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SWTOR Armed Resistance Command Pack Preview

SWTOR Armed Resistance Command Pack Preview. This pack was released on July 18, 2017. Updated with ingame pics and videos.



Dynamic Paladin’s Armor Set – Gold


Expert Outlaw’s Armor Set – Gold


Combat Engineer’s Armor Set – Silver



Mischief – Platinum


Anarchy – Platinum


Wentross ER-1N Bowcaster – Platinum


Ardent Defender’s Blaster Rifle – Silver


Ardent Defender’s Sniper Rifle – Silver


Ardent Defender’s Blaster – Silver


Ardent Defender’s Assault Cannon – Silver


Ardent Defender’s Lightsaber – Silver


Ardent Defender’s Dualsaber – Silver



Vectron Furrow – Gold



Noxious Boma – Gold



Kantis Blur – Silver



Deepstalker Acklay – Silver




Creature Companion: Vine Cat – Gold


Flare: Sign of Carnage – Gold


Emote: Dance Fever – Silver



Color Crystal: Fallen Red – Silver


Pet: Dunewalker Nexu – Silver


Pet: Chromatic Miniprobe – Silver



Naval Officer


Forest Camo



Decorations list likely not final as there seems to be too many decorations for one pack.

Edit: After opening numerous hypercrates, we noticed the following decorations as missing from this pack but still labeled as from this pack. They are marked as (missing)

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78 replies on “SWTOR Armed Resistance Command Pack Preview”

Except for the Expert Outlaw headpiece, I agree. I wonder if that headpiece is just the visor and what appears to be a hood comes from the chest piece or is the hood and visor all one headpiece?

Ooh, then, I like that. I have been waiting for a look like that to come along for some of my more rogue-like toons and comps.

Yeah, those look like really nice shades of green. Kind of like the Jungle Ambusher’s set.

Could do with more dyes in general. The rate they are introduced is so painfully slow… and by far, most of them are eye-searing and bright. They save the more muted, reasonable colors for the default colors of their CM clothes… which just limits those clothes because recolorings look bad. 🙁

This begs the question, is Mischief and Anarchy main/off-hand only types similar to the Zakuulan Exile blasters? For a platinum I should hope not.

My guess is, that pistol blasters come in too many different shapes, so 1 holster would not fit all as it would need to be for a tuning.

I meant that if you designed it in a way that the holster model makes everything but the pistol handle invisible, or even just straight up camouflages the pistols as the tuning’s model.

“Okay, new pack. Some decent stuff, I like the assault cann—Dance fever? DANCE FEVER?!?!?

O H B A B Y !!!!!!””

That Outlaw armor looks way worse than I thought it would. I was going to use the gauntlets, belt, pants, and boots on my Smuggler, but they’re way too big and awkward. If the armored bits were smaller, it’d be way better.

I am usually really forgiving with the armour sets, but that combat engineers set is a reversion to the “bronze stuff no one wants” that we were promised BW would get rid of. Just a few more features would have picked it up like symmetrical ornamentation on the shoulders, some sleek pants with metallic planes and a head piece or eye-piece that integrated and brought some science-vibes to the ensemble. The helmet is completely incongruous. :/

I want to make a request to the aether at this point for more boots that reach sleekly to the knee. Mid-calf length boots make up 98% of outfits and they look horrible. Look at stylish military dress uniforms and elegant women … none of them sport fugly boots that cut off the legs at mid calf. Fashion sense ftw

Been wanting that, and have asked for it more than once, for a long time. They don’t listen. Or at the very least, they don’t agree.

Did anyone else read it as Westeros bowcaster.
LOL @ pop up I saw when I checked out a deco, net neutrality again hay, you poor Americans.

Outlaw’s set may be will look ok on some of my toons, but the rest of sets are not for my characters for sure.
Wonder how weapons with holsters will work in action. Other weapons are ok, will get them for collection.
Companion, flair and pets- want them for sure.

Love decorations. Not all of them will be in that pack, like it happened with Manaan pack (dissapointed they never added new decorations to vendors). May be I’m wrong, but I think control consoles are not from that pack (may be a legacy reward for beating bosses on hm?).

Depressingly enough, judging by forum responses it appears maybe this stuff is actually more popular than content with SWTOR players.

Just give me the Ardent Defender’s Blaster, it’s the closest thing to a bryar pistol.

In game, even. Sick of the cartel market.

Mischief looks like Carth’s Blaster, just needs a second scope.

Also that Astromech has had that for way more than 4 hours…

SWTOR knows its weapons and mounts but the armor…Why is it still so ugly and unimaginative?
Dynamic Paladin, lose the golden shoulder disc things & golden lining and the ever-present butt flap. Expert Outlaw could have been amazing if they’d lowered the headwrap to cover the forehead and got rid of the visor, silver pads on the shoulders and padding on the thighs. Combat engineer is terrible.

