 boss fights? You’re acting like we’ve been handed 2 full operations and should be thanking Bioware for all their hardwork.
      You want a positive community and to tell people who have anything to complain about to fuck off and leave the game? Epic levels of contradiction right there.
      Yeah tell the already depleted levels of population to unsub and leave that will help ffs

    • Naq

      The game we were complaining about dying, already died. We moved on. Enjoy whatever has replaced it.

      • Dustil schmit

        Well hopefully they reboot kotor with obisdin or bioware making it for console again i miss RPG single player star wars games.

      • Reactionary Monarchist

        It’s actually starting to smell.

    • HMHero

      You are too negative about being positive.

    • Drivan

      This isn’t an Op, it’s the second boss. 2nd.

      In August ESO will release their 2nd full raid and the 3rd and 4th multiplayer dungeons of the year. The First Raid and 1st and 2nd dungeons dropped in early June. SWTOR Struggles to release 2 bosses from January – July…
      The complaints are valid, SWTOR still hasn’t released a complete raid since 3.0 and has produced but a fraction of what every other MMO on the market has. There are more and more Star Wars movies coming out and the IP is in no danger of losing market share. Yet SWTOR continues to lose players and win awards such as “Worst Business Model” etc.

      SWTOR is pathetic They have THE MOST POPULAR IP in the world and the backing of the wealthiest game producer on the planet yet they can’t produce an Operation in 3 years. They can’t produce even a quarter of what their competitors are producing.

      Fuck us for complaining about their incompetence? Fuck you for being blind and not recognizing the piss poor state of things and then attempting to insult those who do.

      Congrats on enjoying SWTOR. It is, after all, the only Star Wars game available, unfortunately…

      • De-ranker

        Actually, ESO hasn’t released any dungeons this year, unless you count public dungeons which aren’t really dungeons. Also, what’s this new raid in August that you speak of?

        • Wayshuba

          Just to clarify for dungeons in ESO they have released Forgotten Wastes and Nchuleftinght. Public or Instance dungeon is of no matter since that is a format difference exclusive to ESO, they are still dungeons none the less.

          Two new group dungeons are coming with Horns of the Reach in August – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. As an aside, we are also getting a new PvP Battlegroun (Arcane University) and new PvP mode (Chaosball) with this update. Not bad considering Battelgrounds were introduced to the game in June and you get a new one already in August.

          As for August on the trial, not sure if it will be in Horns of the Reach or Clockwork City DLC later this year. But news from E3 was ESO having an early version of a new trial (but it hasn’t been clarified which of these updates it will drop with).

          • De-ranker

            Thanks for the info on that trial, but Public Dungeons are essentially heroic missions from swtor

            • Wayshuba

              Delves are more like heroic missions. Name a Heroic Mission in SWTOR that has five to seven bosses in it.

              Point is a dungeon is still a dungeon. It has been three years since SWTOR released a flashpoint (dungeon) and it will be over three years without an OP as by the time this one is done that much time will have passed. No mainstream MMO I am aware of has gone that long without any form of small or large group content.

    • Alexander Delorean

      to Jack
      1st – you are dumb
      2nd – we paying sub so we want and need new end game content not the story one.
      3nd – complaints are reasonable because its 2nd boss and quite easy (Tyth was darn easiest one)
      Fuck you all little shits who pretend to be a positive community and sucking from bioware while they’re doing nothing but solo content (on MMO yeah). I hope you all have a good day 😉

    • Kaelin

      Seems like most of them not even playing that game anymore and have too much free time to complain about the game they do not like or/and do not play anymore. Can`t find it in themselves to just let it go. They are taking pleasure in whining and complaining 🙂

      • HMHero

        Seems like everyone not complaining about the game is complaining about the complainers in typical internet hypocrite fashion, welcome to the discussion.

        • Kaelin

          I will never get them…

    • Fred Garvin
    • De-ranker

      I didn’t realize 2 fights counted as getting an op

  • Jason Thomas

    Well in my opinion all the time and resources spent on SOR until Iokath could have and should have been spent on 2 new classes, 2 or more new COMPLETE ops, more pvp maps and everyone would have been happy. Every type of player has been covered. Class stories is what made this mmo different from others but that too has been abandoned by the Devs. Why ? The cost of making those new classes ? people for voice overs ? Run a contest for fans to do the voice overs and give them lifetime subs. Who wouldnt want to hear themselves as a TOR toons voice or the voice of the newest bad guy of the NEW class. We all have our FAVS for class stories but I guess we will never experience that new car smell of a new class ever again. Just keep reskinning everything in the game, spitting out 1/5 of a op at a time.Iignore your subs and you will see the last of us leave for greener pastures. Devs really listen to your SUBS.

    • ThatGuy

      This is what the majority of veteran players have been saying and feeling, at least it’s what I’ve been reading & hearing all along. I haven’t heard a single Founder state that the devs’ decision to put purely single player content in a MMO was a great idea. I liked KotFE/KotET well enough, but would rather it had all been released all at once with the promise of “this should tie you over for the next couple of months until we release the next exapansion.” No dice with that, as we all know.

      The unfortunate circumstance is that the game is slowly being taken over by complete noobs – casual players who have no idea how to play their class, and cause nothing but headaches for those of us that have been around forever. So long as the devs and game producers are seeing money being flung their way through subscriptions and through the cartel market, they aren’t going to take long-time players seriously.

