Patch 5.3 SWTOR

SWTOR Manaan Stronghold and Deepwater Decoration Bundle

SWTOR Manaan Stronghold Tour and Deepwater Decorations Bundle available as part of Patch 5.3.


Manaan Stronghold

Check out the detailed posted on Tor-decorating for all the pictures and maps of the Manaan stronghold. Below is a video tour showing all the hooks and layouts.

It will cost 8.375 mil or 7000 CC to unlock all the rooms of the Manaan Retreat or 32.4 mil for the Guild Stronghold full unlock. The initial purchase costs are 2.5 mil credits or 2500 CC for player and 15 mil credits for guild stronghold.

  • There is a Starship Hook that I kinda missed in the video. It is on the roof of the building to the right of the entrance. If you go to 1:59 in the video, I run towards it.


Deepwater Essentials Bundle

Costs 1540 CC, this bundle contains the following


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59 replies on “SWTOR Manaan Stronghold and Deepwater Decoration Bundle”

Not impressed at all. Sure its very, very nice to look at but the hooks suck, there’s no windows underwater and the rooms are very small. Bioware dropped the ball big time on this one.

I’m sorry but did we watch the same video? Theres several windows underwater and you can place decos underwater in the ocean! and theres a glass bottom with fishies swimming underneath.

The underwater section is too dark and the windows are too small to enjoy the environment. Stick the Dromund Kass apartment windows there instead and it’d be a nice place to relax.

Yeah, I didn’t see those when I made my post :(. I will also admit that this Stronghold slowly grew on me the more I decorated it.

Shame, some of the decorations shown in the mined bundle yesterday aren’t actually a part of the bundle. RIP Service Droid and Citizen Red.

Well, I can only hope. Apparently the number of decorations listed is far too large for any pack. Considering how many more Iokath-themed ones are still being made, it’s more likely these were just cut from the final product.

I didn’t have time to check, but they might be added to Manaan’s reputation vendor if only to keep people interested in the planet a while longer.

that would be pretty awesome if they added to the vendor. Im going to have to stop in there and buy some manaan plant decos anyways

They’re still listed in-game as being from this bundle, sadly. I doubt we’ll ever see them implemented.

They posted a dev note that some of the decos are from an upcoming pack and are listed wrong. So hopefully they will show up down the road.

Logged in and spend the 2500 CCs just to get an error message. The game took my 2500 CCs and didn’t give me my stronghold. I came back for this? Thanks again BioFail.

Well its FUCKED UP! Ive waited for 4 years and Biowhale fcked up only 1 thing! (they had 1 f job!) – HOOKS! Living room? Forget it (even small living room like on Tatooine). Garage for mounts and spaceship hook? Forget it. Only few large hooks on garden and thats it (shiphook just near entrance and you cant see it normally). Mini-cantina or bar? Screw you. No place for everything. And those large shithooks in the water? For bioware’s souls definitely.
Tatooine quality of hooks, rooms (forget about how is it big) is very impressive. But Manaan’s….you cant even HAVE A CEILING HOOK IN UNDERWATER ROOMS (2). Thats big fail since F2P…fuck you bio

in swg you could drop anything in your house anywhere hook free and you had nighbors and a nieghborhood not this sorry excuse for a game lol

In Donkey Kong Mario’s name is Jumpman unlike that sorry excuse for a game Super Mario Bros where his name is Mario.

Tiny stronghold with only 4 rooms to unlock. Awkward placement of hooks. It’s basically one big courtyard with a hall to an elevator where you go up to one room with a closed in deck and down to a double room. The limitations of 32 bit gaming are noticeable in the lack of detail through the windows. Easily the worst stronghold to date.

Add another vote for the “They could have done this better.” column. The only thing I fond interesting about it is that you can place items on the top of those arches over the entryway. Unfortunately it’s a weird sized hook and it appears you can’t resize it to something different. AT least I couldn’t.

