Black Desert Second Awakening Preview

Pearl Abyss has published a new video showcasing the upcoming second awakening.

This awakening will take two main weapon skills (pre-awakening) and fuse them together to make a stronger skill.

  • Each class currently have one main skill and two sub skills they can combine.
  • One main skill can only be combined with one sub skill currently so there will be two new second awakening skills per class.
  • This system is available for characters L56 and above.

Warrior: Ground Smash + Ground Roar = Roaring Smash

Sorceress: Rushing Crow + Bloody Calamity = Crow Calamity

Berserker: Raging Thunder + Wrath of Beast = Beastly Thunder

Ranger: Charging Wind + Penetrating Wind = Windpat

Tamer: Fearful Trembling + Void Lightning = Trembling Void

Valkyrie: Heaven’s Echo + Celestial Spear = Holy Spear

Musa: Rising Storm + Blind Thrust = Galeforce Slash

Maehwa: Maehwa’s Will + Chaos: Red Moon = Chaos: Red Wind 

Witch: Sage’s Memory + Healing Lighthouse = Sage’s Lighthouse

Wizard:  Sage’s Memory + Fireball = Sage’s Heart

Kunoichi: Smokescreen + Tendon Cutter = Ninjutsu: Tendon Cutter

Ninja: Smokescreen + Shuriken: Flight = Shuriken: Cloud Moonlight

Dark Knight: Lunacy of Vedir + Corrupt Ground = Ground of Vedir

Striker: Mass Destruction + Flash Step = Flow: Flash of Lightning





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6 replies on “Black Desert Second Awakening Preview”

Yes, we need half our class’s skills to not be useless. In response to your indirect/unspoken question…yes, we need other things too…not like we’re really starving for content though.

It’s not really bad a thing with how gimped some skills are compared to others, but I would rather they patch the game and fix these bugs instead.

So the Witch getting even a stronger healing skill… gw, pls more op, as she even is already…

For Kuno/Ninja the invisibility skill is already really useless, until you’re combining it in a combo- typical they are getting a more powerful useless skill…

That’s so typical best of class balancing aka pearl abiss…

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