Black Desert Terrmian Waterpark Event Guide

A guide to the new Terrmian Waterpark running in Black Desert Online.

Update: [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer and [Event] A Midsummer Night’s Lighthouse Keeper are now available and give 5 seals for a total of 10 seals per day.

Getting Started

The Terrmian Waterpark is located just NW of Olvia on the beach. It is designed for players of any level. It is a park of various daily quests that can reward you with things like food items, memory fragments, and some cosmetics.


This event runs from July 12 until August 30.

There are two types of daily quests here

  • Daily quests that rewards Terrmian Coins – You have to do these quests first to get the Terrmian Coins. They only give coins.
  • Daily quests that rewards Terrmian Seals – These quests consume the Terrmian Coins and give Seals, Memory Fragments and other goodies

Terrmian Coin Daily Quests

Daily Challenge Window

On the Daily Challenge Window (press Y), you can get 5x Terrmian Coins daily with each coin rewarded every 20 minutes. This won’t start until the daily reset on June 12 so you won’t get it the very first day.

Meals Are Not To Be Skipped

Obtained from Nadia Rowen, the cook in Olvia.


This daily will introduce you to some of the event NPCs since you will be delivering lunchboxes to them.

Timber to Decorate Stone

Obtained from Garagat not too far from the park entrance.


Pick up the timber cart at the marked quest location and deliver it to the NPC. Press left or right mouse buttons to balance it


Fine Leaf for Juice Topping

Picked up from Juice Merchant not too far from park entrance.


Gather 10x Weed from the various plants at the marked location. If you have weed on you, you can turn in directly to the juice merchant.


Lost Order Notice

Pick up from the Restaurant Server not too far from Juice Merchant.


Go to the three locations marked by the quest and then examine the ground (press R) until you find the note.


Terrmian Marine Environment Protection

Picked up from Captain Moguly at the beach/docks.


Equip a fishing rod and then fish up the usual trash – 1x Tattered Boots and 1x Torn Net. If you are AFK fishing, make sure you don’t check the throw away useless items caught during auto-fishing option.Captain Moguly does sell a fishing rod if you don’t have one on you.

Sleepyhead Girl

Taken from Brodt near the Sand Castles.


The girl you need to find is Chi Chi who give you the Save Our Summer Terrmian Seal quest.


Terrmian Seal Daily Quests

Bang Bang Bang!

Obtained from Harrio at the Beach.


Go to the Shooting Range next to the NPC, exchange 1x Terrmian coin for the matchlock. Go to your inventory, equip it and then just shoot any of the balloons for quest completion.


Have You Seen a Mermaid?/A Fool Who Believes in Legend (New)

Obtained from the same Harrio at the Beach. Just pick it up the same time as you pick up Bang Bang Bang!


Have You Seen a Mermaid? Give you 50 CXP and direct you to the Fat Catfisherman on a small island who then give you A Fool Who Believes in Legend. This quest give you another Terrmian Seal and a choice between Cold Dark Beer, Black Stone (Armor) or Whale Tendon Potion.


Spooky Tale/Reward for Valor

Obtained from Harrio at the Beach. Spooky Tale is the 50 CXP quest that lead you to Reward for Valor


Go to the Terrmian Beacon Mound for the Spooky Tale quest to get the Reward for Valor quest that give you 120 CXP, Ghost Ship Treasure Chest and a seal.


Dive in the water (press spacebar) and collect any of the Glowing Treasures and return to Harrio for your reward.


Save Our Summer

Obtained from Chi Chi.


Get the quest from her and then exchange 1x Terrmian coin with her to get the Termian Fruit. Equip the fruit by clicking on it in your inventory and throw it at one of the Possessed Spirits near Chi Chi.Get 50 CXP, 1 seal and 1 Memory Fragment on completion.


Recruiting New Cannoneer

Obtained from Rose at the beach.


Get the quest from her and exchange 1x Terrmian coin and 5x energy with her to get a cannon and 5 cannonballs. Right click on the cannon in your inventory to assemble it and then press F5 to load 5 cannonballs into it. After that you have to use shift + W or S to raise or lower the cannon.


