SWTOR Changes to Color Crystals and Tunings with Legacy Weapons

Bioware released a statement regarding to the recent changes with legacy weapon color crystal and weapon tuning swapping.

Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons | 07.11.2017, 10:42 PM
Hey all,

Let’s review today’s Crystals and Weapon Tuning change and what caused it. With Patch 5.2.2, we made a change so everyone could take advantage of the Weapon Tunings across their account. We did that by adding them into Collections. This is the same process we use for Flairs, Armor Sets, Mounts, Crystals, Weapons, Pets, and more. This appeared to be a very welcomed change, but over the past month we found out players were subverting the collection system by using an exploit related to Legacy Weapons. Sure, you can argue it’s been that way for a long time, but Weapon Tunings were new and being able to use them across your entire account is a cool benefit.

What happened is some players would add the Tuning to a legacy weapon, send to an Alt, remove it on that Alt, re-add it to the weapon, which would then incorrectly unlock it in Collections on that toon. They would then send that weapon to all of their toons and perform the same process. Thus circumventing the entire collection system and obtaining Weapon Tunings for their legacy without having to pay for it. As everyone has pointed out, Crystals sold via the Cartel Market could also be collection unlocked this way, and in fact, as players have clearly stated in this thread, they’ve been doing that for a very long time.

We did not impact the ability to use Crystals and Tunings in Legacy Weapons and we did not prevent you transferring mods, hilts, barrels, augments, or enhancements, through your legacy weapons (which I do all the time). This change did create a situation for all of us who are using Collections properly where there is an added step (and credit cost) to moving weapons. Our plan with Patch 5.4 in August is to resolve this new issue by allowing Collection Unlocked Crystals and Tunings to be transferred using your legacy weapons as you did previously (no cost/no removing of the items first).

As most of you already know, we do not communicate details about exploits and typically only acknowledge their existence after a fix has been deployed. In this case, we included it with our Patch Notes yesterday so you knew ahead of time what we were doing today. I also know this makes some of you unhappy, but the loophole needed to be closed and we did that in today’s patch.


  • Jimmy

    Keith is doing an awful job, he will be fired by this time next year

    • Tony

      Communication has been much stronger. I think he is doing a good job. STWOR is still vastly better than the shit universe Disney is trying to replace the Lucas-era canon/EU with.

      • Godlikesaliartoo

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. you are a funny guy Tony…. thats why I’m gonna kill you last……

        • Emprah

          He is not wrong in saying Disney isn’t doing a great job.

          • Dr. Mike Wendell

            Disney doesn’t care. Some of us are shareholders and we’ve contacted them previously. They have no interest in managing what’s going on.

          • HMHero

            Disney is doing a great job at acquiring companies that produce blockbuster films.

      • HMHero

        Blaming Disney for Lucasfilm’s decisions is about as smart as blaming Pepsi Co when your Starbucks frap was made wrong.

        • Dave

          Not really. Disney is pretty controlling due to having to many cooks in the kitchen with something to prove.

          • HMHero

            No really. Repeating something that has no factual basis doesn’t make it true. This isn’t American politics.

            • Dave

              It does have factual basis though. Several few people from Disney animation and consumer products live on my street. They have lots of interesting stories.

              • HMHero

                No really, who you neighbor with does not change corporate property and business practices.

              • Dave

                You mean the corporation that fired everyone at Lucas arts immediately after buying lucasfilm? The one that was already designing starwars land 2 years before they even made the purchase? The one that forced Pixar to forgo its practice and policy of not doing sequels? The one that is crapping out a non inovative starwars film each year instead of the traditional 3? All 6 of the original starwars films, whether you liked them or not, brought something new to movie making and technology. No, its about milking the cow for money. Do you realize that Disneyland is slowly becoming Marvel/Starwarsland? Their own shit is falling short so they have to buy up these other franchises to attempt to keep it going forward and not have a repeat of what happened in the ’70s. I could go on and on, you dont need to understand corporate policy or even neighbor with the powers that be to see it all around.
                But have fun in “Fantasyland” I wont wast any more time on someone that just makes vague references to “corporate property and American politics” that have nothing to do with it and you probably don’t understand either.

              • HMHero

                Yes, despite your obvious personal anti disney agenda, it is Kennedy and Lucasfilm that canned their video game department and Kennedy and Lucasfilm that make those movies.

                Have fun in your fantasy land crying about how the Marvel and Star Wars movies aren’t hugely successful with fans, the box office, and critics alike.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Disney wants nothing to do with this failure of a game. This is not a Disney decision. You are confusing facts. While you may or not be right about the whole Disney affair, this game is not failing because of Disney. It is failing because of EA and their policies, which are (in)famous and very well know in the video game industry.

              • Guest

                “Disney wants nothing to do with this failure of a game.”

                Hmm hard to say how true that is actually, a few mere moths ago Ben Irving claimed different:
                “In the eyes of all of our partners, SWTOR is a huge success. BioWare supports this game. EA supports this game. Lusasfilm supports this game. Disney supports this game. In fact, for a game that has been live for almost 5 years, we are receiving an incredible amount of support from all of our partners.”

                I think its probably more of a Disney doesn’t understand games that much and didnt want lucasarts around for that reason, as its easier to just toss it all to a giant company like EA that they assume does understand.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well, that being true, I ask you the question:

                With backing from EA, Disney and Lucasfilm, how come they don’t have the personnel required to put out content that rivals the OTHER companies that are doing unequivocally a much better job?

                Claims and statements are easy to produce. Hard proof is much more difficult. So these companies are OK with a sub-par product, compared to WoW, FFXIV and TESO, to name the most obvious MMO’s?

                Take TESO, for instance. The initial product was sub-par. Results were way bellow expectations. Bethesda was not involved in the initial product, Zenimax was. When the guys at Bethesda saw what was becoming of their IP, they went knee deep into the shit, and fought their way out of it.

                I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong. I’m just saying: show me the backing. Don’t talk about it, show me and the other SW fans this is not a sub-par MMO.

