SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.3

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Items from Patch 5.3. Most of these are part of the Armed Resistance Command Pack.



Combat Engineer’s Armor Set


Dynamic Paladin’s Armor Set


Expert Outlaw’s Armor Set



Ardent Defender’s Sniper Rifle


Ardent Defender’s Blaster Rifle


Ardent Defender’s Dualsaber


Ardent Defender’s Lightsaber


Ardent Defender’s Assault Cannon


Ardent Defender’s Blaster



Kantis Blur


Vectron Furrow


Deepstalker Acklay


Noxious Boma



Fallen Red Color Crystal


Pet: Dunewalker Nexu


Pet: Chromatic Miniprobe


Emote: Dance Fever


Creature Companion: Vine Cat


Flair: Sign of Carnage



Naval Officer


Forest Camo



Decorations list likely not final as there seems to be too many decorations for one pack.

Gallery View: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/command-packs/armed-resistance-pack/

Decorations (Deepwater Essentials Bundle)

These decorations are part of the Deepwater Essentials Bundle to be sold on Tuesday with Manaan Stronghold release.

Gallery View: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/bundles/deepwater-essentials/

Not Part of the Pack

These are likely for direct purchase or just updating collections (i.e. Light/Dark weapon tuning)





Anarchy & Mischief


Light-attuned Weapon Tuning


Dark-attuned Weapon Tuning


Vindicated Warrior Bundle

  • Revanite Vindicator Armor Set
  • Vengeance’s Unsealed Lightsaber
  • Vengeance’s Unsealed Saberstaff
  • Razalon FC-6 Mount


Appearance Options: Cathar Hairstyles 1

  • Unlocks 4 new unisex hair style, and 1 new male facial hair option for Cathar


Deepwater Decorations Bundle


  • matekel

    not impressed in the least.

    • m8

      Mate your parents weren’t impressed with you when you were fired out of your ma’s vag

      • Bang bang


  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    I got ” the temple guardian saber ” vibe from the dualsaber.

  • Лев Сафаров

    Anarchy looks like enhanced Luger p08 pistol. I like it. And if look closely Ardent Defender’s Blaster most likely was modeled from colt m1911.

  • Ildryn

    Can’t wait to see the decos! Please post them soon! 😀

  • Some Guy With Problems

    Cathar customization? That’s a surprise to be sure.

    • Emprah

      Now if we could only use the NPC eyes, not just the hair, but it is a step in the right direction.

    • The Senate

      But a welcome one.

  • Kirill Zhmurenko

    I haven’t seen worse armors for a long time. Some pieces are decent but armors overall are not impressive. Yet weapons and all other items are cool. Definitely going to get some.

  • mavrok

    Armor sets look crap as ever nothing really standing out….nice flair,guns look better than usual….lets be fair packs have been utterly shit for a while now, really time to step it up in my opinion

  • David Ames

    The ardent defender pistol reminds me of Kyle Katarn’s weapon

    • Jonathan Parker

      You’re right, it does look a lot like that. I’ve always loved that pistol, but these pistols with holsters just blew that out of the water in my mind. I need a holstered pistol for my Smuggler, can’t call myself a Gunslinger otherwise.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Oh my god, they’re adding blaster pistols with holsters? That’s awesome! I’ve always felt a bit weird about how weapons tend to float on our characters through some sort of space magic. I like to wear belts hanging down on the side for pistols, backpacks of some sort for rifles/cannons, just to make it look like they’re attached to something. Lightsabers are fine, we’ve seen plenty of sabers throughout Star Wars that attach to belts. Adding holsters for pistols is a fantastic idea, maybe they’ll add rifles which straps that are visible when stowed on your character too.

    Also, that cannon… They finally did it, they made a perfectly normal minigun style assault cannon, no giant second cannon, no huge attachment that doesn’t make sense, no odd looking grips, and it even looks like it has some lights on it for color crystals. I always like those bits. I’m wondering what that flame-jet thing is, since it looks like it would burn the living shit out of the gunner’s hand, but I’m looking forward to this one.