To get the cannon to shoot far, raise the cannon and hold down left mouse button. Look for the little bar sliding on the arrow indicator. When the bar is near top of the arrow, release your mouse button to fire the cannon.


A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer/Lighthouse Keeper (New)

Go to Jenny on the beach and she will give you A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer.


Fill the bucket with sand from nearby mound (use the quest autopath if you not sure where it is) and return to Jenny for the next quest. The second quest give you 5 seals and choice of the 4 food.


Misc Activities

Giant Clam

If you go to the Giorio the vendor with at least 1 Terrmian Coin, he will have a Terrmian Coconut for sale for 1 coin.


There is a clam tree in the middle of the park with several hanging clams. Equip the Coconut and you can throw it at the clams to get some drops.These Clams will disappear if they are not hit within 30 minutes of spawning and reappear 4 hrs later.


Terrmian Festival Entry Coupon

Rose the pirate (same NPC as Recruiting New Cannonner) also give you another untranslated quest that seems to give you a Terrmian Festival Entry Coupon if you manage to collect 10 Terrmian Seals. Keep this coupon in your inventory to enter the draw automatically for prizes when the event ends on August 30.


Terrmian Seal Rewards

There are three kinds of rewards you can get from the Seals. They cost 10 seals. Once you get the cosmetic rewards you will probably just go for the Shining Pearl Treasure Chest to get more Black Stones and other crap you don’t want but keep getting. To purchase these just right click on the seals to get autopathed to the vendor.

You seems to be able to get 10 seals a day as of the August 10 Game Update.

Coral Crown – 10 Terrmian Seals

  • Give +1 Lucky, occupies the Pearl Item head slot.


Seahorse Diving Hat – 10 Terrmian Seals

  • No bonus of any kind


Shining Pearl Treasure Chest – 5 Terrmian Seals

  • Basically RNG chest with chance to roll many stuff (Kzarka weapon box, Hard/Sharps, Boss armor etc) but you will probably only get Black Stones or some gathering tool.


  • Krag

    The cosmetics don’t really suit my characters but I like the idea. Wish they had more.


    You can’t remove the leftover coconuts from the cannon once you put them in. If you don’t put them all in, you can use them the next day, assuming the coconuts don’t expire at reset. Saves you some seals in the long run, if they’re actually worth anything

    • The cannons seems to disappear after a while as well, so not sure if that works

    • kr

      The coconuts don’t expire. So only load 1 at a time.

  • ArcSyde

    Do the cosmetics have any effects?

    • Not that I know of, will have to wait and see though

  • XAlFias

    cant do the cannon quest .. just wasted 3 coins …im sure im missing some easy point cause i just saw a guy doing it pretty easily .. FeelsBadMan

    • Master Rod

      Go to the Board walk next to the quest giver, get as close to the edge as you can until you reach the combat zone, that’s how I did it.

  • Arkmeros

    “I do seem to have a bit of trouble with this one since the cannonballs never shoot far enough to hit the targets.”

    Hold down LMB and you should see an indicator moving inside the ‘arrow crosshair’. Release when it’s at the top for maximum range.

    • XAlFias

      ^ This is it !!! it works !! thank you !!!

      • Arkmeros

        You’re welcome 🙂

    • I see, ty!

  • Ddraigfyre

    You do not need to be level 50 to get ‘recruiting new cannoneer’ daily from Rose, I did it with lv. 36 character.

    • Weird when I did it on KR it wouldn’t let me fire the cannons since I couldn’t enter the pvp mode . Let me adjust the guide then

  • KFC

    Any idea what the Clam drops?

  • burnedrope

    The giant clam is broken?

    • Jim

      Definitely, like we have time to stand around and wait up to 4 hours for this…

  • Kaeli

    Took us around 20 coconuts to break one clam and we all got a single whale tendon potion =

    • Бай Брадър

      I used 8 coconut(weapons) this mean 40 throws and I got nothing F*ckin stupid RNG clams

      • rin

        i just used 14(70 throws) it didnt even break

    • Kev Lew

      same happened to me twice, lots of coins so no big issue, but when you throw your character takes a double-step forward meaning you are under the clam after 3 throws.
      Time consuming and poor rewards unless you get a major streak of luck :/

  • Felipe

    Coral Crown is permanent?