                That’s all.

              • Rompe Himself

                As lovely as it is to blame EA for every thing, much of the blame has to be put squarely on Bioware Austin. Not Disney, Not EA, just BW Austin.

                * It wasn’t EA who decided to come up with the shit show that is “Keeping up with the Valkorians”.

                * It wasn’t EA who decided to make KOTFE/KOTET all about a jedi story and fuck the other classes.

                * It wasn’t EA who decided to recycle existing in-game content and make Uprisings from it and count it as new content.

                And the list goes on.

                We are dealing with a dev team that is woefully out of its depth and surfing on the wave left by the original SWTOR dev team. Sadly that wave has gone out (long ago) and now we have the current state of the game where the Dev team tries to get as much cash from what is left of the player base while delivering as little as they can possibly get away with. To quote the Joker from the “Return Of The Joker” movie:

              • Paulo Gomes

                Absolutely! I back each and every word you wrote.

                If I take a good, hard look at the game, I come to the conclusion that every bit of content that I DO love is at least 3 years old (yes, because reducing people to two factions, either hater or fanboy doesn’t show the full spectrum of things in this game).

                These guys are indeed riding on the work that has been laid out in this game since it’s inception.

                I wasn’t kidding when I replied to Guest that I would be happy with half the content TESO are producing for this year. That would mean: a new raid, 8 new Flashpoints, a new area and a new pvp battleground. Now DOUBLE that and you see what the guys from Bethesda are producing. Oh, and they have a new class. When did TOR give us a new class??? NEVER!

                I cannot fathom how some people can claim they are getting their money’s worth in TOR.

              • HMHero

                Responsibility to the responsible. I like it.

              • Rompe Himself

                Simple: We all know how much Ben Irving bullshits. Remember how he once said the game could not support any speeder level over 3?? Or how he said EA was sooooooooooo committed to this game yet SWTOR was not mentioned in the last stockholders meeting nor are we seeing that so called support in game: No new world events, no new full expansions, no nothing. They are simply fluffing up the shitty couch called SWTOR and hoping we don’t notice how fucked it has become.

                Obligatory FUCK YOU BEN IRVING for good measure. 🙂

              • Guest

                No one said Disney had anything to do with the game. The OP said “STWOR is still vastly better than the shit universe Disney is trying to replace the Lucas-era canon/EU with” I agree with him, But HMHERO has stock in Disney or something and lost his shit lol

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well,, I have split emotions on that one. As someone who invested a lot – A LOT- of money on EU books and comics I was livid when the news broke out.

                But let’s face it: they had to do something of the kind. It would have no impact whatsoever if they picked up the EU and did the movies based on that. Everybody and their mother would come online and spell out the plots of the books months before they came out.

                But I do prefer the awesome work done in the EU. Although I do like the new movies, the EU stories are, at least for now and for what we know, superior. Let’s wait and see. Time is the best thing to put all things in perspective.

              • Drivan

                Paulo, I just gotta say, I love your new avatar picture.
                It’s pretty bad ass.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Thx man! Hail Sithis!!!


    • AbnerDoon

      Why? By their standards he just scored big. He not only brought in more CC’s for collection unlocks he created a credit sink for the next month. Every legacy weapon will have to have cartel crystals pulled every transfer.

      That’s more exciting than RNG!

  • AbnerDoon

    So ban hammer next month? Or am I not reading that correctly?

  • Dk-io

    So… we need use real money to unlock, because use your intelligence is not good for business

  • Kubrickian

    This is a great example of why SWTOR-Bioware has always been focused on the minutiae of policing their game instead of making it fun. A decade from now when people wonder why EA got out of the MMO business and how it’s being run by Activision, Bethesda and Square Enix we’ll come back to blogs like this and see the evidence first hand.

    • Rance

      “Why EA got out of the MMO business”… I would be glad if things went that way, but this is just the beginning, I can assure you.

  • Seph

    These IDIOTS have lost their minds if they are calling this an exploit. Seriously….

    • mlow44

      Back when Collections were brand new and people first started using the same method to unlock Color Crystals on alts, back when the only BtL weapons in the game were from the Gree event, they expressly gave players the go-ahead. They removed the ability to make credits off duplicate Crystals and suspended people who had done so, but made it clear that the ability to move Collections crystals to alts was intentional. Now that they’ve made BtL weapons so common and added Tunings to Collections, they’re acting like it’s been an exploit all along. Not that their poor decisions are a surprise at this point…

    • Rance

      Their minds were lost years ago, but it’s good if people it’s starting to notice.

  • Joshua Taylor

    So great to see that the only bugs they ever plan to deal with are the ones that affect them financially, because fuck the player base and making sure the game works properly right?

    • Joshua Taylor

      Oh also the bit about not telling us because it was an exploit was utter bullshit, the reason they didn’t say anything prior to the patch notes was that they were hoping no one would notice.

      • Rance

        As always, stealth patching it’s their speciality.

    • Drivan

      That has always been the case.
      When Shadows of Revan launched it was buggy, laggy and unplayable. They said, oh we’re sorry about that, we’ll fix it in about a month and a half. A couple days later there was an issue with the cartel market where folks couldn’t buy stuff. They had that fixed in a matter of hours.
      They eventually had so many buggs and different issues with SoR that they had to toss some band aids in after about 2 weeks. Ironically one of their band aids caused the worst Exploit the game has ever had and since they were all on vacation it didn’t get fixed for nearly 2 months.
      That was the first mas exodus of players, I swear the population of my server dropped from Heavy to light over night and has never recovered.

  • North Star

    I transferred a crystal using a legacy weapon after the patch. No change for me.

    • Bang bang


    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      No ill wishes to the poster but I wonder if they’re going to catch it. Bioware seems to have an issue where they catch folk using exploits.

  • Nananananananana Batman

    I love how they consider this an exploit, even though it’s been in the game since it fucking launched. The ONLY reason they care about it now is because tunings are 600CC to unlock for legacy and it impacts their bottom line.