I was going to put the meditating Jedi up there.

most beautiful house so far, darn i love it even as empty as it is, the ocean views rooms ahhh my heart is melting

This bundle seems to be a mix of old furniture arranged together and
a few cool decos. I honestly just want the npc’s the kiosk and the

Hopefully they start showing up on the GTN and the undercutting wars begin.

I am sufficiently unimpressed that I would likely just skip it, however they were smart enough to make it so cheap it’s a “why not” purchase. I’m going back to f2p after this month anyway and I’ve got to spend these creds on something. I’ll admit I do like the underwater room, probably the
only thing that actually interests me a bit.

Nice – good size. I have the ludicrously huge SHs already and this looks like a great compromise between the extremes. The big underwater room in the first interior expansion would make great living space, but can also see that with perfect weather etc you could set up lots more exterior living like most folks do in fine climates. Serene addition to the SH options for sure.

Look at it this way. If you have a toon or alt that majors in Biochem crafting, then this is the Stronghold to decorate specifically for that type of toon. An illicit Kolto and Adrenals manufacturing facility for my alt! ;p

Well I assume the decos look nice, I turned off ad blocker for this site and after seeing the stupid net neutrality pop up 4 times I gave up looking at them.

I’m quite disappointed with the interior of the SH. Those underwater expansions aren’t worth the credits. What’s the point of decorating outside if you can barely see through the windows? The Rooftop garden is pretty lame too. I do get the fact that we already have a couple of LARGE SH’s in Tatooine and Yavin and maybe they wanted to keep this one smaller, but I think that may have been the wrong move considering how much anticipation there was for this particular world. If anything, skimp out on an Alderaan SH….that things gonna blow up in a few thousand years anyway.

Well, Bioware, If you’re reading this, there is still time to wash away the dissapointment and release the Zakuul Castle many people been hoping for. You know, the one that really fits in the story and lore. You already have the model, just throw some hooks in it and that’s all. It would be the perfect Lair of the Outlander, leader of the Eternal Alliance.

Yeah I never liked the Manaan idea anyway, that storyline was a looong time ago, and now seeing it with the minimal underwater section and the pointless huge outside area and the loooong travel to your facilites (gtn, mail holds etc) im definitely not going to be buying it.
I’m still hoping for a Oricon S/hold for my sith so I can pretend it’s Mustafar 🙂

I want the ability to decorate my ships. Strip existing decos, i can make my ship my SH. Small and comfy. With decos and environment i want. This would be nice.

It would be nice… I would just like to be able to assign some companions to always be on the ship, as it is all empty post KOTFE.
That said though, it is not worth the effort/time it would take them to implement it, compared to other things that the game really needs them to work on right now. Bioware needs to think bigger than those little cosmetic things to bring people back in.

Great idea.
You can already put most of the necessary tools in your ship, legacy holds, mail boxes, gtn’s and item modification stations (if I remember correctly) but like the other strongholds the lack of fleet chat makes them pretty useless (to me anyway).
If you could park them at the fleet and listen to fleet chat it would be awesome but it dumps you out into the hanger when you exit or throws you into space when you enter it.

I was definitely excited for this SH. Though, I’m sad at it’s very short delivery. They touted underwater SH, but the main focal point is the HUGE outside area, which I’ll be honest, the port spot is WAY too far from the access. I really think they should have focused more on the underwater aspect of it. Smaller outside, bigger inside. The fact that the rooms get smaller as you unlock is a pretty big insult. The hooks in the water are meh, but they really should have made a room with wall to wall windows to really showcase the water, and fish in it. Also those hooks would have made more sense. Also, the light directly over the glass floor was a bad idea, the reflection ruins a lot of the view. I kind of like it, but I’m also very disappointed. Maybe (doubtful…VERY doubtful) if there’s enough complaints, they might redesign…but really, that will never happen.

