Black Desert July 12 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online July 12 Game Update Patch Notes.

Greetings Adventurers,
This week’s patch brings a variety of smaller fixes and improvements and we are happy to announce the arrival of the Terrmian Waterpark and a new round of Attendance Rewards. Size of the patch will be ~778,77 MB

Events & System


  • Terrmian Waterpark Grand Opening! Items and quests related to the Terrmian Festival have been added.
  • Loyal Attendance Reward
    • Start: July 13 00:00 UTC
    • End: August 16, 07:59 UTC


[ System ]

  • The EXP requirement per level has been reduced for characters below level 61.
  • The guild master’s authorities can be delegated if the current master is absent (offline) for 15 days. (Previously 30 days)
  • Fixed the issue where the 5 following titles were unobtainable:
    • Obtain Red Nose’s Armor: Filled with Red Nose’s Energy
    • Obtain Giath’s Helmet: Braids Look Good on Me
    • Obtain Bheg’s Gloves: Owner of Unbreakable Gloves
    • Obtain Muskan’s Shoes: Holder of Steel Shoes
    • Obtain Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor: Blessed by Calpheon
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to leave the Dye and Beauty Salon screens if your character has died while having a desert illness with these screens open.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to leave the Knowledge screen in Console UI if your character has died with that screen open.
  • Karma lost when flagging up and PKING another player has been adjusted.
    • Lost Karma will be determined by the AP+DP stat difference between the two characters.
    • A maximum of 120,000 Karma can be lost when a higher AP+DP stat character attacks a lower stat character.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • Sprinting on non-combat stance and non-awakening stance will now last longer.
  • Fixed the issue where effects from Cold Dark Beer and Cool Draft Beer became nullified when the character tried to move swiftly while using those items

[​IMG] Warrior

  • Fixed the issue where the smash attack motion of Grave Digging IV differed from that of Grave Digging III.
  • Skill description of Deep Thrust I and II has been changed.
    • HP Recovery per hit → HP Recovery on good hits

[​IMG] Sorcerer

  • The skill Flow: Cry of Darkness now has a Down Smash effect.
  • Using the skill Violation after 2nd, 3rd hits of Dead Hunt has become a bit easier.
  • Using the skill Crow Food will now trigger the Invincible effect.

[​IMG] Valkyrie

  • The Counter Attack effect will now be applied properly upon using the skill Just Counter.

[​IMG] Maehwa

  • The WP recovery effect will now function properly when connecting from the skill Sleet Steps to Stigma.

[​IMG] Ninja

  • Durability consumption has been slightly reduced for all Surado skills.
  • Fixed the issue where a target was recovering too soon after falling to the ground due to an effect from Ninja’s skills.

[​IMG] Striker

  • Magic DP has been increased.

Item Changes

  • You can now use the following materials to polish Alchemy Stone of Life.
    • High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom
    • High-Quality Arrow Mushroom
    • High-Quality Dwarf Mushroom
    • High-Quality Cloud Mushroom
    • High-Quality Sky Mushroom
    • High-Quality Tiger Mushroom
    • High-Quality Emperor Mushroom
    • High-Quality Ghost Mushroom
    • High-Quality Fog Mushroom
    • High-Quality Hump Mushroom
    • High-Quality Bluffer Mushroom
    • High-Quality Ancient Mushroom
    • High-Quality Amanita Mushroom
  • Now all characters can enjoy the following dishes.
    • Fruit Juice
    • Fruit and Vegetable Salad
    • Fruit Pudding
    • Fruit Pie
    • Tea with Fine Scent
    • Special Fruit Pudding
    • Thick Fruit Juice
    • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad
    • Sweet Fruit Pie
    • Tea with Strong Scent
  • Fixed the issue where the cooldown time was ignored when using the EXP +5% scroll item.
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to choose between Durability/ Enhancement mode when enhancing the following items.
    • Triple Trinket
    • Black Horn Bow
    • Strong Staff
    • Triple Kunai
  • The appearance of All fishing rods will change to Terrmian Waterpark fishing rods during the Terrmian Waterpark festival.
  • The Terrmian Waterpark area will become a Safe Zone during the festival.
  • Fixed the issue where some windows in Tarif residences would not show properly after applying a wallpaper item.
  • The range of Marketplace prices immediately available for purchase (“lowest price” spectrum) has been broadened.
  • Craftable outfits for Striker have been added.
    • [Striker] Calpheon Noble Suit
    • [Striker] Garnier Troupe
    • [Striker] Delphe Knights
    • [Striker] Edan Travel Wear
    • [Striker] Jordine Casual
    • [Striker] Serendian Soldier
    • [Striker] Serendian Formal
    • [Striker] Valencia Travel Wear
    • [Striker] Shroud Knights Armor
    • [Striker] Calpheon Noble Outfit
    • [Striker] Garnier Troupe Outfit
    • [Striker] Delphe Knights Outfit
    • [Striker] Edan Travel Outfit
    • [Striker] Jordine Casual Outfit
    • [Striker] Serendian Soldier Outfit
    • [Striker] Serendian Formal Outfit
    • [Striker] Valencia Travel Outfit
    • [Striker] Shroud Knights Outfit
    • [Striker] Serendian Blacksmith
    • [Striker] Serendian Blacksmith Outfit
  • The destination of the Golden Desert Coin quest has been defined more clearly.

Pearl Shop Update

Interface Changes

  • Fixed the issue that caused the UI to overlap in certain resolutions after choosing a trade item for purchase in the Trade Manager window.
  • Changed the color of the trash bin icon in the inventory.
  • Item registration button has been added to the Marketplace browsing window.
  • Sticker UI function has been applied to Crafting Notes.
  • Edit list has been added to the Customization History.
    • In the Edit list window, you can click the revision history to revert to the corresponding customization.
    • Up to 50 changes are saved in the edit list. If the modification is made more than 50 times, saved changes will be removed in the oldest order.
    • Standby facial expression modifications will not be saved in edit list.
  • Pearl Shop: when purchasing items, a pop-up window will appear if the user possesses an available coupon.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where Striker’s hair looked awkward with Blazing Inferno Helmet after applying certain customizations.
  • Fixed the issue where it was unable to dye certain Wizard accessories after applying the young face customization.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would not be properly undressed when adjusting body type if switched to the Customization screen from View Underwear mode.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Armor of Hercules’ Might to be displayed with abnormal texture when equipped by a Dark Knight.
  • krepuskolo

    nochanges on the berserk? ur sure? cuz i dont seem to do dmg anymore… yday i could cleave as hell sausans as 57 today i upgraded my liverto to DUO, rest is the same but its like i’m caressing ’em! and yes i have same skills and doing the same rotation… any1 has any suggestion?

    • DRailer

      It’s not your character. The Sausans got buffed. A LOT of people are reporting that they are much harder to take down now, which I can confirm.

      • krepuskolo

        ty! i was getting frustrated A LOT! cheers

  • Rysing

    Cool people are going to take their gear off and karma bomb.

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