    Fuck these assholes.

    • Godlikesaliartoo

      Its pure greed for Bioware

    • Nananananananana Batman

      Should clarify, not since launch. But it was either when the Cartel Market was added or legacy weapons were added. I can’t remember. But fact is it’s been in the game for a long long time. Before Makeb even iirc. I get they’re a business, but not caring about it for such a long time and then all of a sudden caring about it when there are numerous other more pressing issues with them game is moronic. It shows where they have their priorities. But in all honesty I’m not shocked. This nickel and diming bullshit started when they bumped up the value of lagecy unlocks from 240 for golds to 400 for golds. It’s been happening more and more since then. The stench of Ben Irving is still strong with this game.

      • Wayshuba

        It’s business 101 really (and I am not defending them here). Keep losing customers but still need to make revenue targets it means extracting more and more money from those remaining (while giving them less and less in return) to still make targets.

        Unfortunately, it is a problem of BioWare/EA’s own design.

    • Rance

      Classic EAware.

    • Drivan

      Absolute truth.

  • wtb technolith matrix tuning for 11 mln on TRE

  • Lithari

    It was fine doing this until they found out about it losing them profits, now its not allowed, funny how that works. eh?

  • Ruth Tannahill

    So, if players want to keep using legacy gear for their alts, they have to pay quite a few credits to remove CM crystals and tunings from their weapons, pony up for crafted crystals (now in half a dozen boring colors!) to avoid having to pay each and every time, forgo the use of tunings they already bought, or rinse and repeat each time the legacy gear goes in the legacy bin. GG. Just as well group finder is broken. Running multiple ops every day could bankrupt a person.

    • eugals

      Yeah. If they are so concerned about those legacy unlocks, they could’ve just disabled the item extraction from those weapons by the “wrong” characters, but still let us transfer the weapons as usual.
      But who cares about the user-friendliness in this game…

      • Ruth Tannahill

        They say they’re going to fix it later so that players who have unlocked all the crystals through the CM (I have!) will be able to put legacy items in the legacy storage bin with the crystals in them, but who knows when they’ll patch that in. The CC was spent ages ago to unlock the crystals. The credits were spent to remove the crystals. The crafting materials/credits were consumed to acquire crafted crystals. We aren’t getting any of that back. That’s the real crime. I’ve unlocked 140 crystals through the CM. Unless BioWare finds some way to compensate players for the expense and inconvenience of pulling CM crystals out of legacy weapons, I will not be unlocking any more.

        • Bastardodcadena

          fix later… my ass is August 29 still the same shit

  • Alexander Delorean

    1) Get a lovely crystaltuning (i use 1 crystal as battlemaster’s from 2012 and 1 for pub chars + 2 tunings)
    2) Unlock it for all account (and you can use it all over the servers without any problems)
    3) ??????
    4) Profit
    For countries outside USEU prices quite low (1050CC 9.99$ US against 5.5$ in E.Europe.). How to do this? Google it.

    • Frigi

      And then, after having unlocked it, you put it in a legacy offhand that you want all your characters of a certain spec+mirror to have access to… and so you put it in your legacy bay, except ERROR.

      This change was a huge QoL-deterioration for people who already had all of these things unlocked. Having to pull out crystals and tunings every time you place the legacy item they are in into a legacy bay.

    • Bastardodcadena

      well outside useu low??? only if you look russia or what ever other country like anti-usa….
      Look south america

  • Zasz

    It wasnt an exploit for crystals but it is an exploit for tunings but its the same mechanic…

    Are they this retarded to expect people to not see easily through this dumb “logic”??? Its like with each patch they only patch themselfs dumber and dumber.

  • mavrok

    So how about you stop charging us cartel coins to unlock items in our “collections” that we have already purchased either with creds/cartel coins

    • Rance

      You will see the game shutdown before we see them prioritizing playerbase over money.

  • They absolutely need to add charge for claiming from collections.

  • fdgfgdfgdf

    I will tell you, BioWare, what I will do.
    I won’t buy your CM stuff!
    You make this stuff so I buy it. But at the same time you make using these items a p.i.t.a.

    So what do you think will happen if you treat us like that?
    We stop buying your precious CM items. That’s at least my way to react to your bullshit, to your way to treat subscribed custumoers.

    In a nutshell: F. U. and your Cartel Market, your Cartel Market items, your Collection unlocks and your Coartel Coins!

    You need us to exist. We don’t need you, BioWare! And we should show you that it is this way around.

  • LucasFaun

    calm down now kids and go out and play in the sunny shiny happy world. 🙂

  • Logan

    Why are we focused on bitching about this? Who cares? Shouldn’t we care more about that we don’t have legacy implants/relics/ear pieces? That we can’t trade tokens for other classes now except the previously mentioned, which we can mail anyways? I also think some people don’t understand what exploit means. If you’re circumventing something in the game in anyway, means you’re exploiting it. You had to have known at some point they’d finally fix it. Enjoy what you got for free and move on.

    However, I will say how they are going about it, is not being handled correctly. Rather than removing or charging when you try to mail it, let it go through, but if you try to remove it on another toon, the tuning/crystal will be instantly destroyed. That way the item can still be used instantly as intended, but you just can’t try to unlock it on that current toon.

    I also don’t like the collections system in regards to the unlocks. Understandable they need to make money, but unlock cost for gold is just stupid. It would be different if everything they considered gold tier was awesome, but a lot of it is just plain shit. Or certain parts of armor people want to use, and to have to pay 400cc or wait until the half off sale for 200cc is just crazy. The unlock cost should be the same regardless or tier. Just because they think it’s stellar doesn’t mean we do. Or have different tier unlocks for different things. Like a rate for armor that’s different or higher than say Emotes, or titles. Titles is the worst, all those CC.

