GW2 Gemstore Update–Return To Orr Chests and Mistlock Sanctuary

GW2 Gemstore updated today with new Return to Orr BLC chests and Mistlock Sanctuary for 1000 gems.


Return to Orr BLC Chests

Chest Overview

Guaranteed Drop is Black Lion Material Bag. It contains a collection of high-quality crafting materials, special Living World Season 3 materials, and a few surprises (Ectos, Mystic Coins)


The new uncommon drops for this round of BLC Chests are

  • Feathers of the Zephyr Package with the Golden Zephyr Backpiece and Feathers of the Zephyr Glider
  • Mini Dwayna’s Messenger

Rare/Super Rare Drops are

  • Daydreamer’s Weapon Collection/Dwayna’s Weapon Collection
  • Advanced Leather Rack and Advanced Cloth Rack

Feathers of the Zephyr Package

Golden Zephyr Backpiece


Feathers of the Zephyr Glider (Dyeable)



Mini Dwayna’s Messenger



Mistlock Sanctuary

Newest Black Lion Lounge with access to crafting amenities and fractal vendors/entrances. It is also low-gravity so you jump higher and glide up instead of falling down.



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19 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Return To Orr Chests and Mistlock Sanctuary”

A sign of things to come for the expansion? Pretty decent update for content in story and fractals. The low gravity mechanic is interesting…

Do you have to go through two loading screens to waypoint somewhere since the new zone is in the mists?

I managed to get the glider (and parrot) for my character called
‘Champion Of Dwayna’. Verry happy as this one looks way more divine than
the golden wings I used before. 🙂

Not the worst sets but not really feeling the Dwayna/Daydreamer collection. Guess I’ll hang on to my ever growing pile of keys and hope for something better come expansion time.

Nice elegant backpiece… but not black lion worthy. Maybe as a mystic forge ascended like the good ol’ days.

I can’t bring myself to get them because each new lounge is always better than the one before. And ANet doesn’t offer refunds on past lounge purchases. I don’t want to be stuck with buyer’s regret when the next expansion comes out and there’s new services this lounge doesn’t have. 😛

Quick prodding question. How’d you feel about a double price lounge pass which always teleported you to the most recently released (or re-released) lounge? I’d view such a thing as silly, just wondering if that would appeal to a potential lounge client.

Had it been on offer way back at the start, yes, I would have bought it. However, at this point I’ve been acquiring the various “services from anywhere” items like the Mystic Forge Conduit and the Black Lion Permanent Trading contract and putting them in my Shared Slots so I can access most services from anywhere. Thus, I no longer need access to lounges, and I can usually just wait to go back to LA for any crafting. For me to buy a lounge pass now, the area would have to be extremely aesthetically pleasing (The Mistlock Lounge comes close though).

Ai, those permanent contracts and conduit are my final end game goals. Only way I’d consider buying a lounge would be if it had all present (and future) resource nodes and it took the form of a small airborne strike-ship which hovered over the map I was currently occupying – so I guess I want something which spawn high up in open air maps, not an actual teleport to lounge.

Though the backpiece is meh, I actually really like that glider. Might actually push some alts through personal story next month to pick up a couple extra keys.

It baffles me that people keep buying these lounge passes when you have the Mystic Plaza and free travel to GH and PvP, but they keep making them so they must be.

I would have liked to get the lounge pass but I imagine it will be festering with too many players. Especially because of the recent push to make auras/infusions as end game content, I now tend to find visually quiet places to do my tp and crafting. Plz give me an option to turn off effects, I really don’t need to see some shining blue human female with 10 ghostly auras and other effects standing under falling snow…

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