    • Kal

      Actually they already made one in a somewhat minigun fashion back in the second shipment of cartel packs about 4 years ago called the Primordial Assault cannon

      • Jonathan Parker

        I have that one, but I’d rather not use a cannon that looks like someone attached barrels onto a vacuum cleaner.

  • Alexander Delorean

    Meh meh except Manaan Bundle (since we got only 3 items on server that belongs to selkaths or manaan)

  • KevinSaku

    Sorry guys but im 100% sure that the Anarchy and the Mischief are platinum items

    • They are direct sale items so no worry about rng

      • KevinSaku

        Sorry but i really doubt that since the Mischief is clearly shown in the pack image

      • Jonathan Parker

        Kevin’s right, they must be items from that pack if they’re shown in the pack’s store image. I didn’t notice that before, guess my Smuggler won’t have really cool blasters with holsters, because Bioware forgot how to add rewards to the game and only gives us extremely overpriced items instead.

  • Harston

    Holstered Blasters and Cathar Customizations, two of the things I’ve been petitioning for, for a while now! Glad to see they’re slowly plonking that stuff in. x3

  • IncuBB .

    Ill be glad if they finally add some tunings to vendors.

    • Jonathan Parker

      I doubt it. They’re probably just putting the DvL tunings for direct purchase, or to collections, something like that. I guarantee, you’ll always need to pay a fortune for these things. I’m still pissed that they didn’t add the Dark and Light Attuned tunings to the Legendary level of DvL rewards.

  • 平賀才人

    I like that Ardent Def Blaster looks like Kyle Katarn’s

  • Saratje

    Finally a lightsaber that doesn’t look like somethingnaughtyyoukeepinyourdrawer.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Right? It’s like they’ve forgotten what lightsabers look like.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Hold up… Those dye modules… Naval Officer? FOREST CAMO? Will my Commando and Sniper finally have the perfect dyes?! Is Bioware finally adding textures and patterns to dye modules?! Will I ever be able to afford these things?! HELL NO!!

  • Nasca

    Let me just be perfectly clear;
    If that pistol doesn’t use the Bryar Blaster Pistol’s sound effects, I’m going to actually riot.

  • Vicious

    Good god those armor sets are terrible…

  • Dynamic Paladin’s helmet looks like Optimus Prime’s head.

  • Ben Gimson

    Those armours are ghastly. Everything else looks alright, though it’s a pity those holstered blasters don’t match. You’d think by now BW would understand that asymmetry is fucking gross.

  • Darth Twinge

    Apparently lana and koth are going to be able to wear custom armors also


  • EyesOfGehenna .

    It’s nice that they have a decorations pack for Manaan, but if it’s just one of each, particularly with the banners and lamps, it’s going to be ridiculous. I just hope they understand people use more than one or two of those. 8 or 10 is more like it for such items.

    • Tom Hanlon

      well this pack is huge so maybe they will give more.

      its probably gonna be a lot of cc though

    • Kaelin

      wonder if they will add some decos to credit vendors, like they did with Yavin stronghold

    • EyeKahn

      We need to be able to direct buy the things we use a lot of: Couches and tables and things. srs. Enough with the centerpiece/starship stuff we can’t even put people around.

  • Zered

    Armors are crap but weapons look really nice. Also cathar hair!

  • d8xC0

    Can we please have armors and weapons WITHOUT gold parts?
    Is this Star Wars or Las Vegas for russian oligarch wives?

    Since KOTFE everything has is. It’s enough!

  • Harston

    The Jedipedia page also notes that the HK Chapter: Shroud of Memory will be available for purchase on the Cartel market.

    • HMHero

      Where you see that? Couldn’t find it.

      • Harston

        If you go to Jedipedia.net and search for Items included in Patch 5.3, ‘[Authorization:] HK Bonus Chapter’ Is one of them.

    • HMHero

      Found it. If thats legit it should be big news.