    Anywho. I think we all need to stop complaining about the little shit and focus on the stuff that’s been crap or broken for a long time. IE, EV (never know when it might glitch), character preview, why we cannot deposit/withdrawal credits from our legacy holds, why we can’t romance all comps, why they didn’t expand on the romance feature, Or a new one…GF being broken for OPS. Furthermore, why isn’t there a daily GF for HM OPS? I guess that’s my rant lol

    Ok, my office is now open, let the bashing against my post begin!!!

    • HMHero

      I think you missed the part where they said it wasn’t an exploit a few years ago. People don’t like it when officials move goal posts in the middle of the game. Other than that you have many valid points.

      • Logan

        Fair point. Although I’ve been playing for 3 years, I haven’t really read forums and places like dulfy for stuff until probably the last year, so it’s very possible I didn’t see them admit that tidbit. However, whether blessed by the Devs or not, circumventing anything that wasn’t initially intended, still makes it an exploit. Only thing the devs did was basically be John Kerry, making it “legal” and now changing their mind. lol. I do like your analogy, though I wouldn’t say this one would be a goal post. I think it’s a minor annoyance change, not really a game changing one. Most probably will think/feel it is, since they have been doing weird things for a long time now though.

        Overall, my biggest point is we really need to stop complaining about every single thing, because what gets done then is the dumbest things first. I mean we got that new ship map…WOOO!! 5.3 brings us that holo decor that we were able to attack? I don’t have one, but that sounds cool. But…did that really need to be addressed right NOW? I think if we focused our complaints on the more bigger issues, that there might be a slightly higher chance that they would have to focus on those because our complaints aren’t scattered. But it will never happen.

        Honestly, I feel at this stage it’s a Catch 22 for the devs. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They have a lot of player ass kissing to do, and not enough time or possibly allotted resources (or allowed allotted) to contribute. Plus, we’re basically talking about a major system overhaul, and at this point, BW will more than likely just ride it out until it dies fully.

        I enjoy the game, but there’s a lot going on with it that bores me. I basically stay because the old I love SW, it’s fun chatting/playing with ppl, and the game is overall still somewhat fun. I’d say the real writing on the wall for when the doors are about to close is when they finally do what everyone has been saying needs to be done these last few years….server merge.

        • HMHero

          I disagree, people who pay for a product should be able to voice their displeasure with whatever they dislike. SWTOR is not dieing because people are complaining, people were always complaining, it’s dieing because of bad development. Posts like yours seem to blame the customers for the studios bad decisions.

          • Logan

            Yet the people who get what they want aren’t the ones who get progress. Most would say that is the Free Players. If you feel that way, you’re not reading it right. I’m placing blame on both parties. If you go to the doctor complaining everything hurts, how do you expect him to prioritize and get you better? Instead you blame him for everything and sue him. It’s balance, give and take.

            • Logan

              Argh…People who pay aren’t the ones who get the progress…oye.

            • HMHero

              Your comment here is unreadable but appears to have little to do with the subject being discussed, ‘Free Players’ aren’t even part of the discussion here, despite whatever you are trying to say about them and their ‘progress.

              Besides that, comparing this game to a doctors visit outs you as having little understanding of the subject, analogy, or the importance of regular check ups.

              • Logan

                You’re so cute. If you don’t know that a plethora of changes have been made in favor of F2P, then you’re dumber than you just basically said I was. You’re the man, you win. You are the king of debate class here. I got better things to do than argue this with you. Let’s agree to disagree since we’re both people who pay for a product and are voicing whatever our hearts please to displease. If you can get my analogy, it just means your narrow minded. But have a great day bud! Feel free to slam back as I’m sure you will!

              • HMHero

                F2P have nothing to do with this crystal thing despite your negative feelings.

              • Leah

                I’m sorry, WHAT plethora of changes in favor of f2p? are we even playing the same game? they made this game WORSE for f2p. oh, you can still play through the story. but credit limit that used to be reasonable, hasn’t changed at all, but inflation of the game economy made it completely useless, pricing f2p players straight out of the market. f2p used to be able to get weekly passes, but those no longer exist. end game has been made subscriber only. you still need unlocks to wear bulk of artifact equipment. all the other limitations are still in place. the ONE thing that they oh so generously conceeded to f2p players is that you can get boxed quest rewards now. and before you say something about new story – you have to subscribe for at least a month to get acess to said story, and guess what? by the end of that month, you are probably done with that story anyways

                I’m literally failing to understand in what way f2p players get ANY advantages in this game. they cannot even submit feedback. everything EVERYTHING they did in the last 2 years was to make the game just about unplayable continuously as a f2p unless you just want to pop in, participate in a glorified trial of the game and then pop back out.

              • HMHero

                …and complete understanding of F2P and it’s issues.

                2 for 2!

              • Paulo Gomes

                You’ve said it. And just to reinforce what you said:


                This was 2016. Let’s wait for 2017, if there is one…

      • Leah

        basically this. and their “fix” is rushed and poorly thought out. I mean.. even after they make it possible to transfer account unlocked slotted crystals, it still makes them worse then crafted/vendor crystals. why? because my vendor/crafted crystals can be transferred via legacy weapon to alts to be used and then back, without me having to “unlock” them in any way. like.. say I have a plain old crafted red crystal slotted into a legacy saber. my alt? can use it just fine. a singular crystal can work for my alt and my main without having to do anything else but plop it into a legacy storage for transfer. in order to do the same with saber carrying say.. silver blue crystal from the cartel pack? i have to unlock that crystal for account first.

        real fix would be to prevent bound crystals from unlocking for the character when pulling them out of a legacy weapon, but that would take effort and won’t allow them to nickel and dime players as much. except.. people won’t suddenly start spending more money on crystal/tuning unlocks. they will just not use them instead. which may or may not result in fewer pack sales and certainly fewer direct sales.

        me? I have my fave crystals unlocked in collections due to unlock sales, decided preference for unique color for each alt and sheer laziness. so I’ll be fine, if I chose to keep playing. but what they did here and how they handled it? new management, same old messy Modus Operandi :/

        • Logan

          I agree, the cost on them is sheer stupidity. That’s why I was basically saying they need a retool of their Collections section. Don’t make unlock costs be driven by their assigned “quality” level. There should just be a set cost for everything, or by type. Crystals are kind of low end on caring I would say, so make them I dunno, like 15cc to unlock. Titles prob the same. The weapons and armor could be more but 400cc? Please, there’s making money and there is just being stupid.

