GW2 Abaddon Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Abaddon Weapon Skins gallery. These weapon skins are available for 2 Black Lion tickets each.


This set of weapons features moving tentacles and a pulsating red glow but no special sounds or projectiles.

Abaddon Axe


Abaddon Dagger


Abaddon Focus


Abaddon Greatsword


Abaddon Hammer


Abaddon Longbow


Abaddon Mace


Abaddon Pistol


Abaddon Rifle


Abaddon Scepter


Abaddon Shield


Abaddon Short Bow


Abaddon Staff


Abaddon Sword


Abaddon Torch


Abaddon Warhorn


  • GGnoRE

    I wonder why 2 tickets

    • Taiwan Wolf

      To test our faith.

      • mcnick


      • shortorder

        i mean, it IS 2 different weapon skins we already have, smashed together WITH tentacles.

  • idk why

    2 tickets they priced them out of reach.

  • Answerer

    I still had 4 tickets lion around, so i can straight up buy 2, but why is this the first time a new BLC set costs 2 instead of 1 tickets? Arent they making enough revenue on keys?

    • idk why

      Could be they trying to reward us more in game so they charge us more.

  • Mr. Principal

    Returning weapon sets always cost more than 1 ticket.. I can’t remember if this Abaddon set is new or not..? *Scratches his 80%-bald head..*

    • Ares Zax

      It’s a completely new set, so yeah, it’s odd that it’s 2 tickets instead of 1.

  • Knight_ldr

    So I guess Abaddon is part of the storyline then?

    Guess I’ll find out after work!

  • Crossbow1701

    Guess anet decided to make the achievement to get all wep in a set to easy so lets charge 2 for one wep now.

  • minion_condi_necro

    Daedric 😀

  • Trillium


  • Trillium

    I guess we should Abaddon hope to buy them cheap on TP.

    • Zaire Kelly

      70g – 100g(depending on weapon) fer 1 ticket seems like bout the same for previous tickets. Woulda though the prices would be higher for these skins.

  • MissKatMoon


  • Anthony Cole

    Ugh, they make an awesome weapon set And it has to be a dammed cash shop thing.

    • Zaire Kelly

      cash shop? farm gold, buy gems, buy BL keys when on sale, open chests, collect tickets scraps, buy skins. No real cash needed.

      • RoyalPredator

        So that he can get it 5x price than he could buy on TP?

  • Byronic Fate

    I’m so happy these skins aren’t my style because I can’t justify or understand wasting two of my tickets for one skin…. unless of course they actually increased the drop rate of claim tickets or reduced those worthless express merchants and boosters.

    • Ares Zax

      Lucky. XD I quite like the look of this set. Thinking of picking up the Hammer, Sword or Shield. The Staff and Pistol look really neat too, but they don’t suit my character’s aesthetics on those that use them.

  • Korey Garabed

    Does anyone else feel a cthulhu vibe from these?

    • Shaggy

      abbadon always did like his tentacles

  • nadrian3k

    16 weapons * 2 = 32 tokens.

    I think they should have kept it at 1……maybe 2 just for the dual handed skins..but not more then that. The skins are cool but sry it’s just too much.

    • Mr. Principal

      No.. All new skins must be for 1 ticket.. including 2-Handed weapon..

  • k9n3rv0u5

    Usually dulfy chat shits on ANET’s weapon/equipment design but what’s gotten into you guys this time around? It costs more so they must be good? People here were even claiming exo-suit was terrible but these actually bad octopus hentai design get a pass…

    • Sinic

      Seems like someone has a bad experience with tentacles..

  • YunJun

    disgusting tentacle.

  • Zefirez

    Tentacles may be shitty in most cases, but the shortbow, axe and sword look badass

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