    • Darth Twinge

      If thats true, they will probably sell the HK companion too, since you have to complete “Arma Rosa” before doing “Shroud of Memory”.
      Seems like that kind of undermines both as a subscriber incentive though.

      • HMHero

        Making content exclusive to a small, and growing smaller every day, group of players was always a mistake.

        • Darth Twinge

          True enough. What was even stranger, was that they seemed to be trying to cater to “new” players and promoting them old content and such, but then these exclusive items locked out future new players. Because you know, somebody comes in and they’re all “I want a Shae Vizla companion!” And its “oh too bad you weren’t here a year ago.”
          Sometimes BW doesn’t know if they are coming or going.
          If they wanted to give sub exclusive content, they should have made a sub only vendor with all this content on it and each month that someone subs they choose a gift off the vendor like a child that just had a good dentist visit. that way even if you discovered the game tomorrow and subbed you can get one of these gifts of happiness and they still get their $15 or whatever.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Nothing in the actual patch notes about it:


  • Danny Seth

    The Deepwater Essentials Bundle looks great. Thy really put some work into it. The fountains are awesome, the selkath personnel, the aquariums. Really nice. I hope it’s affordable.

    Also points to the combat arenas and the alliance droids. Nice to see the Boma beast in the game, more KotOR inspired content is always welcome.

  • Ry

    Is that Ardent Defender’s Assault Cannon…… shooting backwards? We don’t need to kill Commandos anymore… they kill themselves. 🙂

  • Naq

    Haven’t logged in for over a month, barely posted in about the same amount of time, and I don’t wanna turn into one of the people who doesn’t play and only comes around to harass everyone who does. I might check in once in a while to see if the game magically got way better….but I doubt this game will ever live up to any of it’s competing titles at the rate they are producing content. Uninstalled, needed space for things I’ll actually play. May the force be with you….the devs sure as heck aren’t.

    • Harston

      Don’t you normally rip on people for making the ‘I’m leaving’ post?

      • Naq

        Find one. I understand something you probably don’t. Everyone who leaves is less money for the game. Every person who uninstalls cheapens the experience for everyone still playing. Less money made is even less content, and one step closer to the game no longer being sustainable. Also, you might not understand this either, but I have friends here. People who actually give a shit if I leave. I considered just disappearing, but I thought it would be a dick move. So if dealing with a bit of snark from just the saddest haters is the cost of respecting the people I enjoyed talking to for the last few years, sure.

        • Paulo Gomes

          You’re brave. I’m a coward. Yes, I’ve stared at that “uninstall” button more than a couple of times. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people that have stopped playing the game, and yet I still come here.

          But I’m also one of those people that actually do give a shit if you leave. One of the best posters here on Dulfy. Man, that sucks. I wish people had the chance to read Naq’s posts when the game was good. People like her didn’t become “haters” from one day to the next. I hate generalisations, and that one has become a staple for people like her, and me, that point the finger at what’s wrong.

          And I feel sad, because it’s a loss to the game. Every veteran that leaves the game is a loss. I never understood why people feel happy when someone leaves the game just because they don’t share their points of view. I could talk about all the AWESOME players that I’ve seen leave the game, friends that have moved elsewhere or stopped playing MMO’s altogether. Yes, people come and go all the time, That’s the nature of an MMO. But the fabric of this game is becoming thinner and thinner all the time. Less and less great players play this game, and you can see this from the Class Guides.

          Ah, but what do I know? I’m just a “hater”. This game is becoming more and more awesome all the time. I just can’t see it…

          Well, I raise my glass to you Naq. Maybe we’ll see each other on some other Forum, for another MMO.

          Godspeed my fellow poster.

          • Darth Twinge

            Yeah, having seen Naq defend the game against hater-tots back when it was in its prime, I about fell out of my chair when certain people accused her of being a hater. I guess its just a symptom of recentism.
            But things really have deteriorated over the last couple years, and When I log in, I do my conquest requirement, a little GTN and then I’m mostly bored. I honestly, do think that this Keith guy hopes to turn things around and seems smarter than Ben Irving. The real question is, is it too little too late.

