SWTOR Game Update 5.3a Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.3a that fixed some bugs from Patch 5.3.

  • Operations will now show in Group Finder as intended.
  • Corrected an issue where Companions were not receiving Influence when being sent on a Crew Skill Mission.
  • Powertech
  • Advanced Prototype
    • Prototype Missile Silos no longer increases the damage dealt by Deadly Onslaught (down from 10%), reduces Deadly Onslaught’s cooldown by 5 seconds (down from 15 seconds), and makes Shatter Slug deal 25% more damage (down from 50%) – all other effects remain unchanged.
  • Vanguard
  • Tactics
    • Grenadiership no longer increases the damage dealt by Artillery Blitz (down from 10%), reduces Artillery Blitz’s cooldown by 5 seconds (down from 15 seconds), and makes Flak Shell deal 25% more damage (down from 50%) – all other effects remain unchanged.
  • Multiple Stronghold Decorations which are not currently available in-game have been hidden from the Decorations UI.
  • Лев Сафаров

    What about utility for vanguard when you use stealth scan its increases allies movement speed 50% ? It works for powertech, but not on vanguard.

    • Anthony Drake

      That utility doesn’t work? It stuns stealther if lucky enough to catch them ive noticed

      • Лев Сафаров

        I should also increase speed of allies by 50%, but it doesnt. Powertech mirror class works.

  • Speeder piloting 4 and 5 are still apparently broke for non-animal mounts. Where’s that fix….

    • Tanesis

      Works for me on the ambassadors hoverchair

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Should have been fixed in the 5.3 patch:

      >Improved Speeder Piloting 4 and 5 now works for all mounts.

      I never saw a real difference between 1, 2 and 3 so I’m not bothering.

  • Sydow

    And what did they with my bounty hunter? They reduced many skill’s damage, which was not necessarily.

  • De-ranker

    Yes, because powertech really needed a nerf

  • Travelering_swordsman

    they basically killed the tanks in this game. RIP Biofail. on their way to becoming unknown .. xD

  • Vanguard

    It’s not really all that bad. :L

  • Suborunsub

    Where is a sorc dps buff? Its dps is a joke only 200dps + after 5.3 i am leaving this game

    • Lightning sorc is currently the hardest-hitting ranged class in the game, and the easiest to play as well. What more do you want exactly?

      • Sorotia

        He wants the game to do all the work for him so he can sit back and sip his drink while catching up on his DVR?

      • Przemysław Narbutt

        So after first step of rebalance sorc is now one of best dpses?

      • Lighting Sorc has been shit since 3.0 lol, maybe earlier.

        • Suriaka

          Lightning sorc shit in 3.x? Heeeell no. It was bugged and almost overpowered for half of the entire expansion, uninterruptable burst god. Maybe you were just a bad sorc DPS?

          • Or you thought you were doing a good job on your Lightning Sorc DPS in those raids that weren’t flexed up yet so you were just OP because EVERYONE was, or because the other DPS you knew were even shittier?

      • John Kosto

        Both of these statements are inaccurate.

  • DerpDude

    Really ?
    Shatter Slug on AP was acceptable as an AoE (pure garbage on ST and PT) and now they are nerfing it !?! You guys are fucking clueless.

    • Whitedragon
      • DerpDude

        EA indeed….Eternal Assholes ^^

    • AdjeYo

      I think the reason for nerfing shatter slug is that with the gut refresh it was preferable over magnetic blast even for single target

      • Лев Сафаров

        I thought rail shot refreshes bleed effect.

        • AdjeYo

          True, but so does shatter slug. With the forced tick it would be preferable over magnetic blast unless mb would proc set bonus

          • Лев Сафаров


      • DerpDude

        Shatter Slug over Magnetic Blast on single target ?
        Where is this info from ?
        It just sounds weird for a DPS to use it in a single target fight.

        • Leont Stepanov

          It refreshes bleed effect giving an extra DoT tick. That + Shatter Slug damage was higher than Magnetic blast. Well, not anymore, so back to usual rotation.

        • AdjeYo

          It does seem weird, but Shatter Slug plus refresh tick would slightly beat Magnetic Blast, that’s according to the AP guide on dulfy at least. The author said with this change it won’t be worth it anymore though

    • Leont Stepanov

      It’s still acceptable and you got godlike Deadly onslaught now, with just 15sec cooldown. PTs AoE is currently better than ever.

      • DerpDude

        Kinda besides the point =)
        My beef with Shatter Slug (SS) is that it doesn’t fit in anywhere outside Advanced Prototype.
        Base stats on SS is 15 second cooldown and less damage than Rapid Shots, in an AoE sense Flamesweep outshines it by far.
        Only reason why SS even is on my toolbar is because it’s the closest thing I come to a shotgun on my PowerTech ^^

        • Leont Stepanov

          It knocks them down, can be useful sometimes. But yeah, pretty much an AP only ability. Many classes have skills like that though.

          • DerpDude

            I know, but it only knocks down weak and standard mobs.
            Not trying to be a douche here and I know it’s not really my place to say whether a skill is useless or not…but making a rotation/mechanic comparison of our skills and SS is near the bottom of the list.

            The old Rocket Dart scored higher only because it had a 30m range.
            My opinions though =)

  • Лев Сафаров

    Someone know, is there 2 new platinum blasters released?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      If you are talking about “Anarchy” and “Mischief,” the two blasters with holsters, then you’ll have to wait until the next pack. I’m ASSUMING it will release next Tuesday, the 25th.

    • Leont Stepanov

      Yesterday the new pack that contains these blasters was added to CM.

  • George

    They have completely nerfed the class yet again…..25% less damage from shatterslug and removed the damage bonus from an aoe that we needed great thanks bioware you clearly have no idea how to maintain a game.

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