  • yinyin2

    Cannon tips:

    Line up cannon with the water line
    Move angle up once
    Charge to 60-69 or 70-79 depending on where you placed cannon (cause the tide goes in and out)

    Do we know if Coral Crown is female only and Diving Hat is male only?

    • Brek_kapitany

      Bless this comment.

  • Aurora

    Any timer on the clams ?

    • Courtney Ritchings

      BDO official said they respawn every 4 hours or so

      • Aurora

        yeah but like when they last spawned and such

  • Look at that woman in the pirate outfit.
    How about giving us that, instead of that silly (actual name) outfit for tamer.

  • Albi

    I think there’s an error in the description for quest “Spooky Tale/Reward for Valor”;
    “Obtained from Harrio at the Beach.” should be “Obtained from Captain Moguly at the Beach.”

    Anyway…great work as usual Dulfy.

  • You are missing a mission called “Dive Live! Feel Alive!

    • Jordan Moses Gilson

      Where does one find the quest giver for this? I looked near the diving board but didn’t see a quest.

      • AkBino

        I don’t find it either.. so we are stuck with 4 seals per day not five ?

    • bretongaming

      it’s just a diving board it doesn’t give you a reward

  • Trace S

    Does anyone know if the 10 seals for the entry coupon take away the seals or is it a choice between that and the treasure chest?

    • bretongaming

      it takes away the 10 seals and gives you the coupon

      • Trace S

        Thank you! Yes we get 100 odd seals…so I am going to get one of everything including the entry coupon and then the 5 seal chests 🙂

  • Long Gutierrez

    If you get the 4 daily seals and have left over coins can you do anything else with the coins?

    • bretongaming

      save em to hit the big clams when there up every 4 hrs, i keep getting the whale tendon potions so not really a great reward

  • Giuseppe Perna

    is there any increased drop rate with the event?

  • Matthew Paluch

    no idea where to take the cart. quest tracker arrow leads… to where you get the carts

    • Matthew Paluch

      its WSW, at tip of grey area on mini map

    • Back to the NPC that give you the quest

      • Matthew Paluch

        ya but if you run around and grab a bunch at once, its quest arrows on ground just point to the carts. which you just grabbed hehe. he is not far though, just head west and a little south.

      • Alex

        What NPC gives this quest?

  • Zeldain

    There appears to be a new wagon, possibly related to this event… saw this in Velia this morning.

    • ALEX

      i saw it to

  • noneedtoknow

    The cannonball quest is messed up. Even if you hold down LMB to try to charge, the moment you get halfway, the cannonball just lands in front of your cannon. Becareful, the water is clipping the cannon so it lands in front of you.

    • Chris Aaron Ramsay

      Hold Shift and press “S” to move angle of the cannon up, works for me at least so far.

  • Chris Aaron Ramsay

    Coral crown gives +1 Luck, just grabbed mine.

  • sam

    the clam is a bug, didn’t drop anything after 10 tries, stupid

    • bretongaming

      takes about 20 hits from the coconuts i think

      • Holymarshmellow

        im about 25 stacks of coconuts in and none of them broke yet

  • wilq
    • justfactsplease

      why can’t we get this will sometime like underwater breathing 🙁 it seems totally pointless
      the other one with + luck is ok , but it’s a seaside / beach event why not usefully things for swimming etc

  • David Lew

    I got an ogre ring from the event today, worth

  • Thomas Maddock

    “Look for the little bar sliding on the arrow indicator. When the bar is near top of the arrow, release your mouse button to fire the cannon.”

    Nope, look at your ‘stamina’ bar at the bottom of the screen, congrats, you fount the charge bar. at 100 percent it goes farthest.

  • Jey

    Do the giant Clams also spawn on the olvia servers or are they like worldbosses and they dont spawn on olvian channels?


    Diving Hat = No bonus CMON! Unlimited or extended breath would be perfect!