This pack is pretty neat! Finally we get some platinum graded Blasters, and they look nice (too bad the sound is disappointing tho…). Anyway, lot of nice stuff, all weapons looking good, crystal, emote, pet, flair and mounts are all nice. I dont think much of the armors, but this pack is worth it.

Congratulations on eating that pile of horseshit. You knew how little (read: ZERO value) the cartel packs have become, yet bought a hypercrate anyway?

No wonder BW Austin continues to shit on this game and it’s players when the lemmings continue to buy packs regardless of how they are designed to rip off the brainless whales who buy them.

Consider the alternative. There aren’t enough fish in the sea to keep the game online on subs alone. It’s the whales that are funding the game, so while I personally stopped buying most RNG packs long ago, I don’t bite the hand that feeds me. Buy away!

See, this is a reasonable response. I can only speak personally but on my end, I only really care about Toys, Emotes, and Companions from these stupid packs (i’m 100% on each in collections). Hopefully i get the new ones in the crates I buy, but when I don’t, I make more then enough credits selling everything else that I do get to buy the items when they hit the GTN. So in the end I’m fine with it 🙂

Or here is another alternative. Perhaps SWTOR should just be allowed to die along with BW Austin most of all. As much as I loved pre 4.0 SWTOR, the game is a sad sad shadow of what it once was. I think (besides the blinkered, deluded fanboi’s) we can all agree on that. Look at Dulfy’s post’s about SWTOR. Most of them are relating to the Cartel Market. Very very few is about upcoming content. Or their pitiful 2017 Road map. And now BW Austin wants to pretend to be seen to listen yet for example, despite 99% of the community saying they don’t want Galactic Conquest or RNG crates, it still remains. Go figure.

We are now in a position where less is more with fanboi’s having to constantly change their song sheet about SWTOR with this game producing less and less DESPITE the whales pumping loads of cash into the game. The fanboi’s pimp the notion that getting a new Op boss once every 6 months is some glorious, crowning achievement. I remember seeing Abaddonsmummy talking up the game saying that was a MASSIVE thing for end gamers or how SWTOR delivered a Manaan SH. Yet over on ESO, they get SEVERAL ops and 40 something houses, all of various degrees of sizes and looks. I don’t play FF but I hear they are also putting SWTOR to shame (not hard really). All that money from the whales is not being put back into this game. If I saw a quality game and content in SWTOR, trust me, I would be putting Musco Sucks to shame in how many packs I would be buying to support the game

I think last time I logged into SWTOR early this year as a F2P, I had
something like 4k or 5k of cartel coins. But what good is that to me
when the game is so awful once you do SOR.

But I just cannot bring myself to waste money on a game that is in the current state SWTOR is. If we consider your suggestion, much like Musco Sucks is doing, BW Austin do not give two flying fucks what we want or think because the money is still coming in from whales. That old comment about “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of cash registers” applies to BW Austin perfectly. Why would they change when they know they can get away with the bullshit on display? It is why they continue to pump less and less, give less and less because while people bitch about the state of the game, people still give them money, making them learn nothing at all. It should be obvious 2 years later (since The Keeping Up with the Valkorians began), buying packs will not help this game at all. I bet if the whales all stopped buying packs, boy you would see BW Austin shit themselves and reconsider their bullshit efforts. But while the money keeps flowing, why should they give a fuck knowing they can do whatever they want despite the complaints.

The below pic isn’t directed at you Neg Sani. Just think it is appropriate in light of this conversation with Musco Sucks.

There’s two big problems that I see. One is that as I understand it, BW Austin does not control their own budget. How much money they get allocated is dictated by EA. This game has been chronically underfunded since post-launch. I don’t think that will ever change.

You are correct in that money pumped into the cartel market does not translate into money invested in the game. It goes into EA’s general fund and gets allocated as they see fit. SWTOR money funds other BW projects. This will also not change.

The second problem is that I don’t think BW Austin has much game design talent left. They had some before they laid a lot of people off after launch but it’s been a downward spiral since. A lot of the “cool” stuff that was added in post-launch was being developed before they let the team go.

In any case, when the whales stop buying cartel packs the game shuts down. There is no “oh shit” moment where BW Austin and EA realize if they just hire massive amounts of people and pump millions into the game that all will be well. The game will just shut down and most of the BW Austin team will be reassigned to other projects. No sweat off their back.

And despite what anyone tells you, SWTOR is barely a blip on the radar of EA. They like the money but it would be no great loss should the game shut down. Which is really a shame given that the Star Wars IP is a golden goose, a money printing machine, if it were in the hands of a loving master. Alas, it is not.

Indeed you speak truth. Look at EA’s last stock holder’s meeting. SWTOR wasn’t even mentioned. You are probably right in that SWTOR would just be killed off by EA should whales stop funding the bullshit. However, I disagree with the “Talent” at BW Austin being moved around. All the one’s of any worth were already taken from BW Austin to help build “Anthem”. It is what helped kill the Mass Effect franchise after all. What is left behind in BW Austin will be shit canned as what is left have no talent whatsoever to help EA.