          • HMHero

            I don’t think you fully grasp whats being discussed and why people are upset with this decision.

            Good luck with your ramblings.

            • Logan

              You’re an ass. Good luck with your elitist mentality of yourself. Bye now!

              • HMHero

                Sure bud, why don’t you sign up for a real account so I can block you.

              • Bastardodcadena

                block me, you imperialist pussy

        • HMHero

          This “it makes them worse then crafted/vendor crystals.” is all the info they should need to reverse this decision.

          A crystal purchased with real money should be more useful than its counterpart purchased with in-game credits. Obvious.

          • Logan

            Agreed, but if you look at all the crafted ones now, they are same stats as the Cartel ones, which is a slap in the face to those. If anything, the Cartel Crystals should offer higher stats.

            • Leah

              no, they should not. becasue that would be pay to win. cartel crystals used to have 3 things over crafted crystals.

              1. you could use them at lvl 10, vs crafted at lvl 50. this is no longer the case, as crafted crystals can be used at level 1
              2. you had to craft each and every crystal, while cartel crystals could be pulled from UI and sent to an alt via legacy weapon. crafted crystals could also be sent across to alts, without having to craft more though. with 5.4 when they fix this patch’s snafu – this will only be possible with crystals that are unlocked for account. crafted crystals can still be transferred back and forth at will
              3. color selection. while cartel crystals still have more color options then crafted crystals, the sheer cost and annoyance of using them makes this one advantage they used to have.. no longer advantage.

              in terms of stats, cash purchased items should NEVER be better then in game items. but in terms of everything else – they should offer some sort of advantage – whether its more visual options, or convenience, to be worse buying. they are no not really worth buying.

              • HMHero

                Complete understanding of the issue.

      • Drivan

        They recognized that folks were using legacy gear to move crystals and unlock them about 3 years ago and acknowledged that it was unintended, but since players had been able to do it for years they weren’t going to change it and didn’t consider it an exploit.
        Now suddenly it IS and exploit…
        “Dirty pool old man.”

    • How about only “using” the weapon or tuning the first time actually “unlocks” it for that character, so pulling it out of legacy weapons on alts has no effect? Problem solved….

      • Snarf

        why not just have them destroy on removal like dyes? probably even easier for them.

      • Drivan

        A common sense solution.

    • Drivan

      One of these days BW will follow suit with other games and make all items bound to account…

      What am I saying, no they won’t because making you get all of these items on every character makes you pay, I mean play, longer.

      I will again use ESO as my example.
      Healers need 2 set bonuses, Spell power Cure and Worms Raiment. I can win teh drop of this gear on my Templar healer and put it in my bank so that both My Warden healer and Templar healer can share the same gear set. This way I can spend more time enjoying teh game and less time grinding for teh gear I need.

      This is unfathomable for teh folks at BW. Sure you can pop your sets into legacy gear and share it that way, but Relics, Ear and Implant are excluded. If all items were bound to account and not bound to character the need for legacy gear would be minimized.

    • sad

      Agree about the legacy left side. Popped a bunch of crates, got 3x 248 relics. Already have 2 I’m using tyvm. So I disintegrated them all. Awesome.

      I would have preferred to post them to some toons utterly impoverished by the Galactic Command gearing system.

    • Bastardodcadena

      enjoy now, because later log in gonna cost cc…
      ¿thats your plan?…..
      “ok, lets be happy today….because is today…” ¬¬

  • Don Loco

    What utter horse crap.

    “Gee, let’s take something that’s been free and customers have been told is NOT an exploit and make them pay for it now! We’ll just say it was an exploit the whole time so they can feel guilty and we wont look like a bunch of greedy assholes! Perfect!”

    • Shawn Hargrave


    • Rance

      They must think that the playerbase is retarded if they allow this, at least that’s what I would think if I was in charge.

    • Drivan

      I still remember when Musco posted on the forums to assure the community that BW didn’t view using legacy weapons to transport CM crystals across to other toons as an exploit.
      Now, suddenly they change those rules???
      That’s Bullshit.

  • Jordan Placer

    5.4 will allow us to do the exploit again but with no cost and won’t be an exploit anymore, correct? “Our plan with Patch 5.4 in August is to resolve this new issue by allowing Collection Unlocked Crystals and Tunings to be transferred using your legacy weapons as you did previously (no cost/no removing of the items first).” So, I only have to wait a month. Everyone else can too.

    • Snarf

      Depends on what it is that bothers you about this.
      What they are saying is that in August, if you pay to have something unlocked legacy wide – lets say a tuning for 600cc – you will be allowed to transfer it. But you wont be able to if you didn’t pay that extra collections unlock fee.
      Most people here are upset that they are now forcing the fee. Before, I could buy it once on my main character and build a legacy weapon with it to send to an alt without paying that fee. That is a different issue.

      • Jordan Placer

        Oh! I understand now. Sorry, just woke up and didn’t properly read the post. Yeah, 600 CC is insane for a tuning when I have almost all of them. I don’t go on my alts because of some of the unlock costs for things because I already paid for the item, either on CM or GTN, why do I have to use even more RL money to unlock? Just blows. I guess I am on the same boat as everyone else now. Thanks for clearing it up!

        • Bastardodcadena

          all because that stupid tunning thing…

  • Burritos

    MORON. Some of us spent money to buy your fuqin cartel packs full with precious crystals, etc. But you are too greedy, and closed the loophole. Clearly you have a clue how to manage this game.

    • abaddonsmummy



      • Nananananananana Batman

        All of a sudden it’s an exploit, despite the fact that for years it went along without a single word in the negative about it? In fact when they first had legacy stuff and introduced the Cartel Market, they made a big deal about how it was okay to do it with the crystals. It didn’t hurt the economy, at all, it didn’t hurt the game, at all. The only thing it hurt was their bottom line because of tunings being opened up for legacy and them trying to get 600 coins for a single unlock. That’s why they fixed it.