    • Uncommon Sense


  • hella kitty

    Hi Dulfy,
    Do you know if you’re only allowed 1 coupon per person per entry? Or does having more coupons make a difference on entry?

    • justfactsplease

      good question i was about to ask myself until i saw your post , do we have answer on this yet ?

      • Willie Beard

        1 per account

    • Miroslav Štěpánek

      1 coupon per account.

  • Zeldain

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the fishing road appearance change? All rods appear as some kind of seashell thing, which I assume is related to the event. Is this a permanent appearance we can earn thru the festival somehow?

    Also curious about the wagon below…

    • Uncommon Sense

      its just a random appearance change they said they did for the event, I don’t believe it has any effect

  • AndrewPetrykowski

    What is up with that fishing quest? Been fishing for several hours now, still not a single tattered boot…

    • Miroslav Štěpánek

      Just luck… last two days I left it afk fishing for 20 minutes and it was finished. Second day, I tried for 2 hours though…

      • Bjarn Sigurðarson

        Perhaps your fishing skill is too high (I use an alt with Beginner 10). I haven’t needed more than 6 or 7 casts to complete the quest. I’m also using the basic fishing rod.

    • Zeldain

      Make sure you don’t have the throw away junk box checked.

    • Willie Beard

      most waters are abundant for it. try to find a high population so there are less fish

    • try fishing from the beach, as far inland as you possibly can

    • Yarzynka

      Start fishing in
      a place without fish, for example ponds in caves (ropes, shoes,
      underwear, nets) or search through fishing nets.

  • Alex
    • Jean Grey’s Anatomy

      It was released in the Korean Pearl shop, we might get it before the end of the event?

      • Hatchy

        We’ve seen those wagons all over (european) BDO already. But no one is willing to share where they got it.

        • Mindaugas Aputis

          Are you serious? Those are NPC wagons.

          • Ciroth

            Also a upcoming skin we can buy

  • Candy Cyan

    I swear I am getting trolled I have like over 40 terrmian cions and I can not rent a matchlock to finish my quest for some reason. HELP!

  • Rafael V.

    Thanks for the guide Dulfy !

  • Anders Friman

    Gonna update the guide for the new patch? There are 4 new quests some of which are seemingly not anywhere.

    • Yup working on it

      • Anders Friman

        Awesome, people have been theorycrafting for an hour without success about the other quest beside the mermaid one.

    • McKenna Chun

      One of them is a quest that the guy that gives you the balloon shooting quest, he asks you to talk to a catfish guy on the rock in between the beach and mound, who then in turn asks you to talk to a guy on the beach

      • David Pérez (DavidPS)

        You know how to use the shabby shovels? I can’t

        • Thomas Maddock

          no idea here either

        • Al

          Tried all over the place at the event grounds, even went to Olvia Coast (taking the directions literally) and still nothing.

          • ZapTheSheep

            There is a guy over by the diving board cave entrance that has a conversation that there is treasure underneath the buckets he is at. Maybe there?

        • Dustin Ray

          Sounds like the shovels that have to be used in the desert

          • David Pérez (DavidPS)

            But read item description…

  • Jack

    As for the last two quests, it seems they’re not available yet (probably starting tomorrow), however, starting NPC for one of them should be Jenny, located on the beach where those people are digging a hole:

    As you can see from her dialogue, she’s talking about a lighthouse and the quests name is “[Event] A Midsummer Night’s Lighthouse Keeper”, so she’s definitely the lighthouse keeper.

    • Nefer Akhen

      Kind of frustrating since the other two quests are definitely up. Have shabby shovels from the Olvia quest and nothing yet either during the day or at night, been hanging around Jenny (the one in your ss) hoping for the best but… it seems you are right and the quests are not available yet

    • Nefer Akhen

      Also, relevant.. somebody posted on the forums about two items in bdodatabase.

      Bucket Filled with Sand (


      Jenny’s Special Bucket (

      I am assuming that we somehow have to get buckets from Jenny and (maybe with the shovels) fill them up with sand for her.