            • Paulo Gomes

              I think it is. I sincerely hope it’s not, but I don’t believe it.

          • Naq

            Oddly in my transition from Swtor from ESO I went from community organizer, running ops, lifting up new players teaching them strats and working with them to improve their rotations and gameplay to a very casual gamer. I just do whatever I feel like now, I have minimal social contact with my guilds, because watching Swtor chase off everyone I cared about over time, and seeing every unhealthy change they made slowly eat away at my friends list until I finally decided enough was enough, has changed how I play Mmos. Drivan got me invited to a really good guild, with some great people, and I jump into conversation once in a while with a joke or advise, but ultimately, my social game in ESO is weak.

            Its gonna take time to get back into the swing of things. I think once I’ve seen some consistency I’ll start to open up a bit. Good news though, Pyre and I have played with another unconventional couple in Swtor for the last few years, but they had a falling out with the remainder of my old guild after I stopped logging in consistantly, and I was sad I might never see them again. When I logged in one last time to give away all my credits and some of the stuff rotting in my bank like Malgus armor and Nexu companions (I wont miss them, they were doubles, and credits lose value so fast the millions I gave away are probably already pocket change.) I also took a shot in the dark and sent a few of their characters messages with my ESO account info (@Naquasivesh on NA servers if anyone wants to friend up, yes, even Abaddon) and the other day I logged into a friend invite from them. I almost cried I was so happy! Having a good time just doing reg and hardmode dungeons, and doing quests…still not done Morrowind.

        • Darth Gnaw

          “I gave them more content than Bioware ever did.”
          Too funny. You will be missed

        • Risqu’e


          Thank you for your humor, game knowledge, and unique insight into life in general. It won’t be the same without you, Naq.

          • Naq

            This picture made me laugh really hard.

        • Harston

          Relax, Naq, I wasn’t trying to pick on you with that post. x3

        • Harston

          Well, you certainly escalated that quickly.

    • Whitedragon
      • Sean

        Shouldn’t have eaten Taco Bell, then….

    • Drivan

      Had SWTOR on all 3 of my computers, I’ve uninstalled from my Laptop, and my work laptop and will probably uninstall from my desktop soon. These producers really should train the CM team in other tasks and skills to assist them in the creation of playable content.

    • HMHero

      Bye, have fun storming those castles.

    • Darth Twinge

      Even though we never met in game, I still consider you part of my swtor experience.
      My graphics card isn’t strong enough for ESO at this time.
      But I hope someday we will meet again. MTFBWY

    • See you around! Hopefully one day I will cover another game that you enjoy playing 😀

  • Luis Rosado

    Man, I DIG anarchy and mischief with that naval dye.

  • Ramzzess

    The crystal looks nice.

  • De-ranker

    Hmm these drops aren’t awful like the last few. I will spend whatever I have to for the fucking boma.

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Holy shit, finally something new for Cathars.

    And more personnel? HELL YEAH!

  • How about Rattataki ? new tattoos ? or somthing ? More items on mouth , cloaks , hoods please?

    • JRP

      Yeah, it would be nice to see some new tattoo designs for Rattataki; as well as some color face tattoos [beyond black & red] for Zabrak characters, too; and some more designs for Mirialans, and Togruta. Plus some new horn & hairstyles for Zabrak characters. There’s a lot of possibilities that would be nice to have as options for a lot of the species.

      • Yea Most forgotten races are = rattataki , zabrak. Mirilians had new tattoos (1-2) some time before (2 or 3 years ago ). Rattataki ? I dont remever, and yes I rly love this race.

    • EyeKahn

      Yeah those of u who play Rattataki don’t have a lot of love here.

  • Kaelin

    Armors are just no… I do not have characters who may use them. Love everything else!

    I remember someone asked for cathar hair and here we have new hairstyles for them.

  • LilithMV

    Seriously those armors… can BW please stop using whomever design the armor already. It look like all the rest since, well since they first started making non re-textured sets. All these years and the same person still seem to make them. Yes there have been a few nice sets. Like the Sith Recluse.

