GW2 Gemstore Update– Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit and Glider

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit and Glider for 700 gems each. In addition, the Gemstore received an UI overhaul to make it more modern.[toc]

Gemstore UI Overhaul

The new gemstore UI is a bit more responsive and you can mouseover tabs without having to click on them. There are categories/filters inside each tab to find stuff easier.


Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern















Dynamics Exo-Suit Backpack and Glider – 700 gems






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47 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update– Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit and Glider”

There’s a comment from some pre-beta article out there somewhere, probably on the development blog site that disappeared after release, that said how they wanted armors to look realistic and to fit within the game world. Oh how far we’ve come since then…

That aside, I actually REALLY like this outfit. Unfortunately the character it would be best suited for already has the magitech armor set, so I’d be replacing one $10 look with another.

I’m actually tempted on this one for my engi – seeing as every medium gem piece I’ve bought has to emulate a lacklustre version of this :/
Guess I’ll go for it the next time it appears, currently lack the gems. One piece of advice though, if you don’t need a total makeover kit, the glider and outfit bought separately cost 1400 gems while the bundle costs 1500.

Just put f bikini armor. There is literally no reason. Immersion was broken long ago with all the gemstore bullshit might as well implement bikini armor.

Exaggeration much? There are a large number of female looks that aren’t bikini armors. Gw2 has a typically decent balance between the two looks.

yes, you are right medium armor is especially discriminated, however people all these years are saying – no more trench coats , but they go like – what? you want more trench coats, here you go more, trench coats….

well,when LEAD DESIGNER dont play his own game and is able to say,that armors looking like this,bcs of SILHOUETTE…… to be ez to recognize in pvp and wvw…..

no, it hasn’t
finding decent female armour that doesn’t show skin isn’t easy
and most cool-looking male sets are completely slutified in female version (Stag, heavy Arah, etc.)

So why you dont play with male, i dont see the point, if you want to have fully coverage male armor on female…

I’ve never seen any armor or outfit in this game that even remotely resembles a bikini and most of it has hideous butt capes….I don’t know about you but I NEVER wear butt capes with my bikini’s or anything else.

I guess I’m not concrete in my definitions. To me, one slutwear pretty much equals any other slutwear. Actual differences are immaterial.

I think an animal skin/furr bikini would be very norn like and fit in a lot better than half this junk they sell. Oh and Lord Faren’s speedo and loin cloth and Kasmeers bikini….where’s all this stuff that’s already in the game, no excuse for not letting players have it.

a great outfit, but ill gonan skip..
hope one day anet will release it as armor pieces =[
same goes to many other outfits..

“Dynamics Exo-Suit Glider.” Lol I predicted this to happen..!

Now Anet.. Please give us new faces & hairs..!

I like the look on my Asura Engineer, it’s nice. Not sure how a Norn Mesmer could pull the look off, but *shrug*

I’ll be happy to reward GW2 with money, as soon as they release new content (the clock is ticking on Episode 6, chop chop).

This looks hideous on my female characters, light, medium AND heavy. However, it looks beyond fabulous on Charr!

Seriously though that’s what the armor looks like in Wildstar?

I might give that game another whirl because that outfit is sleek.

I could definitely see myself using this for the new Holosmith elite spec. Just wish we knew more about it to even know if it’s something I’ll want to play before buying. Plus it would be sad to replace the great mix-n-match combo I’m currently using.

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