      • guest

        You realise that you’re not being forced to play with people who are bad at the game? If you are someone who knows how to play their class then a guild will probably accept you. And if you think the dev’s aren’t giving you a good product for your money, then don’t pay them. The ‘noobs’ obviously like the game and so they pay the subscription, the game changed so they made more money and would meet the demands of a different demographic.

        • ThatGuy

          Yes, I do realize. What I don’t think you realize is that I ‘am’ guilded, and I will leave warzones if I end up stuck in queue with the same morons. I will also leave pug ops groups of any difficulty level when we’re wiping on trash, having to take 10-15 minutes to type out each fight, wiping from people standing in stupid repeatedly, etc. I have better things I can be doing with my time than spending 3 hours banging my head against the wall for old content.

          I have also taken long breaks from the game, the most recent being 8 months due to the DvL “event”. I like the game because it’s Star Wars, but I refuse to give up any more money/time than is necessary for a stale product. I will resub, play the new content until I am bored with it, then wait for the next round of mediocre release.

          My point is that the devs could be making even more money by catering to what used to be their core player base. Instead, it’s all fluff, reskinned and rehashed everything.

          • De-ranker

            At least you’re pug groups can get to the mobs , I’ve had noobs who’ve never done oricon before and wipe getting to the bridge.

        • Drivan

          But they aren’t making more money, according to EA’s financials SWTOR has been the primary reason for some pretty big losses in subscription services over the past 2 and a half years. Big enough losses that it has caused a dip in overall profits from subscriptions across all of EA’s properties.

          One can surmise that their huge CM push and BW releasing SOOO MUCH CM stuff the past 18 months is also because of a dip in microtransaction profits. While they are FAR behind other producers as far as playable content, raids, dungeons, new classes, new zones/areas etc over the past 3 years they have outpaced all other producers combined on their microtransactions.

          Sure, they changed the game, it used to be designed to give players something fun to do, now it’s purpose is make money. The problem is, in their quest to make more money they forgot that players actually like to play the game, not just buy stuff from the market.

      • Kubrickian

        Agreed. On servers like TEH you often get in groups that can’t complete a group finder sm flashpoint or operation. RP’s and their fashion dress up ilk are usually the last types of players to inhabit a game in decline. They waited too long to do something about their servers.

    • HMHero

      New classes are the only thing they can do that would bring back a large group of players for any decent length of time.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        the only way to salvage this game is competent people who know wtf there doing in the first place. Re do all the worlds like swg make space like swg add playable non human species wookies,rodians new classes would be nice but they cant even balance what they have now…

    • Skywalker

      They don’t even need to make new story for new classes. They could just add a new advanced class to every class and we would be happy. Like sith warrior gets a double-bladed lightsaber advanced class with new skills, sith inquisitor gets one similar to assassin with 1 lightsaber but no force lightning, they have force push or throwing debris. Bounty hunter gets one with blaster rifles and agent gets single or dual blasters. Similar things for republic classes. They all would have completely new skills and no need for new story or voice acting.

      • Darth Twinge

        Well, as far as that goes they could skip the story by just making them heroic classes that automatically start at 60 the way WOW did with Deathknights back in the day. That would mean the new class would start off in KOTFE and not have to deal with vanilla story or companions at all really without having to tag onto one of the old classes.
        I would even be ok if they were the missing mirror classes – ie a Trooper for imp side and an Agent for Pub side (would be SIS)
        If voice acting is a problem, make them only playable as a wookiee or something 😛
        I realize this isn’t something they can snap their fingers and ‘voila its there’ but it would still be a huge shortcut for the interest it could create…

  • Remember when they actually made real teasers, and didn’t just show up the cutscene from when you enter the Boss room and pretend it was a teaser?

    • Seph

      I remember when the released entire operations and not just one boss every couple months.

      • Fusion

        It was either one boss every couple months or wait till next year for whole thing.

        • Fred Garvin

          Or staff a game for the world’s biggest IP with a larger amount of competent ppl.

      • Damn u old lol 🙂

      • Fel
  • Dk-io

    Priorities …

  • Vladislav

    That face in the end of teaser describe everything you need to know about new boss

  • If raid only matter, just what are you waiting to move on WoW ? Tomb of Sargeras as jusr been released, devs have already add the next raid on the PTR lol

    Maybe you still have the hope to see the “Nightmare” mode on Tyth rofl, nice prank bw it works a lot

  • John Kosto

    Every week I log in, the game is emptier and sadder. I guess it was too little too late, I am not even excited about getting a new boss this Tuesday anymore.

    • Fusion

      You should consider swapping to a more populated server, personally in BC and it’s still quite active.

      • John Kosto

        I am on The Harbinger, the most populated server…. still not good enough.

        • Dustil schmit

          Ebon hawk is not much better ohh the days when DK would reach over 150 people now it barely reaches 70.

  • TheIanator

    Another simple, boring boss

  • Dinoman

    The sister’s remind me of the HUcaseal & RAcaseal from Phantasy Star Online.

  • Saratje

    They look like Eldar. I guess that makes Iokath a craftworld.

    • gua543

      Ohohoho, time for an exterminatus then!

  • De-ranker

    Just another throw away fight that will ultimately mean nothing. When they changed gearing they essentially got rid of any reason to run ops. Why run those for gear, when you can just win it all from rng loot crates or buy it with components.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    lol how do you guys take this game seriously /smh heres your second piece of your piece meal what a joke

  • HMHero

    No guide yet?

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