        I’m sorry. But when the developer goes on record in the past and endorses or condones doing something, and then switches their minds like this with no rhyme nor reason outside of conventional greed it’s completely ignorant. It also isn’t an exploit. It was a feature. A feature that they decided all of a sudden they didn’t approve of and didn’t inform the playerbase of their change of heart. They’re entitled to that, it’s their game. But I expect two things here. Firstly I expect honesty from a company that I shell out money to every month. Secondly I expect to at least be told in advance if something like this is happening. This isn’t like the slot machine infinite money bug. This is something they said was fine, and then now it isn’t fine.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Its different now because they have just given us unlockable tunings in collectionS because of the complaints it was costing too many credits for them and people were using legacy gear to unlock them rather than paying the money as was intended.
          They’re meant to be rare items and this was ruining it by alowing players to get them on all toons for free.
          So it’s an exploit, albiet i minor one and I dont think it should be punishable.
          No matter how money I pay each month, as I have done sInce the start, I don’t expect anything for free, especially very rare items.
          It doesn’t effect any other transferable gear which is the main thing.

          • Bastardodcadena

            wasnt exploit….
            when they create legacy weapon.. that was gonna happen…
            Latter win credits gonna be exploit…

      • A Guy

        Is mad because they didnt do it.

        Sad part is this loop hold closing shows how greedy EA is and how even with the saint keith nothing is really changing and will make it less likely people will buy their tunings. I know I wont bother.

    • A Guy

      Spend MOAR money, thats what EA wants.

  • AbnerDoon

    The more I think about it the more it seems it could have been an easier fix. Or they could have had a preventative measure in place after the three or four years this has been known.

    I have to wonder if the month is so they can take their time searching and cleaning out years worth of errant crystals? That sounds more legit than here’s a broken fix we’ll get around to the real fix in a month.

    I really wish they’d have as nice a system as GW2 had. Unlock shit once it stays unlocked across all your characters. Man I miss that dye system.

    • Nananananananana Batman

      There is an easier fix. If you remove Tunings or Color Crystals, they get destroyed. Much like Dyes do. Bam, problem solved.

      But they couldn’t do that. They had to overcomplicate it and fuck it up for people using legacy weapons/offhands so they can’t store them without taking the Tuning or Crystal out. On Tuesday night, after the patch, I ran HM DF with my guild on three different toons, a Sorc, a Jug, and then we switched to pub and I did it on a Sage. It was a pure pain in the ass and a needless step to have to strip the crystals out, put the item away, log into the new character, take the stuff out, fuck around finding a crystal that I have unlocked, put it in, do the op, take it out, put the gear away, switch, take it out, fuck around finding a crystal, put it in, do the op, take it out, put the gear away. It’s needless convolution.

      I actually forgot the third time to put a crystal in my mh/offhand because it was so late and didn’t notice until the middle of Zero.

      • Bastardodcadena

        yeah, latter gonna screw legacy… and gonna delete that.. because they cant found way… not screwing.

  • Farlas816

    God they’re trying to play this like people were somehow taking advantage of the system.

    • Logan

      People are always trying to take advantage of the system

      • Guest

        Well Musco said it was ok previously…

        • Hehe lolz yeah ;D Poor “Real” Musco who is like a fake Happy Lost Puppet controlled by Half Blind Eaware Devs & their Overlords known as EA Suits.

      • Joshua Taylor

        It would be one thing if this was some actual exploit but lets be honest, this was just a minor bug that prevented them from milking our wallets. There are much, MUCH more serious bugs that need to get fixed but since it isn’t affecting their bottom line, those bugs (some of which have been around for YEARS) will just be left there.

    • Rance

      Well, they have to blame someone and I don’t think they would shoot at their own foot.

    • A Guy

      They aren’t going to blame themselves for fucking up. Its easier to get the players to hate other players. Cause people hate cheaters universally so. Not hard to sell.

      • “I find it sad that they will always fix a money problem before any game problem.”

        Same, but got used to it when Half Blind Greedy EA are the Overlords for the Developer Team.. 🙁

  • EricMucuso

    Hey Folks,

    Eric Mucuso here. Just wanted to clear up any confusion or doubts that our fanbase had about this exciting change coming to Knights of the Electronic Cash Plunder.

    Yes, we here at BioWallet Asstin are absolute greedy gungans. For example, on tater tot day here at the office, you should have seen how many tater tots Tait stole from the lunch line. Way too much. Poor guy had constipation for a week. Anyways, besides the point, lets discuss some more exciting changes coming soon!

    By patch 5.5.5 we expect you to pay a 5000 cc unlock each week for raids if you have a legacy weapon equipped. We do not intend to patch this, as we believe it is an exploit for you to have a legacy weapon with a cartel crystal AND a tuning equipped showing it off in group content. In this day and age of participation trophies and everyone’s a winner mentality, we believe it is only fair to exceedingly charge and tax those that stand out from the crowd with their white cartel crystals and so on.

    Other changes coming soon include a removal of the current cartel pack and replacement with a Gungan Swimwear pack, as well as a Gungan Race Unlock for 12000 cc by August 5th 2017.

    We all hope your as excited as we are to play a Gungan with HK themed swimwear this coming August!

    Eric Mucuso
    Community Gungan Wrangler
    Star Bores: Knights of the Electronic Cash Plunder

    • AbnerDoon

      “Other changes coming soon include a removal of the current cartel pack and replacement with a Gungan Swimwear pack, as well as a Gungan Race Unlock for 12000 cc by August 5th 2017.”

      Lets be honest if they did this it would be more like this. What’s more exciting than RNG? Gungans! All your characters have been transformed into Gungans for maximum “Excitement”! For the small fee of 12000 CC we will return your characters to their original races.

    • Rance

      Man, I missed you, glad you’re back, sad that it always means bad news for the community.