    • SheykiVids

      GM Dranzerka: I can absolutely confirm that all 4 quests were added to the game, and can be discovered by players 🙂

      I gave up and sent a ticket 🙁 But they can’t tell us any details.

      • Nefer Akhen

        I did the same. No reply yet, but *sighs*

        Fine… the quests are apparently there… somehow… somewhere

        • Maik Bossert

          I really don’t get why they make it so extremely hard to find their event quests. The one in Olvia was pure luck already, and now this?

          • The one in Olvia wasn’t pure luck. It’s something you already do every day if you are using the foods actively.

            • Maik Bossert

              Sure. What I meant was: Finding out about that quest in the first place. Without this website, I would never have looked for an event quest in Olvia. ^^

      • That GM was a liar! >_<

    • Unfortunately Jenny still has nothing for me after reset

    • Sarmos

      Btw theres another new NPC named Pataya nearby the “Fine leaf for Fruit topping” quest girl but she doesn´t have any quests either.

      • Sarmos

        Also there are jumping stakes up the mountain behind jenny that activate a mini-event of you jumping into the sea.

  • Boki

    Will the coral crown disappear after event does anyone know?

    • bretongaming

      No, It’s a cosmetic item you keep it.

  • Phong Doan

    they updated the patch note the 2 midsummer nights quest will be available on 08/10/2017

    • After they swore the quests were working, too. lol

  • Kurt Kuppens (Kyse)

    seems to be them not giving the other quest or 2 might be why the shabby shovels dont work :/ do they even test updates before we get them anymore

    • Kaosmanifest

      This glow is from Witch Awakend Quest

  • Xune
  • Maik Bossert

    So… the new quests are finally implemented, yet we still cannot use our shovels… ’cause we get an empty bucket with the quest. Uhm… hello? ^^

  • Nefer Akhen

    5 seals for the quest. Jenny is the Quest Giver for both. Have to get sand, then get the second quest to dump sand

    • Nefer Akhen

      Should have specified… 5 seals for the second (follow up) quest

  • m.f.k

    How do you get another pass if you accidentally kill the quest? Asking for a friend XD

    • Ana

      You don’t need a pass to get into the park, you can just go there any time.

      • m.f.k

        I had went too early before reset XD

  • Coic

    If anyone didn’t know, I just found out you can get “Terrmian Seals” from fishing in the water around the Terrmian Waterpark. It seems to have a very small chance though.

  • HawkyX

    Misc activity Giant Clam is a Sham. Also “A Midsummer Night’s Sand Gatherer/Lighthouse Keeper” Termian quest most likely ended (maybe the reward was too high – maybe for just a short time?).

  • DW

    How about that Hammer Smash mini-game? Is it worth it?

    • Just give coins, not worth it

  • jay

    Jenny not giving the sandcastle quest anymore?

    • Nope, ended last patch

      • Jason Kwan

        would you mind updating the guide to take jennys quest out? It took me a while to figure out why she didnt have a quest

  • HawkyX

    Anyone know if the unopened event chests (Shining Pearl Treasure Chest and Ghost Ship Treasure Chest) will disappear from inventory (or will be rendered useless) after the event ends?

  • SSJ Bruce Senpai

    What happens if i still have seals left after the patch??

    • HawkyX

      I suppose either they disappear or you can throw them away as trash since the NPC will disappear with the patch as well.

    • HawkyX

      Aaaaaaaaand it’s gone… 150 seals in inventory, no NPC to give them to. Thought the event will end in few more days, damn.

      • hayazi96


        • Sasuro


    • Gobee

      shit I am on the same boat, but send a ticket to support. Hope they can still allow us to change this seals. Did you guys send ticket to support?

    • Gobee

      I actually want to know we have to turn in first or not? because there was no offical answer to us the Terrmian gonna be remove after patch, I mean the whole NPC. this so sucks.

  • Gobee

    shit I am on the same boat, but send a ticket to support. Hope they can still allow us to change this seals.

    • HawkyX

      Okay, come back how they replied. Thx

  • Amai Akuma

    5 days passed the event ended and why the hell i got the Entry Coupon still in my inventory ?

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