Yeah they dropped the ball pretty badly. I was hoping for some vast underwater facility and instead the majority of the stronghold is a massive, open asymmetrical area with poorly thought out hooks.

Hoping they pick up the slack with the Zakuul SH.

I would like to see the “port spot” become a thing we could move around. I feel Yavin’s is too far away also. If im going to the SH, I dont want to have to jog to the GTN and if you place a GTN near either of those far port spots it looks a bit tacky. XD

Yes, there are some design flaws but im generally happy. People are griping about the size, it’s high time for a stronghold that doesn’t take 5 mins to get through, with crazy hook numbers. Its not perfect, but its way better than a lot of SHs.

The only comments for future patches, hopefully they’ll fix:
1) A wall panel? Really. Way to miss that opportunity. Having a submarine taxi right in front of the entrance platform for a terminal (like Nar Shaddaa) is WAY better, and thats a cosmetic fix.
2) Ceiling lights are needed in both deep underwater rooms

The one and only Starship hook is barely accessible and after you place a ship there you really don’t get to see much of it. Should have included another hallway to access that area or put in one of those things they did in Yavin IV where you click it and it pulls you up to it.

I agree. I found that placing the Zakuul Sun Machine Reactor was a better choice for the starship hook than an actual ship as it is easier to see. Especially from the rooftop garden.

This stronghold is a joke, I bought all rooms and placed 7 deco’s. After which i decided not to go there again. I have a 1 bil stronghold on yavin, have spend days decorating it and i think its the best stronghold of the 6. so this 1 is just for deco pack sale is my quess.
Although i think the game is heading in a good direction this feels like a big step back.

personally, they should start all over on this stronghold. the entire execution is flawed. probably my biggest disappointment is lack of content. This is probably the smallest stronghold. I dont think the huge courtyard makes it bigger than the others. The main platform in the courtyard you arrive on should be a star ship hook, that was very dumb to break it up for no reason. What probably pisses me off most is:


rooftop garden was a joke, the room before that has terrible hooks, sadly. There are only two rooms you can put ceiling hooks in anyways. I wasted alot of credits. I expected quality of that of yavin. They really messed this one up, and should redo the whole thing from concept and all.

Uh, it is DEFINITELY not the smallest stronghold. It is bigger than Shaddaa, DK, and Coruscant.

While I agree they botched it, it was appropriately priced. More than Shaddaa, DK, Cor, less than Tat and Yavin.

I really hope in future patches they open up those side rooms. No other stronghold has such large areas attached to the main structure that you can’t access. I’d also like to see all of the roof space opened up. That hedge that blocks the other half of the roof by the garden is frustrating! (Plus, I’d like to be able to see the ocean view from up there)

I don’t know what they were thinking when placing the invisible wall up there.

Ok, it’s BioWare, a group of people that has zero common sense, doesn’t understand how their customer react and always does things the lazy way.

They weren thinking at all. They just wanted to get over the job “make a Manaan Stronghold”. Just get it done, don’t put any effort in it.

Narshadaa the best stronghold ever….
Yavin and Tat also good but there are more like huge areas than strongholds.
I could say also for capital cities but there are faction related, so Narshadaa 4ever….

Its been on page 2 for me since the yavin one came out. Now both NS and DK are on page 2. I wish there was a way to re-sort them….

Personally I’d have preferred a Hoth Stronghold. But I’m still holding out for that.

Overall it’s okay, but I don’t think I’ll be splashing out on it. Though what might have tipped it for me, would have been the ability to go out and walk around in some diving gear like in the first Kotor game. That would have been a neat addition.

So… Did you place anything in the stronghold besides 100s of Rep guards and a couple of the Nightlife dance floors? >_>

Seen the lines of guards in many of them. Folks seem to either doing that or using either their crafting decorations or datacron decorations.

At least it’s not a line of chairs. 🙂

The Manaan stronghold is a big pile of shit. What a lazy assed attempt to do something. An opportunity lost.

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