• They are horrible at teasers… the fkn shit doesn’t even show anything…

    • wQnxy

      that’s just a hype train vid;
      next week we will see teaser for frac/new legy/LS.

    • Mylk

      No problem, WoodenPotato will analyze it in a half hour video.

    • RabbitUp

      Wait till Tuesday. Things gets teased 1 week before release, it’s not hard.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Oh goodie. More content I’ll never bother with.

    • 2spooky9u

      Sucks to be you and nobody cares.

      • Ardenwolfe

        You should write birthday cards.

    • RabbitUp

      Game not casual enough for you? Try tetris.

      • Ardenwolfe

        Not finding a better place to troll? Try YouTube.

  • Todd Hobord

    oh cool 1 new fractal, if it’s so fucking hard for them to provide to their players – just use that motos box assets and create fractals with gameplay in mind and forget about the gfx. Just give more instanced coop challenging content (really doesn’t matter how shitty the gfx are, or what the story really is, just challenge/puzzle/cryptic-stuff)

    • Blazing_Blue

      And this is one major problem highlighted, everyone wants different things. GW2 tried to be the jack of all trades but unfortunately it means that noone is ever really pleased. You don’t care about the story whereas the poster above you does, everyone was complaining about lack of raids and hard content but as soon as it was released all the people who didn’t want raids spoke up.

      • Felipe Nogueira

        There ARE people pleased and very much satisfied with this “jack of all trades”. I myself tried every other mmo in the last 6 years, and gw2 is still the only one worthy my time. My opinion, can’t state it is a fact for anyone else. Which you do, making your argument invalid.

      • lore

        I think they were doing well until HOT.

        I think with HOT, they forgot that the maps should be FUN as well as challenging.

        They attached so much to that glider…….. I feel like if you don’t like gliding through a thousand vines trying to land on the smallest ledge, just off to the side…….. and then taking a map through 75 stages until you can get to a point when you can have a chance (just a chance now, don’t get greedy!) at accomplishing your goal…..

        the HOT maps are a hot mess. They also have no long term playability because you need groups to advance everything.

        Also, they killed dungeons and raids didn’t really work out (unless you consider a few guilds selling runs in the lf tool “working out”) so I don’t really consider it “jack of all trades.”

        I look at it as a pvp game with a side of crafting and episodic pve. The pvp is pretty good though.

  • Suan

    All I want from Fractals is to give us battles from Guild Wars 1. To fight Undead Lich, Shiro or Abaddon, that would be amazing. Or show us something interesting, maybe a small mission of Sunspear’s vs Palawa Joko and his army? Or show us something even before GW1 like the Scarab Plague. But, oh well on the other hand I don’t do that much of fractals. Probably because they either stuff from living world season 1 or some stupid stuff with no story whatsoever, There are few interesting ones but, we shall see what this one is gonna be about.

    • Ares Zax

      I still hope that one day we’ll see that Abaddon fractal. I imagined something like the 5 players being invested with the powers of the 5 Gods and then going up against Abaddon in the final battle where he’s cast down.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Abaddon our lord and savior?

    • Trillium

      That would mean Anet delivering on a long-overdue promise.
      So no.

      • Don36669

        ANet did make a promise regarding the Abaddon Fractal. There was a choice between 2 Fractals, depending on who won the election (Ellen Kiel of Evon Gnashblade). They said back then that the losing Fractal (in this case Evon’s Abaddon Fractal) would never be released. It seems to me that so far they are holding up their end of the bargain.

        • Trillium


  • Karka dungeon

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