Though how Ben Irving somehow stayed employed, I will never know.

Not just that, you also get 100 CC a month just for having the security key app and your phone. Even when you’re not subbed or playing anymore. Took a year break, came back to look at the new patch and had 4000 CC. Bought the new hair packs and don’t really know what to do with the rest, since I get all the CC armor stuff I want over the GTN.

Lol nice assumption. You know the saying about that right?

I too have plenty of disposable income hence once spending way too much on cartel packs in the earlier shipments where they actually had VALUE while I was still subbed to this game pre 4.0 before it turned to shit. Hell, if you like, I can reinstall the game and take screen shots of all my vaults filled with cartel pack items across 5 characters ranging from tabs full of rare speeders, color crystals, armors, emotes and more. It is sad to know it sits there unused because SWTOR has turned to shit post 4.0 but hey, when the game was great, I had no qualms about buying so many hypercrates because the drops were good as was the game. So no, not mad, just laughing at how you bitch about packs and the game but then bend over and take another one up the ass by BW Austin, all so you can rinse and repeat the process next month.

You see, unlike you, I am not silly enough to bitch about how shit this game or it’s cartel packs has become (as you and I both have done in the past multiple times) on the one hand but then willingly hand over with the other hand, money to help prop up BW Austin’s continued exercise in pissing on the customer base and delivering less and less for said money.

Disposable income or not, it also comes down to backing your words with actions. When the game is good and the packs are better, my money shall return to SWTOR, though sadly nothing has thus far made me reconsider subbing again. You talk the big game (ironically like your boy Musco) but it is hard to take you seriously while you are there bending over asking for BW Austin for another serve month after month. 🙂

Here, a pic for you to share the love.

Did you end a post trying to call me an idiot using a picture with “You’re” misspelled? You can’t make this kind of ignorance up. I didn’t even read your post, so you wrote a dissertation for nothing. Enjoy the ignore list 🙂

Haven’t spent a dime on the cartel packs for the last two years or so… and yet I have bought at least 2 hypercrates of every one…

Referrals, baby, referrals…

1 hypercrate=blasters, bowcaster, 2xflair, booma and acklay
also from old packs, naga sadow set, darth sion set and rest is rubbish
oh yeah and golden deco, ioakth arena or something

2 hypercrates, got the blasters and part of the new platinum armor set… probably more but I didn’t really like anything apart from the blasters, so I don’t care.

What I DO care about is the ton of shitty balmorran handcannons and socorro blasters that no living person will ever want to buy, that I got cluttering up my inventory now…
I’ll just have to toss that crap out the window… complete waste of space and the worst thing is THEY KNOW IT!

They know VERY WELL that those items were some of the least liked items from the past crates and despite that, it seems that those were the ones I got tons of…

Didn’t expect the blaster pistols to have a decent new sound.

Normally LazyWare takes the worst blaster sound they have for guns that look nice.

Well, at first, I thought the sound was disappointing. But now that I’ve used them in fights, I think I like it. It sure sound A LOT different than what I was using before (R-30017 Aikion Blaster), but I got used to it pretty quickly.

I really want to buy one of those Ardent Defender’s Lighsaber…but been checking on and off since yesterday and so far not a single one for sale on my server :'(

Some are up now. Prices will be much cheaper by the weekend. Packs come out on Tuesdays, things are for sale by Thursday night usually, and then they steadily get cheaper for a few days until they hit their “normal” hover price by Sat/Sun (until the packs go away and the prices go up).

I want the anarchy pistol so badly its unreal. Am a founding player, played Bounty Hunter main since then. Collected all the bounty hunter orientated gear possible, whether paid or not.

Now i find this pistol, the ultimate weapon for bounty hunter, and its not selling for less than 90 mil.

I had 75 mil, bought a hypercrate with real money and one for 58 mil with creds.

Didn’t get it out of 49 crates. Now i simply have no desire to play because its made me bitter. Its extremely frustrating that these desirable items are locked behind such a big paywall. The rarity is ridiculous.

Fuck you EA.

Thats right.
I must say that I love BH even thou it have very boring story. But the equipment its just terrible especially after last updates. Using any armor with backpack is without sense after Onslough implementation. Additionally a lot of blasters is just much to big.
The Anarchy blaster is nice and really very well designet to SWTOR standards. But even here I’am sure that during some cut scenes hand will enter to pistol.
But BH know that there is not to much really well designed equipment for BH so this is the marketing trick.

All the players looks for visual effect and when Your blaster enter to leg ,is big like assault rifle or not match hands it really break immersion and irritate players.

And they know that a lot of people will spend money to obtain this blasters especially that on GTN they have enormous pricess.

This is why I prefer Juggernout. There is just much more fine armors and lighsabers without so many graphic glitches.

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