    • fake

      Guy who made Sith Recluse (and other BEST sets from cm) is gone for a long while now. :l Chris Anderson is his name.

      • LilithMV

        That would explain the (absent of) quality of the stuff we have now.

  • Luis Rosado

    Damn, anarchy and Mischief are SEXY. Mischief actually Looks like a weapon from the original trilogy. Definitely picking one up for my bounty hunter.

    • KevinSaku

      Hope you saved money and/or credits its gonna be a platinum item

      • Luis Rosado

        While I’m confident in my gtn trading skills, it’s still nice to have good luck and expendable income

      • Simon Cleal

        Dulfy’s confirmed they’re direct sale not platinum

        • KevinSaku

          Yeah because Dulfy’s information are always exact and you may want to give a look back at the pack image Mischief is there which means its in the pack

  • rebuiltHK47

    Love the look of things. On the fence about the outlaw armor, but the rest look awesome.

  • Tanesis

    I like that the dyes are being named rather than light/dark grey. Also a combination of colours which should have been released a long time ago…

    • Risqu’e

      yeah…. but i think the names being “light/dark grey” make it easier to find a specific color on the gtn.

    • Jonathan Parker

      There’s a gray/black that’s been in circulation for a while, but it costs ten fortunes. Everyone wants the white, gray, and black dye modules, it’s why they added them in the packs and not in the actual game like they should have. Bioware are becoming pricks who don’t simply offer the things we want as rewards or things to earn, they just make us pay for them.

      • Tanesis

        To be fair they do need to retain some shinies for cartel as an incentive to keep people paying for the game. Additionally the hyper price for black/white is a reflection of supply more than pure demand.

        There are some nice craftable dyes available reds, whites and some browns look good. They should really add more options to craftables ones though.

  • Murghir

    Murghir hairstyle!

  • Maxym Logvinenko

    Mischief – looks like a German Luger pistol (Parabellum) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luger_pistol 🙂

    • Darth Twinge

      well most of the guns in the original trilogy used WWII surplus weapons as a base, so thats a good thing. 🙂

    • Jonathan Parker

      Both of them are designed from the Luger, just like Han’s DL-44 is designed from the Mauser. I really want one of them for my Scoundrel, I really hope they’re direct sale and not platinum items.

      • Sean

        Specifically the Mauser C96 pistol — Mauser made the Model 1910, 1914, and 1934 pocket pistols and the HSc as well as the C96 and its select-fire variant, the M712. Admittedly, the C96 ‘broomhandle’ is the iconic Mauser pistol because of its distinctive appearance.

  • Disqus this

    I really just can’t understand bioware stupidity in swtor. They have what is quite possibility one of hte strongest IP’s around in Star Wars and they continue to “F”-up design and development at nearly every turn.

  • EyeKahn

    Decorations: Can we get something USEFUL? How many centerpiece and starship hooks are you going to give us in these pack? Completely useless in DK and Coruscant, and almost entirely useless on Nar Shaddaa. Either give us some small hooks to work with on the centerpiece squares or give us more things we can use on the large and medium hooks. We have big stuff, help us out here. >.< Now we can't use most of it because hook restrictions and them being in weird friggen places.

    • Darth Gnaw

      someone said the datamined manaan sh is going to have multiple centerpiece hooks. So im guessing thats what they are setting up for…

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        Yup, they do. Underwater hooks. 🙂

  • Gratua Cuun

    need the new hilts – want the new hilts – GOTTA HAVE THE NEW HILTS!!!!!

    • Ben Gimson

      Looks like a toy Bryar pistol though. Would be nice if they tweaked the colours and textures a little before release.

  • deletebioware.exe

    These armors are as ugly as a gold plated Bantha butt!

    Why does the art team for SWTOR armors hate the Star Wars style so much?
    And why don’t they leave BioWare and try to get a job at a studio that makes some Power Rangers game…?

  • 島風

    Why do they shove yellow in almost everything? It just looks ugly and cheap.

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