GW2 Episode 6 Of Living World Season 3 Arrives July 25

The last episode of Living World Season 3 Arrives July 25.


Episode 6 of Living World Season 3 arrives on July 25. Don’t miss the season’s grand finale!

  • wQnxy

    cantha confirmed

    • Mokuren

      That arch looks distinctly orrian though

      • Talindra

        Yep, the story will end in Orr with aid from the Canthans. That will segue us into the upcoming expansion. Get your wallet out.

        • Shaggy

          i havent put it away since the steam summer sale, its still too broken and bruised

        • lithlius

          Honestly NONE of this says Cantha, I fail to see where people keep getting Cantha. The ship design has been seen before in other areas of Tyria, That whole ” YOU NEED TO CROSS ORR” thing isnt so, it was stated that first Cantha Became isolationist for some reason after the Ministry of Purity incident, second the water dragon is the one making the seas un traverseable and third it was Undead ships “Coming” from Orr that prevented travel or rather made it impossible.

          So THAT plus leaks and such is OBVIOUS the Next mnap is in ORR and will surely lead to Elona and the Crystal Desert either by direct passageway OR by leading us into the desert gate at Ebon Hawk

          • Trillium

            They’ve packed them fire islands into two measly LS chapters, and all of White Mantle into other two.

            I don’t see anything stopping them from packing all of Cantha into one LS chapter, about 50% bigger than others. It’s Anet we’re talking about.

            • Jose Mimbrari

              Elona and Vabbi’s maps was alrdy datamined long ago :DDDDDDDDD

      • Shaggy

        if you listen to the chatter around DR, youll hear them talk about no one has heard from cantha since orr rose, since youd have to pass orr to get to it

    • According to this map.. from gw1 .. Cantha is further down north. How would we need to pass through Cantha to get to Crystal Desert? I’m positive its in Orr

    • Qnrad

      You have very similar ship on this loading screen, and anet didn’t change it from beginning

      • Qnrad

        Plus they even destroyed Canthan District and replace it with The Great Collapse and then they made The Crown Pavilion

        • Qnrad

          Still Cathan for me was the best from all of the expansions

  • Ardenwolfe

    About time.

  • Macaw vs Ship! Let Them Fight!!!

  • OldTimer

    Guess I need to go back and play through episodes 3-5…

  • Razyiel

    time to get on the xpac hypetrain :D:D

  • nadrian3k

    It took a lot of time. I hope it’s worth the wait.

  • Trillium

    So, Guild Wars: Mists of Pandaria is real after all

    • nadrian3k

      Anything is real as long as demand exists. That’s how businesses work.

      • forvetor

        not at all… may be “Guild Wars 2: More Factions”, but there is never a place for Pandaren in GW xP . never!

        • nadrian3k

          You will eventually get what i am saying. I have confidence 😀

  • Suan

    I’m looking forward to seeing Orr back full of live. The rings are clearly the same as the ones we can see in current Orr maps. ANet said that each map has its own timeline [like Lake Doric where you can still see DR in Queen’s barrier] It’s been 4-5 years in game since Trahearne healed it and also we can see that macaw so full of colors while I’m sure that everyone who spend a bit of their time in Orr remembers the risen hawks etc. Now this colorful macaw can only be a sign that life is back to Orr and who knows.. maybe at the end of GW2 some humans will go there to live. Besides, everyone who played episode 5 knows that Orr is the perfect place where we can go now.. [don’t spoil it in case someone is still behind with episodes] We probably will get trailer for second expansion at the end of episode just like with did in S2. I’m also wondering which legendary we will get this time, we are 8 of 16 in second gen of legendaries. I really hope for either sword, greatsword or dagger. Well.. we are almost there, just a few more days.

    • Cyzt

      That’s exactly what I thought after that picture, I even started a thread on the forums, then came here and saw you message, OR IS LIVING!, so this could mean: an corrupted Or that was’nt affected by Zaithan because of xxx protective magic, or something like that, or we’re going back in time like we did on seeds of truth.

    • Alot

      Its always interesting to watch devs try come up with epic dagger ideas which aren’t just worse version of the same skin applied to greatswords. I mean seriously, the current dagger legendary is a pocket torch – and people protest when they get the impression their next elite spec will be torch wielding.

      Majory’s dagger is the only dagger I’ve seen with a “legendary” concept. There have been other good ones, but nothing legendary.

  • Alot

    How long after the pre-hot living world were the pre-order deals released? I really need one to procure a character slot :/

  • Tora

    no trailer?

    • nadrian3k

      1 week before i think

  • Nick Peterson

    i can see why they have pushed this as far back as possible so when they announce the expansion doesn’t feel as far away like HoTs did

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