      • EricMucuso

        Yeah. I just do this to parody poor decisions and offer commentary on Bioware’s actions lol. I wish I could do this for happier reasons.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        he has the best posts ever lol

    • Drivan

      The great thing about ESO, when you buy an item or win it in a Crown Crate all your toon’s get it automatically. You don’t have to pay real money, to buy fake money to unlock that item on all your toon’s.
      Because ZOS realizes that you already bought it once, why should you have to buy it 5, 10 15 or even 25 times…
      Hell they have even made many achievement unlock across your entire legacy. I completed the Dark brotherhood on 1 toon and now all my tons can where “The Keepers Robes” I completed “The Litany of Blood” and all my toons can use the Skeletal Assassin polymorph.

      People on here say folks are “whining” because they want stuff for free, I dissagree. People are fed up with buying an item and then being made to buy it a dozen more times so all their toon’s can use it. Wake up and smell the Jawa Juice folks.

      • abaddonsmummy

        I completed Iokath reputation on one toon and sent the the excellent reputaion armour to all my toons as I did with Makeb, Oricon etc etc as its all legacy…..for free.
        Oh and Zos is hated by the the Eso community too.
        Just sayin man.

        • Drivan

          Did that reputation armor have BiS stats?
          Was that reputation armor stuff that multiple classes seek because it provides BiS stats that are beneficial to raiding?
          Did that reputation armor include BiS weapons, Ear, Relics and Implants (accessory pieces)?
          Did that Reputation armor allow you to share gear with out spending even 1 in game credit to do so?
          Or is that reputation armor just cosmetic and just the armor pieces?

          I can share every item of my BiS gear across my entire account. I don’t have to pay in game money to transfer it to “legacy gear” and I don’t have to grind the accessory pieces on every toon. I can share all of my gear with all of my toons.

          Here you go again comparing a game you play to something you don’t. You have no REAL basis for comparison so you are ignorant on the subject. ESO has many more satisfied players than SWTOR right now.
          Lets just compare content shall we:
          ESO has released a new class, a new story line and a new secondary/supporting story line and a new area to explore. They have released 2 new public dungeons, a new raid, a new PvP style with different objective modes and 1 new crown crate so far this year. In August we will get more PvP modes for Battlegrounds, 2 more dungeons with Normal and Veteran mode difficulties and numerous QoL improvements that folks have been asking for.

          SWTOR has given us 2 bosses of an op and a plethora of CM stuff….

          I played ESO on Tuesday and there were so many people in the zones that I had no problem finding groups to run Dolmans and zone bosses with.
          I logged into SWTOR last light and there were only 12 of us on Fleet… 12…
          Sorry Mummy, the numbers I see when I log into the games speak for themselves.

          You haven’t commented on jack squat in over a month and decide to pop your face in on my post???

          • abaddonsmummy

            Firstly I can can post when and where I like, for work reasons I’ve not been able to post regularly however that has nothing to do with you.
            Bis gear can be picked for free on any raid, now 242 + and 230 for a small amount of tokens not unassembled gear, by sticking it in, yes you guessed free legacy gear wich you can send to your alts and remove the pieces.
            And run any raid and get a dozen cxp boxes with an insane amount of gear/ set bonus gear.
            I’ve geared nearly 10 of my alts in 242+ set bonus gear now with no hassle.
            I dont play Eso any more, but recently wayshuba linked the forums and a quick read easily showed there to be a disgruntled player base.
            Your massive new release was panned by some the player base with many leaving as we’ve had a lot of people joining of late, mainly pvp’ers from Eso.
            12 people on fleet?
            BWAHAHAHA pull the other one.
            Red Eclipse has 200+ nightly on either side and as many running in ops or doing their own thing off fleet.
            We’ve had a new planet, new dailys, new pvp areas, the start of the new ops area, new stronghold and we’ve also had loads of Qol improvement too and bug fixes.
            Your 2 bosses and CM stuff doesn’t wash i’m afraid.
            This colour crystal exploit is nothing to the game, except for certain to people to jump all over because they can’t steal free stuff.
            Look man I don’t want to get into the usual me v you debacle, it get’s boring and frequently embarrassing as we fling ‘very’ old mud at each other.
            I’m glad you and Paulo and others enjoy Eso, I truly do, that’s what life is about, but it can all be ‘potatoes potatoes’ i.e the same thing form different sides and as both games go they’ve got their knights and haters.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well, In your defense I think Drivan went a bit too strong on you. I know you guys have history, but I’m not into the “ganging” thing and I think you’re cool. Just a different kind of cool to the rest of “us” guys hehehehe…

              I’m not currently playing ANY MMO, to be frank. Not even ESO. But that has a lot more to do with me, my hectic schedule during Summers due to the fact that I’m playing everywhere and not having enough time to playing computer games. It’s always been like this, Summer is the busiest time of the year for me. And also I think TOR burned me out a bit on all things MMO.

              But I gotta say Abby: I didn’t pursue TESO because I love Elder Scrolls. I was pushed by the incompetence of the people that run TOR, call them whatever you may.

              While you are right that to each his own and all that, if you put personal feelings and tastes aside you gotta recognise that TOR is the current AAA MMO that delivers the less bang for the buck. Now, I agree with you. This weapon tuning business is a minor one, but in the history of bad management decisions these guys have made it’s ANOTHER blunder.

              I just find it funny that they always choose the worst way possible to deal with these matters. Almost like they WANT to push players away…

            • gog

              The official ESO forums are pretty much like most official MMO forums, a cesspool och whining idiots. Just like this place has a more nuanced dialogue between players, the official ESO reddit is a far better place to get a grasp on how players feel about that game.
              As far as new content goes, TOR aren’t even close to ESO in terms of amount. Haven’t played TOR recently enough to make a comment for the quality, MW is a really good and fun expansion, the quality is constantly improving in ESO.
              The reason most seem to have been mad with MW is because it was a paid expansion, not a DLC that subs got for free. There was also a bunch of drama about class balancing, but it seems the classes are in a better place now than before the expansion.
              Lastly, I really feel like ZOS are actually listening to their costumers and do something with it, whereas BW at least have started to listen in a bit recently, but they still seem to be pretty tone deaf.

