Black Desert New Mystic Class Announced, Coming Q4 2017 to NA/EU

Black Desert Online Korea announced the new female Striker class today called the Mystic. It will be released Q4 in NA/EU.

This is the female Striker equivalent class. BDO Official Twitter announced today that it is called Mystic and will be coming Q4 of this year for NA/EU servers

  • Onineko

    Uh, if there just could be an option to move professions from old main to new class, I would be hyped so much xD Or even to make it account wise to remove that problem Q_Q

    • Nix

      …b-but muh fame levelsl! (average reaction)

    • Ohagimaru

      Yeah would be nice if they implemented a system like FFXIV where we only need one character for all classes and professions. BUT apparently this company is a blood sucker. As someone who only looks at the update but don’t play anymore I think that these updates are coming in WAY too fast. I just think it’s off. It they’re just tossing bones at you guys and you guys would eat anything that they throw at you.

      I mean no offense by this but I felt like this, thats why I left the game. Until they fix some areas that I would like them to improve I won’t becoming back.

    • They have that in KR, as a pearl item. I think we’d see a lot of tears if they incorporated that here (although, I’d love to move my fishing skill to my main)

  • Sven Richter

    we need a male black magician and a male dark knight…

  • Razyiel

    i really hope that the awakening will be better than the male striker….liked that class so far, just the male awakening sucks hard…

  • Taiwan Wolf

    yawn. gimme male DK but without the pink glitter awakening

    • Hello, I would like the male DK but WITH the pink glitter awakening. Just bigger.

  • Play for the glory!!!

    I really wanna wait until mystic comes out to make a striker… to see if female is gonna be better… but Q4… that’s 3 months from now… not sure I’m gonna wait that long… 🙁

    I think I’m gonna make a male striker for now… I just hope I don’t regret it and have to delete him if mystic is more fun…

    • Alexander Yee

      They may very well just give us another character coupon like they have for DK and Striker in the past so you might not have to delete at all. Although since is supposed to be the “female striker” I could see why if they choose to skip the free coupon this time

      • Play for the glory!!!

        The thing is that I think I’m gonna make a male striker for now… but you know… if the female is more exciting I will have to give up the male and it will seem such a waste of time…. but I guess I’ll have to live with it… cause having two strikers would be pointless I think… I love the idea of martial artist so I think I’m gonna try both and see which is better… for now I’ll give the male a shot and wait for the mystic…

        • Isla

          Well, whichever one you don’t like can be your negative karma alt or an energy dump 🙂

          • Play for the glory!!!

            True… lol… Well, I am about to make my striker now… I needed to wait for my DK to delete… never liked her… boring play for my taste… I hope I won’t be disappointed because many people say Striker dmg sucks in high levels… but we’ll see…

  • ugeen wang

    official trailer

  • Leonardo nascimento santos

    What? Q4 omg too much time

  • Stephanie Greeno

    or why not a she berserker a cute one

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