        • Drivan

          Oh and I was comparing Crown Market to Cartel Market and how the “collections” feature of each game works. Reputation gear doesn’t become an item you can use from your SWTOR collections (you have to store that in your bank), Polymorph’s and costumes in ESO are able to be used straight from collections.
          Reputation gear was not part of the conversation, mostly because ESO doesn’t need to create reputation gear. Their system makes such items pointless.

          Point is, when you get something from a Cartel pack that you want on another toon you have to pay real money to make that happen. When you get something from a crown crate that unlocks, for free, for your entire account.

          • abaddonsmummy

            Hey I can’t say that isn’t a bad system, swtor could learn a thing or two from eso.
            I don’t use collections much tbh, prefer just spending credits, and they’re are very few clothes weapons or mounts that is a must have across my alts, I like them to be individual from others.

      • A Guy

        World of Warcraft does this too. Unlock a mount… all toons have it. Same with pets, toys etc.

    • Shawn Hargrave
    • 島風

      ‘HK themed swimwear’
      I want them to make body metal bikinis now.

  • 3 simple questions for these idiots:

    1) How did nobody at Bioshit think “this is going to be really bad for players. Like really bad” BEFORE they rolled this out
    2) Why didn’t the person whoever thought of the very reasonable solution they are rolling out (you can use Crystals and Tunings unlocked in collections, which makes sense) not think of it BEFORE they rolled this out
    3) Why are they waiting until a month from now to roll it out, frustrating the F out of everyone in the meantime

    • Drivan

      Because it’s in the grand plan.

    • Ruth Tannahill

      That’s the thing. Yeah, they’re going to fix it eventually, whenever the “next patch” comes out, but I’m not going to sit on my hands until then, not using the subscription I paid for. I already unlocked the crystals because I change crystals every time I change toons, but I don’t take the old crystals out first. So, I had to craft a bunch of crystals and now Sith and Jedi alike are using purple crystals. So much for lore. If they’re looking for a CC sink, they already have the scheme where there aren’t any more bronze items. If they’re looking for a credit sink, there’s repair bills and the Nightlife event. It never ends.

  • Rompe Himself

    Honestly, at this point after Andromeda and the continual shitting on a once great game in SWTOR, I actually want EA to pull the trigger once and for all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6d0d642051989fb08333eaf50c00e62130b87ca43aea7e9408d4d3694b0e70b5.jpg

    • Rance

      EA in a nutshell.

    • Ah great one and so sad but true.. Just Should’ve shown more Destroyed Companies on pic before last one. Great one indeed.. Rip Westwood Studios & many others.. EA should finally have a memorial day for many of them…

  • Dk-io

    So… no Dulfy guide for Esne and Company boss ?

    • Go in and see how it goes and then study the phases. Enjoy gl o/

  • Cynch

    Holy crap. This is an outrage. Do they expect the grown, mature adults that play this game to actually have to settle for using the free legacy gear, free mounts, free legacy crystals, etc… that they have given players over the years? How can we dominate the game content and the other players while looking lame and poor in our free gear? We demand free unlocks for all unnecessary vanity items so that when NPCs and players alike die at our hands, they will know the guy that killed them looked good and must not have been poor!!!1!1 VIVA LA LOOPHOLE!!

    • John Kosto

      You think you’re smart…. but think harder.

      • Cynch

        Crying and whining doesn’t involve intellect. That’s why babies and kids resort to such when they don’t get what they want.

        • John Kosto

          I know that crying and whining doesn’t require intellect. That’s why you cry and whine about others, whose opinion doesn’t really affect you at all.

          • Paulo Gomes


          • Cynch

            Weird. I figured everybody would notice I was clearly mocking. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need time to recover from that wicked zinger. You’ll have plenty of time to research the definition of “irony.”

  • De-ranker

    I think it’s funny that this is getting fixed but the bug with my aratech collector achievement, where it doesn’t count me as having the aratech nethian even though I have it, isn’t getting fixed even though I filed a bug report a year ago.

    • Margarita

      Same problem with that specific speeder years ago, got tired of getting automated replies, I unlocked it in collections and when I claimed it from there I got the achievement.

  • DerpDude

    While you are at it…make the black-green crystal which came with the Razer deal avalaible for the rest of the guys who didn’t bought a peripheral in that period.

    • Secundum

      Wtf would they do that lol?
      It’s still available now anyway.

      • Darth Twinge

        No its not. I got the SWTOR mouse as a gift about 2 years ago and they refused to honor the promotion : /

        • Secundum

          Weird. I got the keyboard about a year ago and I got it.
          Just use the Rakghoul Crystals then – the colour is almost identical.

      • DerpDude

        On the fleet vendor that sells the upgrades which requires the base crystal !?
        …or have they added the base crystal to the vendor ?

  • Jhause

    All I have to say is why not just make the tunings and crystals (CM) like dyes when going into a legacy weapon so they can not be pulled without destroying them, while keeping them regular in non legacy weapons, so they can be unlocked in collections. I have had problems in the past with a crystal not unlocking in collections when I first put them into a weapon, same with the tunings. In fact, didn’t we all have to pull our tunings (which cost us credits) to even have them show in collections when they were first introduced to collections? Bioware/EA should be smart about that and stop trying to hurt their player base, or do they want to lose more loyal subscribers?

  • Huge wookie shits
  • lore

    To me, this is not really the player’s fault as it is the fault of the buggy and awkward collections system they made.

    Many games have systems that accomplish the same exact thing, much easier and more conveintly.

    If the system wasn’t so poorly made and clumsy- we might not have a thousand problems with it.

  • D_Pulse

    Now what happens when you use legacy gear as intended for a cloned cross faction alt? If that tuning is equipped but i have not unlocked in collections, what happens?

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